Firearms Expert Reacts To Warhammer 40,000: Darktide’s Guns

Watch the game awards steamsteam best sandbox games 000: DARKTIDE game this is Jonathan Ferguson the keeper of firearms and artillery at the Royal armories Museum in the UK which houses a collection of thousands of iconic weapons from throughout history and this week hes taking a look at the Weaponry from the Grim dark future of the 41st Millennium in Warhammer 40K dark tide this is a real closest where weve got so far to a Balter in terms of this idea of Rocket ammunition fascinating area of Technology this is a sort of Highly stylized idealized version of it make sure to subscribe and check out our previous episode of the weapons of Warhammer 40K when Jonathan took a look at the guns from necromunda and if you like this kind of content weve got a brand new season of Loadout airing on the channel right now new episodes will launch every Sunday and you can already check out our previous episode on the scar right lets take a look at the weapons of dark tide First Impressions very good this looks like a functional believable firearm albeit a bit chunky and bulky for what its firing which appears to be conventional brass case Centerfire ammunition otherwise weve got proper controls weve got a left-hand charging handle a proper magazine catch game like this would typically just have the player Rip the magazine out of the gun magically and shove in another one but this has a has a thumb catch on the left side for you to operate now the aiming of this does not let you use the sights by the look of it this is much more like an old-school FPS rifle where it just maybe zooms your view in a bit and reduces your dispersion but youre not aiming youre not adsing design Wise Its you know hard to deny that it doesnt resemble an AK or maybe more like a Sega sporting rifle with that left hand charging handle or psycho shotgun even with the how pocket the magazine is but its spitting out sort of elongated 556 adjacent cartridge cases and again Im not sure why in the future you would you would want a longer case I would expect if were still using for some bizarre reason conventional ammunition that the propellant would be Uber efficient and the cartridges could be really really small uh I would probably call this a machine pistol rather than a submachine gun not just because its compact but because it does not have a shoulder stock or indeed I think provision for it the design of this thing really does look suitably Warhammer what Im what Im noticing here is um obviously the the wall Hammer series goes back into the well into the 1980s 40K specifically and so you have a you have a Sci-Fi aesthetic rooted in that era and so you wouldnt have any Picatinny rails you wouldnt have little sort of learned details like the the magazine catch that also has a handy shroud around it of that style that that or that looks to be a lift from the FN SCAR or a similar modern rifle its on the its on the auto rifle its on this SMG as well so little details like that where the I suppose theyre sort of like theyre retcons very very minor rep guns but um the original weapons from from the first couple of Decades of this franchise needless to say wouldnt have had those features of modern Firearms now they havent gone they havent gone wild they havent made this stuff look like Call of Duty which is great point is a lot of these things are going to be designed to look cool and interesting but then we do have these little hints of the present day notably the picatinny rail attachment system which isnt just cosmetic of course its its part of the gameplay and Im absolutely certain that Im going to see some Optical sights as well oh foreign thrower flamer whatever you want to call it incinerator unit definitely something I associate with this universe its hard to give a flame projector presence because its not theres no working parts theres no case ejection the the muzzle flash is literally the the whole event here that in itself is is pretty impressive but importantly the way that if the flame reaches a surface it sticks and it burns thats the critical thing the the big deal is this is thickened fuel that you are squirting at high pressure that happens to be on fire so it doesnt just create heat damage and then stop creating heat damage it continues to burn and we see that to great effect with the enemies two main methods of use for this thing as well and because of that burning effect kind of want to spread share the love a bit and um give short bursts to a number of weaker enemies and then Focus your your main burst of fire onto the onto the bigger ones or something of that nature well this appears to have automated process so youve got the ability to deliberately squirt a short burst and then to give it the full blast when you need to that might have a relevance in terms of not the spool up time but typically a game flame gun will take a little while to start spraying that that flank which is actually realistic thats how it should work and so if it has an automated short Dash version of its own fire if that makes sense then you can effectively do that whereas if youre trying to like preempt and hold the fire button and let it off to only get a short burst that could could potentially be frustrating so thats my take I think theyve tried to move things on a little bit with the flamethrower this time I thought Id show you well a couple of things this is the number five mark one British flamethrower projector um which is what the the what the Brits called it its the gun bit of the flamethrower really all this is doing is uh directing where the where the jet of burning fuel goes the business end really is the is the bit thats missing we dont have the backpack for this unfortunately now the other flamethrower that I wanted to show you is not a flamethrower literally it says on the box we have the box too and it says not a flamethrower this was literally a weed burning gun that you can buy in little housed in a Sci-Fi airsoft gun casing you can even see where the magazine would have gone for the airsoft gun so it it kind of looks the part as a pop culture sci-fi flamethrower albeit it looks a bit too clean and mass effecty for um for for 40K an interesting bit of arms and armor culture that we thought we should preserve even if its not a flamethrower this thing is a lot of fun this is a semi-automatic grenade launcher of some kind that is um I think its described as a gauntlet and its that sort of fits in that its some of some of the receiver wraps around the hand you can see this you dont need me to tell you that which allows it to be used and I guess where the gauntlet part really comes in its it can be used by these massive dudes as a melee weapon hes certainly firing it with both hands when hes actually firing it as a grenade launcher but then when he goes to town with others people its just a one-handed weapon behaves I would say and even sounds a lot like something like an M32 any repeating grenade launcher it has that that bloop sound and thats somewhat realistic you can see that it has an arcing trajectory but its quite flat so youre not having to artificially compensate for the drop effect on target is very much this has to be in terms of high explosive even then you dont its got a bit too much Hollywood Fireball if it were meant to be a realistic thing it isnt so we want final people theres a quite a cool smoke after effect after the flame which is realistic it did contain some kind of incendiary capability like that you would see some smoke come off it all right so Im on more familiar ground with this thing because even I know about bolt guns or bolters this has got to be a little ditty one for for normal human-sized people so Im getting from the information on the screen in fact that uh you get automatic fire when hit fired and semi-automatic when aimed of course this thing doesnt have a bus stop unless its a modifiable to have one and from memory I dont remember bolt is even having one I guess the I the idea with the Space Marine at least in my head would be that hed be able to hold this thing Rock Solid steady without having a butt stuff not the case for ordinary people so but then if you put a butt stuck on it it doesnt really have the classic silhouette this is a real the closest weve got so far to a Bolter in terms of this idea of Rocket ammunition its very very basic its a die-cast metal body with a simple steel tube set into that and a rear acting hammer that fires backward onto the nose of the round its not really a cartridge because its a self-contained round so the nose doesnt actually do anything but that that pushes it back onto the primer because it does have a center fire primer buried in here you wont be able to see that then fires the Round And Then There are four base exhaust holes and thats the exhaust that propels the round that its not the explosion inside thats thats pushing a projectile its launching itself its literally a miniature rocket so it accelerates over the hammer recocking it another round comes up behind it ready for firing that the tube is just a guide to get it on its way its the rotational stability of the rocket projectile that keeps it stable fascinating area of Technology this is a sort of Highly stylized idealized version of it Music foreign interest in the ammunition here looking at the magazine we can see its double stack its very large but then the projectiles are very large and sound or um Rockets missiles Munitions effectively you can see that it has a Centerfire primer something going on at the front that we dont have on the gyrojet round that is clearly whatevers containing the payload that blows people to shreds which is very impressive and very cool so its interesting this with all my all my rambling about how this would actually work in reality its almost like calling them Rockets is is more like emphasis for their explosive capability theyre more like grenades theyre not really meaningfully rockets in the way that the gyro jet is I dont think you know they dont they dont fly in in any way slowly theyre not accelerating from the muzzle like a rocket would theyre firing like a miniature grenade round and they behave like a miniature grenade ramp 78 the body dies we move outside my area of expertise with directed energy weapons especially ones that are made up theres no particular reason why an uh an energy weapon a laser weapon would require to look quite so much like a conventional firearm with the magazine where the magazine would normally be shaped much like it would normally be the thing that draws my attention is the sight I like the fact that its quite busy with switches and dials and and what looks like some conduit or something on the right hand side it separates it a bit from the generic Call of Duty modern day Red Dot sight its a little amusing that it has the whats known as the Donut of death uh reticle from the EOTech with the circle with the four hash marks and the dot in the middle hey if it works keep it for forty thousand years but the thing thats thats cool about this for me is the gothic Arch slash church window shape of the thing great way to blend it in with with this world his name all right so this the impression here is for me as a filthy casual Warhammer person is a bit Gears of War but then I know as soon as I say that that Gears of War is the thing that owes the debt to Warhammer and not the other way around but uh yeah different design aesthetic but absolutely fits with the voltas design aesthetic caring less about ergonomics chunky its blocky its got screws or rivets all over it lots of big easy to grasp controls stylized pretty brutal looking bayonets not sure if thats where Ripper comes from or if its because of how it burst fires so the descriptions telling me its going to be burst and fully automatic and that the bayonets functional so thats going to be interesting foreign okay Im a bit slow on the uptake with this one but it its clearly an automatic shotgun the huge huge cartridge case is coming flying out the top of the gun the bolt thing it has a functional bolt on top it reminds me of and I forget which um which one it is theres a a riot gun effect to be less lethal Riot gum that somebody actually posted online saying real life 40K Bolter the way it works is very reminiscent where you can see a lot of the action as it opens up and its a slow chugging rate of fire thats designed for right control this is I guess potentially used for that but um with the bayonets on the front probably not its just a short stubby very chunky auto shotgun with a with a Bayonet on the front bayonets on shotguns of course rare but not unheard of the 1897 trench gun had a bayonet as to how the bayonet functions its such a short gun that hes just having to just push it out in front of him bayonet fighting with model fire arms is very much a elastic a psychological weapon here its a key function of how the weapon works all right first impressions this is looking very familiar to me I dont know if its because Ive seen it in something Warhammer or if it just looks like something else so the front half is highly stylized very blocky very Warhammer even the pump grip which you can discern is bits that very well what kind of gives it away fully as a shotgun is the butt stock which is a a very traditional semi-pistol grip shotgun buttstop it does have a rib across the top which is a feature of shotgun barrels but here the rib extends all the way across over the body as well Im reloading down in use then this thing is very shotgunny pretty pretty conventional in terms of its effect its only so much you can do with a with an FPS shotgun the way it operates is is nice though whats remarkable I think is the old alt fire here where were taking advantage of the ability of a shotgun to five different rounds its very rare that games do model that some of the more realistic ones do that but for a Sci-Fi game pretty interesting that theyve leveraged a real capability of a shotgun and they have somewhat Justified the existence of a manual pump on this thing something that I I do occasionally gringe about is why would you have a pump action on a future shotgun when we have self-loading shotguns already theyre making use of it here to let you alt Fire by inserting the special round now a lesser gain would would have you just pull the trigger and you get that secondary effect they are here having the the player character manually cycle that special round into the gun because by loading it youve only loaded it you havent cycled into the chamber so if you just pull the trigger youd get that ordinary shot first and then with the self-loading ability then youd get your special shot the actual effect being shown again is a real effect that the spreading a shot at a certain height thats achieved with well either a highly specialized choke at the end of the gun or an actual external duckbill nozzle attachment it doesnt it cant make it spread wider like this is it can only constrain the top of the shot pattern so a duckbill attachment turns a pattern like this into a pattern like this this gun turns a pattern like say this into a pattern like this based in a real thing exaggerated and made to happen through ammunition which isnt a thing and Im not sure how it would be a thing but answers on the usual virtual postcard IA okay another last gun very reminiscent of the ordinary one in the game but with different barrel and oddly old-fashioned looking wooden shotgun style but stuck with a exaggerated metal butt plate so the core system seems to be the same as as what Ive seen the other thing I noticed is the gameplay ability to charge up a shot with the little meters there that would seem to tie in with the massive Radiator on the barrel of this thing which is very much like the old 1914 French Hotchkiss gun which if you look up a picture of that has a gigantic Radiator in approximately the same place on the barrel possibly even an inspiration for them I dont know if this is a laser weapon you can charge up that has to contain heat then a radiator on the barrel makes sense makes it look different now the bayonets and that shotgun style buttstop give this thing a real this this thing reminds you of the 1897 the Winchester 1897 trench gun from the first World War or admittedly you dont get the pump capability and it has that green angular futuristic look that a lot of the weapons in this game do but its sort of topped and tailed with bayonet shotgun butt stock the overall length is very reminiscent of that as well okay I think some credit deserved here for making a video game revolver that really looks different you can tell its a revolver from I guess the grip shape And the cylinder but theyve tried to change up a lot of this thing so its not just yet another Magnum weve got a bit of detail if there is a hammer there are cylinder stop notches in the cylinder which is how this thing works although the trigger is not capable of double action fire now based on the description semi-automatic technically a revolver cannot be well it can be before people correct me in the comments but the vast majority of revolvers are not semi-automatic they just fire at one shot per pull the trigger because youre pulling the trigger all the way back there isnt enough travel there isnt enough trigger length here for this to be anything other than single action but needless to say I will I will let them off something about that circular trigger guard slash trigger housing and the flatness of this frame is reminding me of something I think Im thinking of and goodness knows if this is an inspiration or not but given that a version appeared in the Mandalorian maybe the Bergman semi-automatic pistols have that style of circular trigger guard its its a its a reach but thats where my brain is going lets see how this thing operates in operation this this is reminding me of big smooth cylinder very large rounds only five fitting in the cylinder got to be something like a Smith Wesson 500 but its honestly this is its own thing the reload is theres some thought on into it more thought than necessary frankly for for a game of this nature break action needless to say theres theres an attempt to hold in the unfired rounds with with the thumb which is not very efficient but um would work and theyve bothered to to try which is which is nice it has appears to have an ejector star in the center of the cylinder that doesnt get used and theres some kind of a rod up front under the barrel that I thought was going to come into play so maybe the the user is just ignoring that and using gravity uh the rear sight is a bit curious it has two big adjustment knobs on it for unknown purposes that would that would tend to be for some sort of elevation and windage adjustment you wouldnt need both if it was just one this clearly isnt a Target revolver so I dont really know why those of that whoa this thing is a bit left field there are those conventional rounds again which Im not a fan of in Far Far Future sci-fi Im sorry belted linked rounds this is a belt fed gun Im not seeing how those rounds get diverted into what is apparently an upper and a lower Barrel the barrels have very chunky heat shields on them that bring to mind a number of designs I suppose the the Browning M2 is the the one thats going to link leap to mind especially as I this is called heavy Ive got no sense of scale but I think given the rounds theyre probably going to be 50 cal or equivalent but they look a lot like 50 BMG although from a profile view you can only see the one belt and Im thinking yeah they fudged it theyre just diverting rounds up and sun down no this is actually actually reminiscent of a couple of our anti-aircraft mounts that we have in the collection here at the Royal armories where you have well the one Im thinking of is four guns and you have shoots feed shoots running from belt boxes side by side at different heights into the different guns basically exactly like this because this is two guns that happen to be screwed together by the look of it operated off one trigger of course theyre offset theyre displaced for and aft but that makes sense because the feed region of the gun has to align with the belt so to actually offset the top one to the rear does actually make some sense so what looks looks like a pretty wacky silly design actually for somebody who has a tremendous amount of strength is starting to make some sense which is funny foreign fire modes here are pretty intriguing actually its akin to deploying a bipod in a more realistic FPS so were getting a reduced dispersion when we flip out the handle and Brace the thing more deliberately and which which is logical I have noticed uh something that detracts somewhat from the realism as if we care about the realism but the cocking handle on the top yeah okay thats thats accessible for the gun on the top how are we cocking the gun on the bottom I imagine its a case of theres a the cocking handle would go straight through the bolt of the Top Gun and be physically attached to the ball to the bottom gun in a different location and sheer brute strength means you can  __  them both from One charging handle thats what Im going with is dead all right this is very unusual of all the guns weve weve looked at its safe to say this is the only one that is based on a real gun this is a Warhammer m79 now although the sight doesnt get used this clamped on site Arrangement is almost identical its on the same place on the barrel although I suppose thats dictated by the site ladder the real thing you press this catch and this thing will is Deployable in the game it just kind of sits there looking cool and flapping up and down but yeah its remarkably similar from from here forward almost identical it looks like theyve replaced some of the wood they have studied an m79 to create this weapon if we open it up see but um the rifling in the barrel is evident on the video game version as well what can I say its a its a an m79 in space all right guys I hope you enjoyed our review of The Guns of Warhammer Dark tide the more I see of that game the more I want to play it as always we at the Royal armories would love you to come and visit one of our physical museums if you cant we have our own YouTube channel that youre very welcome to come over and take a look at as well not just me on there um there is a fair bit of meat weve also got um social media of course you can check out and some events going on in the new year as well all right guys take care Music free lego games steam Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down more of the weaponry of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, including the iconic Boltgun, the versatile Grenadier Gauntlet, and an M79 Grenade Launcher in space.00:00 - Opening 00:45 - Braced Autogun 02:04 - Shredder Autopistol 03:35 - Purgation Flamer 06:41 - Grenadier Gauntlet 08:01 - Spearhead Boltgun 11:09 - Infantry Lasgun 12:18 - Ripper Gun 14:23 - Combat Shotgun 17:05 - Helbore Lasgun 18:26 - Quickdraw Stub Revolver 21:02 - Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber 23:43 - Grenade Launcher 24:48 - Ending In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts series, Jonathan Ferguson--a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries--breaks down the guns of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide and compares them to their potential real-life counterparts, of which there are unsurprisingly few. 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