Хотел хорошего сиквела, а получил... Обзор A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Steam sales dateshow to change apex name steam A PLAGUE TALE: REQUIEM Let the crazy autumn season of releases begin, when 3.4-5 interesting games can come out in one week in each of which I really want to play, which are at least worthy of touching the meat and for me personally, Black Tail requeen was in first place above all else because the first part under the heading inasos was just freaky it was short concentrated And most importantly interesting The adventure of a young mitsa and her brother hyug in the conditions of the Anglo-French war, the story told in the first part hit me right in the heart Let the development budget was obviously not very large Technical part of the visual was far from the best representatives of the animation genre in some places there were very few staged videos and cut-scenes Yes, and in general the events were intimate if it is appropriate to use this particular word, but this did not interfere at all on the contrary When 90 percent of the game is missing some -something epic and scale and development ki and you yourself focused on the heroes the main character grew and developed, you can say before your eyes brought in In general, I wildly love the first part in the sequel, the story is there in the south, the inquisition is no longer chasing our family and It would seem that you can live this life in peace However, the macula is so the disease is called the little brother’s disease, we have to try to find a cure and protect the youngest from the villains of the disease and rats, but we’ll talk about the plots of the gameplay a little later, because we want first about the good and the game meets us with beauty, everything around pleases the eye Requiem during the entire passage shows us many beautiful landscapes forest mountains desert quarries fields city landscapes everything around is very beautiful and atmospheric and the music how I love the work of the composer to the left of the Riviera which he did for both games and for the first and second the musical accompaniment is simply divine this is really the best thing in the requiem 85 percent positive of emotions that you can get from this game is precisely the atmosphere formed by the visual music and if it was some kind of exhibition of a photo gallery or something like that, then it would be quite enough to look at a beautiful picture, enjoy the music, feel the atmosphere and fill your head with thoughts known to you alone, grace but games. This is a much more complex and, what is important, an interactive art form, and to my great regret, not only improve all other aspects. First of all, of course, we are talking about the technical component. Everything is very bad. On my machine, they are collected around 30-70, even at medium low settings, sometimes there were significant drawdowns, like when Hordes of rats fill the screen. fps drops in cities for example on the market square just the same ambush began at an average of 15-20 frames per second at 30-70, in my opinion, it’s not the norm, but it’s actually worse than it seems because the fps drops and even in some cut-scenes, although I didn’t directly encounter but a lot of people write about bugs, the main character in people falls into the textures, the save, the game crashes, the reviews about it are full of steam and the critic, the technical condition is so critical. did not caress both the narrative and the gameplay fell victim to a common mistake many developers who manage to release an interesting short game try to make it cooler more pretentious but in nine out of ten such cases it turns out nothing good In short, it doesn’t work Frankly they stretch the locations stretch the plot they stretch the ditch into which then the game will fly and playtail requeen fell it is in such a very long and deep ditch. It seems that somewhere inside the studio there was approximately the following process, some development manager comes out and says so we have a game plan, but there is only one city, one epic chase with rats and even shorter. it will take the player 10 hours to complete it, it’s not the case for the sequel. Ideally, we need twice as much Well, or at least another 7-9 hours of gameplay and the developers on the galleys, having horseradish on their hands, funding three weeks before the deadline begins to simply stretch to some inadequate sizes and history and gameplay, respectively, I understand everything and the first part of the crazy story could not get confused by some super diverse gameplay chips such as an idea in the contemplation of all this, but in the requiem this is some kind of absurdity for the entire passage you will probably go forward for at least a good minute forty Or maybe even more and I don’t mean to run during stealth or there are some small dashes around the location during some plot moments, not if we take and cut out only a fragment where the player simply walks forward through a huge location in a huge empty location with practically no interactive elements, we will actually get about 40 minutes and when such moments with simple walking there are a few of them 3-4 per game. They serve as wonderful moments of calm moments when you can exhale, listen to the dialogue of the characters, feel the atmosphere, which I will perfectly remind here. the dialogue starts to become abruptly not enough you often run in absolute silence and almost all those dialogues that you hear during this run. from empty to empty we listen to pseudo pre-philosophical reasoning of the main characters, which at the same time are not lined up in some kind of logical chain, the characters do not open up and do not develop through them, often ammicia overwrites some moral teachings on her younger brother and it would Seem that everything is logical, the older sister teaches the younger one to reason Every day, but it’s not worth it forget that the story told, like any work, first of all communicates with the player with each of its options, and when, as a player, for the fourth time they explain through the screen that there are bad uncles And there are good ones, I’m not a damn thing interested in watching this, it’s absolutely not at all interesting at the same time for all that, the game constantly contradicts itself and manages to forget by the middle what was in the event series in the first third there, if without spoilers, then amicia is going through a certain emotional stage in all this terrible environment, her heart hardens, if I may say so, she is filled with determination, but then the game is absolutely on it scores further m and amicia again begins to whine and suffer as if it had not changed at all directly, the series of events also suffers fiercely when they throw me into a scene for the third time where amicia needs to run away from exactly the same waves of rats No emotions except Well, again, I don’t have any from stretch the gameplay for the eggs suffered and leveled design if usually in linear Stealth games every moment of stealth is a kind of puzzle that you solve, then for the most part its not a puzzle, but chaos, and this is bad because very often it happens thats according to the scenario in linear moments I don’t know, some kind of emotion drives you, fear for the heroes who are being pursued by some kind of Adrenaline or an experience of excitement and then hop you are thrown into some kind of gameplay zone in which it’s not clear where to go, what in general, how do you have conditional 2-3 the path between them runs NPC and you need to stop to think to take a closer look at where and how they run where they go in order to pass normally and you climbing in this is definitely not difficult, but it knocks down the Tempo completely lubricates the feeling even more knocks down the Tempo the fact that on each of these two paths there are some kind of chests some kind of loot that can be useful for pumping and you will need to pump equipment in including the capacity of Kolchin, the capacity of alchemical pouches, and in short, you want to loot everything, but the plot Tempo generally does not predispose to this even in places where there are no enemies and the main path It seems like one is always obvious, here and there there are some branches that hide a very valuable loot in your pores But if you go there you will have to dig there for a couple of minutes and naturally the mood and the pace of the scene will already be gone there is some kind of interactive thing to do, but in reality you can’t do anything there at the same time there are excellent game moments in the requiems the whole last city with a savor where events take on a specific turn the last psychedelic interactions I personally liked them very much but at the same time there is for example a scene on bigamy from in order not to spoil it lets call him a knight and in this scene the creators clearly tried to repeat the feeling of escaping from a tyrant from Resident Evil, but the problem is that here it’s just a human knight Damn it, he can’t break through walls and when you run away from him and he teleports, appearing in the most unexpected places, it all unsettles me personally, it just throws me out of the dive, there are absolutely ridiculous moments when Mitsuyu was hit on the head with a guard and she was left with a scar for the whole game, and in another place, also in the plot, she is cut three times with a sword during the cut-scene and she is generally normal and for video games as a whole it is acceptable and habitual that the injury inflicted in the gameplay is the convention with which everyone reconciled and plot-directed compared this is already something serious. What should be considered, but here the laws of the world are changing dramatically for some reason, and we must forget about these three blows with a sword to the stomach, and all these moments when the game itself violates its own rules when it contradicts some elementary logic, they completely knocked out of the immersion, I repeat or, as they say in Elvish, violate and merci, as a result, playketail requeen left me with mixed impressions, it’s quite difficult for me to abstract from the fact that I love the first part, I adore these characters And if you make mental efforts and forget the entire central part of the game, then in in general, I will be satisfied with the type of leaving the first 20 percent of the content and the final cut out the dumbest combat knockouts in which you have to fight off waves of enemies in a small arena Despite the fact that we seem to be here Stealth action interface is absolutely not designed for sharp collisions And enemies sometimes spawn directly behind your back, if you get rid of it, meet all these conditions then it will be right It’s good to go and play now if you are a direct fan of the first part and are eager to find out the ending the ending is ambiguous but not bad it’s worth touching the game if you have enough beautiful surroundings and beautiful music that flows right into your soul But if you are waiting for some kind of harmonious gameplay narrative collapse interweaving of narrative and gameplay elements elaborated dialogues a clear message and equally sane consistent character development, it seems worth taking a closer look, think twice Because in the game you will find a contradiction between narrative and gameplay type 5-6 cardboard and empty a lot of stupid running around artificial stretching of the gameplay with all the consequences And of course, pseudo-philosopher chatter that will make any person cosplay a goblin with the words juvenile morons easy steamed rice И вот мы все дождались сиквела A plague Tale. Новая игра вышла с подзаголовком Requiem, и я побежал в неё играть, что бы сделать обзор. Первая часть, которая называлась A Plague Tale Innocence, мне очень понравилась. Я ждал от сиквела не каких-то звезд с неба, а хорошего добротного продолжения прекрасной истории. ➡️ Сотрудничество - ➡️ Наш Вконтакте - ➡️ Наш дискорд - is ark steam and epic games crossplay updating steam stuck can you have two steam games open at once vincular cuenta de epic games a steam steamed steak