500 hours in Apex Legends | Game Review by FPS Veteran (23 years in Quake)

Skyrim steam deck modschinese steamed buns near me Apex Legends™ game when i first jumped into apex legends it looked like a giant super complicated mess that didnt get the most important thing right for me it just wasnt fun ive come from quake which is simple and to the point its so clean and pure in our place if you ever really want to test your aim i think quake is where you do it its essentially a multiplayer aim trainer but thats the thing the only time im playing quake is to test my aim its fun but ive been doing it so long it is kinda boring but im playing apex legends because as a game its now really fun i actually love it now that ive learned how to play it i like games that are fast and have good battles not a fan of stopping movement to aim better like in valor and or cs go i dont want to stop moving i also like strategy to see if i can out-think opponents i write novels so im big on fantasy love imagination so the world environment is important too i need to like being there and also make music so i have a passion for interesting sounds and the world building that comes with sonic layering theres more to it but thats the basics of it and apex is getting all these rough for me so in this review ill go over all those points and quickly explain each starting with the movement one thing i dont like in games is where you just have to walk as in you just hold forward and steer it is super boring in quake theres stroke jumping and rocker jumping so even while youre running places theres still a challenge to be able to go faster in apex there is so much to the movement and its very unforgiving to the point the fault is in the game i will say this about any game that rewards players for binding the mouse wheel to jump in quake to keep your momentum you can just time your jumps its easy no mouse wheel needed in apex it really helps for bunny hopping and doing extra tricks so thats not good but that said the tricks are pretty cool theres wall running and wall jumps and flicking yourself up using a zip they took out punch boosting which i think is insane it was a great little extra technique we could use maybe they took it out for the console players but id argue it doesnt give you that much of an advantage if any really its just a little something extra to make it a bit more fun so apex creators please put this back in i will say the apex movement doesnt feel as nice as quake and i feel like im doing more work for less reward but things like the grapple of pathfinder really hit home how good it can be soderated 8 out of 10 on movement could be more fluid and not require mouse will id say quake is 9 out of 10 maybe its a little too fluid and could have some more interesting techniques and now the combat its almost turn-based started by whoever sees who first your movement is slow to begin with so you have to choose your positioning very carefully you really dont want to get caught out in the open you also have to reload so even if you switch weapons if you dont down someone in time you wont be shooting back for a while but the same applies to them that also means you only have to do a little extra tricky movement to make them waste their clip so you get the upper hand so a fight could go like this step out shoot first fight step back reload fight again or step out use some movement technique shoot second more movement reload then shoot again or just step out shoot first switch weapon shoot again then reload both guns you have to choose which is best for which situation and your skill level and you might have to recharge your health or shields so it becomes like a bit of a dance at first i was panicking because theres so much going on but once you learn to establish a position with cover and which fights to take without getting hit from behind the combat remains complex and difficult but challenges are more rewarding so while hard at the start the battles do become awesome as you get better its also very satisfying when you start hitting most of your shots so id rate the combat 9 out of 10. theres not much more you can do to improve it its very solid id actually rate it higher than quake which as said is a multiplayer aim trainer its pretty straightforward but is so good of what it does id still give it 8 out of 10 plus you get multiple weapons in this you can only carry two in quake you can carry all of them which means you can switch to whatever weapon suits the situation which brings us to weapons first getting into the game again in quake theres one of each and you can see what it does in this i had to shoot the gun to know what it would do some act like a sniper rifle you click once and it shoots then you click again others you need to click repeatedly and then in others you have to hold down the click theres bullet drop and travel time too along with recoil this makes it extremely challenging for new players to get into because they essentially have to learn all of this before being able to play combined with the advanced movement and combat system and id say this game is extremely daunting for new players that said now that im familiar with the weapons and their uses its actually really well balanced and you can choose the way you want to play mid-range and up close with rifle and shotgun or replace the shotgun for a sniper rifle or marksman so you have that long range small clip weapons for fast downloads in short battles or if you think theyre going to miss use a large clip weapon such slow unloads and youll usually come out on top plus you have grenades and extra abilities on some legends so the weaponry is complex but really well done id give it 9 out of 10. it is actually worth the time learning but how about weapons verse movement another thing i like to bring up with quake is the offense versus defense or in gaming terms aiming versus dodging vanilla quake has a great balance where you shoot is where you hit so the dodging has to be fast to counter that otherwise its too easy to hit heres the normal dodging speed and now heres what it would look like if they moved at something more like the apex speed so youd think aiming in apex is easy right because its slower actually no because of the recoil and clip sizes and for many weapons you have to aim down sights to be more accurate which slows you down further so to get more accuracy you have to slow down further which makes you an easier target again it is really like a dance theres a lot of decision making in a small space of time but i think they are well balanced because having to learn all the recoil patterns and deal with the reloads clip sizes and everything like that i think if the movement was any faster it probably would be too hard to hit so the defensive side would be overpowered but i think its in a really good place id actually give this 10 out of 10. i dont think they could do it better obviously they could do it differently but this rating just says that its perfectly balanced for what it is so the gameplay is really well done there are some moments that frustrate me and just a lot of lessons to learn like not jumping off the map thinking theres going to be a platform below you all the weapons not coming out when you want them after climbing onto something but nothing is perfect and it is great for what it is lets move on to world building and imagination i think the environments are really nice my favorite is the tropical setting i love just running around on this map but this one is pretty cool too and so is this one theyve got some great lore and fun little extras i wont spend too much time explaining this its just what you like or dont like but i really like it so id give it 9 out of 10. theres not much id change now the sound design speaking to my love of sound the sound designers behind this game have done really well its a great mix really into the sci-fi type sounds like this ultimate the sound of the jet packs launching is amazing all getting launched in the gravity cannons and this one too the weapon fire can be really satisfying to hear as well and then you have the world sounds there is so much to love it really adds to the experience too extremely satisfying to hear and its such a vibe just being in the game id give it 10 out of 10 love the sounds just to nod to an extra feature as many people have pointed out the ping system in this game is extremely well done you barely even need comms you can tell your teammates a lot just by using the pings if you like playing silent dont have a mic or just dont want to talk to people you can still act as a squad Music i want to give this 9.5 out of 10 because sometimes its a bit weird but really its 10 out of 10 its really well done im not thanking you as for the character personalities some of them are actually pretty funny its good to hear the voice lines in the background and they can actually be helpful too so lets talk about the general gameplay covered a lot of gameplay elements but just speaking in general the config is probably overly complicated like there are too many binds needed they do pretty well to cover it but yeah too many and thats from a quake player that had 10 weapons bound to keys along with movement also if you just drop with randoms the game is less fun it takes time to build chemistry so people practicing with their squads have the advantage expect to die a lot and dont think about winning the game as the fun of it because chances are you wont win when first starting youll need to be carried that said i have won seven in a row with friends and honestly some of the games were kind of boring but we couldnt find anyone until the end and just killed one person the fun is in the battle so hot drop try to find a weapon and do some damage which brings me to the point on battle royales i honestly couldnt stand this type of game before it was too random but now ive learned how to play them you can actually choose how hot you want to play if youre okay with the chaos and randomness then drop in with everyone else these players learn where the hot drop spots are and go to them so you arent forced into that playstyle you do get to choose so yes battle royales can be random but get good enough and they are a lot less random you just gotta know where to go when and why or if you just want to test your battle skills you can play the arenas they go in rounds similar to clan arena and quake which is what i play weirdly though i actually find i have more fun in battle royale theres a lot to learn a lot to remember and sometimes your game ends because of one little thing you had to learn and you really start to feel like you can flex your training and show your skills and that brings us to the conclusion apex legends has a complex set of rules that actually push us to improve if you can learn to play apex at a high level youll probably find other things in life feel a bit easier thats just the nature of challenging yourself the harder you train the easier things get apex can help improve coordination shorten long-term memory awareness tactical thinking and even to remain calm under pressure with just enough randomness to keep you on edge and force you to think outside the box with a longer battle time the fights can get really interesting with a wide range of firepower that encourage its creativity and mechanical skill i wouldnt say this game is for casuals and a lot of people in it already are actually really good so if you want to challenge this could be it the art and sound design are amazing to help keep you immersed in the world and if you can coordinate with friends its a lot of fun once you figure out how to work together as a quake player i never liked battle royale but this one i actually do i could have made this review a lot more in depth because theres so much to talk about in this game but as an overall opinion on it i think this is one of the most complete games ever made highly recommended for those looking for a challenge nothing is perfect and this has its issues but overall i absolutely love playing and its easy to get addicted because playing apex is more fun than many other things in life so a warning you will need to have strong willpower and keep your life balanced if you do get into this its free to play and its not pay to win but you can buy cosmetics so apex legends amazing game my only regret is not getting into it sooner i just started though and im already feeling great in it and that means i had to learn the game while many other people had two or three years experience already it was definitely hard but id also say its worth it really really fun if youre new here this channel has been mostly dedicated to gaming mice and which ones help unlock our aim potential so yes mouse matters a lot definitely check out some reviews and watch my video on how to choose a gaming mouse then use my website with your hand dimensions and see which ones are right for you its all free no sign up or 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Ive put in over 500 hours since December 2021 to April 2022 (5 months) and now feel like I have my head around it pretty well. But with a game this complex, theres still so much more to learn, which is great, definitely keeping me interested.I tried to keep the review brief and I used some ratings for each part but I dont think giving games a score really reflects whether theyre worth playing or not. So the sections get scores, but the overall game doesnt. That said, I love it, its an awesome game, highly recommend it to those interested. I can see myself maining this for a long time. Made a Beginners Tips video too for Fundamental Habits in Apex: This is not a paid review, no contact with EA or anyone over this, just thought itd be cool to review it ... plus it gave me an excuse to play more. 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