Veteran TRIVIALIZES hardest difficulty (DARKTIDE Damnation difficulty gameplay)

Best nsfw game on steamkey game steam free 000: DARKTIDE game hello there and welcome back to the action window with me action Johnny today well be featuring some damnation difficulty gameplay with the veteran this game was an exhibition in just how damn strong the veteran is right now uh with Gunner and shooter type enemies easily being the biggest threat in damnation difficulty it really helps to have a veteran with the best last weapon in the game somewhat trivializing the entire thing as theyre able to clear entire rooms of these enemies in an extremely efficient and risk-free manner with talents like counterfire and Camo expert youll see in this video that the veteran can annihilate entire platoons from a safe distance before they even know youre there so what is the best lads weapon well in my opinion its the cantrail mark 12 which hits like a truck has excellent long-range capabilities and a boatload of ammo to boot backing that up for Malay encounters is the chain sword which I suspect will become the go-to melee option for the veteran once the Power sword is nerfed fee wise Im running a three three two three three two build which I feel is absolutely perfect for this kind of play style and makes the veteran a huge asset to their team at damnation level Im not going to talk about builds too much here as at the time of recording crafting is not yet fully implemented in the game when it is you can expect a fully fledged guide to this class hitting your subscriber notifications very soon after Ill shut up now so you can enjoy the show uh one final disclaimer apologies for my microphone quietness at the start of the run it does improve as it goes on its just a little bit far away at first anyway I hope you enjoy take care foreign Music okay Catherine coming from up top I was thinking it would come from the left oh lets do it this way a lot of Gunners behind that little wall there watch out yeah drop us down and dead I love this bearing voice hes so funny the voices it is a font of sin oh my goodness cut from the Masters light by the secretary it is impossible to describe millions of Worlds will be lost foreign thank you Music Applause I killed the Reapers out there Applause hes smashing me foreign empty snapper uh still too uh medicating theres a bunch of chapters around second okay you um Music I wont let you in find the crates and stuff with crafts foreign Applause Laughter Music foreign Applause red termination Music Applause Music thank you taking the shots oh another Flame find those shocking wounds she is held in greatest teams cheeky bastard number who could benefit some tubes tube always yeah initially youre like I need some of these kids but then after a while like now its all about the tubes oh yeah maybe yes you hear it no I didnt even know there was a drop there Applause Ive never seen that in my life oh No song youre uh youre a heretic youre a music time to kill these guys but the only reason why I chose this salad voice is because it salts fire and is it the same voice right there yeah Im pretty sure oh interesting all right all right there we go away you have bargain on the organ yeah as well that one that one I recognize guys two dogs I dont really need to explain right now Music Applause Im gonna explode please I got him down there I got a lot of damage yeah youre using the bleed over right oh yeah it bleeds on her okay nice same on my picture thats such a nice energy yeah it is silly thats whats so nice about that story its a lot of grenades many grenades yeah I dont know where all of these people came from okay now its ridiculous were separated Im actually okay holy  __  that was  __  ridiculous Ive never seen that before yeah I got trapped to be home the puzzle yeah requires your attention more Bros oh no not like this good Im good let me know there are some range pushing around oh that was fast okay okay back to the oh wait oh theres a couple more guns okay this guy yeah Im covering you right now okay okay Applause one two three interrogation approaching completion I think just wait a second now Ive done it lets  __  this up last time yeah the reason okay so give me a second you gotta activate then the girls come right okay think so I got it Im sorry I didnt see you I didnt see you it was my bad I was blocking it was uh I was so committed yeah I know its all good that was really bad here we go thats nice the ax is so good in HP yeah outside of Revenue sniper down oh Im pushing him its all good thank you snipers dead one sec yeah theres a ammo box there it is a good thing to think of the number of souls Music theres some another one oh no hey man theres one up fire without kindling no theres someone theres grenades thank you Applause line them up oh theres some mini Gunners here yeah backup around the corner I got this  __  oh come down oh another one I tagged a bomber 15 minutes down mom is down oh hes not down to it Palmer behind us in a bit yeah yeah okay Ill take it how did you spawn very close glorious that took his head I havent heard that one thats pretty funny glorious we shall strive of course oh okay we can go this way as well Guardians of the Masters shape grab those shapes lots of shoes Applause theyre cracking on that heavy they do is so big yeah at least Ive heard I have played vermintide too so I kind of know when theyre gonna hit it for us oh  __  yeah thats it youre backing up into nothing there all right good come upstairs Ill give me a second Ill just turn something off oh and tubes got it yeah when this games over I just gotta go and grab food but Im gonna eat while I play so I have to grab this yeah I might have to jump off after this one um but yeah oh  __  I did I dont think I hit it I didnt hit it oh my God hes close to the team though sorry Im blocking maybe a bit all right almost got him all right we still got to um Medicare yeah uh no I used one uh what sorry because Im cool though its okay coming to you guys hold tight were a bit behind yeah no Im pushing away already Music spawn close just make it yeah youre going the way where nobody else so this is just Why did I even do that its all right demons before I dont know what my character is talking about that were surrounded here guys back out back out back out grenade grenade grenades thats all of them um Im gonna die okay hold on yeah oh yeah yeah moment there we go let me go and let me know when you guys need ammo as well Im good for quite a while same so theres a cube there I shouldnt do this but I just cant help myself you should definitely do it oh man theres three cues here what the hell okay thats a lot of tubing no sadly not tubes just regular old cubes and fruit oh I know so I got you all excited there for nothing yeah Music thank you theres a lot of French Montana Music Applause cast out thy weakness reject the war thank you nice my day it shall be so um and about that Applause Supply tracks yeah theres a gun roll over there I have to push them Im sorry kill the source below its hard okay oh my God it sounded like bomb exploded in someones house amazing oh wow Music glorious that took his head took a whole bunch of heads there my guy this is why the veteran feels so much stronger because the game seems more designed at this level for him than like the Zealot for example you know yeah maybe it is totally true you can just like sit there as a matter and itd be like really safe for all these guys but you definitely cant do that also you have the best melee weapon in the game I mean that just needs to be nerfed Instagram sniper Music I was totally trusting on you guys to kill that flavor did an amazing its hard to build share you get stuck yeah foreign uh on damnation the Lightning staff is the best stuff because of standing there understand the magnitude of the Masters sacrifice I also feel like it has no damage that hes done its the same is like the field like its good because no damage oh Applause foreign Applause Music crate protected me yeah okay um the emperor that protects isnt it yeah I suppose the emperor does protect yeah before I pull these guys theres a burster coming in a lot of stuff yep theres a lot of French yeah I think its go to the right first yeah so many theres so many Gunners as well cool workers that I can go with I got it is dead oh my God that move I die I cant move I wanted to yeah no no worries Im just getting through these things okay I think you can move now thirdly if you want to back up and raise the buddy I got nobody covered yeah nice theres a few more that ultimates  __  broken man Im still here oh yeah thats the weeks for damage wrong and yes I agree its very broke its ridiculous man you just it never runs out whats easy okay some traffic oh no I did thank God standing here and having it inside by the way I really like the toughness mechanic yeah I agreed okay outside theres so many Gunners its ridiculous foreign Applause true looks like a jumping Sky fire command relay with this oh yes Oberyn needs to carry the big ammo Im gonna put um put my box down now uh the ammo box okay we have another one if we need yeah theres no way were gonna head through two lots left team yeah oh  __  okay moving in did you see coming in yeah Ill charge it too late yeah like a flame when we get by the train yeah back should be okay now Ive lost a bit of help from the approach Im waiting for charge to pull down oh no whats going on get in yeah a town is like running back and forth yeah I think its um bomber somewhere I dont know removing the ammo okay just throw it over the fence right here and there he is almost down Music foreign Applause my oh my God please theres one guy who just refused to die and he took all my HP just let the just throw them a lot of gunners where I am is pretty good I gotta stick on him too there yeah oh oh  __  all right go hit the back there maybe I beat my beat right remember this one oh yeah we can look out okay well go get Iris after this uh Gunners on the left okay I can go get him I can yeah oh okay I cant do well against the gun again okay there are two shotgun is just where you guys are definitely in here Lets uh coming to you guys all right get cut off Im getting you up Ill cover just open this up Music  __  ER reloading okay opening this door sure fix something this is a weird graphical stuff is here same same yeah thats good its just me um nothing else here just this one here good Im good you said grenade behind mechanics covering oh the missing one yeah nice all right Applause no dont throw me out please oh no its okay its okay oh no foreign Music get out of here boys yay we did it all right cupboard yeah that was a nice game GG guys that was pretty fun best free steam anime games Description:Were BACK after the long hiatus there - took a content break while Darktide and my PC both fixed their stability issues.Todays video features a full Damnation run. Im playing with a pick up group that I organised via the Darktide public discord. This game features just how egregious the Veteran Sharpshooter is on the highest difficulty of the game. With the biggest threats being shooter and gunner enemies, the Veterans sit-and-shoot playstyle somewhat trivialises the threat these mobs pose. Feats like Counterfire and Camo Expert allow for incredibly safe and methodical clearing of these enemy types with little risk to the party. This style of gameplay will obviously be more effective on some maps than others, but more often than not it feels like the most efficient way to handle Damnation difficulty. I do wonder if the issue is that Veteran has some OP abilities or if the difficulty itself is slanted heavily towards this style of play. It honestly could be bit of both. I hope you enjoy the game, I had a lot of fun in this one. Apologies for the low audio at the start. Look out for my Veteran and Zealot guides coming soon! 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