A PLAGUE TALE REQUIEM PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 - HUGO (FULL GAME)

Lowest rated steam gamesgames with achievements steam A PLAGUE TALE: REQUIEM game all right first off shout out to all of you that kind of been joining me on this series up to this point were only on part three but uh cant thank you enough Id like to support youll dress this game quickly just keep it up the rats are in full effect so I read online not if this is true or not this game can render 300 000 rats at one time which I kind of find hard to believe but maybe theres a scene later in the game that kind of demonstrate set or maybe my PS5 just detonates right in front of me but love you all lets go ahead and jump in I thought we could have just walk down the steps right here so I guess were doing the same thing for this you know whats crazy about this uh lets go ahead and craft two of these well now cages they had other beasts in there whatever there are still rats left that Clay Pot you have it could concentrate the effect of an ignifer and release it on impact go on try lets hope it works hold on lets see hold the craft down okay parking by with the type of ammo will create a large temporary okay its done throw it to make a brief fire itll get us across but well have to be quick can I get this yes move well let me think oh no there it goes I got maxed out I thought okay I should have put it a little closer to that but I think Ive seen other cranks around well have a look at least the checkpoint area is not too far away lower the platform again here we go like it never happened uh lets go ahead and craft there we go this is like two per oh you do have to go down this how inconvenient hey appreciate I love my videos lately gonna be a lot of stuff this fall Im really looking forward to uh just non-stop action you know what I mean what now light this place up it could concentrate the effect of an ignifer and release it on impact go on try lets hope it works all right heres what Im worried about I wanted to get some of this hold on throw it to make a brief fire itll get us across but well have to be quick all right Im gonna throw it like right here all right now I can do it again just need a pot oh hold on change the rock there we go we going baby lets go see that cranked now all right lets move this Beast ah that thing is too heavy thats what the crank on the other side is for you need two people all right you stay there Ill go man that other one Ill wait for you go if someone had told me the world was about to collapse again dont mind me this is a lot like the first one where theres like the level of puzzling in this game where Im like puzzling I guess its more of a I dont know they make it to where you really have to think sometimes with like the different things they have in the game probably one for the spectators of the Arena some things never change uh should I light it first and then do it or well hold on Ill bring help you there we go I have to hold on Im doing my best hey lets go now were gonna use a bomb right here it was weird its like I dont have any more pots uh thats not good is it something thats like a knock down all right so Ive been kind of stuck on this for a minute because my assumption was I needed like one of the pot things to hit the ground right uh I dont have any because were out of pots so I had to craft these which Im essentially just throwing them and creating a little path they go away for like a second when you do this not much though okay there we go very nice all right I was like all I have what we got more of that yeah so the way you can do it at first I thought were crafting the pops and I realized oh yeah we dont have any more of those so youre just crafting the actual thing youre setting everything on fire with all right here we go its working I cant believe it thank the Lord this is it on your word go um lets get lets get quick hey lets go steady that was a nice little puzzle area do you realize what that means I do but weve been through this before you saw how they charged us the way they move agile more Intel and tell barely lets find match the vodar with the order by our side we wont have to face this alone anymore I really hope that youre right I sure why I got stuck on that part back there I was looking for like a pot somewhere on the ground and then I was just like let me just try throwing these randomly like in order so now a bit but Ill take that all right reached south tower here we go I see no sign of those mercenaries lets hope it doesnt mean they found him lets just hurry this place actually seems pretty nice before the bite yes like how they call it the bite kind of a cool way to I guess like a nickname for it you know oh look at that amicia you should come see this I think you like it we gotta find a way to get up there all right hold on lets get this hey what are you doing here whoever planted it wont see it grow Hugo will love it Ill keep it there like before it suits you well thank you lets keep going lets see a ladder back over here people seem to think he doesnt care much his army rules for him which doesnt prevent those mercenaries from wandering around and we thought the place was safe hey lets go baby all right um yes lets go ahead and crafts anytime we get a chance to what is this oh its a knife so you can only carry one I was just wondering about that thats crazy you cant carry more than one you know see when you go to use it you really have to like make sure its like thats the moment you want to use it you know because which Im probably never going to use mine fact is like Ill never know if I wasted it so I just dont want to use it for now I think next time I find a pot on the ground Im just gonna save it as well all right here we go be close to the tower one last push its big he has to be in there it looks like the safest place anyway if the order still has that power maybe they could save Hugo I got a bad feeling about this area were in yeah theres hiding spots oh no here goes how many people died here in such a bad place locked down the bike probably took them all theyve been condemned so we wait until Auto arrives to get him out lets go get the Alchemist and leave this bloody place we wait for oh no its an order all right youre cool because this is one right here Im just gonna hold on to it hey lets go what if I can set him on fire by throwing stuff at him like with the slingshot I dont know or the whatever its called the Sling all right so we got a probably just be stealthy here as much as we can you know so we got that were gonna head out this way enemy to our right up top okay there you go Im Gonna Fly Away somebodys to my left as well unless its something else yeah I still see it there all right so I have a few options I can go over there and looks like get something to light like a torch with but I dont know if thats useful or not hold on can we just go through this side no here goes Im getting spotted stay away they saw me so if I just keep hiding oh my God the rats just popped up Music problem is even the combat you dont really have any kind of Advantage you know all right Im gonna try to get out of here if I take one of these and then light this and walk through Im assuming Ill be safe but Im worried about these enemies now is anybody in here I wonder why is this locked interesting theyre all above me so yeah I think I might be safe if I just chill for a second to my right now um okay now theyre in front of me I might just sit right here for a minute let him walk right past me because fake go lets see if they go backwards uh yeah take that and then walk across to well man theyre everywhere I can light the things in the middle and then run but the problem is trying to get to that building right there um theres some stairs behind this guy and theres still like high alert I dont know if that goes away Im assuming it does right I wonder if it would actually make sense for me to well I have to drop this if I want to do anything this is I mean this guys just gonna stay there so I dont know this is I think where hold on let me look under the skills were slowly getting to some of these I thought you had to get like a point but its just something you just earn over time by like actions I believe this one I think would be really nice if I was able to like this guys like right on the edge right there would be nice I could go up and use my knife but I really dont want to so now Im torn do I hit this guy with something let me drop this well get another one here in a minute like could I just will this even do anything no lets see if it actually kills him or not and it did not that is actually Wild what thats actually amazing yeah theres too many right here um that little quick distraction thing is nice I just like to smell the steps right here Im gonna go this way forget all this because Im just not having any kind of success right there got a little hiding spot we could go to if we need to um I just feel if I look around this corner I bet you theres a guy right here at least there was one um lets start going this way yeah we might can go this route oh my God okay were good Im just gonna hold on for dear life just a little bit longer all right we got a pot right there okay hmm the worst part about this is I need to get I need to get that stick I dropped lets just some over here hold on I might hop over really quick Im gonna risk risk everything right here oh there is some right here I knew there was some I thought I was like theres gotta be some on the right over here because I remember seeing it in the entrance thing is can I get to it without anybodys seeing me here we go now Im wondering if if I can just go right right here that might be the play I can light it on this back here but I wonder if thatll alert the enemies there goes here goes nothing because it doesnt last that long so I gotta figure this out yeah I dont think this is the play doesnt seem like it were gonna find out in a minute we wait for reinforcements oh my God stop panicking stay in the light and youll be a little chest right there uh dont think Im gonna get that we could light this but I didnt I dont see the reason for that you know oh wait a minute this might be the way to get down there let me look around first its a pretty large open area and I can see it being kind of tough on the harder difficulty but okay heres what Im thinking right well light this up thats that so now we have I mean if I like the one up there it doesnt really matter I dont feel like it does yeah whatever Mike can just walk around now its cool they stay on it for that long afterwards you know I mean its almost like indefinite you know its like theres a spot back over here too let me go back up these stairs I see something from an angle I thought back there let me I cut right oh I can all right theres the enemies right there if we can just ignore them for a minute oh my God please dont see me what was it in the first game I dont know if it was like a water bomb or something its like some way to like knock out the light so then itll get like chased or whatever I dont know what it was its been a while you can hop down here so this is yeah this is the door right here I believe all right so we got a few things we gotta worry about those enemies right there almost hey lets go foreign s a little stuttery right here not sure whats going on hoping this guy just goes back might need to get uh torch to get to this door hes just like walking in place of course hes stuck now hmm the play I can think of is you know what I think it is I think its all the the rats on the screen at once at the games like having a hard time keeping up with it is he still there yeah hes still man hes stuck I wanna I mean I could just hop down I dont think hell see me whatever lets go hes not gonna turn this way I feel like I actually would have crossed this right yeah hes like stuck over there so other option is okay throw it right here and go left or throw it right there gotta cause that guy to go that way were gonna do this please dont see me please dont see me foreign its like theres just enough room to where I feel like Im gonna get eaten you know lets see whats up here really quick oh my God Im gonna get spotted Applause Im gonna have to do Im gonna have to use my knife on this guy I have to I have a choice really he was about to spot me and ruin the whole thing I hated doing that but its funny I just talked about not using that anymore all right so now I better get crossed what is this sulfur okay uh we dont want to light this just yet so what were gonna do is go around here this should give us enough room to get across I want to explore some more but man Im kind of nervous about dying or whatever all right here goes nothing this should be the last little bit foreign Music that was a tough section were here I think were safe now you did great whats wrong throw dinosaur in here we did it those last months on the road after all that happened in guihan Hugo was always worried that it would start all over again but everything was so nice and quiet and so I told him that maybe it was over that the worst was behind we all hoped it was what are we gonna tell him now that the rats are back that the bite has killed hundreds this new home that he likes is already dying Im not ready for this no one could be ready for this but soon we wont be alone in it anymore well have the best Alchemists by our side good good now look a real order Lodge lets get this Manchester vote onto Hugo all right Rich the south tower has been completed here we go upstairs I see no door lots of iron Bells look they bear planets anymore and here the sun sits in their Center the order of the planets is not right how does the whole thing work there are locks for a key under each Bell its one big mechanism but we dont have a key so I think the key makes each Bell pivot but your sling may do the trick lets try from the left all right from left to right the correct order is Jupiter Mars the sun Venus and Mercury Jupiters symbol looks like a set like for Zeus said foreign S I dont see anything else he said Jupiter Mars dont remember the other two uh Jupiter okay whats next the Jupiters right is Mars thats it Venus is the first to the right of the sun its shaped like a necklace with a line going down the last one is Mercury god of Commerce he carries a staff probably the next one right here we go Im done there it is all of them I think yes look whos the door lets go find this Magister thats a cool puzzle I felt like the game the first game had something like that didnt it the daughter that explains why those brutes downstairs are so quiet the order was quite impressed by the way you put down the Inquisition in griane well I didnt have a choice not a choice calling that of a carriers protector what a protector your function among the order wait Im not and you are Im Lucas Im an alchemist too an apprentice does your Magister know you entitle yourself who cares the maculas woken up again my brother needs your help and the rats are already there control your flame protector others have burned in it take my bag lets go see that carrier where is he upstairs how are you doing good Hugo this is Magister Voda hello not immediately I will need silence Ill handle it mother huh Lucas come right now coming why dont you go cry whats going on he didnt react well hes having a seizure what what mother you must stop this you dont know this man amicia this sort of thing was always likely and this man is an exalted member of the most ancient College of Alchemists that exists the order knows the macula Hugo is not alone Im here we need Nightshade as soon as possible to calm the Tremors there is a herbalist in the outskirts of the city its at the other end of the butchers District at the edge of the forest youll see of course Im coming I feel useless here anyway steam survival games multiplayer PS5 A Plague Tale Requiem Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 includes a 2022 Review and Campaign Chapter Mission 3 of Plague Tale Requiem Single Player Story Campaign for PlayStation 5, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. This A Plague Tale Requiem PS5 Story Campaign Walkthrough will include the Full Game for Sony PlayStation 5. A Plague Tale Requiem Game Walkthrough Part 1 will include a Review, PS5 Gameplay, PlayStation 5 Gameplay, Amicia, Hugo, Upgrades, Skills, Souvenirs, Hugos Herbarium, Feathers, Flowers, Secret Chests, PS5 Trophies, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, OST, Story Missions and all Single Player Campaign Missions and the Ending. Membership: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: A Plague Tale: Requiem is an action-adventure stealth video game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Entertainment. It is the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019), and follows siblings Amicia and Hugo de Rune who must look for a cure to Hugos blood disease in Southern France while fleeing from soldiers of the Inquisition and hordes of rats that are spreading the black plague. The game is set to be released for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S in October 2022. Six months following the events of the first game, siblings Amicia and Hugo de Rune must now travel to Southern France to look for an island which may provide a cure for Hugos mysterious blood disease. Hugo is frequently overwhelmed by his newfound powers, while Amicia must face the emotional trauma of killing enemies and other actions done to protect herself and her brother. Plague Tale Requiem will have 16 chapters total. battlenet or steam steam the game awards stream new mac games on steam days of steam board game steam best games of 2021