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Will steam deck go on saleis tiny tinas wonderlands on steam Apex Legends™ is the closest to experiencing wall hacks I will ever get so far I was recording a crypto video and for two games he decided to go full pacifist mode and just fly the Drone about to permanently scan the enemies it was ludicrous unfortunately I could only get two games out of him and I dont blame him it must have been terribly boring for him but for me it was great I hope you enjoyed todays video thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it and Ill see you all in five and a half seconds my friends but dont worry Ill be with you soon than you think because Ill do the little trick to get on the roof where where are you Landing oh are you lying over there yeah Ill be with you dont worry Im ignoring everyone to come to you because youre under attack Im fine no it sounds like you really need my help Music whos Reviving what am I hearing all the way over there all these two they revived on my head oh this goes off the scene are they just gone theres a couple of gunners oh hes so low one damage on damage I think it was one HP oh the guy that took the grams left I got that oh my God oh I missed it up hes a fan somewhere I am in my droneage Im gonna see it like a fly nice job thats got to be really distracting I can imagine its really annoying Im getting beamed do it again just keep doing it hey come on look you need to crack me okay oh no come on man I didnt I didnt see it was a mirage I hear him hes in front of me theres a Loper though I need to catch up should have thrown a pad for me I am on 98 here you go here you go you do bam hes hes either eating your drone hes committed to be right he gave rape fan this guy loves his eBay deep lemon loves it I dont know where he is though really hope hes not at the bottom of this yeah I mean this is really smart though look at you look at me girl Im Im insane right you are actually can you wait can you scan that in there oh I dont think so yeah Im gonna finish this game with 127 damage so good luck yeah but with a lot of assists go down here series blocking it I think everyones dead Okay reloading you know me I cant help it oh no kill them all just kill them a little slightly a little bit slower and be of assistance I shot one guy in the back and then the next guy I shot had about 12 Health its not like I did much Jody for Pat you ready for a pat oh theres only one oh God oh God oh God that cant be him its not him it might be him is phenomenal it wasnt him oh this guy so good oh I did oh my God man I was in the wrong side I dont have pad 163. what is this okay one on the roof yep on the roof hey giraffe hes trying to drop hes bottom floor now bottom floor I see him big skins but youre a genius he just lit all the way down before oh God thats a huge scan those guys the other ones just back here at the lifeline you got time okay should I heal oh no oh yeah yeah because Im not gonna help you shes walking up shes an attack yeah I can see I dont know did you get a 360. oh God Bobby Valentino that guys an OG R B artist now oh God no oh he just melted my face off youre cut youre kind of low you werent full trying to Phoenix like a fool as well was that you that done oh I jumped down to kill you someone else in here nope its just me my bad sorry about that just vibing out Im gonna evolved mini toad rage mini toad rage right side right side good luck on left side as well and in the middle one drop here ones in the middle ones the middle reloading Timmys gonna die just tell him theyre coming up here actually theyre going down low right here too theres so many people I dont know whats happening were hopping oh God you know I just shoot what are you doing are they hooked up yeah ones up top come in Im coming right here this is cheating its actually great yeah you dont even need comms no the Drone is all to come I need follow me blow me follow me I did decent damage luck thank you okay I dont have oh there we go here we go you are annoying them so bad I can tell how long till EMP no no it was Lowes I cracked one nice they didnt want to heal because that thing was just exposing them I say that thing thats so disrespectful youre driving does it like regen health I dont know I think it does if Im like if Im struggling you could put the Drone in front of me its good yeah yeah thats true I can do that Im probably tanked like 50 damage that box is too big okay instantly left poor guy probably just revived that Lifeline I might drowning like 30 seconds sale did he drop yeah oh yeah Music should get rid of the road oh on him for 13. oh hes gone oh he is gone did he have grapple yeah yeah grapple hes gone hes gone no hes not are you still chasing yeah on my way in my drone Shield charging on my shield no I wanna need some fast hes behind that little girl oh yes Im done for absolutely dad oh my God youre getting messed up man really far it seems like all the way over there is that oh my God a little patular for me I do hold on Ill try and drop you in a decent place oh man oh Im in there Im in there Im in there wait Im waiting EMP never mind I clicked it nice hes popping a bag just finished it okay this is the worst angle ever a year yeah yeah but you have War hacks and aim assist that is very true its my last bath though I have three cells do you need my help probably with these boys okay I have 12 energy and a PK run just run it Im just running him oh thats got a kick ten oh God oh my God boys can I get in my drone I recalled it you could recall it I got that angle I never want to fight that angle again yeah that was pretty rough the last time I had to fight that angle I lost my 20 Bond 5K damage game because that I was mad Im still mad as you can tell yeah you havent got over it no I mean its the only 20 bomb I would have had apart from one I had with you yes I got that oh and you had like eight kills yeah yeah yeah heck was that theyre honest can you stop doing that no she just finished just selling she had gold I threw she had a oh she just look at her health she just finished it too I cant remember if I was I dont think I cared oh Im getting bullied by a full team of 18. Im coming to you I dont know if they dropped some down here Im coming up oh my God thats embarrassing I should have had that kill thats mine kill oh I keep I keep promoting oh I do it all the time is crypto and the advantage as well thats not just me right no its not just you Ill do this Vantage as well is like making me feel like I was crazy okay Im going back to the range thats why you gotta warm up I did can I have my stuff I did all right I think I got like 20 like do you want it no Im not using moists give it me anyway s theyre below I think someones on that roof as well I dont know Im gonna pad this up there if you want or do you want to fight this team do whatever you want Im not depend on this launching Music right here he leapt off forget him oh my gosh my thermite got a kill as well all right down all of me oh a thousand beans got a team on me please do you need my help no just a moating kind of sounds like you need my help do you need my help I am getting shot at did you kill the guy with the charge rifle for the guy trying to hold off this other team I got this team youre the best one of them is reload I should have arms which Im coming though Donnie always wants that kill good job man we just split up and just farmed yeah I had I had all the faith youre gonna survive yeah thats why I ignored everything you said even when youre screaming for my help I was I was screaming that was a period of time where I was screaming oh and I ignored all of it you got more faith in me than I do oh out there oh God thats more accuracy you got the bats yeah yeah good job um are you gonna go to the gym tomorrow Im not going two days in a row do you think I am Ronnie Coleman oh yeah thats not happening I got time for that two days no Ill go every other day you literally dont know anything about muscle growth That is rude you said I was built like a traffic cone and looked like one so I dont want to hear it no I said youre the same color same thing thats different do you want to Bow check this is for you mate look it was open the cat package was open I left it that no ones gonna pick that up like the Rampage last season yeah Ive not seen One EMP I just got it it takes eight minutes to get I pinged you an ultimate accelerant back there theyre over there you never did that he just he just switched his blue to purple its a fake its a fake purple yeah yeah Im gonna throw you a pad okay hes just running hes just running well catch up to him its octane this isnt worth okay Im off team this is not good oh lets go headshotted oh thats pretty bad oh you lucky Im on 80 pink oh hes one shot these guys I I could have shot him but no I saw I saw I chose I chose the punch I thought youd be nice and that Id have had him I had a full Prowler burst loading in the internet or loading in the internet it was I sent the data the prowler fired on my end you know what I mean and it just it just didnt make it all the way to America well what Ping are you on not bad its like 85 but it was that was fine margins he was one shot oh we got the same thing yep and youre across the planet the entire ocean yep did you enjoy that pad though that was a good pad yeah that was I feel like I need pads as a cricketer thats why I chose there you go you ready you ready you see that I think its great so good okay now this works this works okay no one at you they destroyed it they did the EMP even go off hey am i counting my things still up there oh yeah I cant not punch people with this sword its its so cool did you cap say someone didnt remind you no I think I hit somebody with my drone um and get damaged oh yeah I was playing with you whoa nice foreign I might Risk Everything I dont know how did this team both get read from they definitely didnt make it they bought it played to win I am taking every kill um I have ten you have ten I have 14. I have 14 kills remember I was getting this many kills no I was kind of farmed at the start thats only split up huh yeah and everyone at the start has no bad arm and stuff you know are they in Brazil hes in here like theres a team oh that oh its like 200 meters I think from your location oh thats not good yeah foreign Lord missed everything dont know oh thats close man its a good job I did use my gun I drone saved you right there have you been like damn bad since like without without me here or something what was that Lobby have you lost like the last 300 games or something oh no no not at all Im powering through this this crypto content like no other sounds like youve been um getting messed up steam up board game canada sub to my teammate @SooXfar You can now support my channel by becoming a member! 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