A Plague Tale Requiem | PS5 - Full Game Walkthrough Part 1 (Survival Horror Stealth Game)

Why is my steam game downloading so slowbest cooperative steam games A PLAGUE TALE: REQUIEM game foreign Music Music Music foreign Music thank you foreign Music Music Music well make it hes coming Rambles youre going too fast for me come on come on hey slow down youre exhaust our villain this is your Tower its evil doesnt he ever get tired I really should get back to studying come on we had a long journey today please mother said to try to exhaust him Music sorcerer your fight is far from over your mothers going to wonder where we are its been a long road you have the right to stretch your legs yes look at that a castle all right then time to run Music Hugo youre gonna sweat like a hog I am sweating like a hog its good for you Music I like your new home its a castle all right Music yes and Im going to turn you into a beetle I miss you hes yes Ill count to ten then Ill come for you King Hugo and amicia the Amazon of course so go now come amicia the answer is hiding places Im coming hes coming hes coming I Lucas the phidius among the perfidious to make a stew out of your toes and eat it its horrible Music Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Applause well Ill get back to studying now Lucas well if I want to come an alchemist still your mothers Apprentice all right go and study well stay a little longer goodbye As You Wish good King Im glad you could stay with us me too we wouldnt be here if not for him oh can I climb those rocks of course just dont fall I never fall yes yes sure as soon as you go patrols the Run parts of his Great Wall what can you see from up there my kingdom is it prosperous it was but then Lucas attacked oh yes the infamous sorcerer oh however its the sea lets Patrol that whoa very pretty so this is where my kingdom stop that branch is your Frontier yes why not look after me see the Amazon Music us oh no what do we do stay the front here and sing them before they pass why cant you post Tunisia behind the branch Music Music got it my mighty sling is yours Army I see them well save your land my king good magic yes let them come Ill crush them many tried to invade us big because we are the house oh hello hello I was passing by and I heard your sling ah it could be pretty loud yes I wanted to ask you can I play with you yes but who are you Im Turner I live nearby all right were Hugo and amicia can you turn that of course I can great Im the king and shes my captain and were fighting a sorcerers Army the cannon then now lets fight move out Music our defenses Music come back Here Comes The Cannonball oh no you go take cover Music all right all right you won they surrendered surrender accepted I should go now Im late for work look yeah so My Fathers Farm with my brothers are you all right I must go bye good luck then goodbye thats nice come along my king the war is over lets keep following this River theres so many questions nice he was yes great to have a friend you like him I know but well settle down soon and youll make friends youre sure as soon as we know how youre doing that could be a long time not this time this time is different I know it I hope so climb up well have to climb this you pull me up this time what just kidding Ill help you its not too heavy anyway how dare you one day Ill be able to ah cousin is huge what do you say do we attack it all right Im ready judge Music I think hes close Captain what do we do let me see huh its locked up tight this door is coming here seek your path lets sneak in yes its a good plan oh I feel evil around us hmm its a bit dark come on my king they dont expect us to sneak in yes oh I think the sorcerers men are close are you Music up now I agree thats enough for today yes there are food and clothes people live here weve broken the ceiling maybe they heard lets just be careful for now not that smells like a fireplace yes what a little band its recent these baskets and their beehives but why are they burnt I dont know lets be discreet and get out foreign people this way Music whats going on how many of you are there wait we didnt mean to trespass we fell here by accident well leave if you show us how lies I swear I dont know whats happening here but we have nothing to do with it bloody things Ill cut you to pieces right Music Music right straight leave it to me before you not stole from us thats how we make sure they dont come back he didnt see them no no that man on the ground is the last we got well kill them if you find them crazy foreign Music we have to keep going Music I just turned that whining there may still be some of them around go help the others I dont feel well Matthias can I give a damn whatever Music itll make a noise its the last time you dont have to kill all of them the tick just need a goddamn work now whining there may still be some of them around go help the others I dont feel well with us Im not give a damn its its whatever lets make a noise its the last time you dont have to kill all of them doesnt just need a goddamn work is someones still White damn it Music I just sat on my whining there may still be some of them around go help the others I dont feel well Matthias its whatever shall you you dont have to kill all of them just naked goddamn work I need to get out of here Music there may still be some of them around go help the others I dont feel well with those can I give a damn its whatever Ill tell you you dont have to kill all of them you just needed goddamn work Music someones still White anyway youre supposed to stun God this is all on you oh my God its over here right now Ive heard of you still away I hope so Music at least they didnt damage these ones wait foreign Music Music hes probably hiding somewhere Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music yeah Music someones fooling me twice right Ill find out that was all wrong Music Ill be very careful dont worry please stop please Music foreign Music Music Music foreign who are you we got lost were leaving just let the boy go you hear that Remy are you with the thieves no we just arrived listen its our fault if he was late you have no right to be here Remy you handle it and dont disappoint me but the boy hes the right age to learn you shouldnt have come she dont want to do this believe me you talk too much Music foreign Music foreign foreign where are we no Music starting again I need help wait wait for me Music are you see anyone here it wasnt this year Music breathe Music where are you going Music I need to go back I need my sister oh my mommy knows where they are yes maybe thats her head Music oh what is this place let me see mommy Lucas Music hello Music it hurts please Music stop screeching and help me help me find Music at least foreign Music Music all right Im coming Music what is this dying I dont want to die foreign Music Laughter Music Music foreign Applause Music did you sleep well I was dreaming where are we was it your island dream again yes hi I was sick and then there was a big bird that saved me what happened to me Farm we were playing by the river remember but you felt very tired all of a sudden so I carried you back and you fell asleep its probably just a lack of salt in your blood see ya its been a long trip Hugo were all exhausted but the red cities at hand well get you checked there you know were going to meet a great Alchemist there from the order they know the macula very well theyve been studying it for centuries yep they didnt come to help us in guian before we had to flee they didnt know the Inquisition would come after us they are ready to welcome us now lets hope theyll make up for it then they will the maculas not just in Hugos blood it concerns everybody and it can change everything foreign whats that I dont know be careful lets see hello there hello whats going on were looking for a boy and a girl what did they do exactly they trespassed on a familys property there was an argument and men were slaughtered the younger brother witnessed it oh thats horrible I hope you find the culprits oh I do too the boys are my nephews mother we need to leave now yes sorry uh we still have quite the road ahead of us hello hello we wont take long goodbye its time come here no way dont let that cat away Ill go away Music level you could do it how did we killed such monsters lets try Kyle ferret well call a priest if we must made of this Music Music Music thank you Music Im sure its them where are you cowards hiding foreign Music Music foreign foreign close the house Music Music foreign Music believe it oh no oh Music Music shes coming Music Hugo hes still breathing its a shock its over its all right its all right Music Music new free games on steam 2022 In this Video we are playing a A Plague Tale Requiem on PS5. 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