Can steam deck play 3ds gamesdbfz steam charts Apex Legends™ gameplay Hello friends and welcome to this video today You are going to see some apex games with very nice people in the first place Thank you very much to ea for sponsoring this video Thank you very much as you know we are in season number 13 with a new character newcastle This is the brother of another character that already existed called bangalore was supposed to have passed away and suddenly pum appears you have a very nice video of the presentation of this new character here in the description and you can also see the abilities that he has all have to do with his shield and different ways to protect your teammates and it has an ult that is spectacular Well, to test the new character we have divided into two groups of three people I obviously am very smart I have gone with Win and with a machine so that they can pull cart the truth because they are very good and I am a little, you know a little we will play in threes and the idea is that for each Kill well we have 10 points we will also add points for positioning, that is, if we want first 100 points and we are second 75 if we are third 50 and so on Well, Ill leave you with the games so you can see who won, youre going to notice me very quiet Nothing is wrong with me Im just very concentrated because its a game that I dont know very well either and Im there well concentrated so dont worry if you notice me quiet and not as usual Im yelling Well, you know that its just concentration Im very good thanks A kiss where are we going machine where are we going then lets go To the houses on the left, okay up close, it would be nice if you asked for a shotgun if you can, of course, the Eva You can also catch it for the moment Im catching everything you see Ok well, Auron Get on the zip line on this one there and Ill teach you how to craft and well we crafted possibly one of the best weapons in the game Lets go look at this the materials pum and now on the top right you get like a little blue icon How many points do you have at 40 Okay, well you can come here now and this is how the crafting device has like 33 faces and here I recommend you look for The carbine which is 3001 I can give you my machine points no they are not transferable Well, look for Peñíscola Lets go because you want to throw it away and throw things here in the middle Because there is a little rock around here there are people here I mark it even killing a white dog a white one one with me has died dead beware of the dogs eh the dogs start at one of life You attack other enemies watch out its valid Ah its not a dog a joke its that here its like Jurassic Park that you get in here and there are a lot of nests Okay then lets go where you are okay Yes they come up there and up up perfect Im killing a dead lady around here with you hosts Im going back a bit I you have a passive wing that you revive me with a frontal shield Ah ok ok Im going to try and h try to catch me back you can move There there there ok ok ok ok ok ok ok up on the mountains there are people also another part the other good part approaching me this has to come look from up there behind to protect an Ally when I there is an ally you can throw the hosts Ive gone to take up the ass use Now youre going to fall close to one A greeting back ok ok ok ok ok Laughter shield here and lets go now ok Ill leave you if you have well if not You have a phoenix too I have three batteries here you have bullets accessories I dont know what Big Bang little things Im going back a little bit back a little I eh look behind back back back back back back Ill throw you humor bring me back lets go forward we have to go forward lets go ahead great my mother my mother Where do we have a machine there in the docks okay okay auron with that character Ill explain a little what you have po rfa your ability is first is that you put a frontal shield ok And if you keep hitting the q to the ground you can redirect it That is, you can basically move it when there is a Fight so you put it in front of you throw it now so you can see it Because as there is clear And the last one is that the shield moves, yes, its like its a little piece that can be moved, directing, okay, and the last one is that you jump in the air and when you fall, you mount like a fortress, okay, what Ive done to you before now, especially to revive someone not a partner can come in handy when a partner Exactly has to go forward there are people there also get in here if you want eh we get exactly snipers I think Okay then crater here The carbine if you want and Ill craft this But they know it at a certain distance shooting up there We have one right above Throw a battery we go up at the same time Im going up I look look great death its true Im up here so you see how it revives it is e character from the beginning and you can move eh When Rivas we get dangerously close to farms here you can also have a good fight Look they are sticking there we are going to go up here better Look up and see up up Music good good friends How are we going we have deaths eh I dont want to hesitate either And such But How many about 67 that I think more or less a team comes a teacher who goes Lets see where we go here fantastic epicenter its not bad at all because it does a lot of damage Life but if its not very very mediocre good mozambique is a classic weapon here Music everyone knows what it is how it is as bad as mozambique Well then lets go to the area Okay We are getting dangerously close to the city again pay attention lets see now there are seven quads left someone has to be here Be careful people here up here we can go up okay look at my protection reinforcing the ebo shield the second one was recharging better there the last one doesnt seem to be n two minimums eh has the best position because they have just fallen here almost cracked 141 he is going the area has to move Eh ok lets go to the area we if you want ok 70 they go to the right I think they are going here I see people there This doesnt take away much life either. Theyre tanking very little where they are. They were to the left. I think theyll come here from this side. Okay, come back a little bit. Lets go to the machine. Now well call that rock and a grenade fragmentation grenade from behind. On the other hand I think the rock ndo we are going to have to focus we are going to have to focus them behind for sure We will have to focus on those from behind behind I dont even know who has given me the truth Im going to try to revive you I try to cover them so they dont push this morrareadísimos okay lets go a little further back I think there are people who want to fly they shoot us with arrows two Perris inside hit each other great death one has left it says portal has legendary we will have to go here busted one with me is here inside Okay well we have only this one left So its here its going to the machine Well guys legendary we have put ourselves to the top Eh Yes I am recovering there are three parts left we are going to advance a I see it a little ahead blue shield an almost cracked museum with me okay cracked again its very touched yes no were not going to see what theyre doing theyre up there if you lean out a little bit through the window youre going to see one Forget here one in the window in the window, mortgaged from behind, those are controlled there, so they have to stay from here, not the one with the train tracks to the back and others, yes, the key is that they are too far away to hit us almost every time we the two remaining parts And so we are going to have to wait quietly in here to see if we secure the wing Ok The circle suits us quite well We have here in front Look at you, we still have the shield, the shield, yes, I have another ultilla to insert another one. Be careful with the key, it has to be over there. I guess this was there before. Look, I see it. Puma, here are others left. auron take care because if the grave hits you right now youll kill yourself How nice Well then advance a little one without plates without a shield there is already a part left only with you up one more last strategy strategy in two hours if it helps you mine like this a stray bullet he had one life left To the poor very much Music game engines on steam 👉🏼Descarga APEX LEGENDS: #ApexLegendsPartner Aquí tenéis el vídeo del nuevo personaje (Newcastle) ➡️ steam deck updates storage steam deck cpu equivalent steam deck gets hot walmart clothing steamer how to move games on steam