I Have 100 Days To Beat ARK Hardcore - The Island

Where to find steam games folderhow to use discord on steam deck ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED hows it going everyone my name is chips and welcome to my 100 days challenge for Ark survival evolved the island as somebody who is primarily a building tutorial Channel I was definitely hesitant to give this challenge a try but you know what its been over two years since Ive actually played Arc with the objective of beating the game so its time to throw caution to the wind and take our shot at it before we get started though I do want to go ahead and throw out a few disclaimers as well as a few challenges for myself so for the disclaimers I do have a few rates boosted on this playthrough its nothing too crazy I have a slight boost on taming speed a slight boost on baby maturing speed and I also have decreased the amount of time that we have to wait between breeding pairs of dinosaurs all of these things are just to make a more enjoyable experience for me and hopefully a more enjoyable viewing experience for you now for the challenges that Im giving myself for this playthrough first of all we have to survive the hundred days no dying if we die the challenge is over and we have to start over from scratch secondly Im a builder my channel has been built around building tutorials so I want to use a few of my builds in this challenge just to see how much of a pain in the butt it is to do them without god mode third and lastly we need to beat all three of the island bosses as well as take on the tech cave and beat the overseer so with all of that out of the way I just want to tell you all thank you so much for being here today checking out this video and lets go ahead and lets get into it all right everyone day one here on the island for this 100 days challenge we have spawned in here on South Zone one its a fairly safe area probably one of the safest areas and weve got a nice little kind of like mini Island right here thatll make for a nice little starting area to call our home until we move off and go get our own our permanent base location so were going to start off obviously as you always do with just picking up everything we can find Stone harvesting some wooden our that and obviously getting some Fiber and berries as well my goal for day one is to build up a nice little thatch house and maybe just maybe get our first few tames here going on day one now with our handy dandy pick we can start Gathering some more materials well get some wood going well go get us some Flint I started crafting up some of our other tools as well as our clock armor and then while chasing down a Dodo to get some hide I spotted this all right there we go oh oh no I picked out a little spot on the other side of the island and started laying out our first thatch house I finished closing up my house and then while I was out Gathering materials I found a few Moss chops that only wanted measure berries to tame them up so I went ahead and got those guys on our way back to base we found a few trilobites which are an amazing source for chitin and theres actually a pretty good amount in this area I spotted a Carno down the beach so I got this Triceratops stuck between the Rock and the tree so that Id be able to knock it out and tame it up just to add a little bit more muscle to our team foreign with nighttime setting in I decided I should try to deal with the Carno before it got too dark so I tamed up a dodo bird that I plan to offer to the Carno while I tried to jump it with the rest of our teams but as we went out to execute our master plan I noticed that Carno had actually moved pretty far down the beach so I decided to let it live for one more day immediately upon coming out our Hut for day two I found a golden egg sitting right out here on the beach in front of our house and I went ahead and picked it up now I was going to hold on to it for Kibble but since we arent really in that position I decided to go ahead and eat it a little bit later on in the day to get that experience buff I started the process of making narcotics to get us ready to make tranqueros and then I spent the rest of day two mostly just upgrading our base starting off with adding these spiked walls changing our floor out to Wood getting a refining Forge up in our base so we can start making metal I gathered up enough materials to make arth Smithy and then as day two was coming to an end we made our first metal tool the metal pick I started off day three Gathering up metal from the nearby River Rocks threw all of that metal in the Forge to start cooking it up and eventually I crafted myself a metal Hatchet with our new Hatchet Gathering wood became much easier and I quickly started upgrading our base I took one of my Moss chops down the beach to gather some hide and then I ran into one of these ugly guys bastard hold that form of peaches I headed up the nearby Hill to find our first explorer note which will give us a nice little boost to our leveling back at base camp I finished upgrading our house to Wood foreign closing off our spiked wall I got a trikes that I made a little bit earlier in the day so as the sun was beginning to set over our beautiful now wooden house I decided to take our trike out and gather up a bunch of narcoberries to craft a bunch of Narcotics overnight I gained a pretty good amount of levels overnight from crafting narcotics and Id now be able to tame a Pteranodon so I went ahead and crafted up a crossbow way more track arrows than I would ever need for knocking out a Pteranodon and then I headed back down the beach on our Moss chops to check out a few pteranodons that I saw the day before after a short time exploring this area I managed to find this low-leveled lady right here and decided to go ahead and bullet her and knock her out I wasnt really too interested in finding something at a higher level I just basically wanted to get anything that could get US Airborne as soon as possible with her being so low level Im just gonna hang around the area and try to keep her safe because shes not going to take very long to tame up well bring cool dude over here to help us out which I dont think Ive actually mentioned that thats what we named him Im not creative I couldnt think of anything better lets go ahead and take this ichthy hornis out if we can see if we can line up this shot there we go oh we got him and cool dude goes and fetches the body like the good old boy he is well go ahead I think cool dude has our meat on him so lets pull some meat off of him pop it in there and it like I said it shouldnt take any time at all to get her tamed up after a short little while our Pteranodon finished taming and I named her first flight because shes our first flyer so I dont know I just Im not creative I forgot to bring a saddle with us so were just gonna have to have her follow us while we head back to base on cool dude okay bass I put a saddle on first play and we flew over to the nearby Mountain just to gather a little bit of Crystal so that wed be able to go back and make a spyglass and then I finished off day four by heading back to that mountain to get the Explorer note which would give us an experience boost which I would use by crafting an absolute butt ton of Narcotics overnight on day five I decided to head out and try to find a higher level Pteranodon because quite frankly first flight was just not gonna cut it especially when it came time to move our base and as luck would have it right here by our base I found a level 125 female were gonna have to draw the spinosaurus away we cannot knock out that Pteranodon right here hopefully we dont end up getting ourselves killed here five days into it oh God that hit us for a lot more than I thought it was going to I dont know why I didnt think it would hit that much hey buddy come on come on follow me leave the fish alone and follow me down the beach come on hey come on man hey you big dumb and ugly this way eventually I got it a little ways down the beach and started killing it with our crossbow when it decided to just absolutely book it down the beach running over every tree and never to be seen again I decided just let it go and head back to where we saw that Pteranodon to go ahead and tame it on the way back I noticed a few more had spawned right outside of our base to include this level 140 male so I obviously decided to go ahead and tame him instead of the 125 female hey there buddy hows it going Im just gonna go ahead and put this on you and then dont mind me Im gonna put a few of these in your head and were gonna be best friends our new Pteranodon finished taming and I named him the Jet and then I took him around a bunch of the nearby waterways and we basically just killed as many hesperornas as we could to get some organic polymer so we could start making cryopods to move our tames to our new base starting off day six we headed over to a nearby drop to craft those cryopods and I gathered enough stuff to make four which would be enough to move all of our teams we froze up all of our teams picked up our dodo bird which we actually named offering and then headed out but not without first hitting our leg on these wooden spikes we finally arrived at the spot for our new base and if youve played the island you know this one it is the Hidden Lake personally for me this is one of my favorite spots on the island its absolutely beautiful its a pretty well protected spot with these natural walls especially if youre playing on a private server or a single player game where you dont have to worry about people griefing you and not to mention its in a very good spot on the map its close to the snow bomb its close to Cardinal Island and its close to a few different mountain ranges where you can get in-game materials and some pretty good teams I went ahead and served up the previous resident here of the lake with their eviction notice and then I spent the rest of the day basically just Gathering up all the materials I would need and actually crafting the building pieces to make essentially a new starter house here at the lake and then I went ahead and grabbed this blue drop which gave us a ramshackle sword and of course a medium crop plot blueprint starting off day seven we got out all of those building materials that I had stored up last night and we started building our new kind of starter house and this build really isnt meant to be anything too elaborate or crazy its just a small Improvement on the typical thatch or wooden little square box that we start with and with that our new house here at the Hidden Lake was complete its basically just a simple little starter house just a little upgrade from your typical box but if you guys actually like this build I have a video on my Channel showing you how to build it Ill leave it linked below and you guys can build it for yourself I found a few low-level female Moss chops hanging around our base here at the Hidden Lake and luckily both of them only wanted berries so I went ahead and decided to tame both of them up I named the first one cool girl and I named the second one goodest girl I really just dont know what to name these things I have no creative juices flowing when it comes to naming them and then I decided to go ahead and take them down to our base and have them start mating with one of our mail Moss chops really just to get the eggs in case we ever want to use them for Kibble towards the end of day seven I decided to take the jet over to a nearby mountain top so that we could gather up some more metal obviously with his limited weight I wouldnt be able to get too much back to the base but I just wanted to go ahead and get some cooking overnight and then maybe in the next day or so we would go ahead and try to find ourselves an Arjun to carry some more Applause we gathered up a pretty good little amount and started heading back to base and then I saw this flock of Origins oh we have a few Origins over here lets check these oh is that a level 140 what are these guys level 10 and level 25 level 140. I will see you in a little bit the beaver that was roaming around the lake either despawned or just wandered off into the woods so I figured now is a pretty good time to go ahead and take the stuff out of its Dam now obviously I had to drop some of the wood as I was overweight but I would come back and pick this up a little bit later I decided to then go ahead and grab this purple drop but not before being scared by this OV Raptor running past me lets go ahead and check out what we got in this purple drop here we have a ramshackle stego Shadow I dont think Ill ever use that but I will take it I decided to waste no time in waiting to get that origin so we headed immediately over to that nearby Mountain where we saw the level 140. I found him pretty much immediately upon arriving over at the mountain and because apparently somewhere deep down inside I hate myself I decided to not create any kind of a trap and just do this the old-fashioned way chasing him around trying to knock him out huh I had just started knocking this guy out and then this happened oh my gosh why did I not check the crossbow Health before we left the base this is what you get when youve been doing building tutorials for two years and not actually played the game luckily for us he was still over here when we got back to the mountain with our new crossbow so we started the super fun game of Chase the chicken around the mountain we chased this guy around the mountain for probably about 20 minutes trying to knock him out missing way more shots than we actually made and then thankfully he eventually flew over to the side of the mountain and got himself caught on the Rock and one more clean shot put him down foreign just definitely he totally just pooped on this guy after we spun through go ahead I think after we Harvest him up well probably have enough crime to go ahead and tame this guy so with that we threw all of the Prime into our origin and we got him tamed up while I was still here at the mountain I took the opportunity to gather up as much metal as our new Argent can carry and then with him following us loaded down with metal we headed back to the base threw all that in the Forge and just took the chance to kind of reorganize after a kind of hectic day taming this guy up starting off day nine I went over and hunted down that OV Raptor that scared us the other day and I decided to go ahead and knock it out and tame it up since we would eventually need it to help us produce eggs once we got her tamed up and back over by our house I went ahead and loaded her up with some spare wood to weigh her down and then of course I enabled wandering to give us that egg boost my main goal for today was to take our new origin out and try to find a few of the Gathering teams that were able to pick up and carry back to our base to safely tame so to do that I was going to first have to take the jet out and gather up a little bit more hide so that Id be able to craft the Arjun saddle foreign when we got back to base I realized I never named the oviraptor so my initial thought was to try to name it aphrodisiac but apparently Arc does not allow you to name dinosaurs that so Cedric if you watch this Im gonna need you to fix that so instead I ended up just settling on bound Chicka Wow Wow for our oviraptors name we also never named our origin so we went ahead and threw a saddle on it and we named it Crimson eagle once we had it named we went ahead and jumped on and headed out to try to find some new teams thank you oh look at that Raptor chasing that guy hey I got you buddy Ill save you dont worry about it Applause I was having very little luck finding good teams but I did tame two more female Moss chops and then I headed back to our old base and picked up some of the supplies we left it was starting to get dark and we were making our way back to base and then we spotted this on the edge of the Redwoods is that a doe down there oh a level 140 yes lets pick this guy up and take him back to base wait what level are these guys nothing good nothing good all right never mind lets go oh get away from him no get away from him oh hes just getting the Train on okay get away thank you come on buddy lets go we had another blue drop come down inside of our base and conveniently enough it had a doeed saddle in it I then began construction on a simple little trap to drop our teams in so we can knock them out and then we went ahead and brought the dote over and like I said dropped it right in there then started the process of knocking it out however unfortunately I was not keeping track of how many times I had shot it and this happened oh my gosh I just shot it after it went down oh no all right well lets go look for some more tames while this guy wakes up I spotted an alpha Raptor while we were out looking for some more teams so I went ahead and grabbed a few Explorer notes and then proceeded to take that Alpha Raptor out Music not too bad of a haul I mean we got an upgrade to our Hatchet so thats always good we spent the rest of the day flying around looking for some more Gathering teams with really no luck until we spotted this guy lets see what he is oh another level 140. nice what has it been about the 140s Im pretty sure the origin was a 140 the doe is a 140 and now this guy I think the the Pteranodon we tamed was a 142. nothing above that nothing really even close to that but man weve had some good luck with level 140s I guess so we went ahead and swooped this guy up and started heading back to our base and I know somebody is going to say that there are better ways to gather thatch and I know there is I agree but I dont know I just really like these guys theres something fun about just sprinting through the woods jumping around just knocking trees down rapid fire Style with the doe now awake we would obviously go ahead and start taming up both the dood and the Stag so I went ahead bowled this guy down and then started cranking him out once he went down I ran back to the house real quick and grabbed some measure berries out of the trough and loaded him up to let him start taming oh now that we had him going it was time to start cranking up the doughen and you can bet I was super extra careful this time to make sure we didnt accidentally put any extra arrows in this guy because I have to wait for him to wake up and do it all over again so we got him down and we loaded him up with measure berries and luckily because he was already starved out he tamed up pretty much instantly after we got him all the way tamed up all that was left to do was to give him a name and of course I had to name this little blue ball Sonic because quite frankly if I didnt my eight-year-old son would probably run away from home after watching this video we pop the saddle on Sonic and took him out to test out his Gathering all right so we got 217 from that one rock I will take it our stag finished teaming up while we were doing things over at the house so I came over popped a sat on him and named him midnight because he has that nice purple color to him with that done I decided to go ahead and test his Gathering out as well Music all right its about 83 thatch off that one tree if we go up there in the woods where we have a bunch of trees kind of tightly packed together well just blaze through on this guy and just knock them all down and well get a decent amount of patch foreign I spent the rest of the day checking the nearby mountain tops for a high level ankylosaurus but had absolutely zero luck I then looked in the nearby Rivers for a hell of a beaver but again I could not find anything so as Knight was setting in I decided to try one more spot that I knew beavers could spawn all the way down in the very far south and this is what happened oh there is one here all right please be a high level please be high level oh my goodness another 140. wow I mean I dont know how many numbers are in a lottery ticket but if I buy a lottery ticket anytime soon one four and zero are definitely gonna be on there so we went ahead scooped up the beaver and started heading back home so we could safely tame him in the pen we have back at the base starting off day 12 we began knocking out our brand new beaver and we managed not to mess this one up after we got him down we let him starve a little bit while we gathered up stuff with our trike and then we came back and loaded him up with berries and narcotics now because these guys wake up pretty quick I was gonna have to stick around base and monitor him so I basically just decided to take our doeed and our stag out and just gather up a bunch of raw materials and store them in their designated storage chest hi our Beaver actually finished taming up while we were out Gathering more materials so when we came back and found him I decided to name him Norbert because he seems pretty angry on day 13 I wanted to try to find a high level ankylosaurus however I first actually spotted two alpha carnos over on the Snow Mountain so I grabbed an Explorer note and started taking these guys out almost got us there got arrows so strong they toss Alphas oh very nice a journeyman pick and a Mastercraft crossbow and some ramshackle height armor not bad pretty good hole I have been making my way around a few of the nearby mountains having to kill off a ton of low-level ankies and just nothing of any decent level was spawning in and then we found this I thought I saw one down there now thats not one oh theres some right look at these these look Majestic AF coming through this clearing together a little herd of them lets check these guys out yep level 10 nothing to see there oh theres another 140. whats this one 60 okay well take that 140. the luck of the 140 continues I got the Ankylosaurus back to base and started trying to crank it but it was not going down and it was starting to get very bloody and I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on and why this thing was taking so long ah I dont understand like its its just getting bloodier and bloodier and its not like are these Stone arrows they look kind of green but they look am I colorblind no I have thats Stone arrows okay shoot those all right thats a stone Arrow so lets equip a tranq arrow what is going on its still a stone Arrow eventually I figured out that when I found that Mastercraft crossbow and put it on our hot bar I never actually equipped it I was still using our old crossbow with stone arrows in it so the Ankylosaurus was going to need a long time to heal up so I basically spent the rest of the night Gathering materials and beginning to craft all the building pieces we would need to build a workshop for our base day 14 was a very uneventful day we stuck around the base waiting for the Ankylosaurus to heal up and basically just gathered a bunch of materials and continued crafting all the building pieces we would need for our new workshop so that it would be quick and easy to go ahead and build it all right kylosaurus was all healed up and ready to be trained so this time we made sure we were absolutely using the right crossbow and the right type of arrows and we got to work on knocking this girl out that should be enough success it was going to take basically all day for her to tame so I stuck around the base gathered up a bunch of materials and continued crafting our building pieces and then late into the night while we were crafting I noticed that she finished taming so I rushed over there popped on a saddle and we went ahead and we named her pin cushion we started off the next day by taking pincushion out for a very quick metal run basically just to test her out then we spent the rest of the day finishing up Gathering more materials and crafting the last few pieces we would need to build our Workshop I didnt honestly expect it to take three days to gather and craft everything but we are ready to build day 17 and it was time to get the building on our Workshop foreign overall we made some okay progress on the build for the first day working on it it took me a while to find the spot that I actually went to place this so I didnt quite get as much done on the actual build as I wanted to day 18 and were continuing to build our Workshop my goal for today was to pretty much get this thing finished and by the end of the day we almost had it done foreign overall we made some pretty good progress on the build during the day and I continued to work a little bit through the night to try to get this thing basically almost done for the next day on day 19 we would be finishing up our new workshop build but not before we almost killed ourselves in the process and I dont even know what happened here I didnt respond I didnt react I just sprinted off in a panic and went over to this beaver I guess for some kind of comfort all right lets be very careful trying to get on him so we dont fall through the hole and probably kill ourselves could you imagine that like how that conversation goes like how to howd your 100 day challenge go oh I didnt I died I didnt make it oh did the boss get you like you died one of the bosses the dragon or something no I uh I fell while I was trying to build something that wasnt even really necessary for the challenge in the end I was able to get our new workshop built here on day 19 and this is another build that I have a tutorial for on my channel so if you actually like this go ahead Ill link it down below you can check it out and build it for yourself we were going to need plenty of metal to build all of our vaults as well as our industrial Forge so I went ahead and threw down a bunch of regular forges went and gathered a bunch of metal and started cooking it up overnight day 20 started with us getting our fabricator up and running and then I took pin cushion on multiple trips to gather more metal I was gonna need some more oil as well as polymer so I headed off to the snow bomb to find both of those materials as well as to gather some fur to make fur armor foreign Applause well have to gather this oil pretty quick because theres some wolves right over there oh God why did I hit my parachute oh my goodness all right lets make this quick all right lets get this one oh God I can hear him I can hear him oh my God oh my God oh my God oh goodness oh my goodness oh my full pucker achieved I wasnt paying attention to just how cold I was getting and it quite literally became a race against the clock on whether or not Id be able to get out of the snow biome in time to survive I still needed a lot more oil and polymer if I was going to craft all of these vaults so I headed back to the snow biome for another run this time I would be more careful keeping an eye on our health Ive tried finding an otter but I just really havent had any luck to this point I made my way to the iceberg islands and this time I brought pin cushion with us to gather oil as well as one of our Moss chops who I had pumped a bunch of points into organic polymer Gathering good boy cool guy as it started to get dark I set up a few campfires just in case we needed to stay warm and this really felt like that episode of Pokemon where Ash has all of his Pokemon and theyre stuck in the blizzard trying to survive we stayed Gathering throughout the night just checking back at our campfire every once in a while to get warm warning the following content may be disturbing for some viewers after finishing up the massacre of the penguin population we headed back to base with a ton of oil and organic polymer and then we went ahead and started crafting up a few vaults getting them all placed and spent the rest of the night moving everything over to our new storage being only a few levels away from me to unlock the industrial Forge I decided to head to Carno Island to grab a few Explorer nodes and hopefully kill a few Alphas to get us there I also brought some stuff in case we run into any high level rexes we can go ahead and tame those up as well Applause hey there it is level 80. we can unlock the forge I spent the remainder of the day searching between Carno Island and a few of the other mountain ranges that Rex has spawn at for anything high level and unfortunately we never found a Rex above level 50. so I did one more swoop over Carno Island and then decided to head home for the night oh my God I hit the e key I hit the key were gonna die were gonna die Crips it please come save me we are in the dark in the ocean and were gonna die this is it all right were good no were not oh my gosh Come on get her upset come on all right I think were good dont fall in the water again come on all right were good all right lets lets go home we had the industrial Forge unlocked however we still needed a lot more metal if we were actually going to craft it so I spent the entire next day taking pincushion back and forth to the mountains just Gathering as much metal as possible we had enough metal gathered up but it was going to take all day to cook so I decided to go ahead and tame another origin that I saw on the mountain the day before this one was a level 135. this time we were smart enough to actually build a trap for it to make it a lot easier so we got it trapped and we started knocking it out and down she goes all right one more come on go ahead and eat lets do this Crimson you ready to meet your new girlfriend are you gonna eat come on there we go all right this ones like all black so were gonna name it Nighthawk go ahead and throw this Flint in the vault and then well get the rest of that metal and put it in the Forge pincushion what are you doing dude I think I should settle down foreign one of the origins is outside freaking out too whats going on and my torch breaks no First Flight oh 145 Raptor it must have came over the hill must have chased something um what do I do what do I do right now Ill forget it okay all right bloody spikes got it oh my goodness first plate well at least it was just First Flight I mean that sounds terrible but were never gonna use them again I really wanted to find a few high-level wrecks as soon as possible so that I could start the breeding line for when we want to do the boss battle however again I pretty much spent this entire day flying around looking for them and found nothing even over level 100. I did however kill an alpha Raptor and got an ascendant metal pick off of it and I also spotted this level 150 dire bear unfortunately I did not have the stuff on me at the moment to tame it so were gonna have to come back for this later on oh look at that we got a third Beaver now spawning in the lake wait a minute did the one that I left in the Trap build a dam in the Trap lets go check this thing out I did not know they would do this its literally just built right on top of our trap I didnt know they would build them on top of structures Ive been picking the Beavers up and dropping them in the Trap while I go pick up their dams because Im not gonna kill them like if theyre not gonna despawn if theyre just gonna keep building me free beaver dams to give me free cementing Pace Ill take it but I guess now theyre just gonna build the dams in the Trap I need to get some more pearls to make some more Electronics so I headed back over to the snow bomb and hit up a few spots very quickly I might add and then I ended up setting up a camp in the snow bomb as I was gonna stay the night there again Gathering oil and polymer so I could get a few more pearls before we head back in the morning I got back to the base and crafted up our chemistry bench and of course placed it down I decided that I wanted to go back and find that 150 dire bear so I went ahead and got a rifle in shrank darts and we headed out unfortunately I scanned this area all day long trying to find it and it would appear that it either despawned or somehow got killed but honestly if we need to we can just tame a lower level one we really just want it to get honey so we can tame up Mega theorems as well as to make sweet veggie cakes oh theres a wrecks on there what level are you level 50. what is it what is it about the level 50s nothing above it its literally like its the cutoff for Rexs now day 29 was another day that we spent basically the entire day flying around to wreck spawns trying to find something high level and found absolutely nothing Im not gonna lie I was getting pretty discouraged at this point but the search will continue on day 30 I decided to head over to the snow biome to try to find a few low-level utahrandas that we could use to build ourselves an egg Farm you see the utahrandis is used to make extraordinary kibble which is the highest tier and you can substitute it for any of the lower tiers so for example when we go to tame a therizinosaurus and it uses a lower tier of kibble we can just go ahead and use this extraordinary kibble instead I found a level 10 female pretty much immediately unfortunately we did not bring anything to make traps so I had to get up on a rock and just do the old-fashioned knock them out from up high well go ahead throw her in a cryopod and then well just try to go find a low-level male and a few more females what the heck is attacking us theres a wolf I thought I killed all the Wolves around here Im gonna hide behind you here buddy or you can go chase him down get him all right good job Crimson good job buddy all right like I said I was going to cryopod all right Im going to cry Im Im going to cryopod her and then well go find some more the search continued into day 31 and we eventually found a level 10 male managed to get it stuck here in a corner and knocked it out we got him all tamed up with no issues put him in a crowd pod and then continued our search for more you tyrannus oh theres another one right here all right hopefully its another low level female we have a male now so its just all females from here oh snap its a 145. thats not a low level and its a female thats not a low level but thatll do for the boss fights um lets just go ahead and craft up some more arrows oh snap she threw us off all right were gonna run away I dont understand shes been roaring at us like left and right and thats the first time its thrown us all right nobodys following us crimsons gonna come get us I just pooped myself well get back up there on the ledge and continue trying to get her down she let us on a wild goose chase Through the Jungle which included a few saber-toothed ambushes that of course Crimson had to deal with but eventually I chased her down and got her knocked out it is going to take a while for her to starve up and be ready to tame luckily though were right here next to our base so well just go back and do a little tidying up and everything and then well come back and get her in a little bit while we were waiting on the utahrandis to starve I started working on a simple little Greenhouse nothing too crazy just somewhere where we could start growing some crops are you tyrannus was ready to go so I headed out and started Gathering up some prime meat and then of course we went back over loaded her up with that Prime and got her tamed up back at base I had to name her Bonnie rockwaller since shes going to be cheering us on during the boss fights the rest of the day we just added a few things to the greenhouse and then went out and gathered a bunch of crystal were gonna finish up placing the walls in the roofs and then were gonna have to go out and get ourselves another level basically towards the beginning of the challenge I was just spending engram points left and right unlocking everything and now Im realizing that I dont need most of that stuff and we unfortunately are in a situation where we have to get a level to get enough engram points to unlock stuff and one of the things we forgot to unlock was the medium crop plot so yeah I could just use a mind wipe tonic but Im just gonna go ahead and level because we need the levels anyways and maybe well find a Rex or something while were out there while we were out doing all of that leveling we might have bitten off a little bit more than we could chew Applause oh God they knocked us in the water oh were so dead the word this is it were dead Carno Island no Mount were dead come on come get me Nighthawk no Nighthawk dont do it oh its following the other origin you know what Crimson would not have done that Nighthawk this is what I get for bringing you trying to level you um all right were just gonna run away just can it follow us in the cave well go in here kill it from in the cave and then we should be good right oh no apparently apparently I you know Im an idiot you can just follow us right in here I dont really want to keep running further into this cave I should probably start carrying a shotgun or something on me would probably be a good idea yeah this is this is it this is it this is the moment what day is it 33 or something like that oh now theres a saber tooth all right hold on lets slip past him loading screen all right I dont hear him anymore did they like lag or something because the loading screen I dont hear them anymore all right Nighthawk has finished the fight and landed so we can go over there uh hey hows it going so yeah lets uh lets just go swim to Nighthawk and get the heck out of here since I had started working on the greenhouse I decided it was a good time to tame up a fiamia and we found this girl right around the same area where We rescued the one from the Raptor on day nine so I just like to imagine that its the same one and that she can now pay us back for rescuing her by providing us with an endless supply of feces I spent the rest of the day placing all of our things like crop plots and compost bins force-fed rfiomia a ton of stemberries to make it poop a ridiculous amount and then of course laid some pipe from the lake down below up to our Greenhouse I continued into the next day working on the pipeline and eventually we got all the water flowing into the greenhouse nice and neat I loaded up all of our different crop plots with the different seeds and then I started working on a very simple Hatchery its basically just going to be a stage or platform with a subfloor under it where well be able to place these air conditioners that I also started crafting I was planning on heading back to the snow bomb today so I decided to go head to the river and look for an otter this would give us a little more insulation in the code and also theyre able to carry artifacts so once we start doing caves I can place an extra artifact from each cave in our otter which will allow us to then have one for our trophy room so I found this guy scooped him up and headed back to base to tame him in our pond I cannot catch up all right hes going on land this should make it a little bit easier feed no okay try again all right there we go were gonna name him Mr scarf since were gonna wear around our neck a lot I think he comes running over to us these things are just so adorable I spent the rest of Day 36 flying around the snow by him looking for some more low-level female you tyrannus unfortunately everyone that we found managed to aggro itself to something much higher level and got itself killed we continued our search into day 37 and I found this Alpha Carno which was honestly giving me much more of a fight than I anticipated and then the worst possible thing happened oh gosh we just got this mounted that has to be a badger Crimson stun that has to be a badger I did not even see it hey pay attention to me buddy leave him leave my bird alone oh man Crimson Im so sorry if you die oh hes up oh theres the badger okay all right were off the ledge parachute okay Crimson whistle I cant get it Im missing the whistle key Im trying to pull out a foundation for some reason Crimson just just survived my friend Ill uh Ill be over here on this Island full of penguins that probably have a grudge against me all right were gonna do a little parkour here try to get a little bit closer get as close as possible and were just gonna have yeah were gonna have to swim our way back um we do not have the stuff to make a raft or anything the water looks pretty safe I dont really see anything down here so well just go ahead and swim our way back over there oh theres Crimson crimson Crips and youre alive oh my gosh look at how Bloody Crimson is oh wow barely any health left crimson I love you dont ever forget it Im sorry eventually we got crimsons Health back up went and grabbed a note and then took out that Alpha Carno and for all of our trouble getting this done we got a ramshackle metal pick I ended up finding a level 150 dayadon in the snow biome so I decided to pick it up endure the damage and bring it all the way back to the Trap that we have in our base now the only really effective way to tame this one up would be using kibble everything else would take a very long time unfortunately I dont have the kibble right now so I decided to just cross my fingers and leave it here in our base hoping nothing would happen to it towards the end of the day I found another low-level female utahrandis near our base and this time I wasnt messing around I went ahead and used a trap design by Captain fat dog to make it much easier to get her pin down and knocked out and of course I will leave a link to his video down in the description if youd also like to build that trap for any utahrandis taming I ended up finding another low-level female in the same area got it pinned into a rock and knocked out as well I got them tamed up with no issues and took them back to base we now have four females and one male I decided to go ahead and start breeding them also not for any kind of a breeding line but mostly just to be able to get eggs and maybe to actually hatch a few and try to get a few more females without having to tame them unfortunately I did not get any twins or triplets and I only got two females out of the four eggs but in the end two females is better than none so I will take it so I went ahead and pulled the females off to the side so they could just go ahead and grow up and then we disposed of the males I spent most of day 39 just hanging around the base taking care of the babies until they were able to feed off of a trough I did however craft up an industrial Grill as well as two refrigerators and also ran the electricity over to the refrigerators at the start of the next day I headed over to the Redwoods and placed a few tree Taps on one of the trees right there on the edge of the water I actually didnt get this on camera I forgot to hit record before I started playing on this day but you do see them there briefly on the tree I then headed around the Redwoods just looking for any dire bear I could find so that we could tame it and start Gathering honey eventually I found one that I wanted to tame and I threw together a quick trap just kind of like the one we have at the base got it inside that trap and then we knocked it out I ended up having to fend off this Alpha Carno that spawned right near where our dire bear was being tamed but we got it taken care of Got No Loot out of it of course and then headed back over to tame up the dire bear the dire bear finished taming and we went ahead and cryopoded him up and headed back to base I started off the next day by heading back over to the Redwoods to collect our tree sap I hadnt made any tree platforms yet so I just went ahead and used the grappling hook to Grapple up and grab it out awesome a uh Compass blueprint I dont know what I was expecting well thats any sign for how our rec search is gonna go today then things are not going to go well theres one right there there is a Rex right there lets check it out oh 140 female thank goodness finally the search for a high level Rex pays off I ended up using another of fat dogs traps to get this Rex Down super easy and again Ill leave his video linked below if youd like to also use his trap while I was waiting for the Rex to starve out I spent the rest of the day just filling up our vaults Gathering all of our basic materials I headed back over to Carno Island to wait for the Rex to get ready to tame up and while I was there I grabbed an Explorer node and did just a little bit of clearing the island to try to get some experience all right one more and there we have it our first rex that were going to be using for the boss fights lets get you home girl back at base I decided to start cooking up some prime meat so that we could then turn it into prime meat jerky we would need this to make Superior kibble now I was originally planning on only making extraordinary kibble but because I already have a ton of moss chops eggs I can go ahead and use those for Superior kibble and save on the extraordinary kibble a little bit foreign I also went ahead and started making some chowder that were going to need for making extraordinary kibble and man I just gotta say I forgot how terrible using a regular cooking pot is I decided to head back over to Cardinal island with our new Rex just to try to get it some quick levels oh theres a Rex right there is it stuck no its not in the Trap its a white one though oh my gosh a 145 female lets go we went from finding nothing to finding two in three days we have the arrows uh we can make the arrows we can make them all right lets get it I got her loaded up with tranks and eventually knocked out and then I spent the rest of the day doing what I originally planned leveling our first Rex weve had a Carno stuck in the Trap with the wrecks for like the last 30 minutes and I have been stressing out that it was going to end up attacking something or getting attacked and caused the wrecks to take damage but lo and behold we got it all tamed with no issues well go ahead and try all right okay I guess we cant hit it we cant damage that karna for some reason up and now hes just gonna get out and walk away hey buddy you know hey thanks for watching out for her bud have a good night man say hello to the wife and kids hold up oh oh no no no no no no no the date on despawned probably while we were out taming the Rexes yeah its definitely not anywhere around the base if it got out it probably would have came and attacked one of our teams or something well that is unfortunate my plan for today was to head out to the swamps and look for a Baryonyx but first I decided to stop over at the green Obelisk you see at the green Obelisk there are these bushes that are all packed really tight together and its a great spot to gather fiber foreign oh thats a 145 female man we do not have the kibble for that right now and Im not taming one of those things without kibble so well uh hopefully it doesnt despawn well be able to get the kibble my search for a Baryonyx was unsuccessful so I went back to base and continued making chowder that I would need to get the kibble for that Therizinosaurus I finished getting the kibble made up for the Therizinosaurus headed back over got it trapped and got it knocked out I started to head to Carno Island to continue leveling our wrecks and then I realized that the therizinosauruss narcotic timer is nowhere near as high as the other tames weve been taming and we were going to need to pump it with narcotics luckily I made it back in time and then I decided to just stick around the swamps and search for any high level Baryonyx our search was unsuccessful again however we did manage to get the Therizinosaurus tamed up and we went ahead and named her tickle tickle I remembered that I had seen a high-level Therizinosaurus stuck here on the wall around our base and it actually was a male also so that works out perfectly I decided I was going to try to draw it into our base and trap it there all right come on buddy this way were almost there follow me over the cliff there you go Bud hey nice swing good try buddy you missed we got him trapped easy enough and we got him knocked out what the heck is that noise there is an oviraptor just running around our base oh hes coming inside hey hows it going pal yeah just uh make yourself at home yeah right over there thats the crafting area you see the forge oh that thats the uh state of the art chem bench yeah we use that to make all kinds of stuff uh all kinds of concoctions Im just gonna go back to making kibble just make yourself at home do what you want foreign I finished taming our second Therizinosaurus and I tried to name him blood chicken but apparently I guess blood must be a bad word because it didnt take I went ahead and bred our two therizinosaurs together and then began the process of hatching the egg we got the egg hatched and unfortunately it came out a male I was really hoping for a female so we could add one more that we would then be able to breed but you know it will add just one more number to our boss fight team while that baby was raising up to 10 I went ahead and just stuck around the base and worked on this extension this is just going to be a duplicate of one of the areas we have on the other side and its mainly going to be used as a preserving bin room to make jerky it might not be the most necessary build we might not really need to make a special room for it but I like to build so I figured Id go ahead and do it day 48 for the most part was uneventful I spent pretty much the entire day Gathering metal with our ankylosaurus and then I spent the end of the day taking our Rex back over to Cardinal Island to do a little bit more leveling I went ahead and finally made up a mind wipe tonic I was just sick and tired of having to level just to be able to unlock stuff and then I spent a pretty good amount of time reapplying levels and unlocking the engrams that I actually need I again set out with the goal of finding a high level Baryonyx and once again I spent the entire day searching with no luck but then as they turned the night our luck finally turned around all right there it is a 145. I have probably searched for I think I think its been three in-game days searching and have found nothing barely even found Baryonyx let alone anything High um thats thats such a relief were gonna go ahead and clear out like a space that we can set up a trap and make it a little safer area to tame it up I lured the Baryonyx over to a nearby trap somewhere a little safer and eventually got it knocked out check this dude out look tell me this does not look like syntax as a sheep thats his color scheme right maybe a little too blue on the horns I got the Baryonyx all tamed up and for good measure I also took our little friend here back to base with us as well come here little buddy I got something nice and sweet for you yeah its coming right to me there you go I mean I gotta do it it looks too similar I cant I cant not I headed over to Cardinal Island to level our Baryonyx and considering I ran into an alpha Carno as well as not one but two alpha megalodons things went pretty well Music I spent basically all of day 51 in the snow biome trying to find a high-level megatherium unfortunately it was another one of those days I ended up finding another high-level dayadon while I was searching for megatheriums and this one is a 145 so we did lose five levels from the 150 we originally found but at the end of the day it should do for our boss battles Crimson took a pretty good beating carrying this girl back but eventually we got her back to the base and dropped her off in the Trap so that we could go ahead and get her Tamed while we were out on our search I did manage to level to the point where we could now unlock the industrial cooker so I went ahead and placed this down right here laid out all the water pipes to get it working and then we went ahead and made up the kibble were gonna need for that dayadon I got the dad on all tamed up and I ended up naming her mercy just because she has this nice light color scheme and of course shes gonna be healing us plenty now that we have the Baryonyx pretty well leveled I decided to head over to the central cave to go ahead and get our first artifact the artifact of the clever now I have not done a cave in a long time I honestly cannot remember the last time that Ive actually done a cave run so I was a little nervous going into this all right this is gonna be our first real test here weve got several bats coming can bury him in a little handle it you got it oh yeah we got this theres nothing none no big deal all right Im feeling a little better I dont know maybe I was just a little over worried I think we got this I dont think its gonna be too bad I really hate fighting these things it just broke our armor how I thought if we were on the back of a Baryonyx it couldnt reach us I thought the Baryonyx was tall enough I guess maybe because it was like up on a little Cliff or like up on a little slope there oh my gosh I didnt bring any backup armor because I was like oh before on the Baryonyx will be fine it wont be able to break it all right well now we got to make the decision whether or not we keep going or do we need to turn back and go repair armor or something you want to spit some asset at me let me spit some hot letter you there buddy yeah howd that feel pal didnt feel too good did it you want some of this too buddy come on there you go geez Two Shots pal who are you were gonna push through the artifacts right over there I just need to be careful to pick all these guys off without getting spit on again and there we have it our first artifact so Im gonna stick around and wait for one more to respawn oh that was almost so bad all right come on hold on Barry Manila take him out lets go all right we got it okay that if that was just a little bit to the right that could have been tragic anyways like I was saying Im gonna stick around and get one more just so that if we want to build like an artifact room well have one for that room we got our second artifact of the clever and then headed out of the cave all in all it was a success and I learned a few lessons that will come in handy when I take on some of the harder caves on day 54 I headed back over to the green Obelisk area looking for a therizinosaurus that I had seen the other day that I believe was a level 140. unfortunately I swept these Woods all day long and was never able to find the one that I was looking for I decided to stick it out and keep searching into day 55 and that definitely paid off did that Rex just spawn in on the mountain its just sitting up there on the Rock like it just dropped down on top of that rock it looks like its not even real like it looks like its fake or something its not moving or anything you just take it in the scenery Bud youre just checking it out just looking over the Mountainside oh youre uh 145. nice all right well well add you to the team um we dont have a male do we I dont think we do because I havent bred and I havent bred Rexs at all so no we definitely dont have a mail that is even better I ran back to base really quick and grabbed some pillars to make it easier to trap this guy thankfully he did not despawn in that time it did take me a little while to get him trapped but we got him trapped eventually and got him knocked out I had killed off a ton of Therizinosaurus while I was looking for a high level one and while the Rex was starving I decided to go ahead and come back over to this area and see if any new ones had respawned and I kid you not the very first one we found and looked at was this level 140 female after clearing out an alpha Carno I got the Rex all tamed up because I had to deal with that Alpha Carno getting the Rex tamed up took longer than it should have and the therizinosauruss Topo was getting really low so I had to absolutely rush over and I was sweating bullets that I was not going to get there in time thankfully we made it back just in the nick of time got it tamed up and cryopoded it in the only spot thats appropriate back at base I decided to go ahead and start breeding and hatching some eggs starting with our Therizinosaurus and we did get a female this time so well be able to add her in and breed her so we can keep getting more of these guys for the boss fight I started off day 57 by hatching two Rex eggs in hopes that I would get some females that I could use for breeding more Rex but of course with my luck I got two males of course with raising these four new dinos I was gonna have to stick around base until they were able to feed off of a trough so I just stuck around took care of them and started building an egg farm for our utahrandis and honestly I already have a ton of eggs at this point so this may not be that necessary but theyve been putting in work for us so I wanted to build them a nice spot to live day 58 was more of the same I stuck around face taking care of the babies I was able to go around the nearby woods and gather materials and start making the building pieces for our Egg farm and thankfully by the end of the day all four of them are now eating off of the feeding trough so well be able to go out and get some more stuff done and just basically set a timer and come back whenever they need an imprint in between imprints I decided to start taking the wrecks that we already had over to Carno Island to start leveling them just basically wiping the island over and over again our timer for the Therizinosaurus just went off so well just go ahead pop a imprint on both of them and then I think we have a decent amount of time for the Rex so its gonna be a while and where are our Therizinosaurus at what the heck where are they at were they on follow or something and like wander down here or somewhere else where are they at theyre nowhere over here oh my gosh where the heck are the Therizinosaurus lets check the log real quick where is it at not there or not there it is okay its been a while its been a while uh Therizinosaurus starved to death what the there was plenty of food in the feeding trough and I I dont understand so basically what happened is I forgot that we put our Pig through an intensive amount of fecal labor and it ate all the berries that we put in the trough for the Therizinosaurus so they ended up starving to death now this is really inconvenient because now were basically just going to be imprinting on two male rexes that wont even be able to breed once we get them fully to adulthood day 60 was pretty uneventful we continued to just raise up the babies and level the wrecks I did however go gather the materials needed for scuba gear so that we could go ahead down into the ocean and get some black pearls I am definitely going to avoid those jellyfish Im not even going to risk getting shocked by them Im not really sure like a hundred percent where these things spawn I just know theyre on the bottom of the ocean floors around like the border of the map but well hopefully oh God Alpha mosa oh my gosh holy crap why did I just try to spin move it oh my gosh swim up Barry just swim up just swim up just keep swimming Im not gonna sing that song because Im not gonna get copyrighted just keep swimming Barry come on lets go okay I think you left us alone and you leave us alone okay can we just talk about the fact that that dude was completely just hiding around the corner waiting for us like he had a look in his eye when we rounded that corner and he jumped us eventually I did find a few of these guys whose name I cannot pronounce unfortunately I forgot to bring one of my high quality metal picks with me so I had to just Harvest it with the Baryonyx but for the sake of this challenge well get plenty of black pearls to complete what we need to get done my newly acquired black pearls allowed me to make some absorbent substrate which then allowed me to make a few gas masks that Im going to need when it comes time to run the swamp cave in between imprints I headed to the nearby snow biome to once again look for high-level megatheriums and once again I spent the whole day searching and found nothing until the very end of the day I found a level 120. now obviously this is not as high of a level as I would like but at this point I feel like I need to start getting somewhat of an army put together so maybe quantity will just beat out quality when we go to do The Brood mother I ended up drawing the megatherium back to my base and was trying to get him trapped in my new upgraded beaver trap but he was just much more interested in trying to beat the crap out of it so I just cranked him up right here and then after a short Chase got him knocked out here at our base I got the level 120 tamed up and then in between imprints I decided to head back out to the snow biome and continue searching for more high levels oh wait theres one right there behind that tree lets go over here I need to get a better angle at I cant really see it try to go over here and then get the Spyglass out and check it out come on baby oh nice 150. wow this will be our first 150 time I think I dont think I think weve lost all our other 150s it is a male so thats unfortunate we wont better breed it with the other one but that other one was only a 120 so it is what it is I think Im gonna try to lure this one back to base as well I mean its its like right here pretty close so why not for curiositys sake I ended up trying to trap it in one of Captain fat dogs youth tyrannus traps that I had built and sure enough it worked out perfectly now unfortunately it got a bug buff on the way over here so I was gonna have to wait for that to wear off before I could crank it I spent the rest of the day continuing to circle the snow biome looking for a female and right before midnight my persistence finally paid off with a level 135. this was big news because this is the last team we need to have breathable pears for all of the teams were gonna need for the boss fights as day 64 started we got the level 150 tamed up and then a little bit later on in the day the 135 as well I just love the little rock that shes doing the guy did it too its just so funny looking like I guess its probably because of the Trap wait a minute I know what to do here my daughter learned this at daycare all right were gonna come up here give me your hands come on honey give me your hands sweetheart all right ready row row row your boat gently down the stream and thats where we stopped so we dont get copyrighted all right back at base I started the process of breeding my two new megatherium and then I spent the rest of the day just working on building up the Egg farm day65 our megatherium finished their breeding process and this could not have gone better all right here we go oh are there twins um theres triplets oh my gosh how lucky holy crap this is going to save us so much time we got a female right here like I said were going to go ahead and cryopod them and then well just raise them all at once later on wait this ones a female too oh my goodness whats the third one dont even tell me right now this one is also a female holy crap I need another cryopod oh I love you so much oh my gosh I almost just want to go ahead and raise them so that Ill be able to breed three more I decided I would go ahead and raise these ladies up as well as a few more Rex and Therizinosaurus so I spent basically the rest of the day just Gathering up berries and meat and setting up some new areas to raise them our new Rex only needed one more imprint so I decided to just stick around base and work on the Egg Farm while I was waiting on them to finish raising once those guys finished up I went ahead and started hatching the Therizinosaurus and Rex eggs that we had on hand and by the end of the day the Therizinosaurus were hatched and the wrecks were almost finished day 67 I started raising the new babies which meant that I was stuck around base while I waited for them to get to the point where they could use the feeding trough so in that time I decided to continue working on the Egg farm and by the end of the day I had it pretty close to being finished day 68 I put the finishing touches on the Egg farm and once again almost killed myself while building all right second times a charm lets get these statue things destroyed and were falling in and we almost died wow our health is very low right now I just feel this like inherent need as a builder to include building in the challenge and its going to be the death of me I eventually finished the build and started moving my utai ranus in and were able to fit six on the bottom and six on the second floor and because its a modular build you could just continue to build it higher if you want to get more egg production I do have a tutorial for this on my channel so Ill leave that linked below if you would like to check it out for yourself I decided to combine days 69 through 75 into one clip because quite frankly over that span of days I was basically doing the same thing over and over again I was coming back to base to check in on our babies and give them imprints and then in between that I was going out to the nearby areas to do things such as Gathering honey and sap that I would then use to make sweet veggie cakes for our theraxenosaurus crafting up a bunch of gunpowder and then ammo that we would need for doing the caves taking various tames of ours over to Carno Island to level them up and heading over to the snow bomb to hunt down some woolly rhinos and collect their rhino horns that way I could craft up some lesser antidotes just in case I contract a nasty case of rabies while doing the caves with only the Therizinosaurus left to imprint I decided to go ahead and start knocking out some of the quicker caves starting with the Northeast cave on Carno Island which holds the artifact of the Devourer Im just going to try to lure this guy over give you a little there you go buddy come on over here oh no weve contracted the wrappies weve got rabbies guys all right lets kill him off come on Barry kill him off all right um I mean Ill definitely survive I dont have to take an antidote but I didnt make the antidotes for a reason so I might as well go ahead and use it I dont feel like dealing with my health going down to be honest I worked my way down the cave having one close call right there at the beginning on one of the first jumps but after that it was pretty much smooth sailing all the way down to the bottom once we are down at the bottom we worked our way through a few pesky bats around the artifact and headed in and picked up our first artifact of the Devourer after getting our second artifact I headed back to base and imprinted on the Therizinosaurus and then I decided to start hatching a few more eggs now I wasnt planning on raising these right now Im basically just going to hatch them cryopod them and then raise them all at once later on the very next day I decided to take on the swamp cave and the artifact of the immune of course I decided to bring a handy dandy megatherium as they are the perfect team for clearing this Cave the Cave is filled with bugs and the megatherium gets a buff whenever it kills insects so it just makes sense I also of course brought a gas mask and a spare as this area is very toxic and you basically need a gas mask to survive it I decided not to be cheap and cheese the cave there is a way that you can do it super quickly but I decided to actually work my way through it because for one I havent done it in a long time so I actually wanted to get to experience it two I went to the level to make ethereum and three I wanted to come to some of the Lakes inside of the cave and gather a bunch of leech blood all right I think Ive cleared things out enough to go ahead and grab this red drop Lets cross our fingers and our toes that we get something good out of this it is a red drop so I hope we can get something oh is that thats a Mastercraft Therizinosaurus saddle very very nice I mean a blueprint would have been better but you know Beggars cant beat and we lost our gas mask all right lets go ahead and pop the other one on there we go its a good thing we brought two yeah well take that saddle its better than getting like a metal wall or something so cant complain all right the artifact is right up here around the corner weve got another cave completed well go ahead and grab this one now I dont have enough time to stick around and get two I need to go back and imprint on the Therizinosaurus so when I come back I probably will use the cheesing method and just grapple hook my way up here through this little hole but for now were just gonna go ahead and jump through here and get out of this cave after going back to base and finishing our imprint on the Therizinosaurus I continued working on the caves now moving on to the Lower South cave with the artifact of the Hunter we are actually getting below half Health oh my gosh they broke our armor they broke everything but my helmet they just completely stripped me butt naked I did not give consent going in this water is like super risky right now without armor if we get dismounted by a Sarco were done like I dont have any armor on they will kill me before I can do anything about it I think Im just gonna try to like swim in real quick and then like lure them back out on the land just like jump in and jump right back out and see if I cant get any sarcos down there to just come back out on the land with me and then we can kill them on land all right here we go swim back up jump back up here oh it worked like a charm just in time to it look at all the Piranhas killing themselves all right thats one is there any more down there I eventually got the first of our two artifacts of the Hunter and now we just need to hang around and wait for another one to respawn while we were waiting I did go ahead and gather up a little bit of fiber from Plants within the cave that way wed be able to make some hide armor and go ahead and do some more caves without having to go back to base as it turned to day 79 I headed over to the next cave this one being the upper South cave and the artifact of the pack oh my gosh I cannot hit this bat I dont know maybe its glitched in the wall I heard something in the wall like a snake or something oh there it is theres a Titan bow right there oh were good oh you thought you were hiding buddy you were gonna try to jump me anybody else in this wall anybody else in here oh now the bat wants to come after us yeah you can get some too buddy a good portion of this cave is underwater so it was essential that I brought a SCUBA tank and my Baryonyx to complete it and basically I just followed the green dots on the ground once we got underwater and they lead you right to the artifact and anything that I came across I just unlocked it with the Baryonyx especially the Sarco as it can Dismount us and yeah really just turn our day very bad very quick all in all this Cave Run went really smooth and we made our way to the artifact without any issues Barry Manilow of course went ahead and left a dropping in place of the artifact and then I grabbed not one but for some reason two artifacts right away I dont know what this glitch is Im sure its a known glitch I dont know for some reason the artifact just automatically respawned but hey that saved us a lot of time so were able to grab the other one and then just head on out of the cave still on day 79 I wasted no time and headed over to the lava cave to get the artifact of the massive oh my God look at all them dang webs flying oh my gosh it was like Spider-Man no way home in here or something all right so the artifacts right over there I just want to clear oh gosh the Scorpion just jumped down on us lets kill this guy real quick I just want to clear out the area and take care of these dillos and just pretty much make sure theres nothing around here just so nothing can come attack us after we grapple hook over there take out these guys over here oh were getting jumped oh my gosh theres two of them and a scorpion jeez everything is just jumping us from the ceiling right now weve got everything pretty much cleared out so well go ahead and grapple hook over here to the artifact there are a few bats like over there but I think well be fine you know what Ill just go ahead and get Barry out just in case they make their way over here and then yeah lets grab our first artifact of the massive and now we just gotta wait around for one more to spawn next up I was going to be doing the Northwest cave which you have to do entirely on foot so before I head it over there I went back to base and crafted up a few grenades to help us out later in the day we arrived at the Northwest cave which contains the artifact of the skylord and like I said before this cave is done entirely on foot so I was pretty nervous going into this I really did not know how well this was gonna go all right here goes nothing fire in the hole literally fire in the hole huh all right lets try this again fire in the hole that ones good all right that one got him all right theyre coming over here lets go ahead get out the shotgun and well clear these guys out nobodys coming oh God what was that oh my God it scared me oh my goodness uh the spiders must have fallen down geez what is over here I am so nervous right now all right the artifact is just around this corner oh we got a few oh God theres one right here all right took him out only two shots lets try this again theres a spider right there I guess one of the spiders must have fallen down so thats good at least take out these bats nope its just oh God that might have bounced towards us oh hello buddy all right so I dont think we can even hit the bats I remembered that you can actually just stand on the ledge and reach the artifact from right here so I went ahead and grabbed our first one took out those two bats and then waited around for a while and grabbed another one oh theres a yellow drop over here I was wondering it was like a yellow glow to the area oh nice a journeyman fur helmet and a journeyman shotgun blueprint I mean those are gonna be pretty expensive but if we can get the stuff together those will definitely help us out all right lets head home and theres a direwolf just out here waiting for me where are you gonna come in here now I gotta prompt you hey there buddy come say hello in this nice tight narrow uh area that you cant get through come here yeah just stand right there okay I didnt mean to actually say hello and now you say goodbye all right now we can go home we got anybody else out here anybody else nope all right I spent a good portion of day 81 Gathering metal that I would need to craft the new shotgun eventually though I did get it made as well as a bunch of other stuff in preparation for taking on the snow cave towards the end of the day I headed over to begin the snow cave that contains the artifact of the strong now this is by far the hardest land cave on the island so I decided to bring my best Rex to conquer it I considered bringing a few Therizinosaurus or some of my lower level wrecks to level them but I just didnt want to risk it I know how hard this cave is so I just decided that our strongest Rex was our best choice oh god there were some honey badgers hiding around the corner all right were good they hit the Rex oh theres another one jeez oh my God theres oh it hit us oh this is not good were in like the beginning of the cave and were probably gonna die if we can just surf on the back of our wrecks here just stay on his back we will be okay I think all right get back on get back on oh my gosh look at how look at everything that has aggroed over all right theyre like stuck in the water though were gonna be fine we got this the very beginning of the cave already having issues but I think we got this these stupid flipping honey badgers will not jump out and attack my Rex like Im out of grenades I cannot blow them up to get them to come out of their hole and they just will not attack the Rex for some reason and like I dont want to just like run past them and then they decide to attack the Rex and they end up getting me and its just a complete disaster but I cant get them to come out so were probably just gonna have to end up running past them foreign of course we got a few Bears over here clogging the tunnel that were going to take care of oh gosh theyre pushing us back theyre pushing us not into the water do not go in the water come on theres one oh come on I think were good were not getting Were not gonna get pushed in the water we are getting pretty low on health though I need to give the Rex food and heal it up I dont think we can actually fit the wrecks through here so Im gonna have to like jump off and try to aggro those guys oh my of course all the honey badgers just jumped out and attacked us been trying so long theres like five of them oh my gosh oh they just freaking tossed us off the ledge all right we gotta swim back up the wrecks will be fine I healed it up enough that this water is not gonna really hurt it but look at them just sitting there looking at us just watching us can we not get through here buddy are you too thick or the hips too wide all right there we go all right were just gonna swim down this freezing cold River and climb up whenever we can can we not get up here come on dude just climb over it just keep swimming here and well get up over here my adventures in the snow cave took me into day 83 where I eventually got my hands on the artifact of the strong now I just need to wait around for one more to respawn after completing the snow cave I quickly stopped back at base to gear up to go do the underwater caves now originally my plan for this was to tame a mosasaurus to make powering through them pretty easy however I do not have the time at this point I spent too much time on some of the other caves and I still have another cycle of breeding to do so at this point Im just gonna have to go ahead and try to do it with my Baryonyx I first made my way over to the caverns of lost faith this is the easier of the two underwater caves and contains the artifact of the brute I should be able to just work my way through this with the Baryonyx as long as Im careful not to pull too many enemies at one time Music alright so the artifact is right down there Im just gonna go around to where I can get in and out of the water just in case anything gets too hairy and there is an alpha moza just hanging out out of water over here pretty much right where we need to go too lets go ahead and shoot it in the face one time I didnt even know these things spawn down here I didnt think they did lets shoot it here in the butt are we going to have to kill this thing with our Baryonyx like I dont want to risk getting in the water and then it suddenly frees itself and just absolutely destroys us well Barry I got a big task for you talk about being in the belly of the Beast am I right so bloody right now its gotta be any second like hes got oh there it goes level 270 oh my gosh no wonder it took so long his bodys just falling down into the water and only three levels on the Baryonyx are you kidding me three levels weve been doing this all day or all this day I should say like all in-game day the last like hour of my life has been spent killing this Mosasaurus and we got three levels on our Baryonyx none that really matters but Man level 270. after killing off all of the Megalodons and mantas in the area and apparently scaring off that Alpha Megalodon it just took off and has not come back I ended up getting the artifact of the brute and then of course like all the other caves just waited around for another one to respawn on my way out of the water I decided to go ahead and tame up this ichthyosaurus now my idea behind this it is an extremely low level but what I was thinking was when I go to do the harder of the underwater caves maybe Ill just be able to zip by everything on this guy grab the artifact and then get the heck out of there I made my way down into the caverns of lost hope which contains the artifact of the cunning there were already a few things in our way so I decided to start off with my Baryonyx to aggro them away and take them out one or two at a time Music after clearing out the entrance of the cavern I attempted to stay as high up to the water as I could to avoid most creatures only having to take out what was absolutely necessary but in my attempt to sneak past things I got a little bit turned around it has been a while since Ive done this Cavern so I missed the actual entrance to where the artifact is but on the plus side I did grab a few Explorer nodes all right here we go this is the last artifact that we need there we have it and look at that we unlocked a few more hairstyles upon leaving the cavern I ran into a school of jellyfish and got a little bit cocky and then tragedy happened all right we got one left oh hes getting pretty oh he was much closer than I thought he was oh my gosh all right lets take about hold on buddy were gonna take him out oh my gosh I missed oh Im not Im not clutch he is getting beat up I cant get a shot on It come on all right theres one oh my gosh hold on Buddy hold on no shortest live tame in this entire challenge lets get the Baryonyx out the worst part is I swam over here I didnt fly over here so now Im gonna have to make the Trek back on the Baryonyx foreign oh theres one coming from behind no that was a determined little microraptor and they just ran away get him Berry all right come back and get me were almost home its just right around the corner come here Barry where are you at you hiding behind this rock all right lets go home buddy the rest of the 86 was pretty uneventful I was just Gathering up berries and meat and then filling up our fitting troughs in preparation for our Mass baby raising day 87 was all about the babies as I began my one last final Mass raising to build up our armies for doing all of the boss fights between the Rexs Therizinosaurus and the megatherium I had a total of 34 babies I was going to be raising so obviously for the entire day I was just sticking very close to them checking their inventories making sure they had food until they were able to eat off of the feeding troughs all of our babies are now eating off of the feeding trough so well just need to come back every once in a while to imprint on them I decided to combine day 88 through day 96 into one clip as like I said Ill be spending a lot of my time in printing on our babies but in the meantime between imprints I did manage to do a few things such as taking a few of our existing wrecks over to Carno Island to get them as many levels as I could taking a few of our megatherium back over to the swamp cave to get them some levels all right as well as to grab our second artifact of the immune that we didnt get earlier getting all of the megatherium Rex and Therizinosaurus Saddles crafted up to give them a little bit of protection during the boss battles unfortunately I did not find any good blueprints for these so were gonna have to be going with just primitive and I started working on the artifact room that Im going to put all of the extra artifacts we gathered as well as the flags that well get for completing the boss battles I decided to build it on top of the lake so it was a little more tedious than just a regular build because we had to build it on top of pillars and ceilings I am so nervous for this like it has been absolutely ages since the last time I did the boss battles and yeah I mean we have a pretty good amount of megatherium only I think we have 17 megatherium and all the ones that we raised are all imprinted and then I think we have like four or five that we didnt raise but we leveled them a decent amount so hopefully we will be okay here its only gamma I think we got this we should get Mercy following us not you random unnamed megatherium I need Mercy all right lets back up Mercy follow us okay oh its coming over here all right guys everybody uh everybody go attack it come on guys all right go go everybody go go attack it theyre not moving nobodys moving why are you guys not moving okay I didnt mean to do that dang it Go attack everybody all right theyre starting to circle around it hopefully theyll like kind of surround it I hit the wrong War button gosh Come on this is not starting off though all right theyre killing the spiders theyre gonna get their buff there we go buff them up Mercys gonna start healing all right its not moving as fast as I hoped it would but lets see how those goes Music thank you Mercy must have ran out of food or whatever because shes just chilling back here doing absolutely nothing for the troops oh no we lost one of the megatherium oh my gosh no all right looks like the restaurant were gonna hold out those probably just taking most of the damage here we go shes going down theyre gonna get her down there we go through mother down first of the three bosses complete nice all right so overall that went pretty well I would say I mean we did lose one of our Mega can I get out of here please can you let me out okay when somebody let me out make a hole all right well just jump on one of them get them out this way anyways yeah so we did lose one of our megatherium like I said though maybe that one was just taking a lot of the damage like it was front and center getting hit the most or something but I mean we have 16 left that survived Ill go ahead and level them I guess just to be safe in case we dont do so well Im one of the other bosses and we lose a lot of teams well have these guys uh to take into the final boss but overall a few lessons to be learned our day it on Mercy was not doing much healing I dont know if thats something to do with her food or I just didnt have her position correctly I think I probably need to put some more food on her but so well need to watch that and then uh yeah well move on to the next one all right here we go the second boss the megapithecus now again it is on gamma and after doing The Brood mother Im not as worried as I was going into that one I think were gonna be all right we have a full compliment of Rexs this time all 18. of course we have mercy and then of course we have our utahrandas so I think were gonna be all right some of those rexes have been leveled pretty well like a good amount of points put into them and then the rest we just finished reading up but they are all 100 imprinted just like the megatherium so I think were gonna be able to get this one done pretty easily so were gonna do is were going to bring all of our rexes over into the corner because it is a little risky if you actually try to go and engage the megapithecus in his Arena so were just if we can get unstuck here what were gonna do is store them over in the corner and then well get him to come down and then well fight him down here thank you oh my gosh that was embarrassing it took so long to get hes coming down to us it took me so long to get everybody placed that he said screw it Im bringing the fight to you Im not waiting any longer oh my goodness they are just absolutely shredding him like just melting him down all right that was very very easy I dont even think I was doing the right Roar for the majority of that battle Im pretty sure I was hitting the wrong key and doing the wrong Roar but they just absolutely tore him to shreds all right so there we are crowd surfing across our wrecks anyways two bosses down its crazy when you have like an actual prepared amount of Rexs how easy that can be like we just absolutely shredded that guy now I dont think like I said I dont think I was using the right Roar with you tyrannus the entire time but we didnt need it anyways the Rex has handled him like the bosses they are a few of them did take a decent amount of damage it looks like I saw some blood on one or two of them there but other than that man they absolutely just wrecked him all right it is time to do the gamma dragon now just like the Rex we have a full complement of Therizinosaurus so we do have 18 of them however I did not get to level them as much as I did the Rex and then a good majority of them just finished raising so they are 100 imprinted but no levels put into them I went with a therizinosaurus because the dragon does bonus damage to carnivores and they are obviously herbivores and we made up all those sweet veggie cakes that we can give to them so theyll automatically heal themselves throughout the battle I am a little bit less confident about this one though just because these guys are not as strong as our other teams so some of these Therizinosaurus are pretty weak first things first we need to get all of these guys over here with us and then were gonna have to actually like draw him down from the sky because you know hes like up there flying around we actually have to like draw him down here to fight us well just get all of them kind of over here all grouped together and then we will shoot him out of the sky and get him down here foreign of course he finally lands and hes across the freaking lava pit are they falling in it doesnt look like theyre falling oh man it kind of does theyre definitely taking lava damage this is not going well this is not starting off good all right well regroup everybody over here get them out of the lava and then we can try this again hes just completely destroying somebody well actually doesnt look like hes really getting him come on buddy come over here too hes getting stuck oh my goodness all right dragon come over here all right cool cool all right everybody attack they shouldnt be falling in the lava now attack him oh gosh that got us were losing a pretty good amount of armor weve already lost our chess piece were losing some help foreign oh no we lost one already oh my gosh hes probably not even at half Health that is way too early to be losing one oh my gosh another one foreign oh theres a third Therizinosaurus down but were about to get him though its not you know not the best but thats three of them we still got 15 left and he is about to go down come on guys finish him off hey there it is Dragon complete all right so definitely some things to learn from that we did lose three of our Therizinosaurus but at the end of the day you know I havent done that boss in years and I have never done it solo so to you know only go in there and lose three thousands even though yes I know its only gamma but you know Ill take it we still completed it so Ill take that win all right here we go time to do the tech cave well go ahead and throw our trophies in and activate the portal or activate the door I should say and then yeah Ive got a line of our tames here we have our 18 rexes our utahrandis and our deodon were just going to bring them in a few at a time I really dont like this part this is like one of the most stressful Parts is trying to get all of your tames in here in five minutes you know and theyre already like theyre already getting all hung up on each other and weve got some lag all right lets get all these guys in here holy flipping crap this is such a disaster right now like I have four rexes in there Im pretty sure and the rest of them I dont know what happened one of them just got hung up you know the pathing mechanics are absolutely terrible when theyre on follow and now there is just a giant cluster in from the door and nobody can get through Im gonna have to like try to draw them back out to me holy crap yep I love this part of it well it looks like at least two maybe three I think theres three there yeah two or three of our rexes didnt get through and our dad on which is pretty uh important didnt get through so things are starting off great we have got quite the line of Rexs coming down this volcano right now its just like oh my gosh so stressful is flipping carnos slipped past me and I dont want to like just whistle my Rexs on neutral because then theyre gonna go crazy and theyre gonna end up falling off into the lava or something we just gotta take them out no no no turd oh no She-Hulk that was our first Rex I think no oh my gosh well were down another Rex this is uh this is getting worse every step we go down the cave oh there we go yep there goes our Rex no no oh my gosh why did I not whistle why did I not whistle to tell him to stop following oh there we have it three more wrecks bite the dust into the lava whats that bring us down to like 11. 11 Rex is in a utahrandis nice all right well we are finally at the portal to do the overseer um weve lost a good amount of wrecks along the way I am pretty frustrated I dont know if you can tell at this point not the happiest of campers because a lot of the wrecks we have lost pretty much all of them have been due to my own stupid mistakes so confidence level is going down if were gonna be able to complete this but the good news is it took us so long to get through the tech cave that we did it we beat the 100 day challenge it is actually now day 101 so we did it were still going to do the overseer or try to do it but hey you know what we finished all right so quick confession Ive never actually done the overseer I know like a rough idea of what the mechanics are but I didnt want to like go too far into researching I kind of want to just try it see how it goes so yeah I know that it transforms into the three Island bosses and whatever and then you have to take them all out but Ive never actually done the overseer so this is probably not going to go well okay all right its first boss form is the megapithecus hopefully our Rex will shred it like they did the actual one come on guys take them out foreign there we go one boss form down Although our rexes are starting to take some damage some of them are pretty bloodied up already could really be using the deodon right now all right the second boss is out and we of course have The Brood mother our rexes are already pretty bloodied up they are looking rough I do not know how this parts gonna go why are you following me I thought I told you guys to attack the broodmother oh my gosh I cant even Target it because theyre in the way oh yep there we go one of thems already down thats oh theres two more three more or something we are losing Rex now are you tyrannus is starting to get hurt all right boys and girls well lets just fight this thing out until we cant fight anymore were definitely not beating the dragon too so they are getting so bloodied up give it all you got guys Im proud of you either way yep there goes two more wrecks This is the End everybodys gonna start dying off here the sacrifice are you tyrannus okay its all up to us you know what lets go out in some Glory all right so obviously that did not end exactly how I had hoped we did survive 100 days however it was day 101 by the time we reached the overseer and then obviously we failed to kill the overseer maybe without those few hiccups in the tech cave and a better understanding of the overseers mechanics I would have been able to get it completed but you know what being able to complete all of the caves defeat the three Island bosses and make it to the overseer thats a huge win for me as somebody who hasnt done this in a few years but you know what I am really proud of what I accomplished in this 100 days not only defeating all of that stuff but also putting a few cool builds together as well as just having a good time and having some fun adventures and that is definitely something that I want to continue to do Im thinking about doing another 100 days for scorched Earth and maybe on that one since theres only one boss Ill try to put more of an emphasis on building and actually coming up with some new builds that I can then turn into building tutorials so if you guys want to see a scorched earth 100 Days please make sure you leave a comment down below letting me know that thats something you want want to see and guys this video Took a ton of work to put together honestly I have gained so much respect for anybody who makes these 100 Days videos because Ive been working on this video for probably about two months now so if youre still here and you enjoyed the video please dont forget to hit that like button and go ahead and subscribe to the channel its free and you can unsubscribe at any time also check out the description for links to my social media and once again I just want to tell you all thank you so much for being here today checking out this video and have a great day Music thank you Music steam mop on vinyl plank This is my story of surviving 100 days on Hardcore Ark Survival Evolved - The Island. 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