Crewmate To Monster in Among Us

Best cheap games steamhow to download steam games onto a flash drive AMONG US and today and among us we have an interesting one this is crewmate to monster as the crewmates we have to run around and break all of our bones as our bones break they become monstrous and of course stick around till the end we troll somebody and it gets kind of mean I first want to become a monster winds Im leaving Anatomy were at zero percent right now what we have to do is break all of our bones and become monsters check this out if I want to break my left hand right or is this my left hand crap I dont know guys if you know youre left from right hit the like button what just hit the like button hit the Subscribe button okay lets do this hit this look Im hiding oh gosh look okay my head is at half my goal is to fill out all be in my monstrous body parts right by breaking all of my stuff look so this is already out halfway there to his body to stop them from winning I become this guy and I can use different abilities right like Im invisible and I can use different abilities to hinder them from growing let me find schedules were Essentials my name is hes got hes got half of the body part done ten seconds ten wait why 180 seconds hes crawling for 180 seconds oh we can find sizzles yeah youre scheduled so Noahs parts anytime he gets up Im gonna kick him back down four sizzles okay and I can do the next thingy okay so to uh break the my left hand even more Im gonna go up here hi oh Biffle your legs you think I can fly This Plane listen Biffle I need you to trust me I am a licensed pilot okay I can fly This Plane completely safely and I can land it say watch watch me I like it we have liftoff ah oh gosh hey man you good oh gosh hey guys my my left hand is completely broken now from an airplane yeah thats how that thats how that makes sense because thats how that works I tried to catch my Landing with my hand look what is wrong with your head how are you doing youd like my head see my legs are you having fun no Im not having fun and I get new abilities whenever I uh unlock new or break new uh body parts Im Not Invisible wait whats up are you okay theres a countdown I dont think no no stop it guys hes about to get back up hes gonna you leave me alone you leave me a lot Mike you good all right let me work on my next body part there are a bunch of different stations you can see around the map Im gonna work on the next body part though hey guys look at my toes okay hey you need to trim those Nails I need a manicure and pedicure you need a pet thats what you need yeah well thats why I said four come on okay I dont I dont know how I feel about that one okay all right well uh I guess well do my right hand next yeah look heres the car like check this out hey guys look uh who wants to go for a ride oh God somebody making stuff please make it stop oh gosh all right well that broke my right hand halfway ah wheres that at okay Windows thats fine Im gonna let Zod stand up Im just gonna mess with sizzles the whole time is that are you okay just like that no I flew across the map yeah but that was fun right no but Im gonna do it again he was getting too high of level Im gonna walk by again hey so stop stop it I just want to take the car okay I want the car to hit up whats happening what is your problem that removed some of his broken bite where is lookhams he has a transformed head whats going on lets go over here Im gonna kick Im gonna kick scissors again wake me up please my legs hurt and bro you smell bad are you kidding me no were not okay another one of these were not doing this whenever they die they respawn after a little bit oh there goes before I gotta be careful they respawn but they lose some of their their broken body parts so you gotta keep that in mind I also transform uh oh I think hes back on okay let me go get hit by a car again to break my hand more like I said there are a ton of different stations well look at them all but let me do this one first Music oh gosh oh gosh you guys are looking kind of good wait my my both my hands are broken now oh no oh no did you guys just see the airplane you gotta use your chest with it all right thats gonna do your chest all right all right they are getting too strong I gotta go down here and get them hey you want me to put you inside the tube I can put in the tube look um I have a claw attack my chest my head my body boxy you must its you isnt it look em you disappeared you Im gonna suss you out I know its you look up Music oh oh that hurts laughing hurts oh gosh um all right thats gonna lower his meter let me find locums now theyre sigils okay well this will be fun not again can you leave me alone my legs havent worked in five minutes I dont appreciate you I dont appreciate what youve become what comes look Im see its your turn come give your legs up cant even do tasks I cant even like Im fully you okay no okay no I said no why what is your problem okay wheres lookups wheres lookups hes getting too far ahead um no no I gotta go I gotta go there getting too far ahead I gotta keep going whats next hey hey man its me SpongeBob its SpongeBob you guys look great hold on uh I gotta I gotta take I gotta take the next train out of here I gotta go okay guys what is happening I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go to a pineapple my leg hey look Im sorry the Imposter uh just used the sprinkler for me and people didnt help me at all why dont you just go flying by welcome you cant be saved from that you just die okay well it is beautiful how does it sigils are you okay no man Im having a miserable time let me tell you something if your legs are broken why does that not affect your leg breaking score on your thing uh probably I broke my leg from the train okay let me finish breaking my leg hi zad can you help me break my leg sure I got you let me there you go that was all me hey uh can you trim my toenails please I kind of like it the way they are can you can you turn I like it a lot oh gosh youre a weirdo arent you how is that weird all right so my leg is 100 gone now so I have nails anyway that means your head is completely gone okay exactly Im about to win SpongeBob come back oh gosh all right lets I got another ability since I broke my leg let me see Zelda has a full head I need I need to go I need to find out a lot man that really hurt Im just gonna say like Im good man I dont know do I look good man no no you really dont all right of course okay all right well thats fun so I transform as I break more bones too I look great all right let me see if I can put a box in anybody else wait were sigils theres lookhams put a box right there idiot or sizzles I gotta find them I gotta break his legs oh there he is now come on what youre like the Ghost of Christmas Past but all you do is bring me like youre charlie horses you know what Im gonna kill him no no are you kidding me is this gonna happen hes gonna die right hes gonna respawn his legs are gonna be fixed then Im going to immediately kick them oh okay thats good I have my legs back its good to be no no no Im not playing anymore Im all F4 oh gosh I love this all right so I need to break the next body part uh we got my leg and my hands Im good hey can I try that no dont do it you literally just watch what happens oh gosh oh gosh yeah so is that just a bunch of screws and bolts hey man my wheel is broken I am a broken man I cannot keep going youre not looking too good man Im about Im about to adjust what do you guys think of hey why why are you not like your head is the same your hands are work I dont understand my legs have been broken the entire round and you cant do any abilities oh of course angels look at my head though Im looking good okay my head is half broken okay so Ive unlocked the box trap I should probably use this unzod or Kate or shes really hold on yes Music see you should like stop stop eating me I worked hard for those parts my body all right so she lost some of her Parts I gotta keep going this is a race I gotta win um is my thingy beat there okay perfect let me go do the water yeah right there Garys on it already Gary Gary listen listen this is the water thingy right here this is where you die to water if you help me Ill help you okay okay perfect perfect so Im gonna hop in the tank and you press the button and then what youll hop in the tag and Ill press the button for you okay deal Im in all right press the button for me all right oh gosh get it okay Im fine hey I got a puppy out okay Gary get in Ill help you now okay my turn my turn just kidding okay let me fix my legs real quick go invisible make sure Im muted oh why what have I done to you is this Pitbull this feels like Biffle man like what is this oh my God I got another ability mommy webs oh gosh what does that do um hold on lets go up here no call for help hes gone hes hes very much gone yeah oh no no no no no Im watching all my friends die youre a monster youre literally gives you six eyes run away all right wheres scissors I gotta kick him okay so the webs stick them to the ground and if somebody frees them they die to a spider oh gosh this mod is weird all right wheres look theres sigils all right hes got 34 seconds left you know what lets go kick him be able to no are you running a timer all right I gotta break more bones uh whats next lets do my my body next yeah lets see what my body looks like I want to see what my end transformation looks like as the the monster okay I think this does body let me try it okay here we go oh gosh oh yeah all right that increased my body hi Zod hey man you good hey you dont have any broken legs youre kind of bad at this arent you and Ill work on that oh gosh oh why do you yell at me I dont know I better not like that that kind of broke your body though oh you got a you got a big star oh thats pretty cool yeah look it Im gonna stop him I gotta stop him Im gonna stop him Im gonna shoot him Im gonna shoot him with webs run put that there put that right there look at him getting chased by the spider Music all right stop them all we gotta stop them all I gotta keep going all right whats next body so I did I got punched by Garden that lore that broke my body in half now I need to fully break my body yeah right here okay this will break my body oh gosh all right here we go oh that felt great all right did I all right now I have a full star what do I look like now oh gosh all right thats kind of creepy oh I got another ability a Huggy summon whats this do oh I could choose somebody Gary okay hes rushing towards Gary Hes Got Gear oh thats right I can control I think my private blame let me know right now playing get out of here please let me go right now I dont want to be Im gonna pull this up right next to sigils I cant do anything oh God yeah I live you got your knees back oh never mind oh God Im gonna hit Huggy again oh my Gary oh sure Gary gets to die but I have to live in a ring like this I have reason to conclude that Gary is dead uh I just got ended so I dont really know what you want me to do I have no head Ill give you my legs listen take my legs okay are you kidding me oh okay whats next um left leg oh I gotta go Gotta Go Gotta Go lets untransform perfect lets go this way all right so my thingies off left leg wheres that right leg I dont know all right so we havent done this one yet is this for my leg lets see okay oh gosh hockey whats up dude uh oh no oh oh gosh I just got heated oh that broke my leg though hey jump in here its really like twins yeah jump in there its really fun you want me to yeah its really fun okay oh God are you okay where did he go he just got heated I need to hurry once I get this last thing I think I win I dont know I dont know if I win I forgot oh crap youre gonna let yourself get beat up by this little thing let me show you okay Im clutching my hand right now yeah the plane yeah can somebody help me not so easy is it not so easy is it Sunday yeah but I have some information why we gotta go find some levels I need to find schedules Hey sigils listen man uh I just got beat up by a little toy oh look oh youre about to get back up Music so I can do this now of course it was you of course I hate you I hate you so much Im never talking to you again leave me alone press the end game button whats this dude attack whats it dude mommy go get them oh look its bringing them come on guys come on in its a bunch of toys oh Look whose last sigils come on in boys hit the like button hit the Subscribe button we did it hoover steam vacuum We play a new Crewmate to Monster Game Mode in Modded Among Us☞ Subscribe & click the bell Subscribe ➡ === ϟ || Friends || ϟ === ⭑ @sigils ⭑ @helloiamkate ⭑ @Zud ⭑ @Lookumz ⭑ @BiffleWiffle ⭑ @Nicovald ⭑ @garryblox Mod by • Video Editor ► Russell • Thumbnail Maker ► Flash • Animator ► David • Discord: ​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun Video Link: Channel: Download the album! #gaming #amongus #ssundee Thanks for watching! free 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