Steam games for oculus riftsteam replay mobile 000: DARKTIDE game music hello everyone welcome back to the king of games and i am this afternoon i will take you to the game of hammer forty darkside yesterday was this game in the hamer universe Yesterday, I also played a 40k Hammer elephant but it was located in the old world Award 40km fighting with the rats but today we will play in the game in the new world which is the modern world more than in the 40k Hammer universe and this game will be this music music shooter so lets see if its too fast dont lose that audios richer Faker Spark this kid has energy Spirituality so this one this deer looks basic play this free 1 2 3 5 skill aure capacitor eat lights for allies to bring in chrisport only file Ok weapon has olasme and a monk style scar 4 way then how do you know its stupid because I believe its a beautiful green blue planet, the planet is so horrible, what effect does this place have Nhan and I love the green color of our childhood what do we do, Imperial Guard Sweets boyhood duty decides what effect it has Ok music I dont like the face of the cat Do you have any undercut hairstyle. Lets have hair like Ronaldo, lets have hair like him. Ive got an iPhone 7 like this, ok then this tattoo is not number 1, number 2, but what is it. Obligation is above all 2 pictures Whats good in the picture? This one looks pretty good, sir, a little bit tall, Ill show you the sound of my sentence. Which prison should I sit in and then Ill be locked up and then disobeying orders ? This is the punishment for those who disobey orders, relax and lose faith because of corruption. Choose the red soldier who disobeys the orders of superiors. Hope no one chooses this name. Heres this train. Hamers game day playing Hammers strategy game, the four of us also went by this train yin music beware these inmates are very downright dirty criminals thats for sure I dont want to interrogate him when he gets directions to the nest music However the name this one wonder why its still just such a piece of trash save a lot of work in the datasheet to process the execution notice now how do i see him once he committed a crime i will take you out your suffering but I have nothing to say This is a mistake Im a loyal servant to the Throne Of course Ill let you out then its a pity youll never have got a chance to prove it I was attacked, did anyone attack the prison and rob the prison or what? music the brothers in this section are traitors and this name, why do you want to betray I cant help but need the epidemic to come here soon so this guy will fly up to die Utterly sick of the disease Oh God, he lends me a shovel like this, huh ? a little bit to adjust the sound to get corrupted and serve neigo Hello Hello Mr. Son Why not he Applause is so beautiful taker Block ok no guns are available Why do we DJ after Tet? the season of 2023 to escape from prison is now to betray Infinity inboxki one leg help music 144 Giap Today I must be playing a random snail online, but I havent found a heart to play this game yet alone music fight hard fight it up its stunned this is not a prison but a beehive city ship deep into the planets core two City Dolls Drilled to fight with humans looks better a lot of mouse reviews Yeah, its still more attractive than shooting a gun, why is it that a heavy hit Ajax Ok Downloading here is also very smooth up this too the sit down buttons here it is too negative music its so stupid to meet us, I thought it was funny music the person who said it was a person This is what Ive been like being a loyal servant to the Throne. Every time I look at the smoke, I feel this smoke, it makes me jump. Its 450 bullets music to the line. please dont let me go ahead so my Ultra will be bad, Ill open this up, up up up up up up up on Nhu Tam card Applause introduce these two new characters ai game Zombie ah die music prepare to go can you help me maybe I will help you promise Ill die anyway and listen carefully, dont tell anyone this saved a prisoners mother for you more dead music music before uploading photo Hoang This is aboard a spaceship in this place must be too extensive next loyal servant fresh meat task assigned to me to see who has what can be done music still have to train more News in the shovel it has then the main character Used to belong to the elite special forces of the year Is it the middle button that I cant do? Or is it the middle button? Thats right. Thats right. God Pomegranate shirt without needing because at that time, its press out and then it pulls in the hand before pulling the latch like that. its too close to get someone to catch a crab and number the right armor, isnt the blood below the armor above the music skill is armor recovery This armor has armor after pushing it will Oops ah Ok done push then keep looking for something we dont have light and then put it down heres the ammo haha Station something put the battery in first come here to check the medical station is always full of blood ah in the game screen there will definitely be some places that Touch thats it ok ok what kind of lock is going to die for me it introduced me to shoot so i know that when it is suppressed like that, its not sold correctly Ok ready to fight and passed the basic training and training If you have a few words to say, it takes a long time to say frogs Applause Hello, good friend, Dat Applause Dont look at it, it knows n figure it turns us into servictors that s a random star honor To serve the emperor of mankind and fight the darkness that is polluting the empires Supreme Power with spears to use sound Who is the supreme player this is a warrior in the honeycomb world of atomatra darkness How devastating the storm of time atomo ride must stand firm but there is a threat coming the darkness that we time will deny me who i am i am a warrior i have learned that atoma is cursed By the black screw of kaios in common with humanity is the curse of the walk there is what i swore to fighting back it can only be eliminated by the light of gold and the fire of burning and cutting away all the dark webs that we find such a fat voice as Minh Fat waving still Applause the game does it differently new player this quest is fun one star is this right one star is this right dont do this first electricity repair play i want Why are you playing with other people, where is the mission Now its looking for a match, I dont know if I have to play these people not much, there will be many different layers with each head Oh God, I thought the savistor was Nguyen The human garden turns out to be a southerner with only a head, what kind of difficulty mode is that we dont know on Legendary difficulty Just now, adjust where you can play first, get used to it, and you music music music music go, Im so toxic, oh my god, Im going to fall over and control the shop, everyone in here Applause again hey, someones stuck down there music flame gun guy hey __ me, Im going to crawl away and then what else is there to do so I think this guy is a new player but who is being tied up by Grandma waiting for rescue Ok come back to life Thank you can you shoot these barrels Who is wrong What is this and what is this light kit Oh my god Spider Holly like you everyone uses it, everyone uses melee a little, I need a weapon n always Its even faster than this ammo box loitering remember to go around looking for materials ok find resources what you seem to have two uses left 69 28 Why is this gun red Oh Men negative music Im so lucky I lost my armor and lost a bit of blood, this man is so big, Im going to run out of ammo, guys, this game uses more CPU than me, please stop playing music because of the fire I lost all my sandals thank you Zalo but I cut through my armor. What is the world music is stuck in the grid so its evil. The guys with the face are screaming for blood Isnt there blood music Im going to have to prepare Oh no Applause here and there, Ill save you, call music music my incubator, it has purple purple spots, it must be cursed only maxed out there prepare to lose all your health only 75% of everythings guinnessy Wow whats that big mom fell down here music eat it Hong Ngoc Wow what is it I cant see it in this stuff, Im going to go home and upgrade it, so lets go home and upgrade it. Release Applause Applause music Applause This guy has a feeling of a battery. You have to beat me to death you tell me to take it away music Applause too much 23 blood so I can run over the hook for you Applause music Applause Oh my god its crowded like this, then its okay to save the world and __ it and then Ill lock up all four of the kids that Teo doesnt play with, who plays alone with the exclamation mark is locked and bitten like a wolf and the hand is to lie down and wait comrades come to the rescue in here playing melee weapons seems better but its too expensive this one music if you like it youve opened a new stage Ill play something over here that doesnt seem to have any adjustments The difficulty level has only one star like this music what is it, I carelessly let someone play with a boss, its terrible, the boss is always Boss Ensure in this game, its not optimized well, you Armor it only I can only take bullets, but if I hit it again, it will go straight to the blood, now the guy has someone to play and its not the boss anymore, its great you climb you climb you climb up here you climb here come here car oh my god Mani music just eat it, lets just run past it Applause run and run, do you have a place to heal anymore why do you beat up all those armor and keep growing Asus ask no need theres a fire in this charge Applause you save all your blood, all your armor, all your armor, there s an exclamation mark on that guy music youre spinning a fastidious friend walks away Applause 52 packs of dogs Thank you and thats the nether. Where is the left to save the word Wow why 500 bullets are used so fast so helpless Good luck we dont need much the Skype Defense its air defense creates a secret Is there any light on the gun I just heard the dogs voice Thank you mom, cook it, shoot it, youll run out of ammo quickly Oh My __ anywhere what to save the dog where are you going to go through another scene and then come here Its probably the end Auto Brother Brother Yes, lets see where the equipment is located. You can Summon the enemys resistance force in our nest. We are losing the training prisoners what should I get to replace the ones. rookie read this here is your chance to impress me you need to give your best in every mission do you understand Ill keep an eye on you newness music where do you store this emory Exchange now its only letting you use this in the first mission, use this music to buy stuff There are 3.3 Compact skins like like this, wearing a prison suit is so expensive, the weapon can be left behind the first item without any items 800 this has to be loaded with a card then this one must have loaded the card too snail and the tree is 8 where this tree is a gift from the emperor For 99 years, the auto is close to the place for test shooting, level 4 or something, only level 11 can use this, only level 4 can use this Ok I wonder if theres a tree in there. come on guys why i will continue this game again thank you all for watching hello and see you all have a nice evening play unsupported games on steam deck Đây là game Warhammer 40k Darktide được biểu diễn trên kênh Vua Trò Chơi của tôi Deralam, nếu các bạn thấy hay thì nhớ ấn nút đăng ký và like ủng hộ kênh nhé.►LỊCH STREAM GAME MỖI NGÀY CA SÁNG: 09:00 - 11:00 CA CHIỀU: 14:00 - 16:00 CA TỐI : 20:00 - 23:00 CA KHUYA: 00:00 - 02:00 (CHỈ T3 VÀ T7) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►DONATE ỦNG HỘ DERALAM TẠI ACB BANK : 138412989 - CN Phú Thọ Ví Momo: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAN CLUB - HỘI HOA HỒNG LỬA ►DISCORD SERVER: ►GROUP FACEBOOK ►FOLLOW FANPAGE Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nếu các bạn có mua game trên Epic Store thì có thể ủng hộ tôi bằng cách thêm tag DERALAM vào phần ENTER CREATOR TAG khi check out hoặc dùng link giới thiệu tôi để dưới mô tả các video cũng được nhé. #VuaTroChoi, #warhammer40kdarktide steam playing music how to stop can i download games from steam to oculus quest 2 steam frozen tamales instant pot how does the steam link work steam games for vive