PLOT: Pulau Penuh Tikus Mematikan (Cerita Game A Plague Tale: Requiem All Endings)

Whirlpool duet steam dryer manualhow to join a steam group A PLAGUE TALE: REQUIEM game In the era of the 100 year war between France and England, or to be more precise in November 1348, when at that time, there was news of a terrible rat plague known as the Black Death plague, there was a noble family with the lineage of De Rune who lived in a castle in the Province of Guyenne, France. This family is led by Robert De Rune, a knight who served King Philip IV and had a brilliant career during the war between England and France. He finally decided to retire, married an alchemist named Beatrice, and was blessed with 2 children, namely Amicia and Hugo. Amicia was born healthy, whereas Hugo was born with a mysterious illness, forcing Beatrice to treat him in a separate room and try to find a cure for him. One day, without understanding what exactly happened, the residence of the De Rune family was suddenly approached by a group of troops from a religious institution called the Inquisition who were looking for Hugos whereabouts. But because Robert refused to tell, he was immediately killed on the spot, Before then the Inquisition troops began to search the castle. Luckily Hugo managed to escape with his sister, Amicia, but their mother, Beatrice, was caught. Following Beatrices directions, the two of them took a long journey while avoiding a bunch of deadly rats to meet a doctor named Laurentius who was accompanied by his student, Lucas. But the meeting didnt last long, because a bunch of rats messed up and caused a huge explosion that killed Laurentius in the process. This situation forced Lucas to join forces with Amicia and Hugo to help them find a way to cure Hugos mysterious disease . As time went by, Hugos condition got worse, not giving Amicia and Lucas a chance to rest. Because of that, they both decided to return to the residence of the De Rune family for the sake of following Beatrices footsteps, hoping that there is important information that can be obtained. Sure enough, upon arrival there, Amicia and Lucas found Beatrices secret laboratory and learned that the mysterious disease within Hugo was called Prima Macula. Prima Macula is an ancient disease that was responsible for the Black Death, and this disease allowed Hugo to control swarms of rats. Apart from that, Amicia and Lucas also learned about Justinian Plague, a deadly plague that occurred around 541 and is just as deadly as the Black Death. After further study, apparently Justinian Plague is also caused by someone who has Prima Macula disease, just like Hugo. Armed with the information obtained from Beatrices research results, Lucas was able to concoct a potion to help Hugo fight the developmental process of his disease. You need to know, During the struggle, Amicia and Lucas met several people who helped. Its a shame when his condition got better, Hugo ran away to save his mother, but instead he was caught by the Inquisition troops. During his detention, he managed to sneak out and get his mother out of the prison cell using Prima Maculas power, but because the power was used too much, Hugos condition worsened, making him lose control of his body and he failed to save his mother. 1 month later, when Amicia had resigned still couldnt find Hugo, suddenly one of the Inquisition troops named Nicholas, the same troop that killed Robert De Rune, came with Hugo which she used to control a herd of rats, remembering that Hugo no longer had full consciousness as a result of his worsening condition. Luckily Amicia managed to revive him, and together, the two of them immediately killed Nicholas. Realizing that the only way to stop the evil intent of the Inquisition is to kill the leader, Vitalis, Amicia, Lucas, Hugo and the others rushed to the cathedral which was the residence of the Inquisition and directly faced Vitalis. Here it is revealed that the reason Vitalis was looking for Hugo was because he wanted to get a transfusion of Hugos blood, hoping that by doing so Prima Macula would flow within him, allowing him to control rats and release them around the world in order to create a new world order under his rule. Damn, blood transfusions have been done since Hugo was arrested and because of that, he can control white rats. Amicia and Hugo work together against Vitalis and manage to kill him. In that way, Beatrice was saved. Of course this whole struggle wont be successful without help and sacrifice from their friends. Arthur was killed by Nicholas and Rodric shot dead by arrows, While Melie was still alive, but decided to go on her own journey. Amicia, Beatrice, Hugo, and Lucas left Guyenne to start a new life while digging for more information about Prima Macula which is still inside Hugo. Hello guys, back on the Droomp Channel and Welcome to Plot A Plague Tale Requiem June 1349. For a span of 6 months, Amicia, Hugo, Lucas, and Beatrice lived in peace. While Beatrice was busy studying Prima Macula, Amicia and Lucas accompanied Hugo to play in the park, but because Lucas had to learn more about alchemy from Beatrice, he left in the middle of them playing. Amicia and Hugo continued to play near the river, where there they accidentally met a boy named Tonin who decided to play too. But he immediately left after remembering that he had to work to help his father take care of the farm. Not satisfied yet, Amicia and Hugo continued their exploration of a castle, but the wooden floor they were standing on suddenly collapsed, dropping both of them into the beekeeping area. In an effort to find their way home, their whereabouts were discovered by a man who owned the land there who accused them of being thieves. Feeling threatened with the ax that the man was holding, Amicia took Hugo running from there, fishing for more people to chase. Luckily they found the bushes and used them as a hiding place, where there they witnessed how that group of people, we will call the Beekeepers, killed the people they considered to be vicious thieves. Afraid of being scolded by their mother, Amicia and Hugo agreed to keep their mouths shut about this, and after sneaking quietly through the bushes while distracting the Beekeeper using a rock, they arrived in a village, where they saw Tonin, the boy they met at the river earlier, was being strangled by his older brother because he was considered negligent in supervising the thieves. There is also one other Beekeeper troop. Amicia and Hugo asked Tonin to let go, but this action actually endangered their lives, therefore it only made the two Beekeeper troops angry and immediately attacked, forcing Amicia to fight back by stabbing one of them to death. Seeing how the others cornered Amicia, Hugo, for the first time since 6 months ago, used his Macula power again… Subconsciously, Hugo found himself on the coast of an island located near 2 large mountains, where there, Macula disease it started to relapse again and even got worse as time went on, until it was difficult for him to move. Following the directions of a Phoenix bird, he reached a tree and a small pond, where when he touched the water, the Maculas spread within him miraculously stopped and receded. Hugo realized that this was a sign given to him about how his illness could be cured by using that water. But before he could ask about the location of the island, he woke up in the horse carriage on Lucass lap. Hugo told his dream, that he was saved by a pheonix, before then asking Amicia about what happened at the farm, but Amicia pretended not to know by answering that earlier they were just playing near the river and rushed home when Hugo was tired. Hearing this, Lucas told them that they were on their way to Red City, where they will meet great alchemists who are members of the Order, a group of alchemists who have studied Macula for centuries passed down. But on the way, the horse- drawn carriage was intercepted by 2 Beekeeper troops, one of which was Tonins uncle, who asked about the whereabouts of a girl and a boy, said that the two people had intruded into their property without permission and caused chaos. Amicia immediately realized that the boy and girl in question were Hugo and herself, so she asked her mother to immediately take them away. But before they could leave, One of the Beekeepers opened the cloth where Hugo was hiding and immediately realized that they were the ones causing the chaos. Amicia was immediately thrown down, and because of panic, the horse pulled the carriage away from there. The Beekeeper troop then called for reinforcements to chase after the horse carriage and look for Amicia who was hiding in the bushes. Damn, father immediately found out his whereabouts Tonin who angrily accused Amicia of being the murderer of his first child, Tonins sister, before throwing fire into the bushes, forcing Amicia to run and defend herself. Through the burning fields, he finds his mother being held by one of the troops Beekeeper, giving him no other choice but to shoot a slingshot right at the troops head, instantly killing him on the spot. Amicia was shaken by the murder she committed, while Hugo passed out. Luckily, they are all fine and soon continued their journey to Red City. Located in the Province of Provence, Red City is a city full of peace under the protection of the rulers of Provence, namely Victor and Emilie. Amicia, Hugo, Lucas and Beatrice were welcomed very well and even given a house for free, because Hugo is considered a very important person. After enjoying the lively atmosphere in town, Amicia brought Hugo who was already exhausted to the house and put him to bed. But before going to bed, Hugo talked about how Amicia had to go to the island she had dreamed of, claiming that the island could cure all kinds of ailments. Amicia didnt really think about it and let Hugo fall asleep, before then getting off and lost in her thoughts, thinking about the incident in Guyenne when Hugo was captured by the Inquisition troops. He dives so deep into his thoughts that he doesnt even notice Hugos screams, at least not before Lucas wakes him up. The three rushed to check on Hugos condition which apparently was getting worse. And for that, Beatrice asked Lucas and Amicia to look for an alchemist named Vaudin, an alchemist who is a member of the Order and has extensive knowledge about Macula. Along the way, Amicia often blamed herself for Hugos worsening condition, remembering that she was the one who took Hugo for a walk until she targeted the farm, but Lucas always tried to convince her that it wasnt true, they never knew how Macula worked. After asking some residents about Vaudins whereabouts, Amicia and Lucas found the symbol of the Order and decided to follow it, where in this search, they started to get a glimpse of what Red City was really like. Apparently this city is not as peaceful as they thought, because the rat plague has reached the poorer parts of the city and the ruler Provence has allowed his troops to quarantine and kill the infected people. This is done to prevent the spread of the epidemic even wider. Seeing this fact, Lucas was sure that the rat plague could reach Red City because they brought Hugo to that city. In their search for Vaudin, Amicia and Lucas not only have to avoid the surveillance of the Provence troops who will not hesitate to kill, because the two of them have crossed the boundaries of the specified area, but also avoid the surveillance of a group of mercenaries or we will call the Brutes who are there to look for Vaudin. The way to distinguish Provence troops from Brutes troops is by looking at the color of their clothes. The Provence troops wear yellow, while the Brutes troops wear red. Apart from that, they are also on 2 opposite sides,   the Brutes army consists of criminals, such as criminals, smugglers, and thieves, while the Provence Troop is an army that is under the orders of the rulers of Provence, people whose job is to protect the citizens of Provence. Well, the Brutes troop group wants to find Vaudin because they are sure that Vaudin has a medicine that can be used to cure rat bite infections. After a long journey, being chased by rats in the underground area, and killing several Provence and Brutes troops, they arrived at a tall tower with the symbol of Order, where they met Vaudin. In this meeting, Vaudin referred to Amicia as a Protector or a protector whose duty is to protect Hugo, the carrier of Macula, or Carrier. After finding out that Hugo was in bad condition, he went with Amicia and Lucas to check on him. The wall of Vaudins study shows the 2 large mountains Hugo had in his dream. Arriving home, Vaudin immediately started to check on Hugo and took care of him together with Beatrice for several hours… During the several hours of treatment, Hugo was often heard moaning in pain and crying, making Amicia who was waiting outside very worried. He didnt even really believe in Vaudin, but Beatrice asked him to stay calm, because Vaudin is the best alchemist they currently have. Now Hugos condition is stable back, but only for a while. Needed a nightshade flower located on the outskirts of the city to stabilize its condition further, so Amicia and Lucas were asked to look for the flower as soon as possible. They were forced to take an alternative route because the main road was being closed, and once again, they broke through the boundaries of the designated area, making both of their lives threatened by the presence of the Provence troops. Arriving at the Herbalists house on the outskirts of town, Amicia and Lucas didnt find Nightshade flowers at all , even though according to Beatrice, Nightshade should be there. This situation makes Amicia even more worried about Hugos condition and her mind becomes burdened. Meanwhile, Provence troopers were roaming the garden at the Herbalists house looking for plants that can be used as medicine. Seeing that Amicia wasnt strong enough to continue the journey, Lucas decided to sneak out alone to look for flowers Nightshade, promised to come back after that. But Amicia became even more worried when she waited and Lucas didnt come back. Not long after, Lucas scream was heard, made Amicia realize that Lucas was in danger and she rushed to look for it, ignoring the feeling of fear and stress that was inside her. Found Lucas being threatened by one of the Provence troops, Amicia immediately fired a catapult, instantly killing him. Lucas said that he had managed to find a nightshade flower and asked Amicia to go home, but the sound of the catapult earlier provoked the arrival of more troops, provoked Amicia to kill them all, regardless of Lucas plea to leave this place as soon as possible. With overflowing anger, Amicia massacred almost all the Provence troops that approached her, at least before their leader, The Beast, came to stop her. As a result of that, Amicia and Lucas were held in a prison cell and were about to be executed, but when they were taken out to be hanged, Lucas threw Stupefacios alchemical potion into the fire to temporarily blind the guards. After taking back some of the equipment that was confiscated, such as the catapult and Nightshade flower, Amicia and Lucas used the Ballista in the warehouse to create a distraction, giving them a chance to escape. Arriving home, the Nightshade flowers were immediately given to Vaudin... For 2 long days, Amicia waited outside the room without certainty, until when she was about to intervene, Vaudin came out and explained that the Macula inside Hugo had reached the threshold of the end. That means, soon, Hugo will meet his death, Theres no way to save him. For that , before his condition worsens and the rat plague gets wilder, Vaudin suggested that Hugo be placed immediately at the Order headquarters in Marseille to be monitored until the day he dies. Amicia vehemently opposed Vaudins proposal and spoke about the island that Hugo had dreamed of, which these words were immediately dismissed by Vaudin who firmly said that it was just a childs fantasy and that now Amicia is trying to deny reality. Amicias emotions were overflowing, but she knew she couldnt do anything else, apart from surrendering to Vaudins will to bring Hugo to the Orders headquarters in Marseille. Vaudin then told him that he had a boy named Joseph who was waiting for them on a ship in a port. Because of that, Amicia and Lucas were sent to make contact with him, at least so that Joseph understands that they are really coming. On this trip, Amicia and Lucas have to avoid the surveillance of the Provence troops who expect all residents to stay indoors because its past curfew. But during the trip, Amicia often expressed her frustration to Lucas regarding Hugos condition. He once again talked about the island that Hugo had dreamed of, and here Lucas also started to believe that the island really existed, as evidenced by the painting on the wall Vaudins study. Arriving at the harbour, they saw that Joseph was being arrested by one of the Provence troops, but Joseph fought and fled on his ship. Before the ship went away, Amicia shouted, saying that she was sent by Vaudin. However Joseph doesnt seem to care anymore, at least before Lucas informs them that they brought a boy. Joseph immediately empathized and decided to help, asking them to meet at the next pier. Unlucky when they arrived at the pier, a big shake occurred and Amicia immediately realized that this was the doing of a flock of rats caused by Hugo. It means, Hugo is not in a good condition. For that, he ran alone to his house, while Joseph and Lucas will sail to the nearest port from their house to pick up Amicia, Beatrice and Vaudin later. Sure enough, the big shaking was caused by a flock of rats that started to appear very aggressively, destroying everything in their path. Amicia ran as fast as she could and managed to reach her house, only to find Hugo in a state of convulsions and Vaudin angry, asking Beatrice to calm her son even though it all could happen because she forced Hugo too much to undergo his treatment. Simultaneously with Amicias attempts to calm Hugo, part of the house collapses, knocking Vaudin over and killing him. Luckily before their house completely collapsed, Amicia managed to calm Hugo, indirectly pacified the rats. When he woke up, Hugo didnt understand what was really going on, and Amicia immediately took Hugo and Beatrice to the harbor where Joseph and Lucas were waiting for them. The five of them then left Red City which was completely destroyed. On the way to Marseille City, Hugo insisted that he didnt want to go there, because he was afraid he would only bring havoc like what happened in Red City. On the contrary, he really wants to reach the island in his dream, the island that can cure his illness. Hearing this, Amicia immediately calmed Hugo and promised to do what was best for him. Beatrice then came and asked Hugo and Lucas to go see Joseph, the captain of the ship, while she herself tried to convince Amicia that what they did, namely handing Hugo into the hands of Order in Marseille City was the right thing, because Order had the necessary equipment to deal with Hugos condition. But Amicia never agreed with her mothers thoughts, She thought that this action would only torment Hugo. In the midst of the mother and sons dispute, Joseph said that the ship was snagged by debris from the wreckage of Red City, giving Amicia and Lucas no other choice but to go down to push the ship away from the debris. But with that, now they have to find a way to return to the ship that is sailing. Their journey was hampered when a flock of mice reappeared as a result of the worry Hugo felt for being separated from his brother. However, by using alchemy and catapults, Amicia and Lucas finally managed to catch up with the ship, even though they were briefly separated and Lucas was attacked by Brutes troops led by a man known as The Wall. They carried out the attack as revenge because previously Amicia had killed several Brutes troops in the middle of trying to find Vaudin. Didnt get there, when the ship started sailing, Brutes troops surrounded them from the highlands, forcing Amicia to kill them using the crossbow that was attached to the ship. Unfortunately, Joseph was killed in the middle of this voyage, and one of the Brutes troops managed to stop the ship by throwing an anchor. Amicia took a crossbow and used it to face the armored troops, before then trying to release the anchor ropes that entangled the ship. Unfortunately this attempt was thwarted by the troop leader, The Wall immediately gave chase, and no matter how far Amicia ran, The Wall managed to find and hit her in the head with the hilt of a sword, leaving her seriously injured in the head. Seeing that Amicias life was threatened, Hugo got off the ship and once again used Maculas power, summoned a flock of rats which then succeeded in driving The Wall away. Simultaneously, the anchor rope that entangled the ship was released. Now Amicia and Hugo are separated from Beatrice and Lucas, but instead of being reunited, they agreed to go find the island in Hugos dream... Amicias head wound as a result of The Walls impact didnt stop flowing, So she covered it with a cloth that has been washed with river water, Before continuing the search on the island in Hugos dream. But this trip quickly proved too much for Amicia to handle alone, because even though she was covered with a cloth, the wound on her head was getting worse as time went on. However, he kept trying to hold it in and didnt think too much about it for Hugos sake. Hearing the sound of singing from afar, Amicia and Hugo followed her until they reached the pilgrims camp who were on a religious journey to Rome. They asked the priest who led the camp named Perreux about the existence of an island located near 2 large mountains, and even though Perreux didnt understand the island in question, he claimed to have a map of the Mediterranean Sea. But its a shame before I could show it, Provence troops came to look for Amicia and Hugo for the murders that Amicia had committed to several Provence troops. Perreux immediately understood the situation and decided to help Amicia and Hugo escape from there. In this escape attempt, their presence was discovered, forcing Amicia and Hugo to run and accidentally falling into a ravine, exacerbating Amicias head injury. However, because they were pressured by the troops who kept chasing, both of them had to continue their journey and enter the mining area which was heavily guarded by the Provence troops. It was here for the first time, Hugo could feel the existence of a herd of rats underground and used them to find out the movements of the Provence Troops from a distance, helping Amicia to get past the troops who were on guard inside or outside the mining area. This very tiring journey worsened Amicias wound even further, to the point that she couldnt take it anymore and fell. Seeing that the Provence troops are endless, Amicia was forced to ask Hugo for help to use her Maculas powers, controlling rats to kill a bunch of Provence troops that were arriving. But this pushed Maculas threshold even further, made Hugo lose control and he no longer heard Amicias pleas to stop. As a result of that, Hugos body convulsed, while the rats came in flocks and were very aggressive. Amicia was forced to ignore the pain in her head to carry Hugo who had lost consciousness, to climb to a higher surface, to take shelter from the attack of the rats. Before long, Hugo regained his senses and Amicia helped him climb a higher surface, but he couldnt reach it himself. Amicia sat down helplessly, thinking this would be the end of her struggle, and right at that moment, a man in armor approached Hugo… Amicia woke up in the middle of the forest and Hugo immediately greeted her, said that the armored man had come when they were surrounded by rats, helping care for Amicias wounds and take them to a safe place. The armored man was revealed as “The Wall” whose real name is Arnaud, the leader of the Brutes army who had hit Amicias head with the hilt of a sword until he was seriously injured. And now, he claims he knows the location of the island Hugo dreamed of, the island is called La Cuna. After once again falling passed out, Amicia woke up by the bonfire and saw Arnaud and Hugo having fun chatting. Its been 2 days since Amicia was treated by Arnaud, and because the wound on her head has improved, they decided to travel to La Cuna Island. But Amicia cant fully trust Arnaud, so she asks why Arnaud decided to save them. Arnaud explained that he didnt have any troops anymore, some of the Brutes troops died at the hands of Amicia and the Provence troops, while the others fled. Now only himself remains, and it will be more difficult for him if he fends for himself, trying to avoid the surveillance of the Provence Troops who will not hesitate to kill him, considering that the Brutes troops are indeed on the opposite side of the Provence Troops. Well, Now Arnaud is no longer interested in killing Amicia, on the contrary, he needs help Amicia and Hugo to protect himself, because he knows Hugo can control a flock of rats. This explanation sounds quite reasonable for Amicia, but she is still wary of Arnauds movements, different from Hugo who fully trusted Arnaud after seeing him tending to his brothers wounds and helping them. Following Arnauds directions, the three of them set off to the hideout of a smuggler named Sophia to cross the sea using her ship, where along this trip, Amicia just understood that Arnaud was a Knight stationed in Guyenne to face British soldiers, just like his father, Robert De Rune. The three of them used a shortcut through dark caves filled with rats and Amicia had intended to leave Arnaud when they were separated, but Hugo succeeded in convincing his older brother not to do so, saying that they needed his help. Exiting the cave, the three still have to face a bunch of rats, the Provence army, and through the surging water, before finally making it to reach Sophias whereabouts in a small cave. This is a hiding place for the small remaining Brutes army. Unexpectedly when Arnaud asked for help to bring them to La Cuna island by boat, Sophia was willing to help and even made Arnaud promise not to hurt Amicia again. With this, Amicia, Hugo, and Arnaud rushed to reach the ship while facing several Provence troops guarding, meanwhile Sophia herself will follow because she wants to chat with her crew a bit first. Hugo and Arnaud then headed to the ship, leaving Amicia in a nearby wooden house to rest while waiting for Sophia to arrive. A few moments later, Amicia was startled by the sound of banging on Sophias door from outside, she hastily asked to be let in. Amicia quickly opened the door, and right at that moment, one of the Provence troops managed to grab Sophia and was about to kill her, forcing Amicia to kill the Provence troops from behind, saving Sophias life. The two of them then followed Hugo and Arnaud to the ship and started sailing towards La Cuna island... After sailing for quite a while, they arrived at La Cuna island. Seeing it from a distance just made Hugo very happy, even he was willing if he was fated to die here, at least he has sailed on a ship and saw the island he dreamed of. He said that because he had been told by Vaudin earlier that he didnt have much time left. Hearing this, Amicia promised not to let that happen. The ship finally docked at the island harbor La Cuna, the island known as Tropical Paradise and is the place where the Rulers of Provence, namely Victor and Emilie, reigned peacefully. Just set foot on the island, Hugo was immediately greeted by one of the residents happily, saying that Hugos presence on this island was a gift. The three then started exploring the island of La Cuna and asked the local residents about the existence of water that Hugo had dreamed about, but no one knew about it. Going further through the festival held in honor of the “Child of Light”, whatever that means, Amicia, Hugo, and Arnaud reached a traditional ceremony presided over by the Ruler of Provence, but because Emilie was late, her husband, Victor announced his delay in public. Seeing Victor, Arnaud immediately became a bit agitated and asked Hugo to summon the rats, according to their agreement at the beginning. Amicia immediately understood what happened. Apparently from the start, Hugo had agreed to help Arnaud in killing Victor using his Maculas power as a return for saving them before. However, the motive behind this attempt to kill Arnaud is still unknown. This commotion distracted Victor who immediately recognized Arnaud and asked him to have a duel. He also ordered his troops to arrest Amicia and Hugo, forced the two of them to run and take cover in a house, where they agreed to clear up misunderstandings with the Lord of Provence. Amicia managed to stop Arnaud by dropping a pole on his head, allowing him to be captured by the Provence troops, Before then he tried to explain what really happened to Victor. Emilie came right when Victor was about to arrest Amicia and Hugo, and after hearing Amicias explanation, Emilie believed him and even invited them to eat and sleep in her castle. The next day, Amicia and Hugo were allowed to explore La Cuna island to look for clues regarding Hugos dream, where they met back with Sophia who had understood yesterdays incident thanks to her observation skills and the three of them started to follow directions in the form of a statue of a pheonix, the same bird in Hughs dream. The Pheonix statue unexpectedly Directed them to a ruin where the floor shows the symbol of the Order, indicating that this island is somehow connected with the Order. Because Sophia too already saw all this, Amicia told them their main goal, which is to find water that can cure Hugos illness. With that said, Sophia decided to help by trying to understand the symbol of the Order on the floor which she then interpreted as a guide to climb the 2 big mountains nearby. These two large mountains are commonly referred to as “The Mothers”. Along the way, the three learned that the inhabitants of the island of La Cuna have a belief that one day, there will be a child, they call the Child of Embers who will save the world. Thats the child they worship in the Child of Light festival. Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia then spent some time ahead to walk up Mothers mountain until they were tired, but on the way, they found the path closed by a gate. One of the residents there then explained that the gate was closed because the ceremony was about to start, and after hearing that they wanted to attend the ceremony, he told them an alternative route via the side lane. But also warning them of the Provence troops who are keeping a tight guard up there in order to prevent yesterdays commotion from happening again. The three of them followed the residents directions by climbing via an alternative route, and its true, the area is now heavily guarded by the Provence troops, forcing them to sneak quietly through the bushes, until they reach the place where the ceremony is being held. There they saw Victor and Emilie leading a ceremony attended by several pairs of women and children. In this ceremony, Victor and Emilie hope to awaken the Child of Ember which they believe will save the world, in which the two rulers of Provence will play the role of father and mother for the child. Convinced that the water that Hugo dreamed of was inside the temple, Amicia and Hugo disguised themselves as one of them and followed the process of the ceremony until they entered the temple. Seeing the symbol of the Order, Amicia and Hugo immediately understood that this temple used to belong to the Order, before it was later used again by Victor and Emilie as a sacred site to carry out their religious ceremonies. One of the paintings on the wall shows a boy with a woman. Based on what Amicia learned in her mothers laboratory in Guyenne, that boy was the first Macula Carrier long before Hugo and the woman who was with him was his protector, the Protector. Its the painting of the boy that Victor and Emilie believe to be the Child of Embers, a child they want to wake up through this ceremony to save the world. In essence, Victor and Emilie have misunderstood what was in the Orders ancient temple and decided to create a child worship cult, Child of Embers which is believed to be able to save the world. This belief was spread throughout the island of La Cuna, making all the people who live there adhere to the teachings and carry out the traditions that were taught to them, when in reality, there is no such thing as a Child of Embers. This is why the presence of small children is so valued on La Cuna Island, even Hugos arrival is considered a gift. So coincidentally in this ceremony, Out of four pairs of women and children, Amicia and Hugo were chosen to be the couple entrusted with the torches to awaken the Child of Embers, giving them the opportunity to go deeper into the temple. But in the middle of the ceremonial process taking place, Sophia who was in disguise helped them get out of there through the back door which led to a kind of sanctuary. Exploring the place, Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia got a lot of information about the history of the first Macula bearer. All of this started from a boy named Basilius who was born with the mysterious disease Prima Macula. He has a protective figure or Protector named Aelia, like Hugo and Amicia. Since this is the first case, the Order set up a sanctuary inside a temple dedicated to Basilius and Aelia, so that Order members can learn more about Maculas disease and find a solution to it. For the sake of research, Basilius was treated with a method that was quite painful, the same as what Vaudin did for Hugo some time ago. This torturous method made the Macula inside Basilius reach the threshold of the end in 541, which means he didnt have much time anymore. As a precautionary measure if something bad is about to happen, the Order immediately snatches Basilius from Aelia and holds him in a secret detention facility . Aelia rebelled, trying to save Basilius, but because of that, he ended up being imprisoned in a fortress near the round tower. Knowing this whole truth, Amicia believes that Basilius deliberately gave Hugo a dream about the island of La Cuna to lead them to learn the whole incident. But Unlike Hugos dream, the pool water outside doesnt have a healing effect, in which Amicia responds only as a symbol. He is sure that what is meant by healing water is medicine hidden somewhere. Not finding any medicine in this temple, Amicia, Hugo and Sophia decided to go to the round tower to find clues from there. At the same time, Victor and Emilie came, not giving them any other choice but to sneak out quietly… At the top of the circular tower, the three of them could see a prison fortress that was believed to be where Aelia was being held, and that fortress was located on the small island opposite. For that, they rushed to go there, hoping that there would be a clue left behind. But when they arrived at the prison fortress, Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia witnessed how a group of criminals were sacrificing slaves to rats. They believe that by doing that, they will please the mice and the Child of Embers, the child they worship as God. The goal is for them to get power that is much bigger than the rulers of Provence and can take over the whole world. Enraged, Hugo summoned a flock of rats to kill the criminals, making Sophia, who just found out about it, shocked beyond words. Amicia scolded Hugo for the murder he committed and calmed him down when he was sad, before the three of them continued their journey. When night fell, the rats came out in swarms to eat the bodies of the slaves who were sacrificed for them, forcing Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia to avoid the supervision of the criminals as well as the rats. Having made it to a chapel, they descended into the dungeon where Aelia was being held, and Amicia was able to follow the instructions Aelia left her. A ring buried underground reveals the location of the Orders secret detention facility where Basilius was being held, which is under the floor of the ruins they found earlier on La Cuna Island, ruins whose floor shows the Orders symbol. For that, the three decided to return to the ruins. But just leaving the chapel, they were attacked by the leader of the group of criminals, Milo who, when seeing Hugo, immediately thought of him as a Child of Embers and respected him, tried to convince him to join him. Hugo angry with Milos actions regarding the sacrifice of the slaves, but before Milo could convince him further, Sophia stood up and killed him. Milos death makes his men angry and start attacking, forcing Amicia to confront them. But the number of criminals was too many to handle alone, so Hugo who realized this decided to intervene by summoning a bunch of vicious rats to kill them all, destroying the entire prison fortress in the process. Amicia calmed Hugo and took him away on a paddle boat, crossing back to La Cuna island. As soon as they arrived, they found that the island La Cuna has now been overrun by the rats as a result of Hugos anger on the other side of the island. This situation forced them to make the best use of the light until they reached the ruins and pushed a pillar that fell to the floor with an Order symbol, opening the way to a secret detention facility. Amicia, Hugo and Sophia went in there, did some exploring, and found the remnants of the battle between Aelia and the Orders forces. Apparently Aelia managed to escape from the dungeon in the chapel and rushed to the Orders secret detention facility to save Basilius, where along the way, he killed a lot of Order troops, but ended up being overwhelmed and killed in that place. Seeing the remains of Aelias bones, Hugo became afraid that this would all happen to them, he was afraid that Amicia would die, so he asked them to just back off. But Amicia managed to calm and convince him to continue the journey in search of Basilius, hoping to find something from there. The three of them then walked deeper into the detention facility, and even though this trip was full of opposition from Hugo who felt scared of something down there, they finally made it to the ground floor, where Basilius was being held by the Order… It was here that it was revealed that after Macula who was inside Basilius reaches the threshold of the end, The Order keeps him in this terrible place. And because of fear of his strength, they imprisoned Basilius like an animal, his hands were chained and he didnt get good treatment at all. Feeling sad and angry, especially at being separated from Aelia, Basilius released rats all over the country, starting a deadly plague known as the Justinian Plague. Justinian Plague lasted from 541 to 549, and a similar deadly plague occurred again in 1346, known as the Black Death Plague which is now caused by Hugo as the carrier of the second Macula. This has indirectly explained that if only they followed Vaudins directions to detain Hugo in the Order headquarters, then maybe the same thing would happen, Hugo would be left to die alone like Basilius. Amicia understands that Macula deliberately led them to the Orders secret detention facility to learn about all this, but until now, she hasnt found any clues regarding a drug that can cure Hugos disease. While he was busy thinking about that, Hugos despair at this discovery caused Macula to go wild and uncontrollable, releasing rat waves. Sophia immediately noticed it and warned Amicia and Hugo to run away. Luckily the three of them managed to reach the surface on time, but the Order facility is now completely destroyed. Just as Hugos condition was calmer, the rat wave subsided, and at this point, Amicia realized that the only thing they had to do to stop this whole mess was to bring Hugo back to his familys house which was located in the remote mountains and lived in peace there. For that reason, together with Sophia, they decided to go home… On the way to the harbour, One of the Provence soldiers came to tell them that Victor and Emilie had invited them to the castle to meet 2 guests, namely Beatrice and Lucas. For that, while Amcia and Hugo went to meet Beatrice and Lucas, Sophia was preparing the ship in the harbor. Along the way, they saw the destruction of the island of LaCuna and the suffering experienced by the residents because they were infected by rat bites, even some of them began to doubt their beliefs, saying that instead of saving the world, the presence of the Child of Embers actually caused total destruction. Hugo was very sad to see how his illness destroyed this once very beautiful island. Arriving in a room, they met Beatrice and Lucas. Amicia and Hugo immediately let go and explained what they found about Basilius, before then inviting Beatrice and Lucas to go home and live peacefully there, like a few months ago when they left Guyenne. That way, he believes the Black Death epidemic will stop as time goes by. Beatrice agreed with the idea, but before they left, one of the soldiers from Provence came to tell that Victor wanted to meet Amicia. Like it or not, because this is an order the ruler of Provence, Amicia followed the troops it met Victor who then took him to a room, where in that room, Victor suddenly pulled out a sword and tried to attack. Amicia dodged, but then she was kicked down the stairs and dislocated her right arm. While groaning in pain, Amicia slowly moved away from Victor who started to reveal all his plans. Apparently Victor already understood the history of Macula actually, that Basilius was the first child to suffer from Maculas disease and so on. But he deliberately formed a sect with teachings that he made up himself, about a little child, called the Child of Embers who will save the world. He did all this for Emilie, his wife. Emilie has a dark past where her parents never treated her well, to the extent that she once tried to end her own life by poisoning her body. Because of that, Victor brought him to the island of La Cuna and told him a story he made about the Child of Embers who could save the world, giving him hope to live. Emilie believed in the story and spread it to all residents on La Cuna Island, making everyone believe in Victors heretical teachings. Now, Emilie believes Hugo is a Child of Embers, so to be the mother of Hugo, Amicia must be killed. Of course this is also one of the beliefs composed by Victor, that Emilie must be the mother of a Child of Embers. Victor himself wants Hugo because he already knows about the rat control ability that is in him. And just like Vitalis, the leader of the Inquisition in Guyenne, he wants to use that ability to create a new world order under his rule. Just when Victor was about to attack, Amicia fought back by hitting him with a candle barrier and quickly ran away from there. Reaching the central courtyard of the castle, he found Beatrice tied up and about to be sacrificed by Emilie with the same reason, that Hugo cant have a mother other than himself. Lucas is also tied up nearby. Amicia showed herself and angrily went against Emilies will, but she was immediately paralyzed by Victor. Not giving up yet, Amicia decided to face it, regardless of her condition which was already so bad. He grabbed Victors sword and tried to attack him, but it wasnt strong at all, even to fly the sword. In the end, Victor managed to injure Amicia all over her body, causing her to fall helplessly and cut her hair. But Victor didnt so killed Amicia when Beatrice begged Emilie to stop it. After talking a bit about the Child of Embers, Emilie does what she wants… Hugo wakes up in the castle and is confused about whats really going on. He was looking for Amicia, Beatrice, and Lucas, but couldnt find them anywhere. Until when he stepped out into the central courtyard of the castle... He saw his mother lifeless right in front of him. Hugos temper ran high and he surrendered almost completely to Macula, summoned countless herds of rats to kill the entire Provence army that was besieging. This action is fully supported by Amicia. Emily is very excited, knowing that her assumption is right, Hugo is a Child of Embers. However the joy didnt last long, because after annihilating the Provence troopers, Hugo controlled his rats to kill Emilie. Victor screamed hysterically seeing the wife he loves die being devoured by rats and promises to avenge her. Lucas reunited with Amicia and Hugo, but the ground they were standing on cracked and shattered, dropping the three of them into the underground area... Realizing in the underground area, Amicia found Hugo in a state of catatonia, where he was silent, his eyes just blank ahead, and his body was very stiff . This was caused by Maculas influence being so strong, especially after he almost gave up completely. At this point, Amicia has given up, feels better for her to stay here with Hugo, resting, but Lucas manages to convince her to go to the harbor and reach the house in the mountains. Lucas also repaired Amicias sprained right arm . Finding a way out, they found rat nests everywhere and these were all created by Basilius who lost control centuries ago. For the first time, Hugo spoke, said that this is his home and he doesnt want to leave here. Lucas knows that the one speaking is not Hugo but Macula who is inside his body. Amicia tried desperately trying to revive Hugo and angrily told Macula that they would not be able to take over her sisters body. These words made Macula angry and let out a bunch of rats, forcing Amicia and Lucas to take Hugo out of there. Successfully reaching the outer area, Hugo looked towards the fire and regained his senses. The three of them then continued their journey while avoiding the surveillance of the Provence troops who still believed Hugo to be a Child of Embers, but they believed that Hugo could become evil because he was influenced by Amicia. When Amicia, Hugo, and Lucas were near the harbour, they overheard the conversation of the Provence troops talking about how Arnaud would soon be executed by hanging. This indicates that Arnaud is still alive and because of that, Hugo urges Amicia to save him, considering that now they are already on the same side. Forced, they had to postpone the trip to the harbor to save Arnaud who was almost killed. Despite Amicias betrayal, Arnaud was still willing to cooperate with them and the four of them managed to reach the ship that Sophia had prepared at the port… The ship sailed home and it seemed that everything was going to be fine. However this peace was once again shattered when a sailing ship was rushing towards them at high speed, and after noticing it, the ship was being controlled by the Provence Army under the command of Victor. As the two ships approached, the Provence troops started throwing fire and hijacking their ships, forcing Amicia to fight back. But unfortunately in the middle of this struggle, Amicia was shot by an arrow, which made Hugo angry and tried to attack Victor with his own hands because there werent any rats in the middle of the ocean. Victor easily hit Hugo on the back of the neck, making him fall unconscious and took him away. Meanwhile, because they were overwhelmed by the Provence troops, Arnaud carried Amicias body into the sea… Stranded on the coast, Amicia was awakened by Arnaud and given medicine for his wounds. Arnaud then informed that Hugo had been brought to Marseille to be used as a weapon in an attempt to control all of France. Meanwhile Sophia and Lucas are looking for equipment that is important in the wreckage of the ship. Following the ship wreckage, Amicia and Arnaud met again with Victor who had caught Lucas and Sophia. Victor came to them after learning that Amicia wasnt dead, because he was obsessed with killing Amicia as a form of revenge for his wifes death. Having no other choice, Amicia and Arnaud faced Victor and the Provence soldiers. But in the middle of this battle, a thick smoke emerged from the city of Marseille, making Amicia realize that Hugo had completely surrendered to Macula because he thought his brother was dead. This action unites Hugo with Macula, making it a Nebula, a point of concentration for rat nests that will slowly spread and devour the world. Thick smoke reaches the coast, obscuring everyones view there. The battle then continued and here Arnaud revealed that he really hated Victor because before during the war when he was still a Knight and fought in the battle of France and England, Victor left Arnaud and his men to the enemy to save himself. Because of that, Arnaud lost most of his men and his own son. That reason is the underlying motive for the assassination attempt by Arnaud on Victor, even he joined the Brutes army to oppose the Provence Army. In the end after going through a very fierce battle, Victor managed to stab Arnaud, but Arnaud took advantage of this situation to open Victors protective helmet, giving Amicia the opportunity to shoot his catapult at Victors head, killing him instantly. Before he breathed his last, Arnaud asked Amicia to save Hugo… Amicia then untied Lucas and Sophia and rushed to the city of Marseille by horse carriage to catch up with Hugo. Upon arrival, they found the townspeople running away in fear from an endless bunch of rats . The fortress walls were destroyed easily and the ruins fell on the horse carriages, making Amicia, Lucas and Sophia fall unconscious. When they woke up, the three found themselves in the city of Marseille which had been completely destroyed... On the way to the Nebula, a wave of rats knocked the three of them down, and because Sophias leg was injured, Amicia and Lucas had to fight without her. They ran Avoiding the constant waves of rats that swarmed down the ruins, into the Nebula. Upon arriving down there, Amicia and Lucas separated, forcing Amicia to continue the journey alone in a supernatural space, a space that has nothing to do with natural laws. In that supernatural space, Amicia can hear Hugos voice saying that he wants to meet him, but they can only meet if Amicia accepts what he wants to show. These words sound quite confusing, but after thinking it over and over again, Amicia finally understood what Hugo meant. He has to stop fighting the rats and accept Hugo for who he is. That way, when he moves to a place where the rats surround him, instead of facing the rats, he has to put out the fire and accept Hugo. After doing that, Hugo appeared and started to explain that he was responsible for the destruction of the place they had visited before, the place they used to think of as home. Now his existence is a threat to the world, and even though he can live in peace, as Amicia wants, its impossible to always avoid various conflicts in life that will give rise to feelings of disappointment and anger. Living in peace wont stop the rat plague, it will only reduce it. For that, Hugo asked Amicia for help to stop himself, stop Macula… In the midst of solitude in the struggle with himself, Amicia fell to the ground, unable to do what Hugo asked her to do. However Lucas came to strengthen him, escorted him to the source of the Nebula, where Hugos body can be seen. Even though it felt hard, Amicia had to do it... One year later in June 1350, Amicia lived in a small house up in the mountains alone. He was then visited by Sophia who picked him up to track down Maculas next carrier after Hugo. Lucas didnt come because he was focused Deepening his knowledge in alchemy. Now as a protector, Amicia has a goal to guide the next Carrier and Protector so they stay on the right path, so they dont get separated like Basilius and Aelia, and so they dont end up like Hugo who gave himself completely to Macula. Before leaving, Amicia asked Sophia time to visit Hugos grave, pay respects for the last time… Game A Plague Tale Requiem ends there, but in the post credit scene, we can see a newborn baby, wrapped in a blanket, showing symptoms Macula. And if we pay close attention, there is the sound of modern medical equipment. This indicates that the cutscene that we watched after the credits ended, was set in the modern era. Does this mean there will be a third Plague Tale A series? There is no further information from Asobo Studio yet, maybe its just added as an explanation that epidemics will always exist, even into the modern era, and it did happen. But there is still one other possibility in the ending. If Amicia doesnt have the heart to kill Hugo, then Lucas will replace her. She shot Hugo with a crossbow… That way, one year later when Sophia asks about Lucas, Amicia will talk about how she still remembers clearly when Lucas killed Hugo. A little explanation for those of you who maybe still dont really understand the story of A Plague Tale. Macula is a mysterious disease that first appeared in a boy named Basilius. She has a protective figure or protector named Aelia. When the Order found out about this, they immediately set up a place of refuge for Basilius and Aelia, to learn more about Macula. Its a shame because the treatment method was a bit too torturous, The macula inside Basilius developed rapidly and reached its final threshold in 541. Frightened, the Order took Basilius away from Aelia and placed him in a secret detention facility, where Basilius hands were chained there and he was treated with very bad. Aelia, on the other hand, didnt accept the Orders decision and rebelled, causing her to be imprisoned in a fortress. However, Aelia manages to escape and breaks into the Orders detention facility to save Basilius. He killed a lot of Order troops, but ended up dying on the spot. Basilius sadness and anger was unstoppable, and because of that, he released a flock of rats, causing a deadly plague called the Justinian Plague. This plague lasted until 549. Centuries later, in 1343, Hugo De Rune was born with Maculas disease. This disease caused the second plague that started in 1346, known as the Black Death, where similar to the Plague of Justinian, a swarm of rats just appeared and killed humans. Hugo has a protective figure or Protector named Amicia who is his own sister. So, this is where the story of A Plague Tale Innocence and Requiem begins. Some parties want to take advantage of Prima Maculas power for personal gain, such as Vitalis from Inquisition and Victor from Provence. Meanwhile, the Order group wants to examine Macula further. If only at that time they had followed the instructions one member of the Order, namely Vaudin to lock Hugo in the Order headquarters, maybe Hugo would have the same fate as Basilius. But luckily Amicia managed to fight it. Even though in the end Hugo made the wrong decision by completely surrendering himself to Macula when he thought Amicia had died in the battle on the ship. This action unites him with Macula and makes him Nebula. As a result of that, the chaos that was really out of control at first is getting out of control, and the only way to stop it is to kill Hugo. The dream that Hugo had was deliberately given to him by Macula so they could learn everything that happened in the past. Water with a healing effect doesnt mean that there is a medicine to cure Macula, but maybe it is a symbol that by living in peace, the rat plague can be stopped. In 1350, Amicia knew that there would be no end to Macula, so she decided to guide the next Macula carrier to the right path, just like Aelia did. Ironically, we know that in the end, Amicia was left to die by all of her family members. Thats more or less the summary of his backstory. Such is the story of A Plague Tale Requiem. Thank you for watching this video and see you in the next video. Stay Romps! music game steam Seluruh Alur Cerita Game A Plague Tale: RequiemPetualangan Amicia dan Hugo berlanjut. Setelah meninggalkan Provinsi Guyenne yang telah digerogoti habis oleh tikus, Amicia, Hugo, Lucas, dan Beatrice pergi menuju Provinsi Provence untuk mempelajari Macula yang masih ada dalam diri Hugo. 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