I accidentally eliminated my best friend... (Among Us - Gameplay)

Steamer lane surflinesteam achievement AMONG US gameplay i gotta go give me five minutes tops five minutes can you hold it and well kill you first all right all right go go vote wavy gonna play a game maybe know oh dude lousy that is lousy tom tom three people dcd we gotta restart the lobby guys im gonna be honest with you guys i walked in there and i killed him and i sat in an event and just phase palms so hard i felt so bad when i realized it was weird tom no i literally do i want to go check the vod i literally sat there when i realized it was you i didnt even look i just slaughtered you and then i was like oh my god dude thats all right yeah thats all right dude i mean what are you gonna do oh dude i dont even look at the name just so you guys know cant wait to watch it here we go lets relive it thats comedy Music what do i do if i if i hurt someone what what what do you mean wait wait like step okay yeah what did i do oh no wait i saw gafari with the body um you saw me with the we have to pick one okay okay who do you think could you broom or rocket this guys working i would rather vote for you id rather id rather lose than like afari win im voting gaffari i cant have gafari safari i cant have if youre right its bullsh that means im right oh no ill never let you win i definitely saw uh i just saw khans straight body some dude he was walking right next to a deadline yeah its either hes muted didnt know how to report or he definitely killed him we cant hear you connor i cant either yeah his things like flashing about the camera i think hes muted because hes laughing yeah hes i dont care mr conrad okay yeah okay he got killed and then this guys self-reported this guy did it wait i dont want myself but i literally just watched parks just turn around from cams as kieran was walking away and just killed him two things two things number one huh number two now yeah no no kill him kill him kill him we dont have to yes you do you gotta believe me im gonna die purple im snitching im snitching im snitching on you im gonna sing like a canary im telling get him out of here oh my god oh my god who is it oh my god hes running the other way its over please dont be here please tell me that hosk is smart enough to hit this button please tell me he hits the button whoever my other teammate is needs to hit the emergency button thats all i need to do is that the emergency button we can win dude i was like oh hell no we cant do this lets go oh i literally i ran to a corner and im like please god tell me whoever it is this smart enough to hit this button oh my god oh someone report that body lets go who reported that i did i did it i reported the body its rocket it was me shadow rocket who do i vote for oh you vote for lou you vote for blue blue sad boy lou e i guess doesnt even know my name Music sorry Music yes oh lets go holy Music baby steam tamales instant pot Some of the funniest moments/stream highlights from the past week of Among Us.Code: 72hrs Watch me live at ▸ SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter ▸ Instagram ▸ Discord ▸ Twitch ▸ Editor: Tanoshi Outro: Summer - Ouse #72hrs #amongus #funnymoments best old games on steam automatic water feeder for steam boiler how to download game pass on steam deck games under 10 dollars steam platforming games on steam