Dawn Of War Soulstorm - A Simple Imperial Guard Guide

How to play steam games on oculus quest linksteam xbox one games 000: DAWN OF WAR® - GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION steam well hello everybody and today were gonna be playing a little bit more dawn of war um you guys had in particular requested how to play imperial guard because uh apparently turret rushing like a degenerate is just not on the table even though it is a legitimate strategy i understand you feel like a dick for doing it and quite frankly if you are turret rushing people you are a dick so with that out of the way uh were gonna go talk about some imperial guard and were actually gonna play on a different map because if i play on fatta morgan one more time im gonna tear out every single follicle of hair i have on my head so lets see nah well go with tranquilitys end thats a good one thats a really fun map in fact id say its a actually a really good underplayed underrated map i think its fantastic so were gonna do that for those lets uh lets lets go with eldar yeah were gonna go against bilton thats like its a really good one anyways uh so once again its on insane difficulty because i know that a majority of people that play this game these days are generally playing campaign or against ai or and if they are playing online theyre probably just like doing private lobbies with friends for comp stops because the actual like pvp is a show all right so lets lets start with uh with something here so were going to go with guardsman guards and builder and with this builder were actually going to go a little bit more forward before we uh before we build our infantry command but we are going to build it probably right about here yeah that works um and and the reason for this is that um so you always want to build your initial infantry uh command a little bit more far forward because you can garrison your you can you can garrison your guardsman or any other units including builders in it and it kind of turns it into a turret including up to uh effectively having effectively having plasma fire so it it basically makes guard impossible to rush and it makes it also especially if youre like a faction that wants to be really aggressive in tier like one or one or tier 1.5 it actually makes it a whole lot oh lets go ahead and get a generator down as well well build that like closer here um but yeah so it also it also in particular makes it a lot more difficult to uh Music have that aggressive play in tier 1 and 1.5 because you always have these kind of like guaranteed points you can hold relatively safely just because of this uh like for example dark eldar really cant really cannot rush you very well with their jet bikes and hellions because you just put your guys in here and boom they cant they cant really press you so that thats just something to consider there um now when we there we go perfect were going to get our lps going were going to were going to get this commissar early on and from here were going to get another garmin squad and were also going to get the command squad and thatll be good now um since were against eldar ai i already know what theyre going to do and its going to be kind of like a sort of like they probably wouldnt actually do that but thats okay so lets go ahead and get these guys on the control group were going to actually have them set to melee thats totally fine so the first thing were going to get here is a priest now were just gonna have these guys okay so theres the rangers now generally when youre playing against another player um theyre probably gonna go dark reapers uh they might get rangers though so just understand i will just understand that um so you know the next thing were going to get obviously is going to be a cycle on top of that on top of that priest just so we can deal with those rangers well were just going to and so were going to primarily have our aggression be with these units here now when they have dark reapers realistically what its going to look like is more of uh keep building our lps more realistically youre going to see mostly like dancing around perfect perfect so realistically youre going to spend a lot of time like dancing around these areas and stuff because dark reapers are really going to be trying to deny like this and this theyll have more success denying this in the critical locations and they will havent deny this because you have an easy access to defend it um okay so were gonna were gonna get out of here actually because were were currently morale broken and we dont we dont really want none of that were also taking a lot of damage here so were gonna were gonna kind of what he wrote were just kind of yeah get on out of there right now were gonna try and get our were gonna try and get our big big units out of here well go ahead so with this we can now uh were going to lose the squad that sucks oh wait it got away wow thats thats not what i would have anticipated so were gonna were gonna start trying to back out here and thatll be fine go ahead and get another guardsman squad and were gonna go ahead and get this uh tactical control because now now its now its kind of like this time where we should really okay so our reinforcements have arrived now thats great were gonna actually uh try and get uh try and get an lp going over here i will set this commissar to melee he he shouldnt have been shooting we need him at melee but yeah so were gonna try and get great launchers going because thats gonna be uh really important perfect and uh so realistically if youre against eldar in particular your your priorities should actually be grenade launchers because eldar really cant do anything about grenade launchers until they get vehicles going like harlequins arent going to stop it um arent going to be able to handle it dark reapers arent going to be able to handle it and so on and so on so its just kind of its just kind of one of those things where you you have this sort of uh sort of serious advantage its a really big power spike for imperial guard and as you can see here like you know were just were just trying to be aggressive as we can without over committing to require my skills uh you know what lets go ahead and fill that go ahead and do that and now were going to continue to just press on them while securing this yeah well go ahead and go for max grenade launchers sometimes i like to do two grenade launchers and then go into plasma once i get once i get laid uh further on in the tiers but uh in most cases grenade launchers in general are just fine so you know its kind of its kind of one of those things where just kind of it sort of sorts itself out were gonna try and be like hyper aggressive here and were gonna were gonna try and end it um like right at this point wisely okay so were getting this critical location and yeah were gonna were gonna evacuate here as you can see now that i have these grenade launchers going its gonna be just that much harder for even heavy infantry like howling band oh their infantry i thought they were heavy infantry whatever uh but yeah so its gonna be its gonna be much more difficult for like howling banshees and like to actually actually do anything about whatever it is we seek to accomplish here so of course we can uh continue to press them a little bit more we can well try and get a strip sole on there and everything but we we have more than enough like just raw power to just press through this so thats fine now we have our second gen were trying to get lp2s going were uh dealing were dealing with these howling banshees a little bit which is nice great were just going to keep the pressure going because were out were at a pretty big power spike right now uh and this strip soul should be enough to kill the farcier or shell just get knocked around so much that it just cant really do anything about it whatever um we cant really stop this from happening whatever this is but we can press in for free thats thats kind of nice were just gonna micro these guys a little bit because they tend to act a little bit sporadic is my duty to serve uh yeah we can we can absolutely force these guys out of here theres theres theres really nothing that these guards that these guardians can do now that we have grenade launchers on just a single guardsman squad its its kind of just redundant um now granted an actual eldar player like i said is not gonna go howling banshees and waste all this wreck um theyre just gonna go like probably like two dark reaper squads and theyll try and theyll try and be as aggressive as they can early on until you get um until you get your grenade launchers going and in which case theyll kind of start to go really fascinating um and then theyll kind of start to just back off a little bit more and play a little bit more defensively until they get vehicles but realistically if you have enough guardsmen with grenade launchers you kind of have a little bit of anti-vehicle going to be able to handle at least like a falcon so that there there is that and um and the reason i picked eldar in particular for this fight is that eldar tend to be a faction that people can struggle with a little bit um thats thats super cool thats super cool well it seems like theyve uh yeah they got those uh they have another squad of rangers going so thats gonna kind of its gonna kind of stop our aggression a little bit but you know we just we just get the uh command squad with that psycher closer and uh suddenly theyre a little bit less of a problem we can also uh also press on them a little bit but also keep these uh there we go those guardians at bay and we can also simultaneously because grenade launchers have fantastic reach we can also help out that uh who is uh a little bit on the struggle bus but he does have commander armor so hes more or less fine okay perfect and uh were gonna just start upgrading these lps to lp2s as you can see like were you know were just playing pretty like i mean we are being aggressive but were also playing pretty safe and were going into a strong tier two were also going to correction all right perfect that squad now even if they go with a with a harlequin its not really prince though thats cool uh and and realistically a harlequin would be a really poor choice to go into imperial to go with imperial guard because its just gonna get focused down grenade launchers will stop it from doing any clown things so uh harlequin not a good choice realistically if youre if youre playing as eldar youre gonna want to go vehicles its kind of like your best bet okay and obviously youre always going to want to go with like a priest um always get the priest on your command squad it has huge damage it gives a damage buff and later on in the game it does also give them more ability speaking of which were also going to get the the priest add-on for our temple theyre uh uh for hq because that is uh just as important lets go try and lets go try and bust this attack might be something doable uh maybe maybe maybe kill this builder if such is the emperors will guards man were going to grab a couple chimeras and you can kind of spam chimeras you really can theyre theyre fantastic transports they have great value they do pretty good damage theyre fast not the most durable transports but they are good um so primeras and sentinels are going to kind of be what you want to go for here whereas like if youre against something a little bit squishier like dark eldar or whatever then yeah you know you can uh you can uh definitely look into look into something like basilisk but against like eldar or something like that i dont i dont think about this its particularly important um so were just gonna kind of keep just piling in the damage here guys to safety here and the other reason that we we have this chimera is we can kind of we we get a little bit more micro control with our units so we can uh we can preserve them we can keep them safe but we can also just kind of dance around the micro with uh with that we can add in heavy weapons teams which would require us to you know build additional buildings to expand that but thats okay well even work on getting our upgrade and were gonna were gonna start thinking about um were gonna start thinking about our uh get that priest rebuilt and well start thinking about tier three were in a commanding lead here um realistically the games over at this point but you know its just kind of one of those things where you know now we have enough um we have enough to just keep our guards safe and our command squad as well we can pull them back because right now were were really far ahead theres no like fire dragons or anything that are particularly threatening to us um now granted you know howling banshees in the like if they were to get on this you know they can kind of be annoying but why isnt he going in there feels good you guys bucked uh you know whatever thats whatever and as you can see here its just kind of one of those things where we just we just hold on to that dominance we get we get the next tier and then well start building out our priests priests are super super important um so personally i recommend that when you when you do start getting priests online that um you dont have them attached to squads because they can they can really help tie up other things that would otherwise threaten your squads so that thats something to definitely consider there and just like that we just deny the howling banshees from being able to do anything which is always great then we just get our guardsmen back out there and doing their thing and just like that we are basically done with the game and like i said this is just kind of one of those things where uh we can start getting these guys going we can get ours we have all of our generators excellent get our next pack get some more tech here and see you know just by having just by knowing when you can be aggressive and when you uh you dont need to be aggressive is is kind of the big difference between winning and losing with guard because as you can see here you know just grenade launchers because theyre super good but you get a lot of value out of your garden you really really do and when you have things like a couple chimeras and then some sentinels to really back them up just kind of it just kind of becomes increasingly difficult to deal with and yes we are going to click that so i can just talk a little bit now obviously youre going to want to add things like heavy weapons teams generally one or two of them is fine theyre really expensive so just be careful how you do use them but they have an oppressive amount of fire really good range though and i mean their health pool is really not that bad although they do go down pretty quickly so like if youre against like something like necrons like realistically the necron lords is gonna jump on them and like three shot their asses thats the fact of the matter so just be careful of what matchup that you do utilize them and and how you utilize them in that case as far as vehicles in general you know the chimera and the sentinel are fantastic choices um but you know theres also other uses like you know maybe maybe uh in a mirror match up the uh random hellhound could be interesting um or against like dark eldar hellhound could also be pretty good just morale breaking you know low morale armies and such in general the chimera is going to be the largest priority um and theres a lot of reasons for it you can dodge a lot of a lot of dangerous things its a fast mobile way to get your guardsmen where they need to be or if youre against you know maybe sisters of battle you can dodge those phosphor grenades a little bit and just save them from getting just like wiped out by like a stacking grenade or two so thats also another thing to consider um now obviously priests are extremely important and once you do get that tier three uh they have the fanaticism ability which can make units invincible so you should always have the maximum amount of priests you dont necessarily need to attach them to a squad unless youre trying to like save them and kind of just use some attachment shenanigans to try and save their lives but ultimately until they have fanaticism just kind of keep them separate so they can help screen for your guardsmen and go tie up things in melee you know force units to have to relocate because when units arent shooting your grenade launchers are doing more damage and of course you can always add plasma and i recommend you do have a mix of plasma and grain launchers this is why i usually say yeah you know like two grenade launchers per squad maybe out of plasma you know after a certain point its its a pretty good mix and you can always get the um weapons upgrade from the tactica control so theres always upgrades you can get there um now as far as like when the priest has access to fanaticism one of your biggest priorities should always be the car second because the karzakin is like the poster child for like abusing the priest uh because its invulnerability straight up and vulnerability and thats really powerful and you can kind of move them around on squads um you know like if a squads going to get charged you can attach the priest and activate fanaticism you can be a lot more aggressive and abusive with your command squad um and this also includes how you use your strafing run youll also eventually get access to you know once youre at tier three as well you know youll have access to the vindicator assassin and mind you these these these com smaller commanders that you can get so the the commissars the priests the assassin and the uh psyker theyre not taking up any pop cap so absolutely do get them not only is it a numerical advantage but youre youre getting access to more abilities more screening and et cetera and it just helps you further tip the scales on a faction that has a very powerful late game to begin with now granted if it goes that late to where you have like three of each including those psyches and youre using them yeah its going gonna turn into micro hell quick but if you do get good at it you can really put someone in a world of hurt that forces them into a much worse position so thats something to keep in mind once again you know eldar ai is gonna do weird things that nailed our player wouldnt because theyre gonna go dark reapers so youre gonna be mostly dancing around as you try to prevent them from denying too much of this and maybe they might deny this temporarily but not for too long but once like i said once you do get that tactic of control up and you have grenade launches on your guardsman squads dark reapers cannot do anything about it so just be aggressive start pushing start pushing start pushing and take back control the map just understand what your power spikes look like and make the right choices for the right matchup on the right map um because obviously theres a lot of negative cover around here so you know thats something to keep in mind but yeah so i hope this guys i hope this helps you guys on a little bit of how you can really really succeed with imperial garden things to keep in mind you know your buildings you can build them a little bit more far forward especially those initial infantry commands because it can really just shut down rushes on its own while also having a little bit of coverage from the listening post as well as just like this sort of range where you can have guardsmen try and stop aggression on this and then they can retreat into here so just be mindful of where you place those initial buildings because it can make a difference later on dont build it like here try and build it far forward just small things like that are going to make the difference and thats the difference between a good and a great imperial guard player anyways you guys go forth and die i mean serve the emperor and ill see you later bye tiny tinas wonderland steam Ask and you shall receive, you wanted to know how to play guard outside of degenerate turret rushing so here is a simple starter on playing guard and the general idea behind it.Join my discord today! - #dawnofwar #soulstorm #warhammer #warhammer40k #imperialguard modding games on steam deck steam pipe dead space remake steam deck dinosaur survival game steam stalker game steam