Games like mario on steambest party steam games AMONG US quite confused big fat juicy it seems another one that has any interest in completing their tasks I cant do it wait s perhaps theyre still strong that was him the YouTuber because I want to be on YouTube yeah hes a YouTuber okay the word no one seems to notice continues to complement my ass you better record this and listen gotta record this I just decided to touch me without my consent as I observe the comments of the younger generation that they are  __  Music whats going on guys and welcome back to another video before I get into the video I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for the love you shoot on the last video its it is now my most viewed video on YouTube so thats pretty cool were almost at 100 000 subscribers where I get the YouTube play button so remember to subscribe 90 of the people watching my videos are not subscribed and it does help me so press the button thats thank you you guys wanted more so here is more its its just more yeah enjoy they request that I do lines how highly inappropriate for a child Im just like crowding around the narrator where are your parents seem to believe Im using a voice changer the secret to this voice is smirking into that kids smoking is cool no it is actually bad and can kill you mate it seems Im surrounded by a bunch of squares you said this is called a gas lining theyre trying to Gaslight me into believing that you said something that you actually didnt Im doing the monologue the same cyan was rudely interrupted although I must remain impulsion I believe that science is the impostering I was trying that entire period the same sign was hoping we would separate so he could play this game nobody was doing anything narrate the most random things such as red being totally gay whoa Music believe that Ive been commenting on red sexuality I pointed out a few times not gonna do his past because hes the narrator right it depending his son knows whats up five seconds I think Elijah though I seem to believe that I am the Imposter after having cyan claim that hes a fan he decides to throw me under the bus no wait do you want to bleed your case I would very much like to play my case its  __  cyan all right Zion is the only player that walked away in the beginning that is a reasonable assumption to make thank you oh I knew it these kids man my game was very uneventful as you can see here with some wild  __  playing incredibly annoying sounds from a soundboard paves this crewmate is too frightened to speak displaying clear sides of a coward oh my gosh I know who you are I think Ive seen you on Tick Tock and I sincerely apologize for insulting you its okay I didnt I didnt know it was a child I probably should have assumed it was a child this thought it was one of those soundboard losers oh I feel bad Music black and red decide to have a secret meeting I dont feel bad anymore during the rather impatient Lobby five players from the internet that was being a narrator I remember you how you doing mine seem to remember me from the internet yeah perhaps theyre a big fan of National Geographic and also bye so much fun what a great game hi hello Im much as Finn and might have the most awkward interaction Ive ever seen in my life green offers a compliment which is very much appreciated I like one of those people who do Nature Documentaries yellow Alliance Alliance right here odds I should accept him right now its the its the strategy in the among this game what do you literally sound like a robot he would appreciate Music Applause that one guy from YouTube Im following this plan and track their migration across the map Music were also joined by gray and orange its either hes very good at voice acting also hoping to get in on our Lions yellow watch those two when you follow me watch this too you get killed theyre gone Im scream I cant I cant find a task its difficulty wait wait come here come here Music offers me Cheez-Its after having great difficulty inserting for their tasks he is my ally has succeeded okay yall your turn buddy youre so important yeah back up get away from him no hes mine who chooses to deny the requests of green perhaps they are unaware that they are my Ally I believe you are asked to back up stay away Dude any of yall kill them youre evil stay away before you know run make a run for it come on green continues to protect me Music thank you I will have to decline what did I say no get away from me lying cold on the floor Im sorry no oh my God its yellow Im breaking character way too much he killed orange how could you do this green decides to turn on me actually my student believes please continue shut up if you guys vote yellow Im killing every single one of you all green shut the hell up youre dead Music it depends green has gone hes gone with her long time using a sound great request Music S I got you dog he claims that hes got me after threatening to vote me out the voice of fact or is that your real world this is my natural voice probably is real voice that is weird I disagree you better drop in again hey yellow yellow green requests another Alliance after he threw me under the  __  bus all right I saved him I saved you he called him and he said youre the Imposter which please the people here were sane in this Lobby they were both green is a traitor its not worth trusting what unfortunately I will be departing best of luck on your future games JJ guys starting again when were joining oh  __  oh  __  Music sucking hard Music we have a millennial everyone swiped to his channel a common sign of a millennial is not being able to shut them the crewmates make a valid point whether youre gay or straight you should still subscribe I love your voice is your job like narrating for movie trailers or something that is to offer me a compliment you make a fortune reading ebooks they seem to be fixing the crisis and track their migration across the map here we find pink what they seem to wander off all alone youre so much fun splitting off once again it appears finding allies its the best strategy of among us another crisis knitpink has no interest in resolving it or perhaps theyre incompetent Jesus Christ pink finds themselves being in such a vulnerable state theyve become an easy prey for an imposter unless youre the Imposter no ones going to kill me were met with purple once again perhaps theyre hiding something another sabotage Bible requests that I stop they Scully off to resolve the crisis we can only hope that there is another crewmate on the scene of teamwork I dont understand shine decides to establish an alibi when no one accused them it appears we have a wild shut up you cant tell the narrator to shut up shut the break up perhaps he ought to washes five miles away from the credit sign proceeds to do this Simon says another crewmate wandering the holds all alone were watched over by Pink Id say it also aroused in suspicion it is clear we can trust discriminate the request that I leave them alone perhaps they have something to hide the lights go dark Zion decides to close the doors behind me perhaps Laughter Ive been spared another round we have not seen yellow for the majority of the round perhaps this player also has something to hide I love something to hide but unfortunately it isnt the fact that Im the Imposter he claims that he does have something to hide perhaps its their sexuality they were very close to this yeah Music unfortunately I have not done that isnt writing yeah you should probably go fix your mic by the way no nothing wrong with his mic his sexy narrator boys knows whats up respect my brother once again is first on the scene its a piece weve joined one of the most tedious zombies in my entire  __  life please dont vote me I want Music shut the freak up well  __  nine was nothing Music I would never sit here and sabotage non-stop I cant believe you do that to me right excuse me claiming that this imposter is the remix it is clear that the Imposter is trying to separate us if the imposterone is listening perhaps they can slit my throat purples been on everything Im done with this world picture wait really it appears I have given this imposter so much time to kill and they have not taken advantage of the opportunity kill me do it perhaps they are a pacifist as one as an imposter normally Im hesitant of all my tasks but Im also sick of this  __  game Jesus Christ I hate speed running this  __  I have one last task causing me to go around and do every  __  task how are you so angry at the exact same time Josh can just kill me right now bro dont worry I got you they would prefer to remain in the cafeteria bro sounds like a Ye Old British British National Geographic as you can see here we found a wild Millennial oh  __  this  __  guys I figured it out hes wearing a pizza its not really Pizza its pasta for impasta imposter so yellow is the Imposter that sounds great its in need of some education Music lime is your average British guy the color red by itself by itself what a fun game Music I think he forgot to turn off his ASMR mic Music back to the Discovery Channel here we have red exactly what he sounds like though Im appears to be amused oh here we see pink they appear to be suffering from the Coronavirus absent infected crewmate is more of a threat than an imposter piano decides to be very rude this attitude will not fly on this spaceship he requested I shut the  __  up we can only wonder whether or not his parents know of his foul language I cant even hear myself think oh what the  __  is this muting boom when did they add this boost to the game oh way to ruin the whole  __  game the only good thing about Among Us VR is the proximity chat whos the host  __  you yellow it was completely paid oh but no one can  __  hear me Im just gonna kill it I just gotta keep killing in front of people find what was so much fun turning off proximity chat what losers I hate people way too much walking over each other its not your volumes I cannot hear myself Music some sort of winner to tickle someones weiner go what why is it so loud having lots of experience in tickling wieners I have no choice it depends why it is suffering from a fit of laughters wieners as white races towards my penis Music hey some reason now pink claims theyve seen a narrator on YouTube we can only wonder whether or not they liked and shared the video we can only assume that pink subscribed I subscribe this game as well just made some even laughter you guys ah what requires that Im right yeah and threatens to mute me thats what you get for threatening the music has been killed it lies cold on the floor with a lot of crewmate inside to witness this event report the body pink decides to tell me what to do I I agree imposter lines that will get them voted out wait a minute or play with that YouTuber and watch this video I think youre a legendary are we on camera this feels weird tripping out I am perhaps I have no interest in completing their tasks oh yeah I forgot sorry thanks for reminding me being in such a vulnerable state they become an easy prey for an imposter oh Im scared Im scared pepper decides to vanish help me round appears to be quite frightened were trying to bike for Red to Kill in broad daylight what a fun game that was the worst  __  game Ive ever played in my life they sound cool granny seems to blame that Im very cool yeah Music chill out one of the players request I teach them how to be cool step one take up smoking you will be very cool no no I take that back please dont please dont start smoking youll be buried right Gary these players seem to be frightened of me lime decides to lose himself in the darkness blue appears to be performing their tasks there is unaware that I am the Imposter he runs away hastily faithful for His Life Run child run please we found some very efficient crewmates completing their tasks almost immediately I dont worry about I got the narrator following me Im good lime claims that I am his protect perhaps he considers me a trustworthy Ally perhaps he should think again everybody come in the group hug Music good steam strategy games You guys asked for more.. here you go! 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