AMAZING ASH 28 KILLS (Apex Legends Gameplay)

Durasage personal steam saunawhy does my steam game keep minimizing Apex Legends™ gameplay cracked one less enemy spring close so its a good thing only have 30 seconds left hardly a challenge impressive repairing damages you kill leader just a second healing up reloading reloading Shield reloading taking fire reloading foreign Electronics should be set to airplane mode Music foreign on that Bandit reloading hes in my Phoenix kid recharging Shields preparing damages foreign Music energy ammo here energy ammo here Music recharging Shields hey Rings closing and we are all in the danger zone just a sec healing up attention delivering care package care package coming down reloading Toby here what a pitiful Squad using my Phoenix kit recharging Shields Music reloading enemy far off Superior positioning standing by for care package recharging Shields Music bogey over there recharging Shields taking fire taking fire foreign Music Music foreign Music Music does it cost money to put a game on steam Ash drops 20 bomb and almost 4k damage fast in season 14 (kings canyon) (28 kills in total)#20kills #20bomb #4k #badge #ash #gameplay #apexlegends #win #season14 #highkills #killstreak #movement #apexmovement steam vs epic games 2022 steam festival 2022 pub game steam steam replayt sega genesis games on steam