Playing Among Us In Real Life 2!

Move games from origin to steamsteam deck rocket league AMONG US game Music there we go oh my god a murder has been discovered hi sisters james charles here and welcome back to our youtube channel judging by the title and the setup that were in im sure you guys can already guess what todays video is we are doing among us in real life part two you guys loved the first video so much and we had so much fun filming it that we had to have back on the spaceship for round two lets go ahead and introduce our crewmates one purple no dixie blue charlie green james white nye oren vinnie paint lorraine chase line noah yelling so heres how among us in real life is going to work in the beginning of each round my team will hand out cards to all 10 players eight people will get a card that says crewley and a list of tasks and two people will get imposter problems for the eight crewmates they must complete their tasks scattered all around the house to win the game the tasks are all inspired by things you have to do in the game such as fixing wires filling up water buckets doing a worthy imposter challenge completing a puzzle a ball toss a bell grub cup stacking shooting asteroids and shoveling snowballs there will also be a security station that overlooks the backyard for any crewmates who want to try to catch a kill in action the two imposters have a goal of faking tasks and slowly killing off the rest of the crew weights in order to win and of course theres a 20 second cooldown timer in between kills imposters will even be able to vent just like in the real game if any player sees a dead body they will use one of the many megaphones scattered around the map and everyone will stop what theyre doing and head to the kitchen for a meeting if there is not a dead body found but somebody still wants to call an emergency meeting they must run to the kitchen island and hit the emergency meeting button every single player must stop what theyre doing to meet in the kitchen and discuss who they think the imposter is and a majority vote will get that player kicked out of the game if the crewmates are able to complete all their tasks and vote out the imposters then they win but if the impostors are able to lie deceit and kill their way through six of the eight crewmates then they will win just like last time my chief is gonna hand out our cards so lets go ahead and get started for round number one Music we all have our cards were all gonna walk to a different area and open them up and see what we are and then get started me and the bestie i hate that im nervy hi guys once again the first time he makes me the villain okay lets check our cards Music i see dixie shes walking a little funny she got that yet im filling a bucket becca babe anyways put together one of the 12 piece puzzles that match the corresponding pictures next to it once that is complete you have finished the task oh no are you kidding me again literally three seconds into the first game does not want me to get good content yall saw im the imposter karens my first kill its gonna have to be a little nast and thats only because theres only one gay rapper on the block thats me oh oh hey oh hi hey honey hey what are you doing im just gonna go oh hi theres my baby hey charlie dont talk to me im on a mission um chase is literally right there holy okay oh somebodys dead oh james is dead you cant talk to him couldnt care less i found james on the floor and i uh rang the siren whered you find him whered you find him by the puzzle last where were you i was outside by the victory by the vent thing why were you by the bed he came to me it was trying to kill should we skip should we skip we have 30 seconds should we skip were voting oh my god i know i know everybodys against me no but we skipped it Music im scared Music okay that was a lot harder than i thought it was going to be this task is the asteroid one once one target is knocked down your task is complete Music i gotta do my test Music this ones hard excuse me charlie excuse me excuse me sorry Music yeah ill tear your acl no more renegades i went in to go to asteroids and i went to go grab the gun and miss thing over there goes into her pocket so i want to get through it i saw it my famous girl that is i know how to figure this out are you the imposter its her ten seconds i said we vote charlie i literally saw her almost end my life two votes skip two votes charlie three votes skip three votes charlie four votes skip four votes charlie so its a tie so no one gets eliminated yeah why are you all so close to each other because i trust her yeah im trying to address you next Music week lets do a double kill Music okay time to go do wires Music should we make that joking should we no come on just put down the cameras for a second theyre here to kill us theyre here to kill them actually actually wait baby i want to lay next to you and thats how you clear it and thats how you clear a okay my cups are up Applause i got my tickets for the long way around lets go to security and lets handle security why are you guys whispering because im Music i feel like im dead im alive but im dead ah let me go check if theres are you still alive what theres any dead bodies over there thats what im checking is there a dead body hello nah i trust you so dont kill me youre my baby me and my not still alive best friend can we twerk best friend best friend lets twerk Music thats for the last game boo youre a ghost i trusted you a all right you guys so larry and klein were victorious as the imposters which means that they won round number one and the crewmates lost but it is time to get started on round number two all right you guys it is time for round number two and just a quick psa mario has joined us as dixie how to leave so hes now in her position ready everybody has the cards hey guys welcome back for some reason were here for the sequel today im gonna be doing my unboxing and im going to be doing my reveal my card reveal so i want to know what i am oh im literally about to pee myself im so scared whats up baker look outside first Music i dont even have a knife charlies at the top of the stairs Music Applause i saw you i went to security yeah you saw me doing after no i this isnt im not targeting oh okay so i went up to go find the imposter and then i went to security to see if theres anything sketchy going on over there i walked back to go down the stairs and james dead so someone had to go up and kill him while i was looking at you okay i have a theory i have a theory okay so quinn and i were just doing our puzzles i didnt see her go upstairs and then all of a sudden james dies or james is somehow found dead went up there she went upstairs when i was in security and then when the bell got when the siren got rung all of a sudden i see youre coming upstairs i think it might be no one im skipping time for my favorite miss asteroids im literally gonna cry take the sweatshirts out of the bin and hang them from left to right on the rack rainbow color red oh okay we gotta find someone vulnerable and gobble someone someones coaching hi how are Music i would do me im just saying i mean would you do me how do you shoot it thats the problem that im having no me either Music im hiding in the vent i need to turn off my leg im hiding im hiding thinking you can leave without me oh my god and um they were just vibing out and then i just like no i dont want to be here so i left to go to ashes with charlie and then they were following me and they went into what is that room the wardrobe room i had on i was already suss of quinn so i followed her down saw her walk into that room look in there and then kill now i want to say this ive been running from quinn and then like i was stuck in my cubs she was looking at me like she wanted to kill me everybody came to the room and she just happened to be right next to noah would you like to explain like no yall can vote Music question you have been eliminated yeah show us the card imposter i told you she didnt even know me all right i really thought it was her at the beginning of every round im gonna hit the bell with my head that was fun hey wait what are my other tasks time to find the missing man mario scheming i need to go ring the bell i dont trust you i dont trust you charlie get us the dub charlie let us Music Music friends um what are you guys talking about so we know its her its me i like blew my cover i couldnt cover from that there was nowhere wait so what do we do now i dont know call emergency media yeah i clicked it i clicked in before she came all right you guys last round was the victory for the crewmates but now its time for round number three good luck everybody lets go one day one day all right lets see what my task Music how many am i supposed to make for this two guys two oh i just did let me meet again quinn im standing here because i dont trust a little honey and hes following me i dont have this task Music what are you guys doing Music oh okay so i went outside first with nos to do the fun little bell ringing and then the ball toss i saw a chase outside so he can vouch that we were in fact there came inside and saw mario dead on the ground in front of wires did you come in first like were you inside the house before they got here no chase came in before i died and you didnt see the body no i saw uh mario was standing right there wait i honestly can say that i saw at last well i also saw the ranking i was one vote for chase the rest of the votes were skipped you guys are done three two one im gonna im gonna try and find an ally right now hey guys hi just i can do it later you guys taste that its little honey i got my eye on that guy no i know i know all right is the timer down can we talk i think its james means what i dont think its james hes died first every round and then the one round that he you know he gets imposter and hes not just oddly weird noahs dead i will say this i was outsourcing to the asteroids first of all then i went over to merch pilots theres no way nothing gets a monster two times in a row and james may be coming upstairs after noah is dead one vote james one vote one vote skip trying to tell me how to live what are you doing yeah you know what you move that way if i get murdered by anyone i want it to be nas Music oh were you guys looking at me like that what are you doing there nas youre a little suspect nas Music somebody come get her shes Music are you dead right by the christmas tree did you come inside with chase no i came in before him and i went no did you come inside with james no i came in before him i was outside with vinnie the entire time then he can vouch for me and i came inside until until eliminated ready hey in between kills can we vote lets vote we never know what it could be yeah i dont think it is i didnt see much yall its twitching again what this is impossible all right sisters and those are all games of among us in real life all complete that was literally so much fun you guys thank you so much for joining me here today definitely a lot of different really exciting rounds so imposter victories some crewmate victories and we had so much fun as you can tell by my voice partly being gone at this point if you guys enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed playing please dont forget to give it a big thumbs up down below these videos take so much work to put together and are literally so much healthy hope that you love them if youve not already click the bigger subscribe button as well and go and join the sisterhood and finally click that bell icon so youll be notified every time i upload a brand new video if you guys follow me on my makeup journey all my social media accounts have been linked right my personal phone number as well if you want to text me for videos on photos merch and so much more its 310 905 8746 and also please make sure you check out all the amazing creators that are in this video as well this video is 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