Furry games on steambest 20 games on steam A PLAGUE TALE: REQUIEM game so lets get started so last time crazy enough to come out of me please oh please let me go uh I think here we go boys girls and boys we are getting closer to you uh Lucas again still alive in there all right nowhere to find you now oh no that way I knew it yes come on come on let me see out come on oh but where is the Lucas I dont know I dont have any idea Lucas wait wait wait wait oh here we go nice again counter attack counter attack counter attack amicia come on okay yeah boy see the chocolate Cruise yes thanks flowers foreign Ill give you what you want to help bye boys and girls oh no yes youll do it again guys Music follow me good talk stop yes Music how it works now I set the rules okay guys foreign lets go Music oh boy oh yes come then show me how youll do it okay yes oh finally teacher yes foreign okay lets go you should sit down yeah oh so thats all you have to say come on you can do better than that you have a whole Garrison here why dont you really let yourself go stop no situation okay Ill be I mean Lucas yeah feel my mind going welcome this world hurts and it keeps hurting and we want to hurt it back but its a fight you guys thats what she said you are not them you are at the rune okay you motivated this thing works with fire Ill tell you when Im ready get out your news just awaiting survive the assault stop there well wait for the Executioner he must be finishing one right now okay okay for the crows oh boy foreign Music motive cover okay okay children please oh my God oh I did it lets get up this roof please okay we dont have anything um thats awesome wait yes okay okay crowd Ill be there oh hey where should we go okay here we go here we go lets go Im literally guards okay lets go yeah lets go okay oh okay lets go lets go lets go now lets go okay you have a big Garden Music oh yeah lets go guys ah yeah okay there we go finally because I think oh yeah yeah way down there we go oh Lucas I think we found that Depot really youre right okay so that means The Nightshade should be somewhere here and my sling too okay come on come on come on weapons oh weapon lets go swords no swords knives bye oh no sling lets try somewhere else uh yeah whats that oh yeah maybe yeah please camera please come on wheres that nightshade where did they put it yet are you serious ly yes Ive got the nice shadesia finally this hasnt been funny now I just need my sling and well leave Ill go check the door I think uh maybe with a knife in the air yeah please right I know okay lets get to the door please oh damn open it up a knife but it was worth it plenty of things in here could be more of those yeah okay 10 pieces all right Alchemy foreign Music damn the gate is right there theyre too many we cant we cant pass them we cant stay either yeah we need a plan I dont know of course you d I see so we stick the pace to the tip of the bolt shoot it and hopefully the friction from the impact will light it up and well get enough smoke to Blind them all if it worked we dont have any better ideas lets get that ballista down theres a crank up there how can we climb up foreign there you go lets go come on lets go what oh theres a couch if you want yeah all done interact Lucas thats your job yeah there we go its working okay okay lets go boy we did it good lets go come on Lucas okay lets stop here wait stupid youre crazy Lucas I think were past that point okay its set I think the crank on the side arms head Im on it okay I wont drew it we need friction what you can know is that look at it come on I am oh there we go guys and yes lets go lets go lets go okay bye bye bye bye bye rise up nice finally Im fully Music oh nice at last yes finally yeah we arrived we had to wait but we have everything we shall give this to him yes weve lost enough time already yeah there you go I mean but finally uh protectors stand there and do nothing he doesnt deserve this Im taking him out threshold is a very rare event a critical one of course from now on we need to isolate him the order has special buildings do you want to lock him away do you know what your brother is capable of he will do much worse this is why we need to take him away his power will grow stronger as his days draw shorter Magister please would you what do Hugos condemn the last threshold means the death of the carrier okay no there must be a way Lucas your friend bought you time when your brother reached the first threshold but this is something else there is no stopping it no Elixir no potion great yeah definitely yes whats out there poor girl youre running away from reality you must accept your brothers fate and your own and the fate of a protector is to do as the order commands I dont give a damn about your order let me see him Hugo is tired and hes here you cant enter his room in your state not feeds on his emotion is as soon as possible Ive got a boat and a man Joseph waiting at the harbor he needs to be warned as for me Im going to rest let me know when youre ready Lucas please go to the harbor and  __  yourself lets go yes Abby I think um lets go be careful both of you here we go okay at least the dogs I wanted to tell you but you should have thinking about my brother Lucas I didnt know Manchester vote down would tell you like this lets just keep going lets go fine um foreign foreign Music yes okay you asked me to ask Manchester vote down about the island lets go guys Im sorry I miss you okay lets go foreign foreign foreign lets go lets go again okay here we go lets go come on we should just leave nothing but macarons yes all right where should we go oh yeah lets go okay there we go lets see that gate um you dont have other options oh just no bodies keep coming from the city and we are too many of our own I should have gone to see my mother when I could pray thats all we have left what is here again Applause come on I dont think oh no all right foreign lets follow that caught come on come on I think I know what happened to this place and theyre repeating the same come on theyre coming oh we got it dont go any further on me oh my God oh bye I believe a spider oh my God yes okay neither today careful with us yeah nice there we go crazy it can be pushed yes okay Abby yeah distance yes are you fake now here we go lets go boys there you go oh boy we need you guys but they were here look at this is all this tall Workshop they must use it to still intact it smells different here Rising this is a mixing pool that Barrel up there must be the Dillon okay oh foreign open it up good shall I handle the reservoir part what do you think I mean yeah yes go up that ladder Ill move Ill go again yes come on oh yeah I think Im ready Im letting go hang on okay you know the quantities yes George yeah I can all right now there we go here we go yes its working yes Music thanks for watching bye guys Music fun steam vr games FINALLY I FOUND LUCAS | A PLAGUE TALE REQUIEM #5 Second Channel - 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