A Plague Tale: Requiem - The Story So Far

Black and decker steamer recallmidnight suns cloud save steam deck A PLAGUE TALE: REQUIEM game a pigtail Requiem scrambling its way onto Xbox game pass on October 18th but if you havent played the first game then youve probably got some big questions who are these Intrepid French children why does everyone seem to be trying to kill them and where on Earth did all these rats come from to answer these queries and many many more we thought wed do a quick recap of the story so far in a plague Tale a pigtail innocence brings us to a richly detailed version of 14th century Aquitaine giving players a chance to explore a place and time which hasnt appeared much in video game form although I am afraid to say that this period in French history is no Bella POC the Hundred Years War rages on though I suppose no one was calling it that yet and the place is littered with both English soldiers and the forces of the French Inquisition to make matters worse the black plague has also been rampaging its way through the land spread primarily by rats but if you look past the disease-ridden rodents and the Bloody Warfare it really is quite a picturesque part of the world our protagonist in the first game is a teenage girl of noble descent named amicia who lives with her sickly Young Brother Hugo while their mother attempts to use her Alchemy skills to devise a cure their quiet Family Life comes to an abrupt end when the forces of the French inquisition come riding into town not nearly as inquisitive as you may have been led to believe they quickly Slaughter almost everyone while searching for Hugo fortunately amicia is able to get a little brother to safety seeking help from a doctor who explains that Hugos blood carries an ancient evil called the primer mercula not only is this curse the cause of his bad Health but its also the reason the inquisitioner after him as the grand Inquisitor hopes to harness his power and use it to take over all of France so begins an Epic Quest to procure an Elixir for Hugo before his powers fall into the wrong hands over the course of their perilous Journey Hugo and amicia do encounter a few friendly faces theres Lucas the doctors Apprentice a young blacksmith named Roderick and a pair of sibling thieves called Arthur and melee all of whom do their part to help amicia on her Quest eventually they are even able to craft an Elixir which alleviates Hugos symptoms without curing him entirely although things do go a bit off the rails from there when she finds out that their mother is still alive but imprisoned amicia decides not to tell Hugo because you know hes a child and they have enough on their plate already but he overhears anyway throws a proper tantrum and goes off to join the Inquisition so that he can see his mum again the grand Inquisitor takes full advantage of this family Fallout injecting himself with some of Hugos blood in an attempt to claim the primary killer for himself The Elixir prevents him from taking on all of Hugos Powers though its still a lot more rap magic then you want a bad guy to have they say that love conquers all and it turns out that even applies to Medieval military leaders wielding powers of the Oculus the grand Inquisitor threatens Hugos mother in an attempt to awaken his full Powers which works but also makes him very very angry flooding the whole place with a ravenous swarm of rats thankfully amicia is able to talk him down and they go off to confront The Inquisitor together both Arthur and Roderick lose their lives on the way to the big Showdown where it turns out that The Inquisitor has been waiting for them with a thousand stronghold of purposely bred white rats that only ye can control still after an epic war if the raps takes place between them Hugo is ultimately able to overpower The Inquisitor leaving his furry friends to gobble him up not so Grand now is he the first game ends with the mesia Hugo their mother and Lucas leaving to go in search of a new home while Mali embarks on a path of her own the rats and the plague all seem to have disappeared and things finally seem to be looking up for the daroon household right wrong from what weve seen of a plague tale Requiem its pretty clear that the next stage in their lives is going to be anything but plain sailing amicia is a young woman now and while that does allow her to hold her own a lot better in combat each life she takes puts a heavier weight on a young conscience Hugo is in a similar position his powers have evolved to the point where theyll play a much more active role in the new game but players will have to be highly wary of the toll it takes upon him still at least their search for a cure has taken them to the south of France where they can take in some sunnier scenery all of which looks absolutely spectacular in the next gen exclusive sequel so thats something right arriving on October 18th a plague tale Requiem looks all set to be a real Blockbuster of a game and now youre all ready to dive into its Twisted tale of rats and Redemption stay tuned for more updates on all the biggest titles by hitting subscribe and ringing the bell and feel free to sound off about how much youre looking forward to being lord of the rodents once again down in the comments see you next time what games to buy steam sale A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of our most anticipated games of the year following A Plague Tale Innocence – but if you want to get a lowdown on Amicia and Hugos story and lore so far before you venture to France once again, or want a handy recap, here’s A Plague Tale – the story so far.Xbox On is YOUR home for everything Xbox. 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