My Amazing 200 IQ Among Us Gameplay

Statesboro steam academysteam deckj AMONG US gameplay there is a liar on this team and we have to find out who it is were playing among us if you dont know what the game is about let me hit you with the facts real quick we have a set of crewmates theyre out here theyre trying to do tasks flip flap flop theyre trying to just do their job but in the middle of these crewmates are two impostors who are trying to kill everyone and ruin our fun now its up to us as the crewmates to try and deduce who it is using our big stinkel wrinkle brains if impostors job to do what they do best lie cheat steal and murder their way to the top of the food chain but lets face it none of you watch among us to see whos the best player you just watch among us to see us all yell at each other and accuse each other and ruin all of our friendships and dont forget if you like this and you want to see more among us games at another time dont forget to tickle that subscribe button down there its free anyway enjoy watching me be terrible at life so we ready to play wait does everyone know how wait are we this is the part we dont Laughter okay lets see whats going on all right im being followed clearly okay just do your tasks be a good little boy i thought this was a different one i hate this one okay all right comms are back up i need to do with the rocket oh god i  __  knew what happened i think we have two killers i cant remember how many they put in that was fast wow oh wow thats crazy okay i i dont know lizzys tactics yet but im im getting a feel for this shes way good at this shes what tactics you followed me at the beginning and i was like are you just eyeing me up and then dead i was like okay i dont even remember killing you i think i just blacked out murderous  __  dave is my alibi youre not muted  __  im bad at this i dont know how to do it well i can never split people up well enough  __   __   __  somebody has to be im always worried that im not muted i can confirm ken corpse and lizzy all did the med bay scan oh wow wait wait where its down in that whats the bottom right area theres like two buildings theres two rooms through the decontamination doors yeah the place where you see the vitals i tur i fixed the lights twice and then i ran down and i found her body down there in that room yeah i dont i dont think i can vote for anyone right now personally but yeah were just gonna ignore what felix said when he was on mutator yeah okay okay okay clean clean okay lets see what happens ill turn off the lights after this oh yeah well i guess its not joel its not sure okay two people are dead okay i i suspect jack for no other reason okay thank you i i fixed things three times i went up and did the thing on the left i i definitely think its just why i hear you lying ive been doing tasks every time ken just walked by me both of us did that twice and turned off the reactor thing of the handprint and i think dave im voting felix motherfuckers trying to turn it on is it you and youre trying to turn it around yeah likely  __  story do you at least have any evidence that it was me no im just turning on you because youre really suspicious and youre turning it on me it seems like the jury agrees all right all right youll regret this get him in the rabbit imposter i wish we could see if it was so nervous im gonna keep throwing the scent with this Laughter i dont have a good poker face in front of felix poker voice he cant even see your face oh i hate being imposter i feel like im going to fall yeah i know what you mean yeah boom boom oh hey all right so crewmate why do i not knew immediately every single round stinky at the top of the map straight away yeah lizzy and dave were here and i dont know which one it was hey i i worked i was muted stinky stinky must be one of them then if hes accusing me all right jack was here no im not going to be imposter twice in a row i was on my way out and i came back to watch what dave was doing and then he walked up in a dead body wait where was it thats right its right at spawn lizzy and stinky were both at the top with the body and i walked up to them so i was in the the key uh yeah i did the key thing as well uh who do you want i was still in it when they when the alarm went on probably i think neither of them reported the body wait they could have been in the middle i didnt see it because i was doing the cave it was there yeah and you left and i had left and then you were there and i went back in with you yeah its jack i dont i dont think i dont wait dave reported it though dave yeah i reported it because neither of you two did i didnt see it i was in attack test day lets keep an eye on sean and lizzy i kind of want Music is like okay for you to get killed at that point like oh you found it youre dead i suss ken now too actually oh my god i cant do this man its giving me horrible anxiety where is it where is it where is it i came up to do the turn off the thing and he was dead next to it oh my god okay well i was with pjs lizzie and jadens hands are clear where was jayden oh was she in uh wait why are they cleaning corpse could have killed me and he didnt and it was an electrical did you say no it was up at the reactor thingy the handprint thing it was it was like right next to that the the most left i just turned off the  __  thing oh hes doing the lying thing who did the right-hand side yeah who did the one on the other side i never know what to believe it well we were going i didnt do it and then look we suspected either lizzie or sean last time yeah im skipping  __  you guys well you cant vote for yourself so you actually you can get out of have done here i knew i shouldnt have done that i i took a risk and jadens right completely amateur move i shouldnt have done that  __  all tasks are done though i kind of panic because i thought if i ran away that somebody would have been coming to that and then would have been like oh he didnt report it so it must be him ah thank god thats over because i feel  __  sick and i really tried to kill dave right at the start really tried to get him but i just missed the click because i forgot you cant just press e to kill him ah oh oh my god i found a body uh ready i dont know stop body in this  __  darkness because i ran some people two people ran ahead of me and im not sure who it was and i went to med bay i watched him scan then lizzy pj and felix all ran past lizzy when where when i was running from med bay to the lights and it was in the darling tonight no i was doing the lights and i was with jayden she wasnt in the same room but i saw her on my yeah yeah i was following you guys hes gonna  __  yourself up i dont wanna be impostor again i dont wanna ive been impostor three times total and now ive been it twice in this game im gonna follow one person okay lets all go together lets all look at it fun theyre not even close to getting the tasks done either theyre not even halfway lizzy should have this in the bag but ive made it so hard for her im sorry lizzy  __  i dont know how to do to help Music your instinct was totally right its lizzy oh my god now youre just muttering up his ego so he votes for who you want players done and my character i should not kill people bye bye get her off the ship was like an amateur move to kill at the reactor i was like i know Laughter lizzie im sorry i mean thats so hard on you also dave called us immediately saying that we were in the thing and killed someone and didnt report it and you all voted them out i was so mad the crew made baby all right i like being crewmate because i dont have to sweat and have an anxious ball in my  __  stomach okay but i also hyper focus on my tasks rather than figuring out whats going on half the oh time jesus christ i get jump scared every  __  time how big is the general like the vicinity of where you can report it like i dont know i feel like youre trying to use this you were the only other one around there oh we all just ran from the top for the fact that youre im pretty cool screw this jeez i dont know i think its in the day of all cops i dont have enough information it okay okay so i im still pretty new to this so i dont know how the doors work im scared im scared im scared im running away im downloading secret illegal files dont anybody look oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh i dont think its corpse oh oh oh oh oh oh oh run away run away run away quite fast now  __  i gotta go scan myself uh-oh uh oh am i dead im three foot six tiny uh-oh lizzie just  __  murdered the  __  out of somebody right in front of me Music how do you shut the doors im still unsure is it just imposters or can anyone do that imposters can do it and then you can open them if you go up to them okay so me and pj fix the lights at the start and lizzy left and the door closed on us as she left editors honor its lizzy have i been playing without the gameplay this whole time also i have other information um i think felix is also guilty because i saw him trying to do the asteroids because i just did the asteroids it takes ages he was at the computer i was i was felix also came to the scanner and didnt do anything and then left i was doing the lab getting samples thank you very much okay i i also agree with felix oh he doesnt tell us you agree that i should we just oh hes trying to get me hes trying to get me pj dont leave pj oh god oh god this sucks this sucks i cant do it because the lights are off  __  hes gonna get me can someone do it please Music  __  lets figure out who its not obviously its not me because i fixed the light and then unless lets go unless someone yeah guys obviously its not me either because i was also fixing lights he cant keep getting away with this i cant do this i want to help maybe i should just go do my tasks maybe ill have enough time ah pjs waiting pjs doing it do it pj  __  what are you doing please pj nope nice nice one lizzy my god i was at the button ready to push it but the lights were out and i couldnt and i was trying to dodge him so much he called me right away yeah it feels like im like why i didnt do anything he  __  knew he was really sticking up for lisa there for a second yeah and then you all were just like i dont think its felix anymore and i was slapping my chair man i thought that he drove out for him i thought he was like oh we were together the whole time for like five seconds and pj was like Laughter yeah why me again every time now  __   __   __   __   __  okay felix play the game properly jesus oh  __  i should have got him should i should i try should i is he gonna do a thing here  __  i lost sight of him got him jump in boy do it jump jump jump so we dont have to vote you off theyre going to win wheres felix i just want to get felix thats all i care about okay got dave at least all right whats happening hey im almost done with my pads are you where are you guys mines all done it wont end oh is that why it is okay i think its pj and ken are we are we close to being done okay yeah thats pretty cool lets go back into it and finish it off can we just well william has to do his task and we dont know if he can hear us oh hes deafened in the oh pj can i put in your bad vibes i did see him on cams kind of just running around yeah you were doing a lot of running around im trying to find im voting pda oh my god guys im just gonna play devils advocate because i like entertainment im voting we need content advocates i dont know i probably use that term wrong thats all right im gonna finish i just want content okay im just gonna why do you think its me jayden because you no one was dead and then when you run up everyones grouped together someone dies you ran up at the same time no i was separated so i could i knew exactly this was going to happen group kills are so smart and only you would pull it uh i i did pull it last time and it didnt work so im ive scorned forever now and ill never try it again and it wont happen and the fact that hayden is so accusatory of me makes me think its jaden but also jaina would be better both me medscan so youre definitely more suspicious than her wait was pj in the pile this time to defend myself i i had just finished my task i literally did the communications thing i uploaded data and im done my tasks are done already so i was just following people around i was with cops i dont want to vote anyone but im success of lizzie and ken i was with cops at the admin desk it is it is a big brain move to do that and she does make a good point that lizzie would pull that off im suspicious i just like killing lizzie because shes always bad i dont understand what actually happened they were all spinning up maybe its ken does it not like show like you murdering somebody it no not its something sorry she made a convincing argument i cannot believe they just got away with that wait what they theyre killing lets just finish off yes ive seen somebody do that before and i was like how the  __  does that work and then i realized theres no animation for when you do it okay i gotta do something man i gotta get this  __  ball rolling i think its sean who went to the left shawn and pj who was with you jack i was with all of you in the middle and then i went here all of you okay literally literally everybody was there i dont think i saw a course i saw jaden roomie cops and i went to the right and then we all then the thing went off i went left with pj to do the thing we walked back down together pjs dead yeah thats what im saying we walked down together and we went into the building and then i went south im at the bottom pjs body was outside of the building so pj didnt go in the building with you i didnt say he went into the building with me i said i went into the building and we went into the building i didnt get time to vote okay ken definitely can definitely she looks so suspicious why were you standing there after you killed her as well so bizarre who whos that Laughter thats the best reaction ever i love it did you just ask if you dont even think theres one more yeah what thats crazy okay and now i cant remember this match has been going on for so long i cant remember who said what and who sounded suspicious no me neither i think rubys chasing me uh-oh if i was if i was chasing you i would have killed you a long time somebody else died right or was it just yeah cops died okay then its which means its jack jack what were you doing can we just start the next round please ken my god ken if i could help you i would all i could do was say with that  __  i was trying my best to kill everyone the two most passionate people thats why the first round no one died oh its so nice when youre not imposter i dont have to like worry well i have to worry about being killed okay im getting this one out of the way first oh there was a body in advent when i went to go do the i wonder underneath that man again bottom of cafeteria yeah okay okay me and jack what is liz lizzy how many times have you guys heard the word sauce while watching people play this game ah okay  __  dont leave me dont leave me its lizzy i know for a fact its lizzy i dont but im scared of her im sorry i did it where was the body uh it was me and electrical and i was just about to say roomie was clear and then he was dead no no no wait i own i was in electrical i was huh you were having beef with him last time i was and so i thought we were finally going to make reparations and i was going to say he was electrical with me william were both there i left everyone was on the right and now william is saying that joel is dead thats enough for me william what happened in between the time that you saw that i saw okay so i was doing i was doing the the spinny electrical one we have to click it in time and then i see to the right of the screen uh under the game the blood and i knew someone died and when i exited it are we voting billy it could have been jaden that ran in and killed him i am i am i have no idea i think its lizzie and william jadens 100 clearer i mean im going to vote for william anyway but if its not william then i think we should vote jayden what do you everyone saw me do weapons yeah oh oh thats fine then then i dont think its jaden ive suspected lizzy from the beginning if i have a task i dont know if its not me and whoevers whoever did it is a genius it was me you should vote for whoever you think it is then so that we know i dont know i dont know hes just skipped if im wrong about lizzy ill feel so bad we get him fine foster oh oh  __  so now im im thinking lizzy and felix felix i saw it do stuff but i didnt see the bar go up but it also kind of weirded out after that so im not 100 sure okay this is right here okay me and jayden are going to go do this oh found the body in storage storage wheres okay all right i was in nav i was setting a course making it happen uh i think its dave and lizzy okay well ive just reported it stopping the emergency also i thought it was pewd but hes dead now so well i did too well you know you reported the first one youre reporting this one and as soon as the other ones it does look suspicious it is the second one you immediately said who was it you guys have voted so quick and you didnt even hear me out and it it was if its pj and dave im going to be so upset just related the friendships are done honestly ive been doing my tasks i honestly believe that honestly who cleared who cleared jaden me and jaden clearly and we were just we were just doing not jayden and did anyone clear the fact that you tried to accuse me so many times this is so sad jacob and i did asteroids together right at the start everyone walked by dave and pj arent cleared then youre not clear either i know im not but im dead anyway because youve all voted for me but i just thought id you know get to the bottom of it before i die that can be my legacy okay if this isnt um you then we lose so really oh yeah well that would be good in the world wouldnt it i think we got it guys dont worry that would be the worst thing oh dave its you and pjs no Music i saw dave once and i didnt see pj ever dave never talks anymore so its impossible to know whenever hes doing anything like he never thought lizzy im sorry you just sounded suspicious every time yeah yeah good game guys that was fun well there you have it everybodys dead steam player count by game Check out my amazing 200 IQ among us imposter gameplay. 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