The Frustrating Truth About Apex Legends Matchmaking Revealed

Steam custom game coversretro games steam Apex Legends™ game ive spent hours delving into every comment and every interview ever made about matchmaking in apex legends and ive found some interesting things that reveal the frustrating truth you want every player to have the perfect rollercoaster Music in this video ill explain the inner workings of apex legends matchmaking and also showcase something ive found myself that may completely change the way your matchmaking experience is the craziest thing to me is 82 percent of apex legends players are not happy with the apex legends unranked matchmaking system but at that very same time this is what one developer had to say about the purpose of apexs matchmaking system youre not really trying to rank people youre just trying to find them good matches yeah youre trying to produce fun if this is response goal then how can people dislike it so much what is causing there to be such frustration towards it has respawn failed in creating a good matchmaking system or is there something more to it i think the best place to start is by dispelling rumors a surprising number of people believe apex legends uses an ea patented matchmaking system called engagement optimized matchmaking or eom for short this is not the case the respawn team actually developed their own matchmaking systems themselves and they do not use any other tools or matchmaking platforms its not a black box we do it literally we call it yeah but you get the data and then you iterate dont you yeah this means that we dont really know how the matchmaking system works exactly because its not using any published system or using a rating system like glico or elo because of this to get a deeper understanding of how spmm actually works and why its so frustrating we need to understand the goals of the developers and their matchmaking system heres more clarification from an interesting comment by drew mccoy and his thoughts on developing a matchmaking system for his new studio hes an ex-respawn developer who worked on apex legends because winning all the time is actually a predictor of churn and it it its its pretty wild like you know you look at the graph of like how many of their last 10 games they win it kind of like and how long do they retain after that it keeps going up and up and up until they get to the win every time and then they drop off because like theres nothing here for me anymore im god here this clip isnt about epic specifically but it provides some good context drew is explaining that if a game is too easy for example you win every game there is just as much of a risk the player will leave and never touch the game again as a player that loses all of their games the exact same thing was shared by sammy duke about apex during a french speaking interview i dont speak french so i cannot confirm every detail here but with rough translation the overall sentiment is that respawn are trying to find the perfect balance for a game session to be not too easy and not too challenging so that players stay for as long as possible and more importantly come back again in the future the reason for this is retention so really when it comes down to it the goal of sbmm is to improve player attention in that sense or as far as the data is concerned player attention equals fun they do not want their players quitting and the matchmaking system is attempting to find the perfect balance between making your games too hard and making them too easy the overall goal for a dev working on matchmaking in apex or pretty much any game these days is to keep players coming back churn rate is a term used a lot by devs this is the percentage of players that may leave your game over time by improving matchmaking systems the charm rate can potentially go lower than the percentage of new players come in thats a healthy growing game apex is consistently growing so we can say that despite that being so frustrating for us they must be doing something right because with a bad matchmaking system the percentage of players leaving will be higher than the number of new players coming in and that is what will cause the death of a game so we now understand the goals of the apex developers they want to create a matchmaking system that encourages you to keep coming back and playing more in their eyes they see that as a successful system if a player keeps coming back it must mean that its something that they enjoy perhaps they may have created a system that really does get people coming back as much as humanly possible but does that mean were always having fun why do so many people have such distaste for the system why does everybody complain about the matchmaking system being unfair i think this is where apex sbmm takes a bit of an interesting turn before i explain why lets just wrap up how apex matchmaking works with a bit more information that ive yet to explain the one piece thats important to all this is that apex legends has a very volatile skill-based matchmaking system the system is heavily rated on how you are recently performing so sbmm is something a bit more relaxed uh and trying to assess uh your skill but on a short period of time mostly like its something a bit volatile so its not going to stay its not going to say you are this level and youre not youre not really trying to rank people youre just trying to find them good matches yeah youre trying to produce fun yeah thats it and particularly for for public matches like youre trying to and if they are having a bad day they will fast they will go in matches that match the mood of the day basically so what the matchmaking system does as soon as you turn on your pc or console and start a new gameplay session is its gauging your current skill in that very moment im guessing it will use your overall skill as somewhat of a beginning stepping stone to start from and then quickly make assessments on your current skill in that very moment and as soon as it figures that out it throws you into the loop youll start getting a mixture of difficulty based on what the system determines your current recent skill is so whether you get on which youre incredibly drunk or when youre playing with laser beam performance the experience youll get will mostly be the same youre going to get some games being super difficult and sweaty and some being easier the game is trying to give you that challenging experience that the algorithm thinks is best for your attention no matter how youre playing in that very moment your matchmaking experience will be like a roller coaster you want every player to have the perfect roller coaster like oh that was a really challenging match and now you get a little downhill and its going to be a little bit easier and then like oh youve been getting you know really bad teammates lets throw you some better teammates thats an impossible task when for every player but thats the mindset of like you want you can kind of experience it for a few matches yeah its impossible when you solve it for a single match but you can kind of correct it over time yeah weve done like titanfall one this comment is not about apex but about what drew believes to be the most optimal matchmaking system its not some evil system either its at the end of the day something that is trying to make the best of what information that developers have about player attention and player engagement and ultimately its kind of true if you be honest to yourself and ask what kind of gameplay experience youd like in apex youd probably agree with me when i say that i dont want to just mindlessly roll through lobbies all day but i dont want to constantly get rolled all day by mega sweats either i want a challenge but i at least want to hope for a win thats what these matchmaking algorithms are trying to achieve but heres the problem whats the stats and data may show their players are coming back more and more these algorithms do not take any kind of human behavior or emotion into context i think thats where we need to take a deeper look at the emotion behind the matchmaking its something data and algorithms just wont understand its pretty common knowledge at this point that we remember the hardest more difficult moments in our life easily but the moments that arent so stressful or tense arent so memorable i truly believe that everybody who posts online complaining about their horrid matchmaking experiences simply forget the easy moments theyve had chances are they have killed a player who at the time had a lower skill rating than them and they killed them very easily without any difficulty thats another thing too because apex uses a system that very heavily weighs recent performance it doesnt really matter if the enemies you kill have pred badges level 10 badges or anything else stats and badges may give you a rough idea of that players overall skill but that doesnt mean that they are that skill level at that very moment in time nobody is that consistent all the time but either way because apex constantly throws us in between games that are higher skill than us to give us a challenge and then lower skill than us to give us a chance at actually getting that win that we feel we deserve instead of just giving us a similar skilled experience it can feel very frustrating at times another problem is that the devs do get it wrong they are not perfect if they were theyd never have to constantly adjust the matchmaking system it could be that some seasons they make things a little too challenging in an attempt to test that maybe that might improve player attention but it just ends up making things even more frustrating for everybody it almost feels like in a way we are victim to the matchmaking system as it tries to throw us around and give us an experience it predicts we will enjoy the most but that just means the more you understand the system the more frustrating it becomes so what can we do to stop the game being so frustrating well this is where it starts to get kind of weird and its where were missing a big puzzle piece i just want to state that i do not have any evidence of this yet or any information from the devs only findings from my own experience but i do suggest you all to try this as well with respawn having such good resources for managing data and with their sole purpose for matchmaking optimization to improve player attention i think its not such a crazy thought to wonder if they consider player attention on a case-by-case basis perhaps one player has better attention if their games are super sweaty almost all the time whilst another has challenging games less frequently i do not have evidence of this and cannot find any such evidence of this so i have nothing to back it up but i noticed something with my own gameplay because i play this game for a living i found my experience to be very different to the average player for months i would play the game for hours upon hours and never win i would die constantly for hours until finally getting a decent game but that game the lobby was clearly far lower skill than me its almost as if the algorithm started to think that the way i enjoyed the game was to play for 12 hours and then have an easy game after 12 hours of suffering its not the truth i just didnt have any other choice but to keep playing to make a video but the game didnt know that i was still playing for all those hours upon hours so it assumed that my increased retention and continued ambition to play in the sweatiest lobbies of my life was what i considered fun but i managed to fix this like i keep saying i have no evidence of this being true but recently i stopped playing so much because it was becoming so tiring and time consuming to get footage that it was literally affecting the rest of my life the solution i found was just to stop playing so much i only played during my streams now for three hours per day five days per week and if things become too challenging i just end my stream early and take a break and within a very short time span im already getting a much easier matchmaking experience once again its like the game has quickly learned that i prefer to play for three hours and well just quit if it gets too challenging i do not know if this is even a thing but if you find the game too frustrating i would say as soon as you have a difficult time or start to feel physically frustrated with the game dont keep playing on just quit and come back tomorrow you may find the matchmaking experience changes to be just a little easier for you i really want to know that if you try this whether your matchmaking experience changes at all it really is the last piece of the puzzle and we cannot solve it because we have no information about it maybe its just a silly theory that holds no truth but if you do try it out yourself come back in a week and leave a comment below and let me know how it goes cheerio steam vac ban The Frustrating Truth About Apex 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