WORLD CHAMPION TSM ImperialHal Showing How to Play AS Catalyst Apex Legends Gameplay Season 16

Steam games with vr supportgames de graça na steam Apex Legends™ gameplay time for experimentation evaluation and do not hide your true colors hi boys Combs Music by the way give me jump if not swear about yourself right that is like oh they seem to be I think theyre coming with us above us unless theyre going launch site I cant really tell I think thats so on site okay Im pretty sure thats on site I cant really tell to be honest yeah yeah I never go to my spot yeah I got dropped like so low or so early beginning countdown Applause I dont think so I found the next train foreign extended Light magazine here R9 Rampage car Flatline numbers Music um pick that up Ill fix out here dropping an R9 One Foot In Front of the other I dont know I mean how do you want to do your Harvester yeah Im 639 Im 12-3 12-1 I get anothers looks like we were a bit slow there yeah I feel like I feel like I wasnt loading correctly so baby tell me after foreign why is it like not highlighted or whatever on the map like its like a great idea nobody on scan let me drop me a bat Eric Shield battery here  __  I think on scan Im gonna hit it Music this room is open so lets go take the  __  balloon Were Not Gonna we dont have alcohol though and then we can still get it maybe what is it like we might as well get it yeah I dont know who would take it fighting in landslide so many teams fissure if its taking the T the room on the east side might be open well see theres a team under that game yeah I know but they have to go all the way around to get to that room they have to run into us theyre like dont  __  with the landslide theyre just like shooting each other Yep theyre hard theyre just like contesting each other on height theres nades going off at the silos I think  __  is going on over there a lot of classic Maggie yeah I was waiting for you I hear somebody in there right now yeah I have people on scan do I have to be like one for that weapon that was too Castle its a Newcastle its caustic New Castle team I want to poor Barnes over here yeah turn it back around look theyre Rising detailing on that I think yeah now that guys flush um they fell apart yes I dont I dont know what to do without Valk we never talked about playing yeah we can yeah we can actually do that but they have a caustic though thats the thing well weve got those fuse I mean nobodys close right now nobodys close Okay ones close hes in the window like lets try the cat one see if we can just fight the material and Horizon Hall they have a Newcastle though so I like to sum it up all the way there yes yes its gonna be a  __  though because I dont think its gonna reach yeah wait we just walk up I think for now were close to me use my wall its worse at all what oh wow I got inside I got inside the outside it doesnt matter whos coming man theres one in right Im gonna kick it one shot right now another door its fine its a try for us its a trap for us Im in a full heal Im full healing yeah Im almost looking Im looking Im looking I got you guys Im gonna woo and then one of you guys can do it after Im done just keep looking around definitely cant grade the wall there next time its like no reason my wall I dont think would have reached the corner like if we could climb up we just got shot like on the cross I have to kind of do it lock is that window thats all off the block right yeah but then the window will just like this guy right here can just shoot us right here look at me you just shoot us when we run around the corner here maybe we can destroy that guy yeah but if all three are there looking at that like they always kill us when we climb up fall through there let me go the window they would have traps on the window I dont know I think one guy could hold us out there in a lot but Im gonna lose again its a team over here I came over here as well the team in every place in contact all the buildings do we have not on the bodies I dont think I dont have any my cues on the big doors are kind of like useless I feel like okay they had no heavy huh I dont have any Im not running heavy are you ready I might swap the Scout instead of Rampage stand near me no stay near me I have a truck it went for the truck here okay Im gonna use all my heavy then swap to double weight so next time Evan like you knew they wait to Costco you dont like Let One concert push stopping you from  __  like going through a big door like that you always run in heaven Im always going to be covering over you I will always be looking over you its running thats how thats our Dynamic Im always looking over you youre not just gonna die yeah youre just my cutie over the gas you know you just have to walk in well I look for you you have cereal to you Im gonna  __  on them for you youre gonna be like a sniper or like one range I have Rampage 3x armor and like two shelf off and 2x MSS right now Smokes on the I like the feel of that spot lets go Im not even running the wingman a lot on this character someone will ground now went back up this part of that building team hes porting towards the pack right now can you do we not have a character theres a scan the pack Im checking that sorry beam this kid I might die hes gonna take it back I dont have one somewhere yeah you have to hold that outside Im trying to find his Phoenix yet so Im not looking at anything right now flying West yep just through Raven replicator being delivered cant really do anything when I lose weight so people still eat theres a Watson team East Side yep you can just flew under the Watson team somebody aint that they flew on to them under them oh the team by the way hes like walking on our Bridge great yeah hes on our Bridge he walked back yeah obvious here all right hold it on all pixel okay I have 90 heavy just having the ground here heavy ammo here Tinas walked into Raven hes on the bridge again The Wraith is sitting on the bridge theres a Valk right here walking up to my truck youre very touchy is it there was a Valk on my side over here Catalyst they might actually come this way theres a cat right here on this wait a buckle thing look for noob what armor theyre going to this was look that way um theyre gonna die theyre gonna like under the right side yeah one just got down one just got down the valkyrie okay we still have a decent Zone actually yeah were not really safe were not safe we have to play for silos yeah we do yeah maybe Focus The Wraith if we can get down him or something yeah Ive been trying to I saw a lot of ammo I have so many energy pretty heavy Applause thats the Maggie Plainwell gun he went back up as this guy with 100 Lighthouse if you want to swap Im trying to scout exactly whats safe on silos are kind of safe we have to force this team inside the room to stay inside room like make them go inside you know what Im saying around it like probably around 10 seconds I can probably I could probably use my cat cues just like stop them from peeking out the door yeah we can definitely if they stay in the room too we can like control everything we can take their  __  take their doors theyre  __  yeah theres a dual I think is it Duo underneath the I think theres a yeah theres a Duo underneath the  __  I dont know theres also theres teams under every like under spot yeah theres a Bangalore smoke here theres got to be a team in that tunnel now on where the biggest Punk is the team inside the room is playing all three inside I think theyre just literally not even peeking out we should start moving out come on come on maybe take time if you can Evan without dont dont try to like get beaten by everybody whats outside Pathfinder Im kind of watching our bathroom wait a second Im watching our back right now I knocked one over here its a Maggie the duo flying in I got the rate too its two knocks on my ping they flew underneath as well like right over here I dont see them right now Im looking towards that I got my kills someone went on low ground over here theyre great they have rates watching Pathfinder types its not his room Im shooting across let me know if you want me to start working them with you son wheres our gem at its in straight inside the room bro how many feet down here one HP cant see it from our Matt oh they see also underneath and then we start to find an ease yeah I think we start to fight these guys inside the room thank you can swing the left side Im making a wall might be on one that is cracked almost behind us I  __  on the inside by the way I  __  on them inside I can cancel them in a second canceling right now canceling them fire up Im healing Im healing right now were gonna we gotta play for the bridge I dont have wall for next Zone I think were sick can you check this can you check the bridge please check the bridge please lets say its not safe on our side we got the kill underneath then we have to kill underneath I canceled this guy hes low get this kill Maybe oh dont worry about it all right yeah but Ill take selfie zero no no I dont have one after that we have to jump down late together yeah getting beaten by Silo Im batting right now Im batting right now okay right underneath stay right underneath can we jump down can we jump down real quick yeah is everything above us like right above us they are I think theyre flying off they cant details though theyre looking theyre looking wait what are you doing 2014s alive the team at silos is not is letting them walk up like this almost have zero bro can you check how many people theres all four teams okay wait did we push that so low were gonna get beam theyre above us there I think we just have to stay here wait and then we can queue up yeah yeah we dont have the Q we have to kill the team underneath first and then theres no fight above us unless they fight early above us then we keep up early yeah yeah I have one look for me Im leading right now  __  grenades up top never race up top I have catalog for this okay yeah bengalton yes by the way we have double knock safe wait here smoke this did you have diggies right yeah you can see stuff he has no Shield match that kid yeah I think so theres still a team right above us I have five frag grenades I have zero there got you can use here at this corner can you see out this corner yeah Im walking out its right now Im rolling please on them and then we can go up later yeah I dont know I dont have off of this I need light I need lamps in the corner wait wait wait wait throw your names on me again youre up now get up now go left together go left go left go left here I cant take the door if you can and we can just I cant I cant I cant I cant just stay here come there you come to me come to me come here Im safe I wont have it Im safe here but Mingle Music we got racing all right I got one I got one I got one all right nice good shirt boys easy that was fun yeah foreign ERS on me at the very end he took three swaps wait were they on the floor oh he grabbed it off Alexis subscribe to every single Swap the Cat 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