Fix Crashes, Not Launching & Blackscreen | Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

What games can be shared on steamlist of all games on steam 000: DARKTIDE game whats up my name is Tech number here for troubleshoot and welcome back to another video in this quick video Ill be covering some solutions to dark tide randomly crashing freezing or even block launching at all theres a bunch of fixes and more than likely your fix will be somewhere in this video by the end you should be able to play once more first of all obviously if you havent already restart your PC and when it restarts make sure to close all of the programs that automatically open that you dont specifically need for your game including and importantly not Discord performance monitoring software or even recording software as they hook into the game add overlays and could cause issues with it if your issue is fixed its probably one of the bits of software running in the background or trying to draw over the game if youre able to launch the game when youre on the main menu try lowering some of the settings and running in either full screen mode for better performance or windowed mode for better compatibility if things are still unhappy you can try render the game as administrative or its theme as administrator M Trends theme is advent simply open it up click steam in the top left and then choose exit then when youre restarting the steam using the shortcut or searching for it in your start bar simply right click it and choose renders administrator then when you fire up the actual game itself it should run in admin mode as well but we can also try a couple of compatibility settings simply right click Warhammer 40K dark tide of river manage and click browse local files inside of here well be opening the binaries folder then locating and right-clicking on darktide.exe then choose properties inside of you head across to compatibility where well be ticking disable full screen optimizations and run this program as administrator then click apply OK and try and fire up the game again through Steam note that launching it through the exe itself usually wont work properly if youre running a third-party antivirus now is a good time to try and temporarily disable it usually youll right-click the icon on your start bar and choose to disable turn off or temporarily disable which should stop at interfering with the game if the issue is fixed then try whitelistling the game in that third party anti-virus or firewall software yep assuming youve already updated your graphics driver and that didnt fix things we can try rolling it back or at least using a more stable version and would you know it Nvidia and AMD have made that incredibly easy in the description down below youll find some links the first one is the Nvidia driver downloads where we can simply select our graphics card by choosing this series then the actual card itself choose an operating system in my case Windows 11 and instead of choosing the game ready or latest driver well be choosing the studio driver by doing so well download a slightly older version of our graphics driver however itll be much more stable for AMD youll simply select Graphics then your graphics series and graphics card then submit and expand Windows 11 or whatever you have if you dont see your version select the version below it I.E Windows 11 if theres nothing choose Windows 10 64-bit and inside of you youll find some downloads adrenaline Edition is the latest game ready driver and the Pro Edition here is their Studio driver it should be a lot more stable though a little bit older click download here and go through and install it when youre done restart your PC and see if things are fixed if theyre not theres a couple more things we can try if youre running with very low available Ram or you have little Ram to begin with in your PC we can try raising our paging file or basically emergency overflow Ram which puts things on our hard drive or SSD when things get a little bit too crammed to prevent programs and windows crashing hit start type in performance and will be opening adjust the appearance and performance of windows inside of this new window hip head across to Advanced and undo virtual memory Click Change here now more than likely you can tick automatically manage paging file size for all drives otherwise if you prefer to have this unticked you can select the fastest drive in your PC or simply C drive and choose system managed size otherwise you can choose custom size and enter a good amount of space to dedicate to overflow Ram usually A good rule of thumb for anything under say 12 gigabytes of RAM youll set this to around 6 000 megabytes or 6 Gigabytes initial size at around 12 000 for the maximum size of course this is all your preference usually leave initial at 6000 and maximum somewhere above that and by doing so a new overflow file will be created on your drive take up a little bit of space but at least things wont crash when you run out of ram that being said usually you can leave it on the Windows managed options especially if youve turned it off completely that should fix your issue now if youre crashing where you should see cutscenes or videos you may Simply Be Missing video codecs which are essentially drivers for different video formats especially if youre using an end version of Windows which is like a lighter weight version to fix this in the description down below youll find the media feature pack list for Windows and editions simply scroll down here where you see all of these different versions here simply select your version of Windows more than likely itll be the bottom one here Windows 11 Windows 10 22h2 click this link here scroll down a little bit and well see how to get the update here usually its settings apps apps and features optional features add a feature and search for the media feature pack so start settings apps optional features and we can search for it here to see if we have it installed otherwise click view features on Windows 11 search for it here and you should be able to Simply take next to it click next and follow through with a simple installation guide on top of this you can scroll to the very bottom where youll see more Windows features inside of you simply make sure that media features is ticked at this point you may be required to restart your PC but hopefully things will be working properly when you get it back up and finally if worst comes to worst affects that a lot of people have been talking about is deleting your save files for the game however instead of deleting them outright instead Ill show you how to move them or at least back them up so we can trick the game into thinking weve reset it and if things start working we can copy in the old files and our save game once more to do so hold start and press R then inside of here type percentage app data percentage and hit enter then well be looking for fat shock open this up and inside of here we have dark tide this is where our settings and save files will be a lot of people say to delete this but instead just rename it and when the game cant find it itll regenerate it the next time it launches and if things are fixed you can close out of the game then come back Cube delete the newly generated dark tide folder and rename our backup back to dark tide fire up the game and hopefully things will be working once more at this point and we wont have lost any progress you can try manually messing around with some files inside of that folder however if you cant get things working I clean refreshes unfortunately what you may have to do but always do keep a backup of your old save game that way you dont miss out on anything anyways thats about it for this quick video thank you for watching mine has been taking a bit here for troubleshoot and Ill see you all next time ciao re zero game steam Trying to play Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, but the game keeps crashing, freezing or wont launch at all? This guide shows you general fixes that should work to get the game going once more, as well as what to do if it doesnt. Its simple to follow along with, and hopefully, be right back ingame soon!Nvidia GPU drivers: AMD GPU drivers: Intel GPU drivers: --- Warhammer 40,000: Darktide --- - Fix Disconnected from server: - Optimization Guide: - Fix crashes: - Show FPS: Timestamps: 0:00 - Explanation 0:18 - Restart & Close apps/overlays 0:40 - Lower settings & Fullscreen 0:50 - Run Steam as Admin 1:10 - Enable Compatability mode 1:50 - Antivirus/Firewall 2:11 - Use Studio/Pro GPU driver 3:25 - Increase Paging file size 4:50 - Media Feature Pack 6:02 - Reset Settings/Save (+backup) #Darktide #Fix #crashes ----------------------------- 💸 Found this useful? Help me make more! Support me by becoming a member: ----------------------------- 💸 Direct donations via Ko-Fi: 💬 Discuss the video & Suggest (Discord): 👉 Game guides & Simple tips: 🌐 Website: 📧 Need voiceovers done? Business query? 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