Surviving 100 Days in Hardcore ARK Survival Evolved Island Edition

How to connect steam deck to monitormonster boy steam ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED gameplay this is something that thousands of you guys have been asking me to do for like the last two years i am going to try to survive 100 days in hardcore ark survival evolved the rules are pretty simple if i die i have to restart from scratch and then try to make it the full 100 days so even if i were to die on day 99 i would have to do it all over again and i really hope that doesnt happen this challenge will take place on the island map and its going to be 100 in-game days instead of real-life days you can find the settings i used down below and im not running any mods well besides the emote mod but that doesnt affect gameplay in any way its just kind of fun to use if you guys like this video let me know by hitting a thumbs up and if you guys want to see more of this maybe we can do it on some of the other maps as well im also aiming to hit 1 million subs by the end of this year so if you enjoyed this content go ahead and sub and help me get there so without further ado here we go i decided to spawn in south zone 2 because the south is usually pretty tame but i did have to check my surroundings as soon as id spawned and then its down to business we need all the materials we need all the tools so lets get going oh hell yeah look at this day one tech amazing hello there oh my god i barely just saw that thing as i was playing dress up oh man all right at least we know its over there let me kill these dodos before it gets to me that was scary i had no idea the thing was there oh dude that could have been so bad oh its killing the dodo that is just cruel that was my hide dont kill the moss chops as well oh god all right guys heres our first boss battle i had no idea that this would be the very first thing we do with this series but i guess were killing the sarco im gonna need more spears than this its not that high level but i definitely need more go ahead and drop that onto the hot part okay hello oh oh it caught up to me i forgot they can lunge really far forward go ahead and try and take out this dude im actually gonna die already stupid sarco get away oh my god dude this things relentless leave my powers like all of these things are are creatures that i want to kill and its just eating everything you greedy greedy i missed completely wow okay thats cool man thats cool lets uh lets try and pick up that spear if we can where i dont even know where it landed oh here it is where did the sarco go i feel like i can hear it oh there it is oh dude one more spear one more arc pro day wood versus freaking sarco all right we got five spears coming hopefully its not that close this time i feel like thats the first poop of the series as well we should frame this dude its killing that moss chops isnt it i really wanted to try and see if i contain that thing but i didnt check its requirements yet and now its probably dead oh i can hear the sarco there you are hello oh youre gonna give me so many levels arent you there you go theres one boom level ten get wrecked homie look at you all right let me uh okay im trying to get up there no its just not wanting me to see there oh okay it just keeps bouncing me well anyway look at this we got a great prize uh prime meat as well so i guess i can hold off on harvesting it i keep getting bounced around by this look at this so weird i could probably kill you one more ah yes get wrecked look at this pro hunter right here somethings gonna come out of the water and like eat me i can already tell um all right well right now i think the priority is to use what we have hey the must stop still alive ooh cooked prime meat hang on whoa okay were getting there uh never gets old oh okay hang on a second now this is far too tempting should i eat some no i dont have rare mushrooms i got an idea unfortunately that idea did not pan out because i couldnt find a single beaver dam the river has a lot of prana in it so i decided to go ahead and build a little bridge and then i built another bridge to the southern isle so then i went on a little explore note run but i was only able to find two in this area and i could have sworn that there was a little bit more than that but either way we did get some levels so after getting the explore notes i decided to take the long way home just to see if i could try and find some stuff and i had a pretty close encounter with a raptor but for some reason it decided to go for the trike which is a bad idea for it instead of me which would have been a really tasty little snack i made it back to the river area and found a moss chops that only required tinto berries to tame we have lots of those so i decided to go ahead and feed him and boom 75 now we just got to grind out a forge while we wait for that second feed and here we go he wants more tinto berries amazing im going to name you pork chop so pork chop and i decided to go around and gather all of the materials moss chops are great at gathering berries and fiber and they can also gather wood and thatch as well so theyre kind of like the perfect early game team if you can find the right things to feed them while i still have my xp bonus i decided to go ahead and make use of it by crafting as much narcotic as i could then i spent some time making some tools and just grinding out materials for a little bit i forgot to name my tribe so i went ahead and did that and then made some more tools and did some more grinding and then we finally had a crossbow so it was time to just wreck some face parasaur face to be specific then after this i decided to try and grind out a stone building so i went across my bridge placed down a storage chest and just grinded out tons of stone i figured it might be a good idea if i went ahead and just made some medical brews even though its super early on they could be very very useful in a pinch i made some spike fences to protect my base and then i went across the river to lay a new foundation this will be where were gonna make our base for the moment then it was a matter of placing down the spikes to protect my area okay so the next thing is to head back to my old base but first weve got a blue drop to check out unfortunately it had absolutely nothing good in it so then i realized i had a lot of crap so i decided to go ahead and build a raft because that would allow me to bring all the stuff basically right over to my base without having to make multiple trips because rafts have unlimited weight i spent some time grinding out some metal from these little river rocks but i knew that i would need to eventually get to a proper source of metal so i set out to try and tame myself a ptranadon but the only issue is is that i cant really tell their levels until i go right up to them level 20 is kind of okay so i decided to go ahead and bowl of this thing and then knock it out we can just feed it straight up normal raw meat because i dont have any prime right now but we also got to watch his torpor because these things can wake up then i noticed a little bit of an issue i need a tranadon saddle as you probably would but i need chitin or keratin to make this which i have zero of so i decided to go ahead and start killing absolutely anything around that would give any form of chitin or keratin which is mostly just turtles and then trikes during my massacre of all turtles and trikes i could find i actually managed to find a beaver dam that was completely unguarded with a good amount of symmetric paste in it actually i also kept all the wood too these creatures really do not give much at all so it took me absolutely ages to get oh my god why did it stop at 74 that is just cruel so eventually i got my last piece of keratin and then we were all good to go to craft this saddle taking to the skies i decided to go ahead and fly to a nearby mountain where i definitely know theres some metal but also crystal which is essential to make a spyglass and then eventually a scope for our long neck the only issue is that a lot of the stuff weighs a lot and unfortunately theres a carnot here so i crafted what i needed and then i went ahead and did a couple trips back and forth trying to collect some metal and bring it all the way home this was really unproductive though so i decided to go ahead and sail my raft all the way over to the river just down below where this mountain is and then i could easily go ahead and just haul the metal down to the raft and cook it right there i saw a couple yell drops in the distance that i wanted to go ahead and check out Music not bad then i got back and made a little forge area up the top of the mountain and continued my grinding i knew that i would need some kite pretty soon so i decided to go into the southern cave where theres just crack tons of insects and some other stuff but the main thing is we can get lots of chitin in here look at these sick dodging skills wait there we go oh my god that was dope oh man that could have been really bad these things are terrifying i dont want rabies all right lets check this side another reason why i came in here is that i knew that there would be some obsidian that we can harvest so i was gonna try and make it to the artifact but i really did not have enough bullets to be able to make it there and back safely so ill come back another time ah forgot to name you flappy and were gonna leave the spelling like this even though that was a mistake oh man i didnt think that would think what aggro to me that was terrifying that was not worth it as well oh i need to get rid of you now i need to bring you somewhere over here oh my god i know therazinos aggro but i thought it was far enough away jesus dude that could that could have killed me that really did a lot of damage as well that is terrifying oh tickle chickens stay away oh man oh that is tempting oh man i dont know if i can knock that thing out though that is so tempting where did it go all right so i know theyre skittish so i wont go near it right now uh there are creatures around oh my god its on the ground and everything if this raptor didnt exist like oh these two raptors never mind okay stupid raptors get out of here um oh that would be so good we could potentially tame this thing i dont know i dont know if i can knock it out on time you can bola it but then we got like 30 seconds to shoot as many arrows as we can and i dont think were gonna be able to shoot enough for a 140. you know i think that id really love to try and tame it but i i dont think ill be able to if i had rare flowers i might be able to try and do that because you know i could use the rare flower and then it would come from me and i know i can go into the swamp to get some rare flowers but thats just going to be a no-no for me because capros exist and we cant die so yeah yes all right i need to check for its sail were gonna need that later so ooh a beaver dam that is risky but we might be able to grab it i dont know well see uh theres like no good level pteranodons anywhere i mean i i dont even think ive seen one above level 100 thats how bad it is theres another one oh wow directly on 100 i mean i could potentially try to tame that just to have it and we want to hit them with some of these you are the level 100 right yeah cool all right okay got it all i will break that dont worry im not just gonna leave it okay 16 per prime we have three of them in there so were looking at what is that like 48 from the prime gonna need more wait what oh did something eat my pteranodon no you kidding so many of them here 135 did i just see that on this one that is a 135 okay we can knock it we can easily knock it but actually getting it teamed that is the other thing because this is a dangerous area this is not like a safe spot you know ive got a good idea im gonna go ahead and hit it get it to move out of here there we go its down nice lets get you on the tracker we need to just kill something maybe this rg we have this thing reloaded we do not and now it is and the rg is not dead but its placed okay there we go nice really okay two pieces thats not thats not enough lets see if i can kill this uh this toronto this is all the prime were ever gonna need if i can get it then were good were golden im gonna harvest it on the tranadon if we can actually harvest it i cant even bite it right now okay we need to get out of it because were like completely inside of it there we go we killed it okay harvesting on the triad on dont even care okay so first of all drop all im gonna go ahead and take all and then transfer all and then pick this up quickest way i could think of doing that all right this things gonna eat up in just a sec um lets go ahead and just grab the saddle tiny wings sure i dont know what to call it im not creative although we could we could have probably called it hot wings its wings are like red maybe we should change this name all right here we go this thing should die soon hey nice all right what do you have for me please have a crossbow nothing basically that sucks and there we go level 45 all right please tell me this one has something good in it for me ah god damn it that is a freaking good ass rex right there we need to tame that we need to tame that like asap well not right now because im probably not in the position to really do that but soon we know theres a 145 racks along this river thats good enough for me for the moment yeah mantis battle meh oh theres a spinal egg there oh man hes coming hes angry i finally made myself a fabricator and then some flak armor this will help out in the long run to keep me alive then i started to bring a bunch of the ingots that we have up at the top of this mountain down to the raft after i brought down all of the ingots i decided to bring my raft back to my little base area i dont know why it took me like nine in-game days to do this but i finally became syntac i placed down my fabricator but then i realized im gonna need some polymer to make some stuff so i leveled up the harvesting on my moss chops and oh by the way this animation looping is really weird i absolutely hate these seagulls you deserve that thats what you get i only managed to find one has furnace around the area which is unfortunate because i cant really bring the moss chops too far away from my base so i set out and looked for some more on my pteranodon i spotted a potential threat across the river so i figured it would be a good idea to lead it over to something that might be able to kill it unfortunately the bronto will not naturally attack the sarco and these tarko will not naturally attack the bronto but maybe its far enough away from my base for now we can deal with this later i flew over to the obelisk to craft up some cryopods i was only able to craft two but this is going to be good enough for now i found a 145 otter on my way back to base this area is not very safe though so im gonna have to tame it elsewhere so i flew it down to the little pond area in the southern isle then i went looking for a low level ichthyornis to tame up so i could tame up the otter using its little buff thing to the fish i finally managed to find one that i didnt end up killing by accident and i tamed that thing up and then went to go tame the otter you could send dick the ornish into the water to kill fish and bring them to you they also have like a bit of a buff on them so it makes it quicker to tame up otters i finally got the otter after ages and we named him winston of course i hunted down an alpha raptor that i saw earlier and this one actually had some good loot look at that a crossbow i was just minding my own business crafting stuff and then i realized we had a visitor yeah its that same sarco that i tried to get rid of earlier hes come back for revenge he knows we killed his friend before he started eating my raft which i honestly did not appreciate so i led him out to the open so i could fight him that poor moss chops i started fighting the sarco on my pteranodon but then i had to move away because the pteranodon needed stam and then i got distracted by a dillo that apparently is immune to arrows i dont understand how that did not hit i did manage to kill the dillo and then i went over to look for the sarco again unfortunately the sarco had worked up a plan a master plan that would just completely ruin the day flappys dead our first casualty of this challenge at this point things are personal on both sides so i need to kill this thing asap before it kills something else oh my god just die already there we go oh my god dude no he killed flappy oh were like 10 episodes in flappy didnt even make it halfway flappy and i to the end thats what i thought but just no were just not able to have nice things i started grinding out for a couple gates to make a little trap for an rg and then i flew on over to the redwoods i know redwoods a bad idea for orgies but theres quite a lot of them in here and we dont have to fly that far to get there i scoped out a couple rgs and then this happened whoa dude thats like the third rg ive looked at so i went ahead and built up my rg trap and then i led the rg over and then trapped it inside and then cranked it out i wanted to let the rg starve down completely before i started to gather up some prime to feed it so i decided to just stick around the area and just gather up metal and other materials oh that it that actually could be an issue um i better not aggro these things uh youre kind of coming up this way and youre not even aggro that is terrifying okay were leaving i mean i want to tame that but not right now because were not in the position to do that i dont know if i can knock that out with what i have okay thats not bad for a ramshackle were getting all the luck here today thats amazing my rg was starved down enough so i started to try and kill some things to collect some prime and then this happened oh my god thats a 140. i almost shot at it okay i guess were taming that one too i somehow missed that cool thats a female and r1 is a male this mountains amazing why didnt we just live here from the start i had more than enough prime so then it was time to feed this rg and get it all teamed up hey we got it oh damn look at you let me go ahead and put this stuff away all right lets see um looks pretty good yeah not bad not bad oh yes finally okay gathering stuff is gonna be so much better now because i actually have good weight and also reductions its great all right lets see lets try and get this other one gotta lead it over first sweet all right were gonna let this one starve as well so it will be a little bit before we can tame it nice oh man that is the jackpot right there holy crap you just got everything didnt we all right sweet finally after all this bad luck with the alpha raptors we actually get a freaking crazy haul i love this oh hang on is this thing starved up enough i should have waited no can only eat like six pieces right now which is not gonna be enough uh we got some time on it though oh i just realized i forgot to name my rg agent travis all right there we go thats gonna keep it good for a little while longer all right we got the other rg im gonna take down the trap uh i think this one has slightly better stem uh but i think everything else is lower thats okay though so i bred my rgs so i could get myself an egg which ill hatch later on but weve got over a day cool down on the female which is unfortunate oh damn thats pretty good okay yeah uh this is a good day you keep getting amazing stuff i love it i started flying my rg over towards the volcano to collect up some crystal and then i got distracted by this red drop not bad okay no more distractions lets get back over to this volcano we need the crystal to be able to make the rest of the greenhouse structures im gonna need later on once i had everything crafted i headed back to the mountain i was busy doing stuff when another surprise visitor arrived oh crap uh oh my god lets scare the crap out of me where the hell did you even come from i spent some time doing a little bit more grinding and then once i was done i packed everything into my two rgs and then flew back to base i decided that i actually would want to move my base to a different area so i picked a spot that ive already built base in in the past i had a pretty great base back in like 2017 in this area first things first lets get this greenhouse down im doing a pretty standard three by four just to kind of have three crop plots of each of these vegetables nothing crazy except for this pipe that we had to run all the way down to the river it took me a little while to actually get all of the seeds that i would need but finally we did and then the next step was get all the poop or fertilizer i spotted a low-level fiomia just walking along the river so i brought it back to my little base and tamed it up there we go thats a fitting name the great thing about fiomi is is that you can just spam feed them stim berries and they will just constantly poop they will never stop pooping unless you run down their food i managed to fill up every single compost bin that i have so now its just a matter of waiting although i did fill up all the crop plots with some poop just for the moment i transported all of my items and the rest of my teams over to the new area and then began construction on my little house the next few days were fairly mundane not a whole lot happened honestly it was mostly just me hitting rocks crafting things placing things organizing things but i did manage to find something lurking in the forest just south of my base yeah were gonna have to deal with that at some point i decided that i wanted to go ahead and hatch up that rg egg that we got so i made myself a little torch circle to try and hatch it unfortunately it was too hot so were gonna need air cons instead i crafted up way too many air cons but thats okay we probably will need more in the long run but anyway this is perfect we can incubate it the little baby hatched up and i have not named it for the moment but well probably name it at some point the babys gonna need an imprint in a little while so im gonna have to stick around the area just to make sure that i get that i decided to spend my time by just grinding out to try and make myself a behemoth gate once i had that i made some more spikes and made a proper wall for defense i cant really have things wandering into my base thats uh just a recipe for the end of this little challenge i killed an alfa raptor that was fairly close to my base and i got a little crossbow upgrade from it all my crops are fully grown now so i decided to go ahead and harvest from every single crop plot we have a good amount of this stuff at this stage already so were pretty much good to make some kibble when we have some eggs all right its finally time to imprint the baby and its gonna need medjoo berries pretty good because thats actually an item that we can easily get all right 17 for that imprint that means that were gonna have to do six imprints in total at this stage i was kind of itching to head out and try to tame up some creatures so i flew all the way up north to try and get a high-level mammoth after lots of searching i managed to find a one three five which is pretty good so we just gotta kill its partner mammoths are pretty easy to knock out so i had that done fairly quick and then at this point we pretty much just have to leave it im gonna let this thing starve out which should roughly take around two hours unfortunately you see i dont have anything better than berries to feed it so yeah kinda sucks but we do need a mammoth i did make some use of my time up north by grabbing lots of oil skipping ahead a little bit were back at base and the rg is in need of another imprint it wants a walk this time i felt like it was probably about time that we go ahead and kill that alfa carno so i got myself an explore note buff and then went over to kill it took me a little while to take this thing down because it had a lot of help but finally we got it thinking ahead a little bit i knew that i would need some sap at some point soon so i decided to go ahead and make a bunch of tree sap taps and then i placed them on a tree on the outskirts of the redwoods i hit up the obelisk again to make some more cryopods and then it was time to imprint the rg once more it wanted another walk after this i knew i needed to fly straight up north to hit up the mammoth and give it some narcotic its not quite ready but i will feed it anyway i managed to intercept a carno that was definitely going to hit the mammoth that would have honestly made me cry it got to the stage where the mammoth was completely full so we have to kind of wait a little bit longer i just stayed around the area killed a bunch of things and harvested some more oil the mammoth decided to team up at the absolute perfect moment because apparently there were some wolves that had just spawned at some point coming for it with the help of my new unnamed friend we dispatched of the pack of wolves that could have honestly ruined the day i made it back to base and took the mammoth out for a test spin and i gotta say im super happy that i tamed this thing mammoths have really good weight but also theyre super amazing at gathering wood thatch and berries my moss chops is good at gathering berries but it doesnt really have the health or stamina pool to really be useful to bring around the area so i farmed lots of narcoberries stem berries too wood and thatch with this thing and yeah we are absolutely stacked at this point i wanted to head out and try to find some creatures to tame like a frog maybe a baryonyx or something so i made myself a little taming pen in my compound then i went searching for a frog to tame and i gotta say i was killing every single low level and they were all absolutely awful hopefully at some point we could find a high level one though because i definitely want to take one of those things into the swamp cave it was finally time for the last imprint on the rg and it wanted a cuddle so in total it wanted mejoberries four walks and then a cuddle forgot to name you hmm tusk face yep im creative i went searching for that 145 wrecks that we saw along this river but honestly i was not able to find it it must have either died or despawned or something how the hell did i miss this egg i am so annoyed at myself i went searching in a different swamp area and then this happened oh finally 1 45 not bad and its a cool color so i flew the little guy all the way back to my base and dropped it in the trap and then began knocking it out i let it starve out for a little bit until it was ready and then i pulled some prime from my fridge and teamed it up slippy yes i brought slippy down to the river beside my base to kill some fish just to try and get some levels and then on my way back to my base i found this yeah we gotta deal with that like right now our new rg was actually fully grown up now so i decided to bring it out to try and kill the raptor with it although when we got down to low health on the raptor i decided to bring out slippy and deal the finishing blow with him instead i flew all the way over to the redwoods with plans to tame up the 140 racks that we saw on the mountain but unfortunately this one also despawned yeah this is getting annoying i figured i might have some look at carno island so i flew all the way over there and honestly there wasnt really anything good here besides a couple alpha creatures that i killed huh well we keep losing all the rexes that i try to tame so i guess i should get that aloe i was trying to get a good angle to shoot at this aloe and then something really stupid happened uh-oh you can really tell that i was panicking because i was just in complete concentration mode not talking at all just focusing on surviving oh i slipped right off that cliff man that was scary oh man that had me a little bit worried that would have been super embarrassing to die that way as well im glad that i be that i was able to save that really should have had that parachute on there that would have saved me um i guess we will try to knock it out here i just cant really get a good angle oh god damn it god this area sucks okay where can i actually stand here without sliding down this freaking mountain i would have thought what like right here would have been fine but apparently not eventually the aloe started torpor running and just ran through the forest and then it just became this wild goose chase of me just running around chasing it shooting at its butt but eventually we got it down yes i let it starve out for a little bit and then flew over some freshly harvested prime from an alpha raptor we got the aloe all tamed up and then i decided to just bring it around and try to kill some stuff with it while leveling i went out searching for some more creatures to tame and ended up finding a level 100 anki i brought it back to my base and knocked it out and then i found this just slightly up the river a 145 rex thats about the same as before it cant be i mean thats too far not so i dont think it was white but hell yeah well tame that for sure i dont know where though i crafted up a couple more behemoth gates to make a trap very similar to the one that we used on the rg except this one would be able to hold a rex i led the wrecks into the trap trapped it and then proceeded to knock it out i needed to wait some time before the wrecks and the anki would be ready to be tamed up so i went out searching for some more creatures again another high level aloe what level or what gender is my one okay thats a breeding pair all right we just need to tame that thing i went back to my base to grab some pieces for a trap and use myself as live bait and it didnt go very well the first time but eventually i got it in now with three creatures knocked out we have to play the waiting game so i decided to just bring my mammoth through the swamp to collect some narcoberries and then this happened im sorry what how can i not fit through here that makes no sense i collected absolutely tons of narcoberries and i think im just gonna store these until we have a chemistry bench which were not too far off getting i killed a nearby alpha raptor and then used that prime to feed up the rex and the aloe pretty good actually the aloes kind of bad although that stams not the worst i spotted a bronto egg just below my base earlier so i grabbed it and then brought out my aloes to take out the brontos when i got back to my base i bred my aloes and now we have an aloe egg that we can hatch but also the anki is tamed up too ive been having some issues with my storage space so i made myself a vault i gave my anki a name and then i also named the archie that we bred i finally got around to burying flappy left him a flower and paid my respect all right on the brighter side the aloe egg is ready to hatch up so now we got a baby to take care of i went out to try and harvest up some more meat for the baby and then this happened what how the hell did you get here i am beyond confused right now it must be unpassively yeah how how did that happen ankis recently got the ability to auto harvest which means that theyll swing at metal nodes if theyre nearby them so i brought out my rg and my anki and just started harvesting that way weve got plenty of time before the first imprint so i flew out to the central river in search of creatures to tame and alphas to kill thats two of them in like two seconds here like what cuddle yes 20 nice i killed an alpha creature and got up to level 80 which means that we now have the industrial fortune locked then it was time for another imprint on the aloe and it wanted to walk and now our next big thing is i need to go around collecting metal to basically get enough to make this forge because this thing is really expensive at 2 500 ingots i brought back a crap ton of metal from that mountain and went ahead and smelted it then it was time for another metal run yeah were gonna need lots more after that i flew up north to kill a crap ton of penguins to get enough polymer and then also harvest up some oil because we need lots of that stuff too not bad thats also pretty good and we finally have it yay finally oh man this thing is great major upgrade oh hello all right we gotta kill this thing i flew off to try and find an explore note for the additional xp because thats definitely gonna help us level then i flew back and started to kill it as per usual it had absolutely nothing good on it alpha t-rex suck when i got back the aloe required an imprint unfortunately we dont have regular kibble but fortunately we can do this trick to re-roll what it wants ah cooked prime beet much better we have that all right there we go that is the last imprint on this aloe we just gotta wait for it to grow up i was just down by the river beside my base collecting up some flint and then i got attacked by a carno and a raptor oh thats 150 huh maybe ill try to get that all right i have bolas and lets trap this thing and knock it out one failed bola all right the second one worked now were just gonna knock this thing out but theres a titanoboa just behind us there dont want that thing to sneak up on me and another raptor of course dont worry wild raptors cant hurt wild raptors it didnt lose any levels i knew this thing would come from me i absolutely knew that would happen im so glad that i saw it after lots of grinding for xp i finally hit level 82 which means that we can now make the chemistry bench this is a major upgrade for us because now were going to get 50 extra of everything that i would make in a mortar and pestle the raptor is plenty starved at this stage so we can tame it up real quick of course we had to name him crafter even though he might not be crap i believe i was looking on my phone at this point just waiting for the polymer to craft up and then something bad happened uh-oh i very clearly had my priorities in check and definitely had to at least see what level it would be its a low level so we gotta kill this thing i guess he walked right over these spikes i gotta make a proper wall with the chemistry bench crafted and placed now its time to start crafting absolutely everything i spent some time working on my new wall basically just putting up dinosaur gates and then putting the spikes behind them we still gotta finish this off but its a good start im also the right level now to craft scuba gear so i went ahead and crafted a ton were gonna need this stuff later anyway yeah thats normal i wanted to try and find myself a high level saber for some caving so i flew north ooh hello level 60. oh im okay that kind of scared me though i didnt know what stunned me that could have been a pallavia thingy what are they called pavlova thats what i like to call them um lavia oh i cant even think im just looking for an explorer note god damn it all right i got one more bullet left ah god damn it how much health do you have left im gonna make some arrows hey finally uh oh wow no loot at all love it its like alpha day today theres an alpha karno there and an alpha raptor there thats gonna be a no from me after searching the mainland a little bit more i could not for the life of me find a high level saver so i decided to come over here to carno island and just massacre everything until i can find whoa okay how long have i been here for ive been flying around this whole area trying to get a high level saver to spawn and the highest ive seen so far was level 100 big jump from 100 to 150 though im happy with this i do not want to tame it here though uh im out of stem got it Music hey Music got it all right thats not a bad spot back at base i crafted up a saber saddle and the shotgun blueprint that we have and then i went out hunting to level up the saber hmm thats a little risky after leveling up the saber a good amount i decided to fly north to do a cave all right here we go were at the central cave otherwise known as the kite and cave and i get away from my crash sickness to wear off so we can use the saber why is there a power store in here gotta say im pretty nervous to go in here um hopefully this goes well if i get rabies its bad i do have some medical brews so i can serve yeah i have rabies oh my god its bad oh my god these things are so toxic man get the hell out of here okay hopefully we can actually get through this cave might have to pull out an aloe i do have one on my bar or not my bar at my inventory now its on my bar i cant remember if megalania can spawn in this cave i cant see that arthroplast head and now its completely inside the wall are you kidding me why why is it inside the wall there you are are you kidding me i cant even okay whatever oh are you kidding how does that make that makes no sense that makes no sense i cant hit you you can hit me that is bull okay theres another bat right there it doesnt seem to care that i was shooting at it okay interesting oh my god theres the power sword again hes like part of this journey there we go ill just put my guy in two grooses and were gonna back up and were gonna go this way there we go getting attacked by things of course in their allo start killing all right sweet so i guess we can kind of consider this cave to be done i just need to wait for two more artifacts and put them all into my otter hmm im gonna need some of these for some decorations so i guess ill fly back up to the volcano and get some that was terrifying i feel like i almost fell there i dont trust this little slope i feel like im gonna fall all the way down oh yeah that would be death oh my god all right come here jesus uh this will be the stupidest way to die as well because im here to get like cosmetic things from my base this stuff serves no purpose other than decoration and that would be my death Applause i did not have my mic down by my face oh my god that was terrifying i was like looking around and everything im looking for my sap taps there they are oh my god oh im okay im okay those are allows 135 and a 130 not bad i gotta grab the sap though what i dont even have a single piece how do they have to be loaded in all the time to generate it that is stupid oh thats annoying i guess they do no i didnt know that dude i dont have time to afk in this freaking playthrough im gonna have to like literally sit here at afk now to get some that is stupid oh my god what is wrong with me today i was literally looking where did you even come from ah god damn it thats twice now twice within like 10 minutes im leaving i dont want to be here anymore im so glad that i have the shotgun ah damn i dont think it works uh they work on other maps these little like you know that the trunk of the tree you can get zap from them but i guess it doesnt work here on the island i was fairly sure that they didnt work but it was worth a try why is there a dillo stuck to my trunk im not holding that this is the grab so if i already had that i would drop it shirley that is so confusing what is happening ive never seen that happen before i came back from the swamp with an absolute metric but ton of narco berries so i went ahead and grabbed an explore note and killed an alpha raptor too and then i crafted all of the narcotic i wanted to make some lesser antidote with my leech blood but i didnt have enough to do it inside the chemistry bench so i made some inside the mortar then i went searching through the swamp looking for a good level barry or just something to tame and then this happened well thats a nice find finally though ive been looking for barrys since like we got that frog which was ages ago how damn we lead it all the way over here so i will say i remember that you cant pick up berries using an rg but i forgot that you cant bowl of them either oh i thought you could you used to be able to no i i could have sworn you used to be able to i didnt come prepared with a trap so we had to just hop onto the frog and just try to knock it out that way it was a little messy but eventually i got it knocked out hey baryonyxes are peskivores which means im gonna need to feed this thing fish and honestly fish meat is a to get and its gonna ruin the efficiency anyway so i decided to go ahead and just make some of its kibble which is regular luckily i had just the right amount using all of these different types of eggs there we go hey forgot that i had that i wanted to take the barry out for a spin literally because these things have a spin attack in the water that can just stun everything around you within reason i mean they cant stun gigantic creatures but pretty much everything medium sized is fair game after a good amount of leveling in the water i set my sights on bringing my barry into the cave that we were in earlier on in the play through this is the southern cave and its right around here does it look like a whole lot changed theres that megalania that we spotted as well last time now i do know this cave like the back of my hand so i know exactly how to get to the artifact but i did want to take the long way round looking for some drops and thats exactly why this happened oh crap i didnt know there was a second sarco oh oh theyre snakes oh oh theres a third sarco oh my god now let me kill this thing all of that theres not even a supply drop down here you must be this short to enter get wrecked we do have to watch out in here though as an old school arc player seeing the titanoboa egg right there really excited me but then i remember that theyre not really that useful nowadays back with the old kibble system they were very very hard to get but very very useful ever since they changed the kibble system ive been really surprised that theyre not higher up on that new list they definitely should be either the top or second to top tier i decided to have a little moment with this egg but then i got attacked you see i just cant have nice things im still waiting on my third artifact so i decided to just kind of chill around the area and tame up a dung beetle dung beetles are very useful for getting fertilizer you can basically have the meat poop and make it for you im a scat man i got my last artifact and headed back out i set up my dung beetle in my little greenhouse area and fed him some poop and luckily i remember to close the door then i headed straight off over to another cave thats nearby the lava cave and its located right here this cave is extremely dangerous and you definitely dont want to go in here with a bad creature luckily the baryonyx is pretty much a well-rounded amazing caving creature though it will still struggle with this many bats why are there so many oh crap were not in a super bad situation so im not gonna bother taking the cure for that but i will keep an eye on my health Music did that thing just flip oh again im gonna hold on to the thing i just want to save it until i actually desperately feel like i might need it i think were fine um im gonna pull out the aloe i do not have the aloe with me why did i think i brought my aloe would the mammoth fit in here that would be funny yes oh man all right lets do it then um youre gonna have to stay on passive all right i took the cure just to be safe wait what how did that not hit i dont know why these dillos just dont care about me oh oh it doesnt work on me because i have the cure on i think all right well this is pretty much another cave complete we just need to wait for all the artifacts back at base now i decided to go ahead and rename agent travis just because im super funny and quirky that way i wanted to collect up some black pearls so i went searching for some trilobites along the beach in the southern area they dont really give too many per trilobite but you know what its definitely worth it so we dont have to go down to the ocean unfortunately i could only actually find two of them so that means we have to go down into the ocean luckily i did bring my barry so it shouldnt be too bad we can search for some trilobites down at the bottom but also europe as well which are far more efficient i was just minding my own business and then this happened oh my god is that an alpha mosa heather do you want to be featured in the video say something im keeping that in eventually i came across some europeans and i decided to kill them with my crossbow because if you kill something with a barrier it auto harvests it and i dont know if the barrys super efficient we had to fight a couple more plessies though because these things are absolutely everywhere down here luckily the barrow is able to handle them and then it was back to killing the eruptrids i did manage to actually eat one of them using the berry just to see if it was super efficient it was okay so i decided to eat another and then i decided you know what im just gonna use the pick on the last two and i think that is probably more efficient theres a nearby lead thickness so i grabbed a handful of prime fish and ill probably cook this up when we get back who knows i might need this i remember that if i wanted these tree sap taps to actually produce i would need to open them so i went back earlier and i opened up all of them and now we have a little bit in each these maneuvers here with the grapple definitely seem like the best way to try and get to all of the taps but its also super risky luckily i am not a professional but im somewhat confident sometimes the whole reason why i needed zap and black pearls is that i wanted to make some absorbent substrate so i could then make myself some gas masks these will be useful for the swamp cave although i could have used scuba and gilly for that i found a pretty high level alpha t-rex really close to my base so naturally we gotta shoot this thing down kill it until its dead now heres the thing this is a high level so i think we need to take advantage of this to the fullest so i flew off and found myself a quadruple xp explorer note and then also another regular one and then flew back and slayed this beast and honestly i was not expecting this much of a payday five levels at this level is ridiculously good so im super happy about that this is so great because now we can unlock the industrial cooker which is really just a godsend when it comes to making soups and brews and all this stuff it just makes it so much quicker and i can just put all the stuff in and leave it and then come back and it will all be ready after a little bit of grinding i had enough stuff to finally make this thing and then it was down to making a ton of medical brews i went out to grind some stones so i could build up my base a little bit nothing extravagant but i just wanted to finish off what i had planned then i realized how frustrating the vanilla building system is and honestly i just gave up after my failed attempt at building my base i flew around looking for some stuff to tame and i found something really nice in the redwoods so i built another behemoth trap locked it inside and knocked it out i was gonna head back to base but then i realized i should probably try to tame myself a bee so i started flying at the hive hitting it once and flying away to avoid getting stung and knocked off my mount eventually the hive broke and the queen came out and then it was time to try to pass obtain this thing i was foolish to leave my rg out because that means that a lot of these little bees are gonna constantly try to attack my rg and probably also come from me things got a little bit dicey at one point but eventually i did manage to feed the second piece of food to the queen and then it was tamed i brought the queen back and made it into a hive and filled it up with some rare flowers so we can start producing some honey then i flew back to the redwoods because the rex is pretty much almost ready to be tamed i killed an alpharaptor and fed that alpharaptor to the wrecks my new rex was all tamed up so i cry out it but heres the unfortunate thing both of my rexes right now are female i need to try and get a male one easier said than done though cause i will also need it to be a high level then i went searching for some high level megatheriums these guys are absolutely amazing against the broodmother because of their rage ability when they kill katniss creatures so if i want to take down that boss im definitely going to want to use these guys i actually managed to find a unicorn one of the rarest creatures in ark and what do i do with it i ate it to absorb its nutrients every single one of them that i found that was a low level i went to try and kill it and something really unfortunate happened at one point oh yeah thats thats not good oh thats not good no why why oh my god microraptors i just had a heart attack thats not okay im so glad that thing wasnt in rage mode because id be dead thats terrifying then i continued my search for the elusive megatheriums and eventually i came across some pretty good levels ooh okay um oh and a 130 130 and a 140 together wait oh theyre both males Laughter ah its okay well tame them both anyway by the time i was ready to trap them they had separated out so i couldnt get them together and the small gates dont actually seem to trap megatheriums so i had to knock out one of them remove the trap trap the other and then knock that one out as well megatheriums can eat many different types of foods so i decided to fly back to base to see if we had enough honey to feed them and i dont know why i even bothered because that obviously was not going to be the case i flew back up north to see if i could manage to find an office which honestly i havent even seen one of them so far and ive spent a good amount of time in the snow area even looking for megatheriums there too eventually i spotted one but then i spotted something beside it yeah that right there thats impalavia thats terrifying i didnt really want to leave this office wandering around waiting until it moves away from the palavius so i decided to be a little bit cheeky to see if i could manage to swipe the office without getting pounced on unfortunately that did not happen but luckily for me it only stunned my rg and not me as well i managed to kill the palavia and then swoop up with my obvious before it got eaten i brought it all the way back over to the megatheriums which were basically ready to be fed and i hacked up the office a little bit fed one hacked it up a little bit more fed the other and then stored the rest of the mutton in my rg this is because i want to bring this stuff back to base to cook it because cooked lamb is really good in real life and in the game so my two megatheriums are all teamed up and the stats look decent-ish on them obviously im not really gonna have enough time to like be combining all the best stats and stuff so well just have to kind of go with what were getting i got back to my base and started cooking up all the mutton that we got but ill probably just store away these lamb chops until we do like a crazy cave or something speaking of crazy caves or something lets do a crazy cave or something weve been preparing for this one for a little bit but i think im ready to head into the swamp cave now and its located right here i thought it might be a good idea to leave agent travis right here at the entrance just so i can come back with any chitin or other materials that i get just so i dont have to carry them through the whole cave now initially i was thinking were gonna use slippy for this part but then i remembered yeah theres also a lot of other big creatures like snakes and spiders and all these other things that flippy cannot easily kill in the back so instead i decided to use my megatherium um which honestly was kind of annoying because we dont get tons of smacking paste but look at all these creatures i dont think slippy would have survived we can always come back for more cementing paste in the future but for the moment the mission is the artifact i cleared my way to this room right here and this is actually the place that you can bypass the whole cave and just get straight to the artifact all you got to do is just grapple up to this spot right here and reel yourself in there we go theres the artifact of the immune now i need three of these so were gonna have to stick around the area so i figured it might be a good idea to go down to the other side because theres this room with tons of creatures in it but you can usually find red drops there oh my god thats hilarious after fighting all these creatures i made my way to the red drop and hey look at this terrible loot why these are red drops sometimes you can get amazing stuff out of these things okay so were going to refresh the area by running all the way up to the artifact and running all the way back down and there we go we have another red drop oh my god what is wrong with this game thats annoying at this stage i wanted to see if i can get these red drops to respawn so i backtracked through the cave with the megatherium and managed to find this yellow drop that was actually a hell of a lot better than two red drops that is very nice after grabbing all three of my artifacts i figured it was probably time to leave the cave so i went to try and do that and for some reason i cant fit and oh my god why did that just happen that is awful i made it all the way up to where travis was but unfortunately theres not even a body just the bag at this stage the biggest question on my mind was how did travis die i didnt notice at the time but there was actually some damage numbers when i was trying to fit through with the megatherium so he was clearly being hit by something that can make you bleed because it didnt show that something killed him you see if a creature like a carno hits your tame and makes it bleed if the killing blow doesnt get landed by the carno the carno doesnt get the kill because technically that creature bled out it doesnt matter that the carno made it bleed it still just shows up as this honestly i kind of would prefer if they changed that but it is what it is okay so this is really annoying im actually kind of upset at this stage were gonna also have to walk all the way back to base which is quite the track on my way back i actually managed to find another unicorn yeah thats two and in hardly any time at all i thought about taming this one for a second but then i thought you know what i need to at least test out my new rifle and this things pretty good unfortunately i didnt actually get to the body in time before the nutrients were eaten by something else darn new copies after a long journey i finally made it back to my base and it was time to bury agent travis too unfortunately the graves are just absolutely awful and i couldnt actually get a proper formatting for this at all eventually i did it and i laid down two flowers and laid my little buddy to rest it may not seem like it but at this point i had actually had this rg for a long time and i was using it constantly i had become attached to it and it was really upsetting to have to say goodbye lucky for me my mating pair of argies is ready to have another baby in just 22 minutes yeah thats right we bred this thing on day 13 and its only basically ready now almost the perfect time but i honestly would have preferred not to lose ancient travis too so i bred them together got a new egg hatched it up and named it agent travis tree yeah i know im quirky all right so weve got a baby to take care of so i cant really go off and do like another cave or something big like that so i decided to spend my time grinding out some more metal because i was running low in hindsight maybe this rg is a blessing in disguise because i feel like if i wasnt forced to stay close to the base i wouldnt have finished this wall and who knows what might have happened if i didnt after a while i realized that i should probably also breed my other female aloe i was holding off on doing this because i was hoping to try and get a better mail but i dont really think well have time and this way maybe ill get two eggs out of this female before this challenge is up the rg was ready for an imprint and it wanted a walk which we did and then it was time to hatch up this baby aloe all right so now we have two babies to take care of i really cant go too far this is about the only noteworthy thing that i actually did on day 55 besides you know raising some babies whoa hello 150 oh my god wait hang on a second oh my god i have three high-level female rexes and no males are you kidding me ah i guess i dont have this one yet but i will soon okay you know the drill we need to make a trap we need to trap it we need to knock it out and then just let it starve back at base im waiting for some imprints and i decided to go ahead and put my time to use by making a toilet yeah the most essential thing ever i built this little outhouse complete with a little window you know for those times when i eat all that prime meat jerky and just really need to let loose all jokes aside toilets are actually kind of useful if you successfully poop inside of them and flush them thats right you do need to flush it down if its brown youll get an xp buff and then also some fertilizer so its honestly pretty good for farming and i poop a lot so this is going to be great skipping forward i fully tamed up that rex and its got some pretty good stats actually that health is not bad at all ladies i promise you i will find you a worthy male i went all over the map looking for some high level rexes but no luck i even came up to the dead island and couldnt even find any good ones here either i was killing all the low levels so hopefully well find some high levels soon finally the new agent travis is ready to go its fully grown up its fully imprinted now we just need to level it the alley was also fully imprinted at this point but we still have a little bit to go until its fully grown okay so the next thing on my agenda was to do another cave im not making that mistake again youre coming in with me i usually call this cave the water cave and its located right here this cave is pretty windy and theres usually quite a few creatures in it but we can take a shortcut at a certain point right up to the artifact just like the immune cave but first we gotta check the water for sarcos and oh hey look there are sarcos lovely okay so the sarcos are dead now we can try to do this little shortcut we gotta come over to this corner right here and we gotta just grapple up i dont need to bring a creature with me because this area is usually pretty safe up here it was at this point that i realized i screwed up i dont have winston you see i logged out after raising up the archie fully and i was just done for the day and then as soon as i hopped on i was like okay well i have all my items ready lets go do the cave unfortunately yeah i needed winston to get more artifacts although at the same time do i really need three of every single artifact i did this because i was thinking you know what maybe at some point we could try and do beta uh boss fights and potentially alpha but i feel like im biting off more than i can actually chew you see if one of these boss fights goes really bad which the dragon probably will then im likely going to lose all my creatures and not be able to get more because im using very vanilla-ish rates sure i could change all my settings but i kind of feel like its a little bit cheap to do that halfway through so were just gonna stick it out and see how far we can actually get i went around looking for some alphas to kill with my rg and i managed to find that alpha raptor and the alphacarno that we saw earlier then i continued my search for some high level creatures to tame mainly rexs oh and hey what do you know we found another rex oh are you kidding me okay another high level rex thats great i love that but like come on where are the male ones i might never i dont think im ever gonna find one i i dont understand do you have to do a summoning ritual like i dont i dont understand not even a single high-level male ah its annoying but its okay at least its another high-level female eventually im gonna find a good male and then im gonna have all the for him i knocked it out and went searching for some more i found myself pretty close to another cave so i decided to go in i actually forgot to pull out my gps outside so heres the coordinates on the screen we call this one the crouch cave mainly because its super claustrophobic and you really cant even fit creatures in here this is a pretty dangerous cave if you dont really know what youre doing or where youre going but if you know the layout you can get to the artifact really quick i got there but we had just tons of creatures in the same room and uh well you cant shoot through artifacts because they have this massive collision on them so we had to run all the way around to get these bats and uh that was still pretty dangerous eventually i killed absolutely everything and now we have the artifacts and i can actually grab three of them this time even though we might not even need that many i flew around for a bit and then went back to my racks to feed it i was grabbing some fiber so i could fix my armor and then i got attacked oh my god these are troodons immediately my idea was to just try and get away because my rg was freaking out and i didnt want to attempt to try to get to it obviously up on top of these runes is going to be the safest spot for me and im glad that i had some quick thinking its weird because my rg freaked out for a second but didnt actually help even though it was on attack my target our new rex was all tamed up and i headed back to my base i would honestly love to say that a lot of eventful things happen on the rest of day 61 and all of day 62 but i spent that whole time flying around killing things looking for high levels and failing oh oh my god are you kidding me are you actually kidding me i gotta save this thing this is ridiculous another high-level female like give me a male do male rexs even exist are they an actual thing i i dont think ive ever seen one that goes theres such an effort to kill we are in giga territory so trapping this thing maybe over here would be a good idea the one thing ill say is that its a lot better that were only getting females instead of only males because if it was the other way around that would be awful at least this way ill be able to breed all these females with a male if i can ever find one no no no no no no no no no no no no oh you bastard oh crap oh my god you no come on uh shoddy oh my god my corrupters why oh dude let me let me on oh my god my armor also theres an alpha over here im looking at that thing whilst im boosting that rex probably would be dead in that case yes are you kidding god thats a 150 oh on the top of the mountain looking like a king oh my god its not really a mountain its a hell but shut up its fine thank you arc gods lets look at an obelisk i cant even see any of them uh theyre really far away but arc guns thank you oh that is amazing okay i need to go borrow my gates all right just getting this thing tamed up and then well head on over one more to go im gonna lay the trap probably like right around here ish yeah right here looks good and youre trapped and youre gonna be mine yay oh yes okay were good we are good i was doing a little meat run around my base and i found an office so i made up veggie cake and teamed this little guy up oops one more bite yes oh thank you thank you thank you its rex breeding time this is going to be not so fun actually because were probably gonna have to sit around with babies for ages but were gonna have an army all right ladies i think i brought back a contender for you and all five of them at the same time look at you oh yeah here we go lets see a day and 20 basically two days uh this ones a day and 10 hours basically two days yeah i dont think were gonna have enough time left in this maybe i shouldnt have used vanilla breeding rates yeah all right so half an hour until these things hatch up uh ive already got a good amount of meat i think im pretty much good to go we just gotta wait around now 30 alpha raptors killed so far that is pretty crazy all right i can actually breed my aloes as well so lets do that all right so i held off and hatching up the aloe eggs so theyd roughly hatch at the same time as the rexes the rex is around 30 seconds off we just try and grab this other aloe there we go this one here is kind of a terrible level they might have good stats though the rexes are hatching i think let me just leave you guys there for a sec okay that is four eggs four xs okay and i picked that one up by accident oh wait no its five rexes oh we got twins probably those orange ones or maybe it could be these white ones here i think it might be the white ones yeah white ones are the same level this has got to be mutated this green one yeah its mutated ill have to figure out what status mutated on it though oh my god the curse i have a literal curse do you guys see this oh my god they are all male what is this i cant find a single male and then i finally find one breed it with all my females and theres just too much testosterone jesus okay this makes no sense theyre all male could you imagine if they were all female that would be better then id be able to breed these with that male oh i still have another egg oh my god i completely got sidetracked wow oh come on be a female ah yes it is sweet so the next few days were mainly just spent at my base making sure that all these babies are taken care of until they hit 10 and can start eating out of a trough and then also imprinting them whenever they needed it the rexes get 9 per imprint so im definitely gonna have to do 11 imprints on them and hopefully its nine point something or else were only gonna hit 99 and not 100. nice in my free time i did actually go around looking for some creatures and eventually im actually managed to find a 135 megatherium and its in rage mode so we better keep it away from the math i trapped this thing tamed it up brought it back to base and bred this as well i completely forgot to mention the fact that the aloes fully grew up so i bred the female with one of my other males and got a new baby this things probably going to be grown up before the rexs are finally the megatherium was ready to poop out a baby ooh twins both females as well pretty good all right this rex wants a marbury and its already at 91 which means that this will be 100 amazing you see you may be curious why didnt land on 99 its because it actually rounds up or down so i would imagine it was like 9.1 or 9.2 or something like that probably 9.1 though anyway thats 100 and now we just got to get the rest of them the issue here is that a lot of them are skewed off by quite a few minutes i have not been able to leave my base at all because i have way too many creatures just breeding up all at different timers and everything and its super annoying megatheriums are actually 30 grown but 60 imprinted which is interesting so once they get up to 100 i could just leave them here which is great but these raxes definitely need to be 100 imprinted before i try to leave we also have the aloe aloes at 80. so this one just needs one more in 10 minutes and then i can leave and come back around the same time that the megatheriums want another imprint kind of annoying because i havent actually been able to leave to search for some more creatures or just do anything really ive just kind of been standing around waiting for imprints oh there we go no basic kibble for you im sorry and now you want to cuddle i flew over to greenob with enough materials to craft up 10 more cryopods im gonna need these if i want to actually bring my army to the obelisks yay i can leave my base for 35 minutes awesome oh the rexes are finally done growing sweet let me put all of you away i flew all the way up north and managed to find something good whoa hello 145 dead on need some stem and then we can grab that thing pretty sure its this one right here um yeah sweet so i brought the dead on all the way back to my base and then dropped it in my trap and knocked it out this megatherium is fully imprinted at 43 okay i will admit its been a little bit since ive tamed up a date on using meat and now ive realized why you shouldnt really do that so i made up a bunch of kibble and fed it to it and teamed it up i went back to the swamp cave to see if i could find some good loot out of the drops how did i fit through last time what i must have been like hit at the same time as oh there okay that was weird i have no idea ugh not bad but its not a blueprint so not great well put it on though yay another one okay please have something good oh come on all right slippy are you hungry no i got leeched at least its not a diseased leech where is it uh its on my nipple cool thats what you want hello there oh what the hell that was terrifying why didnt it attack me oh my god that could have been so bad i just want this stupid drop man all right im just gonna go for the stupid drop thats an arthro why did you come earlier when i was killing everything else and there goes my armor and thats my mask on too ah man why did that arthro stay in the back when its fighting everything all right we gotta leave i didnt even get the drop oh my god that was not worth it at all really i know it was a blue drop but still now that were back at base i really need to get rid of this leech and the way to do this is to basically make a fire and then jump on it pretty much burning it off i have six imprinted rexs that i really need to start leveling so were gonna start here and just work our way around the map killing things alright so the next thing on my agenda is to do the ravine cave which is located right here this is a fairly standard cave with the usual suspects in terms of creatures i could also just jump from the very top all the way down to the bottom and then just pull out a wrecks or something and kill everything but i didnt bring a rack then i dont really want to do that oh my god dude lets scare the crap out of me ah lucky they cant hit you when youre on a team but i could have easily walked over here and got hit i made it all the way down to the artifact and grabbed it weve got seven out of the ten artifacts available on this map so were doing pretty good i only grabbed two and then i decided to leave and on my way out uh yeah this happened okay ill admit my timing right there was absolutely awful and im glad that barrys not dead because of me all right so now were gonna do an underwater cave and were doing the easier of the two and its located right here even though this is the easier one it still has some pretty nasty creatures in it like eels and jellyfish and then theres always just tons of megalodons and theres also potential for amosa to spawn so im gonna work my way through here pretty slowly just kind of taking out the creatures as they go through see that right there that is an alpha glow but what is that glow coming from its big enough that it could potentially be a mosasaur but luckily it was just a megalodon yeah we gotta take this thing out eventually i killed it and then continued my way through i could go down through the water tunnel but this way is probably better and safer this room is absolutely filled with just creatures everywhere so were gonna have to just take them all out before we go for the artifact in the center of the water i shot the moza quite a bit and then i finished it off with the barry to try and get some extra levels then i worked my way through all of the other creatures and eventually we could grab the artifact of the brute how are you out of the water and how are you still alive now youre not but still that is nice after a little spat with some persistent eels i did manage to escape the cave weve got eight artifacts out of 10 now that is amazing back at base now i decided to go ahead and breed up our two new female megatheriums weve got about 47 minutes until theyre gonna poop out their babies so i might as well spend my time doing something useful like looking up north for a uteranus after a short search i actually managed to find a 130 which is good enough for me were going to make our usual trap but this is going to be kind of difficult because uteranus is confirmer archies and thats really bad for us i had to kind of use myself as bait to get this thing in and it was a little bit tricky but eventually i did that and then i knocked it out were gonna leave this thing to starve and im gonna probably head back to base to check on these babies the babies pooped out and hey look this one here is mutated i didnt even try to figure out what stat was mutated because at this point it doesnt really matter after a little while the uteranus was ready to be tamed up and of course i had to name it lieutenant dan alright so thats one imprint down four more on each of them and then theyre gonna take ages to grow up hopefully this is gonna be enough for the broodmother though cause im a little bit scared for that fight all right its time for a boss fight were gonna fight the gamma megapithecus ive got all my creatures ready to go so weve got the uteranus weve got the deity on we got six imprinted rexes and then seven allosauruses some of them imprinted some of them not i feel like we should be pretty good to go with this one but its still a little bit nervous anyway all right im gonna use my usual strategy which is move all the creatures back into the corner over there because there is a giant death hole in this arena and you definitely dont want anything near them its just to my right right there then what you want to do is you want to come up the hill and then hit the megapithy kiss and get it to fall you down to your creatures its a little bit safer than bringing them past that giant death hole weve got to prepare the creatures with bunch of courage roars and the daedons already on passive healing so if anything gets hurt it will start healing them and oh god hes thrown stuff that oh wow that just that was crazy he just absolutely destroyed everybody all right here we go we gotta send everybody in theyre all fully courage roared and uh i dont know hopefully this goes well come on so close and yes get wrecked homie hell yeah oh man thats awesome and one of my guys probably has the element maybe this one no not that one how hurt did these things get a little bit hurt not super super hurt but this was only the gamma so to be expected oh man you almost died although youre not leveled up that much or imprinted no you are yeah youre just terrible oh my whoa okay the dead on basically like dead there we go found the element and the trophy nice and you got 11 levels all right last imprint on the two megatheriums and once i do this that means that i can actually leave my base for a prolonged period of time so obviously were gonna have to do something big with this a little bit of time maybe another cave so here we are at the ice cave and its located right around here this cave is jam-packed full of terrifying creatures like yetis polar bears pallavias and theyre all super high levels so it makes it really dangerous and difficult to get through honestly in my opinion this is the hardest cave in ark initially i was thinking of just bringing my aloes through but as a last minute idea i actually decided to also bring a rex and to be honest we might be able to just walk through this cave with this dude might have to put him away a couple times but i dont know it could work out theres going to be a bunch of pelagius in the ground throughout this cave so its important to bring some explosives so you can get them out of the ground basically just throw a grenade beside them why is there five of them all together kind of terrible but whatever ah damn i dont think i can fit through oh no probably not i may not be able to fit my wrecks through but it doesnt mean i cant leave the creatures back to my wrecks i have no problem crying it but i just dont think ill have a spot to actually throw back out so this is the best option i was gonna try and grenade that but i guess not at least it didnt knock me off or whatever god those things are terrifying oh i hate them i hate them so much whoo all right we gotta test this thing out how dare you poop at the cave 63 not bad not bad hmm all right not really super useful at this stage but still kind of appreciated are you kidding me holding the grenade Music at least i could let go of it oh my god dude what the hell hes flavius man why are they like this where did it go is that it there why doesnt it want to play it just hit me and then it was like all right im good man oh my look at all those creatures oh my crap that is so many that is like so so many oh they keep coming oh i dont think ive ever seen that many in the last room theyre gonna knock me into the water and its gonna be annoying oh crap they did all right we gotta get the wrecks out of the water were freezing it hurts rex will be okay it can take the water damage for the moment is that another red drop oh my god it is all right i think i can get him sweet all right were good i was kind of just mostly worried about him dying but i guess he had a lot of health left so were good oh kill it kill it kill it kill it got like a medical brew when were stunned oh dude god i hate those things and grabs and a bunch of fur blueprints not the worst okay it doesnt seem like theres actually anything in here so i think were good ah sweet okay artifact of the strong thank you thank you thank you all right there we go now we have three of those things we can leave i think a red drop yeah theres a red drop up there really eh you know what that scuba tank could probably be useful okay so next up were doing the other underwater cave ins located right here this cave is really difficult theres usually tons of megalodons dunkleys eels all the bad things that you dont want to encounter so my plan is to try and not encounter them im gonna swim along the top here and hopefully none of these guys are gonna aggro to me definitely seems to be working but yeah im super glad that i did this look at all those megalodons that would just be death alright so the entrance to the artifact area isnt at the end of the cave its actually about halfway through beside this little pillar thing so we gotta head on down this hole and theres probably gonna be some creatures down here that were gonna need to either lead out or kill oh yeah thats a lot of guys and an alpha cool so i let all these creatures up and out and away and were heading back in after we kill a couple dunkleys okay back to it uh theres quite a few creatures in here but we might be able to make our way through oh it looks like some of the sharks found me thats uh thats not good okay theres still quite a few dunglies here i dont want to try and kill them all because its going to take forever so were just going to see if we can pass through and get to the little artifact room we have it we just need to kill these guys huh that was a lot of work to get here but we did it now i just gotta hope that i can survive here for enough time to get all three uh finally all right thats three now i just need to get out of here im not gonna fight my way out of here im just gonna stun and swim and stun and swim thats the plan and maybe you should drop some stuff to get a little bit faster most of my megatheriums needed more leveling so i brought them into the swamp cave to try and do that because honestly this is the best place for them finally these two megatheriums have grown up fully and now we gotta level these things as well all right here we go were gonna do the gamma broodmother now all right so weve got seven uh megatheriums weve got the data on weve got the uteranus hopefully this is gonna be enough i mean megatheriums are really good so i i think its gonna be but theres always a little bit of doubt in my mind i feel like thats a healthy thing though all right here we are let me send everybody in besides the date on of course go ahead and gamma up and they should take a good amount of damage until they start getting their little buff which it looks like oh yeah there we go yeah theyve got their buff all right uh we need the rest of them to kind of get around the side here um all right that one in the back theres not really doing anything thats okay well get there hes gonna eventually get his little buff all right oh my god it just spewed spiders all over my face all right we should have this though i mean like yeah id say we have this in the bag all right here we go and dead oh man that was awesome that went really well actually my freaking eutronis got halted though oh my whoa they hardly took any damage thats insane i mean buff on top of you know their own built-in buff this one here really got hurt though okay the the brood mother was clearly focusing on that one oh and also we got to bear in mind this this dude over here has been healing them so never mind they did take damage just im stupid thats it um either way though that uh that went really well who got the prize the trophy or is it inside of the broodmother still nope somebody has it there we go nice 20 element only wow okay you get 40 from the megapithecus and that ones just really easy compared to this all right sweet so i dont know what im gonna do these megatheriums now um theyve kind of served their purpose do i bring them into the dragon fight just for shits and giggles maybe i could do i mean theyre not gonna be amazing against it but you know what actually no i think maybe i might use them in the tech cave a little bit if we can get to that point well see if i lose everything on the dragon theres no way im going to be able to do the tech cave at all so i dont know how thats going to go uh i need to get these things healed i need to check on the date on are you starving no youre good actually let me get everybody healed then i dont really like that rocking the megatherium is doing behind me uh its making me uncomfortable also its looking at me this is weird yeah this is making me even more uncomfortable now all right here we go were going for the gamma dragon im pretty nervous fairly nervous um do not like this boss fight it always goes really bad because its not a matter of its stronger than you its a matter of if thats your creatures in fire and your creatures burn to death so yeah not not the best boss fight even at gamma level um this is probably not going to go great but you know what if we die we die together i hope we dont die although at the same time if i was gonna die at any point this would probably be it so hopefully it doesnt happen well see well see im i should probably stand back and shoot at it yeah let me do that and in fact let me kill the stupid dimorphodon there we go okay lots of aloes are dying and there goes a rex come on oh yes how many creatures do we have left in here three thats not fair ah screw you oh my god what did i do to your face im okay with it you did a lot of bad things to my army honestly that could have gone a lot better im kind of annoyed that we lost so many creatures but its the dragon theres really nothing that you can do against that fire like there there actually is no way to stop it from decimating your army all right here we go were going in for the gamma overseer but first we gotta do the gamma tech cave and this is not gonna be fun i like the tech cave but my god just bringing so many creatures through just is painful i got them all on follow in like a giant train though so we should be okay gonna make sure these little guys get through just decided to bring some of the small dudes just you know because were gonna make them useful in some way let me move these guys a little bit further in then well bring in the rexes so ive got i think like eight rexes and then ive got all the megatheriums in the back there which is seven we have seven megatheriums i believe lets uh lets just run into the middle of it here just gotta make sure i dont get pushed into the lava and then we should be good when you get to this point of the cave its best to actually just look down and shoot the creatures if youre lucky enough theyre all going to walk into the lava and die before you have to go down there and face them ah you actually kidding me oh my god really its that hard to just follow and not fall into lava like why i just lost three rexes falling system is so bad like well im taking it slow i cant go any slower ah so annoying all right so we made it all the way down to the bottom area uh i think im gonna spend the rest of these 15 minutes healing this rex right here and then well uh teleport over all right here we go or not attempt number two got it i led all my creatures to the overseers arena and headed on down to fight it we gotta wait for it to summon in all the minions first and then we can actually damage it but the oversteer is a pretty unique boss because it can actually transform into all three of the island bosses and it works exactly the same as they do so im really afraid for this dragon that is not gonna be fun all right i think its transforming whats it gonna be though megapithecus okay hopefully we can kill this thing quick and its dead sweet oh man we lost the aloe the one aloe that survived the dragon fight is gone im just gonna send in the uteranus on it im just gonna try and run around on foot no all right there we go its brood mother form is dead but its gonna have to transform once more and i dont know if ill be able to survive if its the megapithicus that it turns into for whatever reason then maybe but probably not gonna be that great its the dragon now ah dude this is not gonna happen uh like in no way was i prepared to do this boss fight i just had to go for it ah whoa that really hurt rap winston no ah well there we have it i survived 99 days and nine hours all right all right technically i did not make it the full 100 days but hear me out i could have stayed in my base for those last few days and not bothered my arse with this boss fight but i did it i went for it and it just didnt pan out i could have also waited a full day and then went into the tech cave and died in that exact same way except the day count would have said 100. the point is i could have done a lot of things to actually specifically make it but i dont know i just kept going for our goal and uh it just it didnt work out i definitely blame the dragon for killing all of my imprinted rexes i know that they werent the most amazing rexs in the world but definitely would have helped out having all of them and maybe even some of those aloes for this final fight i do have to say though im pretty happy with what i managed to accomplish in these 100 days and by the way one day in arc is equal to one real life hour so it is 100 hours of gameplay it is also 100 hours of straight up gameplay i didnt really afk at all i didnt like you know do stuff and then like go offline and then come back or anything like that its like a hundred hours of just straight up constant gameplay on top of that the editing im by the way this voice over right now is after all of the video is basically complete besides this portion but uh the editing my god it like it took so long first of all i had to script out everything then voice it over and then edit it all oh my god it was such a big process but i dont know im pretty happy with it so yeah if you guys have enjoyed this video and youve watched at this point and youre not already subscribed and you havent already hit the like button then you should definitely do those things it helps support the channel and to a certain degree you can clearly stand my voice and my personality so why not i do have to say ill probably end up doing another one of these at some point i did really enjoy this and im very surprised that i actually managed to survive pretty much all of this time i dont know what map ill do it on but definitely scorched or aberration would be really fun not so sure about extinction or genesis part one or part two like those just sound awful but yeah i dont know did really enjoy this just dont expect me to pull the next one out of my arse in the next few weeks its definitely gonna take a couple months before i do another so yeah if you have any tips or anything like that or you feel like maybe i could have done something differently then feel free to let me know down below either way though that is the end of this video i really do appreciate you watching and if you watch to this stage right now then i want you to comment saying it was the gallimimus all along and i knew it yeah that will confuse the crap out of people all right peace out bye you steam deck shader cache delete ๐Ÿฆ– Subscribe for More Ark โžœ ๐Ÿ”” Hit the Notification Bell to keep up with my Uploads! ๐Ÿ‘• My Clothing Store โžœ 100 Days on Scorched Earth โžœ 100 Days on the Aberration โžœ Support Syntac ๐Ÿ’ป 5% Off PCs with Code Syntac โžœ โšก๏ธ Buy Gfuel with Code Syntac โžœ ๐ŸฆŽ 5% Off G-Portal Servers โžœ ๐Ÿงก Become a Patron โžœ Follow Syntac ๐Ÿ”ต ๐ŸŽต Production Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound โžœ Surviving 100 Days in Hardcore ARK Survival Evolved Island Edition W/ SYNTAC #ARK #ARK100Days #ARKSurvivalEvolved I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore ARK Survival Evolved... 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