APEX Legends, PRIMEIRO gameplay, esse jogo é Fortnite + COD + PUBG + Overwatch?

Does steam room burn fatmicrowave steam cauliflower Apex Legends™ the time for the outfit to give something here, the new angle, lets understand something, just say you, we already have to put the characters on now and then we can get in. right button he tells you the beautiful things lets go stopper is this calcium that aim are the paid ones thats it so lets go here where is what passes the tracker of this track you find skill late when almost all reveal briefly from me that give it a drive with the structures beast of the house becomes the best hunter Supreme otherwise I didnt like it I thought it was bad Gibraltar Scud weapon use me the sight our shield of weapons that mouths and shoots at you but here its like a tank This one has protection make a shield here attack second Suprema plays right cai-cai from your compadre Ok and this lithline this is the doctor fights animals in the bar faster than I hear it protects and has decoration it should be there we dont the one knows the builds, nobody knows anything, right The game just came out we tactic is that its case but if the button Im kind of bad to do the stops there say the steering wheel What was it man put overwatch is shift And these skills and what is the last church so its not like another batch hi its ok there see Suprema request capsules Equipment ok lets see and the low or low there o da Silva can eternal internal source search analyzer to reveal the next location of the ring ring is the gas is this is opening the static Big to get to me ok ué Grepolis Tyrolean supremacy during our website Ultimate __ huh Look at the room the works of these characters change or not you pick it up on the floor the handle on the floor okay ref I passed a voice empty you hear a voice when danger approaches there is a moment it appears its whole thats all there is someone nearby listen worth it better in the afternoon where is all empty replacement and quickly to safety the empty space avoiding they received the grace there are no people with a rapper side thats it she fixed a dimensional rift connects everywhere for very important 60 seconds I have wicker behind there it was there is a bangalore the foot zones always said Padre when there is an increase like a brief period to inter and its already full of smoke from staying the second of smoke your city that can happen from smoke when suffering Impact are Thunder if you attack get here Wagner too Im going to look Im going to play all of these lets go to this dont you dont see the caustic that Im going to see Calm, calm, youre in a hurry, youre in a hurry, calm down, speak Iva, no, see the threat indicator, showing the movements in your gas, yes, magic and gasses, put up to six months that the place to show noxo when they are targeted or activate their enemies grid stainless steel covers a large area with stainless gas and citizen thats what you have to give Ok but crazy guy Passive Mirage warning more organic things with the French hand the second I think you launch hol graphic to confuse the monkeys disappear Mirage Our US nose connection while were there I thought it was cool that the skills are simple, like theres nothing very complicated and nothing Im not stolen, not in my opinion, at least looking like this, right, there are people here oh Andthen arranging for the cell phone it was smelling there were the guys no its not I can I found grenades for us to leave the gun right in the car its close to the gas ok and Andthen its called in the crazy shotgun here its signed Hi, youre __ to see the parts of cars that I prefer she is Hi already arrived to use the other daughter no the guy is not in the land municipality of the country a and letsgo the karma of the old school gun man I have both here with the thunder can the high level just look at the helmet Blue dye matched here guys I pointed it out Im going to mark it again and there are no purple ones here Carlos A I come with purple Blue So thats And then Im backpacking too Im going to see what this here was all about is so its good, right, the student with something thats just that its totally automatic VK if you went Of course Im going to change its one it s a little better here right outside the engineer the precise form here look Andthen and I found some automatic ones here one see stay I dont know what were going to see Im with one of Im going to arrive I think automatic also mocked its not Rambo but its automatic right so I think I ll try to play with it talking a little bit 1 who doesnt know how to play liberation Someone needs to shield is not here look and the scoreboard they put ammo ammo there are two types of green ammo its on there in the way to buy electricity Its a shame later darker it was like theyre not see which one I said no already have if she was here, look, theres a purple vest here today and a truck drill shooting combatants in the head today ah ah no goat assimilate its for a long cross bouquet and Im going to go for it and we dont even get a bullet this one oh and I want to lose her usefulness isnt it one and there and there What do you like today what do you mark it around precision is just for the noise that the earth has and all Look I have the smell I took it out that Im going to change it here look and where is this not a good one and Ill bring it here to see the whole thing theres 4 cylinders Andthen Andthen G1 the coast of Paula the hat there look its the weather it gets better than this __ here so get one Andthen Im going to a bar tomorrow Clean shot my mother is yeah this here Cannula worker cars a Andthen Ah, you have to play a see and there is another Premium service close by, right, Gilberto Gil Gil Gil says the yellow one thats here, look one Im going to have lunch now, Im getting this here Andthere s another one go straight man leave the drop is the data here but Im already getting wrong what do you think is something better right I m going to put this gun here right now a holiday listens in front of him when he still when he takes me the I study and my long term is cool, you dont have it and send it to me ns 1 with face shift in some its not mine its not just a friend thats me taking a site the cinema load soul the movies that day the main ones Now yes shield without life thats it is very good There are automatic ones here oh totally automatic high precision if he has my flash there now Hi guys, he didnt hear anything and those go back there a shot oh I heard I swear to Forró tea Andthen who can stop him sit there in the Safe right man its the helmet I want to be one and look at this here this here you want to put it on the bottom contact its here My God almost lying down and and Im wrong every time I pass you see so you can be well Beauty beauty is more there I see the look from the side beauty of those guys for us the bloggers that he takes here so I dont see them anymore and its going to be a maximum of 30 below its on the right right over here I can see hes over there behind the rock Manu hid now here look and look there Ah thats right right thats it And then if you dont go there, yes, its the other one here the little thing just for the vest Applause and look now And then I saw a nice Granada here I have it here there send it too I sent it back Music ok and I already did a little backwards here just Music it was ok there, the boss is alone calmly Im out of ammo too now Im going to get the car here and youre also bringing something moving bring others there there are others bring those that were running here come with me Andthen stealing beauty its alive it still works up there in the region Im going to fell fell calm there the script Well done looks crazy here look And then its gone I dont know the result of that one there up there I took some stuff here died a I already took it almost died something so here even though I have nothing there I took this one at home __ it is Andthen and I have nothing else to send there, right and its not so with me every day Im here in Granada where which is more or less expensive where there is a return here there on this rock the mark marks mark for me to say something but he was here at home and he died cam cam cam grandma and Music oh damn Im saying everything good in peace for here look Hi how do you listen but just go back until you get there damn time o and the __ I listen to use it try to look for it there here o Andthen its one more Im calling someone there oh oh hello hello and you remember that you did everything to throw it on the floor that you cheer us up my beautiful I used it I used it only once and I have smoky also as a arrangement business arranged one And then the guy said that we arrived just looking they left this thing now leave it more calm Look there ai talk about friendship bring bring good afternoon our store not many people who will go to my shield man I use it to tear it doesnt have one anymore or theres only one now but its taking care of it and because theres this thing there its stealing their business man man see a business here look here man hit the phone you use purple then you see the time to come home come here its going to be so boring its bad its not possible but Im leaving here you can live its where the governor is too Im going there too wait for them to come over here The letter with the balloons distance that we dont even have a condition, right Where did this one come here anyway Do you remember we have to until he calls effect promotions for us recording this other guy here he is there Im leaving man come here come here second its ok I m only 21 I want it too This command is always a lesson man Im always like zeradinho go Now that I saw that I have the maximum shield here now I took his weapon I dont know what thats old says that hefty leave but those arent for her bye bye that But I had a pattern I dont know what that correct complete I ll think yellow channel Golden interesting lets see were a Safe there and the coffee now wants a big one friend of our lady you fell no Lisbon and and play for me so I can release another guy there Ah so you see my brother but its not working hes trying to play just useful just come back come back we also look here behind one worried about the guy who was crying we work around here man Im going to stop that I have the __ the holes for them for the love of God man we can say tearing it here over here oh so I can use it again too lets go this way lets tear against the clock sliding here man i I think Im going to the front here, right, gave the __ __ house youre at home its the girl one more here look and also there Im calling who you bring to me and I already know there I can talk calm calm calm knock more 11 For sure here, there are still two, oh my God, there is no lesson, there are only 24, there are two, it takes a lot on your body, calm, calm, calm, losing your shirt there in auntie, I found it like a mission bed program, you just have to cut it. called I already had one more here with us down here I dont have one more here very close to us Applause I do nt think there is if there is a shield calm there you saw my body and recover my waiting heart then Im using 20 seconds Music But its just us one more kiss and the number of the year is old Damn I m here the Macbook just go just go just go just go right human And then each one gas pa okay go go go go let him live he went there and Talk man Hi its Vitória brother Damn here cold was respected Its crazy even the automatic cause is very good the first time the first Victor I liked it a lot there were five right here oh oh what games can i play on the steam deck ACESSE KABUM! 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