SOLO Pathfinder 22 KILLS and 5,000 Damage Apex Legends Gameplay Season 16

Best board games on steam redditsteam deck shipments Apex Legends™ gameplay thank you round one hey look at this I won it must be my birthday whatever that is thank you guess Im the new kill leader Music I killed the whole Squad throwing Arc start frag out thank you good job me confusing grapple foreign Music foreign recharging Shields foreign yes Im inside the next ring giving my Shields a recharge foreign foreign Music thank you beginning green countdown two Music foreign ER thats great news recharging Shields cool Applause fire good job me whole Squad down half the squads are gone thank you I killed an enemy Shield Squad down whos ready to fly on a zip line I am thank you grappling giving my Shields a recharge foreign grenade watch out giving my shield to recharge Music thank you good job me attention good job me whole Squad down okay two animals I know where the care package is landing countdown phew inside the next ring I love this Direct Hit got them theyre dropping a replicator using grapple giving my Shields a recharge Music just a minute until the ring closes at least I dont have to wait for anyone Rings not that far I love it when that happens frag out 30 seconds until close I killed the whole Squad cool only one more Squad and me yeah here I go recharging Shields Music attention delivering care package foreign Music foreign foreign Music all right Applause you are the Apex champion Music thank you Music mod oblivion steam 22 Kills Bomb and 4K With Pathfinder in Season 16Contact: Instagram @hv_apex #apexlegends #20bomb #4k #20kills #movement #pathfinder #gameplay #solopubs #solo #season15 path of exile steam charts cod ww2 steam chart shroud steam profile cheap steam games that are good connecting oculus to steam