Warhammer 40k: Darktide Steam Deck Gameplay

Steam games that give cd keysbest steamer recipes 000: DARKTIDE game hey Deckers today Im having a look at Warhammer 40 000 dark tie this has been in pre-order beta for the last week or so and Ive actually been playing this a lot more than I thought I would as it is actually playing very well on Steam deck Im going to go through a bit of the performance issues but some of the issues with the game overall but as you can see here it does hold 30 frames per second for the most part on around medium settings and Ill go into exactly what they are in just a second which is actually an incredible feat although the game is not massively well optimized as you can see here even on medium settings on the RTX 3080 tier on G-Force now it still dipped into the mid 40s large boards say the game does have some overall performance issues and they are not just related to the steam deck so even being able to play this on Steam deck is a huge win hey lets dive into the settings that Ive been running on the steam deck then the settings configuration is a little bit fiddly here so you will have to combine using your controller and the touchscreen as it does seem to just flick around here if you just use the controller so setting things like the motion blur off and the frame cap to 30 here youll see that I tried to use the controller then it just flicks to the top of the screen so youll have to either emulate the mouse mode or just use touch screen to turn that off and the same with the graphics preset if you set it to medium and also the frame capped to 30 as well so captive 30 medium settings FSR 2.0 on balance and for the Maze part with a bit of skipping around on the frame time you will hold 30 frames per second yes it does still dip fairly regularly under the 30 but only by around one or two frames per second and if you didnt have that counter up in the top left with all thats going on in the game you really arent gonna notice those dips that much now FSR 2.0 is not the greatest but it is not as noticeable in this game as it is in others and the FSR balanced is needed to give that stability on the frame rate I was using the psychic class as its closest to the Mage which I generally play in most of my games and also has some awesome effects it was really good to play this and also is a little bit more challenging on Steam deck as it doesnt have auto aim for the psychic abilities Etc apart from the what they call the brain burst which is auto aiming and is quite cool but when youve got that stuff its not aiming anymore so it does make it a little bit more tricky if you are looking to get the most out of this it is also available on GeForce now so you can see the GeForce now gameplay on the right this is through the edge browser on the steam deck and thats running medium settings at 1900 by 1200 resolution with Ray tracing on low so you can see the difference here we are getting a bit better frame rate and we do get a lot better graphics if youre using that GeForce now tier although it does come at quite a cast with the GeForce now RTX 3082 which you can now see full screen here will cost you around 18 pounds a month or 90 pounds for six months in advance if you do want to go for that and obviously youll need a stable internet connection as well so as you can see it does still dip into the 50s and even down into the low 40s on the RTX 3080 tier so this game is very demanding but it does look absolutely gorgeous on the 3080 tier it does look great and perform great on the steam deck if you want to keep that 30 frames per second but its great to have the option to be able to play both of these on Steam deck and of course if youre using GeForce now you can just pick that up on PC or other devices as well including your phone if you have a decent internet connection but being able to play this on the steam deck even at 30 frames per second with those dips youre not going to need to sit that much but it is playable so let us know in the comments below what you think of dark tide Ive been enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would and I will most likely keep playing this beware you are going to be having quite a grind because its not a fast leveling up game everything is instance based for these dungeons though you will be playing quite a lot of scenarios over and over again to level up your abilities thanks for watching dont forget to hit that subscribe button stay up to you with all things steam day and week well see you next time Mega powerfresh slim steam mop Some Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Steam Deck Gameplay from the last days of Beta before the public launch. Darktide gameplay on Steam Deck showing some Psyker gameplay.Warhammer 40k Darktide is challenging on all platforms but playing Darktide on Steam Deck is a great experience. Darktide gameplay is going to be around a long time and we really hope to see some optimization for Warhammer 40000 Darktide soon.Support us on Patreon: Join us on Discord or our other socials too: Steam Deck Guides: Windows 10 Install Guide: Install Custom Proton Version (Proton GE-41): Get The Proton Db and How Long to beat Mods for Steam Deck: Steam Deck Tech Links: Rii I4 Media Keyboard: Steam Deck Carrying Case: JSAUX Dock: Steam Deck Screen Protector: m.2 NVME: m.2 NVME Enclosure with USB C: Compatible USB-C Hub: A2/U3 Micro SD Card: #SteamDeck #darktide free mobile games on steam steam sale summer 2022 games killer instinct steam charts how to unlock steam games early zero escape the nonary games steam key