The Strongest Fictional Firearm Ive Ever Used in a Game - Warhammer 40k Darktide

Can i play steam games on linuxsteam sync game saves 000: DARKTIDE game hey guys drewski here today were back in some Warhammer 40K dark tide using easily my favorite newly discovered weapon from the 40K Universe the 75 caliber Bolter in 40K the Bolter is used primarily by super soldiers known as Space Marines which unless you want to go into lutons hour-long videos into the lore which I also suggest well we have to revive Luke nor hes gonna start talking about 40K Ill just simplify as big guys so when a regular human like my veteran has this thing in hand its hilariously large foreign ER had fun with that one this thing shoots a two-stage self-propelled rocket-powered ammunition similar to a bmp-1 cannon or an SPG recoilless rifle the ammunition can detect when it enters a Target and will detonate within the targeted hits for maximum damage so after I unlocked the thing in dark tide sauna in my inventory yeah I kind of had to check it out thanks by the way the fat shark for sponsoring this video and hopefully you guys watching are having a merry Christmas and happy holidays so lets see what that bolt gun can do its not good for hordes but for single targets especially like armored ones I can do the uh charge up with the chainsaw and then get in their backs and just grind them two two biggest oh hello I cant even see okay Im tossing grenades in this theres like two Rangers in that horde ragers in that horde I got female egg guys just keep going shooting jeez this is a joke oh my gosh that was amazing just vaporized oh theres two dogs flamer to the right oh gosh shes right here oh Jesus Raiders good call its good its good for us its good yep that was good knock them all down is he got it where did cyber go oh did you get him no hes right here oh hes just oh and some more friends all right snipers finally dead oh Im here oh shes right there oh its right youre in the corner I couldnt sing a lot of ranged in here thatd be a good assassin yeah yes weve got a lot of Gunners low left behind us maybe try to come up the stairs ready they really seem to favorite people like oh yeah the mutants have their minds made up like 80 yards out they pick somebody I am so hurt yeah I need to I need to spot these guys no theres a lot of Gunners everybody spread out foreign just splits people in half uh this Barrels about to blow up on the left side you should get down yeah oh God here he comes its me oh claimer right next to us another charger loading yes hes right behind you watch out hes gonna grab something oh he got me another shot watch out theres a barrel right through the door oh Im free I charge the charger did you dodge the charge or not um kind dog Ive tried to been learning from Tom it seemed like it yeah man my internet oh wow nice good shots Airborne dog they fly now Im down I am finally DC okay okay guys theyre coming out the door hold them at the door oh yeah oh geez oh my God evicting again Im gonna try to get a nade off okay grenades in yeah yeah nice stay in the door stay in the door oh the Bots out there like talking to the butt theres a bummer behind us I got him a flamer behind us yeah our fronts cleared our fronts empty are not bad theres a flavor oh geez oh the guys are just working oh I love it the bolt are so much harder to use but its just so fun okay is it not one of the best guns in your class I think it is theres a health station its just a little bit more difficult oh yeah I need that one super high damage but Ive got little ammo so am I here oh its behind you behind me yep thank you the charger as well same location nice and you actually deceited the exact perfect time where we could just hold it this door Im glad oh sniper got him hes dead do you see the detail looting where when you shoot someone or hit them it like breaks their armor and you can see their flesh underneath yes it is the coolest oh demon hose is right in front of us right in front of us were were right in that smoke you see the gray smoke oh yeah yeah okay oh my God he got me over the bloody thing I got the Netter you shot me over the Gap okay again its actually ridiculous its actually ridiculous to end of that detail Drew like its really insane well probably just no guns oh dogs lets stay back for a second oh theres that one shooter okay all right Im just gonna where is she shes right there yeah lets just book it all right lets just go thats all we can do oh shoot just go go go no we cant mean that were cool by the fire oh my God this is terrible were coming no just go past yep running Im bringing some guys with me okay but oh yeah oh Lord oh my God okay yeah that was quite a lot I cant see anything oh level theres a big guy here oh yeah Im smashing yep yep Im gonna toss the grenade in that corner in this T intersection here oh Im gonna try to get the bomber him Im sorry level Im loading Im sorry oh I hit him so much he didnt die uh okay okay I thought we woke up to the Demon House small gun is him grenade was that diamond team yeah theres a big one I got it some more ammo here too Music grab it oh we can go to the left here guys on me when you can be trusted Ill grab the last one Gaga oh they make this quite chaotic find again theyre just dropping theyre just dropping down you got that one another dog down something special grenade grenade quite quite significant Board of Gunners here I threw Grenade on him oh my God that is a lot yeah Grenade Queen so many of them dude ragers coming in oh  __  Im gonna get down sorry sorry grenade I dont know where oh no I cant take cover against these guys Im throwing grenades Ill work on it okay oh I have like no cover against brains going full auto thats a lot of oh my gosh its really easy to get carried away theres one dude up here by me I think you guys can drop down over bass after you go oh my God theres so much Diamante and I just picked up another large and another small oh yeah and another place still as well theyre coming up hes right here nice that was a great depth marked nice all right does somebody want to pick up the health kit here or are we all full I I can swap out Ive got an ammo kit Ill switch out this scripture all right Im trying to write not going for scriptures weve got a Medicare station four times in front of us salute and level I need to yeah all right should I give up the scripture or should we go for it um Can you capture Halo can you halo CTF it down here you know what I mean like no you cant oh darn so it goes exactly where you drop it yeah maybe oh shoot I shouldnt have jumped down because now I cant get back up thats all right its all right thats all right lets take this picture thank you um I reckon we probably should try to stay at the bottom doors here and just do what weve been doing like if you guys who are melee if you guys are in Malay can just hold them I can charge through that yep do I need to go and touch this thing over here probably what Ill do is Ill step stairs but I think stuff can drop down up here so Ill have to be a bit careful but itll give me a better line of sight for hold the door I think flavor flavor flavor chatting it up out there man try to go up top and snipe the Gunners oh geez theres quite a bit of them there we go oh that thing we gotta go to the front left again we gotta go out there scanners out there good call getting that Gunner thats marked I got him nice okay do we need to go out there again Im going yeah all right Im with you got that other long range gonna it wont take too long oh it is its gonna take long wait I clicked Im trying to hold the door yeah do that now yeah all right Im trying to deal with the range guys for you drew yep oh got it got it got it lets go back back back door Defense Tower Defense yeah Im just kind of holding them off all right door time charge away Im on him oh a charger front oh my gosh all right Im gonna load the boulder Domino thank you thats why thats why Im done with you guys youre done with us youre leaving Im coming down oh theres a sniper out there Ill try to get him give me a sec oh hes dead I think Lukes got him yeah I think I got him with that shot here I think the thing he needs doing was oh its up there with you guys I can stagger a group of guys just with one shot oh ouch okay were good theres multiple Gunners out there yeah theyre killing my toughness oh wow yeah theyre all over across yeah stay on that right side Im gonna try to snipe them yeah nice loading flamer front Grenadier looting thats on us thats on us dogs just slicing and dicing dog front dog coming up the stairs we lost the door hello hold the door hello shes just your incompetency can you wait till were dead before you just insult us theres a good bomber out there Ill try and get on them I think I got whatever I got it I walked in front of that door I just get like machine all right we have to get the bridge again yep Ill cover all right oh theres quite a bit of guys on it right now yeah here let me just let me just Wade through Shameless dudes here we got this oh come on all right heading towards the bridge oh theres more guys coming on the bridge oh God yeah we got a horde on the bridge maybe come back to the door right now yeah were gonna have to move out together guys Were not gonna hit that bridge yeah okay yeah lets go now lets go just through this oh my gosh okay maybe not Maybe not maybe we pull back just for a second oh my God its letting out all right all right here we go here we go here we go all right push push push push push go go go go go all right come on okay whos getting it whos getting it Ill do it fine its not working what the hell yeah do it a little bit later you gotta knock that even in one person interrupt otherwise to start again all right here we go no oh man we got a lot small guys oh my God I was so close to it interrupt going again shoot another whole group okay guys hold another group all right were done dogs come in by the way I cant reach the door oh my God how is that dog still alive I just hit him with two grenades man oh never mind watch out oh its so good oh bummer thank you that would have killed us all it was so close we gotta hit the button Im going for it all right Im gonna get it now running oh geez yeah dont forget your health guys we need one is that one more at this station Im loading nice Applause oh these these level fours require a certain amount of concentration were not talking too much quiet existence is pain okay uh vegan in front of us Im focusing on the bomber where the heck all right hands still up though trying to take him down all right hes dead we need to back up in this room we need to back up back up I cant explain back up yeah yeah yeah Im getting up please oh my God got it theres a gunner that can see down the stairs thats why I call this back no we nearly got it yep yeah pull back to this door yeah the theres we dont need you guys just did it theres a chain link on the right side um they theyre shooting through it and they were damaging us from the right oh yeah thats happened before yeah that stairwell on the right there through the oh hello yeah that was a big dude Music and a dog dog oh two dogs put him down put him down put him down flamer are you okay oh damn Im gonna have to drop down ammo yeah Do It um the chain link is going to hit us oh shoot yeah lets get back to that door oh no theyre coming from the door arent they I can put this health kit down we can Squat and I can drop this here if we need it were gonna need it are you guys around me yes all right oh my God oh my gosh there is a health kit somewhere thank you thats a good one claimer youre just pushing the other person smashing it works very good okay wow yeah make sure you get your health if you need it okay wow real quick you guys dont need me at all oh we have to revive Luton or hes gonna start talking about 40K Laughter these guys come on work together quick as quick as possible the viewer will know whether the time code is 50 minutes or 30. oh God Music this is a lot of rain yep guys oh shoot razors mixed in here fun Music truth anyway that reload is quite laundry but its also incredibly satisfying to watch Newton coming up the stairs I think oh no hes right there right there all right theyre coming a whole bunch coming up the stairs lots of range yeah youll see what I mean when the door opens all right open the door grenade in theyre behind here we go boys get in there get in there get looting get in there so much time get in there oh shoot doggo bomb Oh my God theres an exploding Barrel right next to me as well no no level oh I got him up no I didnt get him up it was so close oh Im down crap all right youre up yeah theres a charger behind us charger oh geez oh yes there is the Medicaid back in the other room I think weve got a horde coming too yeah get the Gunner pull back to the door pull back to the door pull back to door should we get the Medicaid yeah we can go back to the med station like thats like yeah yeah I agree I agree go oh my God yeah yeah come here heres the horde right here wheres the medication upstairs okay okay yeah hold this for now well be right well be right and just deal with this and then we can go yes bomber on the rear Im gonna work out oh no its on me behind oh dog on me and a charger oh I got hit okay thank you oh hes got that big envelope oh hes got me hes almost dead got the meeting of course no not again again not again please no okay so its up here somewhere yeah so many times oh yeah I see it running and Im like yeah I can get them I can get that next heres the last group scripture oh theres a medical box here too like a crate or whatever um theres three uses on this travel all right oh thats perfect because we can get the med box for level I mean Drew can use this yeah okay were over the middle Ive got the med box right now all right yeah throw it down we might need to get out of this elevator no just hold it were good were good until they throw a grenade in here theres a bomber on the right theres the grenade get out theres more ammo there Ill take it let me know if you need Im I was really low after that last night youre the gender Drew make sure you got ammo okay Im gonna be an interesting to see what this end section like on a full sounds like weve got a horde coming oh my God were gonna hold the upstairs behind us behind us yep I can sort of hold the stairs they just shoot up the stairs which is annoying I think were clear on the rear now yep worked all good oh my gosh oh thats quite a bit okay I might have over committed that no you should be there you should be smashing yeah thats fine this is this is actually really good youve got good control all right this is whereas them up that blows you up big guy where was he ready got him nice nice there we go theres a lot of damage with that Drew oh yeah when I use the uh the main ability I forgot what its called like Fury or whatever its uh I dont know what its called its very nice it definitely increases the damage per second oh grenade grenade oh were clear um which means were definitely gonna grenade again the sniper got the sniper oh thats pretty behind oh  __  Im still loading all right if I try to do that with them killing us okay what do you two head bursts thats basically the Max and if I dont Purge in time Id go down too much power Im too powerful thats the problem add to what it is good doggo two dogs I didnt say that I didnt say that yeah dont say that too much hell get nerfed again thank you uh I jumped left okay I dont know I dont know the right way yeah over to the left and then we can get later two ragers dogs Im hearing dogs yep oh nice natural very nice all right what do we have to do we have to activate the bomber yeah we gotta click button yeah we have to get up to the next section first theres a ladder to the left if you go back a little bit and left theres a ladder we can get up ragers in the train watch out get up oh my God level get over here level Im trying man Im stuck in the freaking train oh dog friend dog friend dog friends did that dog die or did it fall off I think it fell off oh flamer okay Im gonna go get that first button I think I need help okay legs and arms going everywhere man hello out of nowhere man ouch whoa hello thank you okay hit the button I clicked I clicked the button do we win now get that other button now oh yep uh I am going to uh how do we get through here oh I see were just going you can go back up around oh  __  all right hitting the other button yep good job closer to that the health thing yes oh  __  here he is were gonna stick closer together I dropped ammo down floating one sec the range guy is owning me up here were good we gotta be good um Im going to the other one yep we got killed the Grenadier we can step here just watch out funny snipers yeah we got ammo down we should be out okay-ish there is that Med box over uh there as well in the middle of the big horde hmm what do you find this now and then as well got the flamer hes dead theres a bunch of Riflemen coming behind us here got it yep thank you Im working them now yeah me too Im gonna toss a Grenade on it uh its neighbor oh two snipers I need help oh my health is gorgeous oh yep yep yep yep oh shoot I got one okay Im gonna work on the second one of thems done tons of Gunners behind us got the second sniper need help with them yeah the gun is man weve got them okay okay were getting closer look at that one Gunner oh oh dang were good were good whole bunch of pouring out of this side of this bomber I think you exploded yeah I think so you got excited man a few behind us here yep I see him he is still alive yeah yeah nice Stan whats our objective you have defend okay oh shoot I got that I got that trap I got him yeah right now yeah get him get him get him nice thats it thats it were into the med station now guys okay yeah I dont even need to wait no Im doing it just for the clout yeah just because I can I want to look good when we get back theres a dog behind me isnt there here comes the dog wow hold on oh there we go level four very nice well done for coping with my self-destruction steam ipad Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is available on Steam! 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