Warhammer 40,000: Darktide on Steam Deck

Military games steamsteam deck desktop keyboard 000: DARKTIDE game hey Deckers Liam here Ive got a look for you today at Warhammer 40 000 dark tide from developer fat shark this looks to be one of the more popular Co-op multiplayer releases of this year and the good news is that it works out of the box on Steam Deck with proton 7 without using anything extra dark tide is a co-op focused action shooter from the same people who made the vermintide series now I should note for the online play it does use easy anti-cheat but so far I havent actually had any problems the first thing I will know is that it does have a sort of launcher which currently only has a play button it seems completely pointless as an extra step just to get into the game after you hit play and this doesnt have Gamepad support so you need to use the touchscreen or Mouse input text input also currently needs you to manually bring up the keyboard another weird input Quirk is that some of the settings in the menu dont actually work and let you change them using the GamePad but they do work with touchscreen and mouse controls currently it has no official deck verified rating from valve but of course that doesnt stop us playing anything of course their deck verified system is just what theyve officially tested so it works but how is performance well that is the biggest issue with this game this is a very tough game on the steam deck for starters youre going to want to lock it to 30 frames a second with the steam deck performance menu and here is a rundown of the actual settings that Im using most of them are set to low with fsr2 set to balanced without fsr2 the drops are way more noticeable but with fsr2 unbalanced its kind of reasonable but there will still be sections where it drops below 30 frames a second doing a screen capture like this using my capture card the visual quality is not ideal but its the best way to actually show you the performance playing it in handheld mode with the steam deck physically in your hands the visual quality really doesnt bother me at all it looks fine in the game you set up your character and customize their appearance their class skills traits and pretty much just make them your own it is a pretty standard class based shoot game here nothing really new to anyone who has played a multiplayer shooter before one part it does do quite well is blending together the absolutely brutal melee combat from vermintide 2 along with Warhammer 40K Gunplay as well so you get to mix and match between the different combat Styles the idea of the game is that youre attempting to take back a city from endless hordes of various types of creatures as you dive deeper into the hives and you work as a team to complete various missions now I will say that the game is enjoyable but Im not going to outright recommend it on Steam deck right now until perhaps a few patches in when the perform moments could hopefully stick to 30 frames a second because some of the dips can be really problematic it is playable with the settings that I showed you but not as good as it could be no matter the settings I set I also find it often to be way too dark I get it supposed to be a dark game but even so so many of the levels just feel too dark on the steam deck and then theres other parts of it where theres big flashlights and theyre too bright overall though it is quite an interesting game its just it has quite a few performance problems but for the most part it is playable as usual I will carry on now with some gameplay for you do let me know what you think in the comments and Ill see you all later underneath me psycho I acknowledge youre right I need a hand put that book to use all right foreign Applause all right what do you make about pilot pilgrims never know the pilot unless you want to crash we best hope shes more reliable than she seems ammo my supplies were vexingly though Music if we continue I stop there I told myself Im more luxurious than this was yours 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control work now kind of pressure on cursive forward surprise good work extraction authorized right Music Music steam proton game not launching The #SteamDeck can run Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, but the performance is less than ideal even on the Low settings with FSR 2.0 on Balanced. Putting FSR 2 into Performance does not give a great picture quality but Balanced is playable enough.Hopefully they will optimize it some more so we don’t see below 30FPS drops. Mastodon: Twitter: Read news: Support me: Join Discord: A reminder: this channel and the content is done entirely by one person. Please be kind and civil in the comments. Available on Steam: top free rpg games on steam stationary steam engines for sale problem reading game content destiny 2 steam yoni steam kit steamer de vapor