Rockdrake Almost Ruined My Tame !!! Ark Funny Moments :)

Steam top games 2019steamed soup dumplings ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED gameplay uh no oh oh Rock Jake he agreed on me thats good no problem angering on me buddy just dont hit the spinal okay one okay stay there there we go all right bye hes done he felt uh on his back first time I see uh you know a rock Drake on its back really thats funny steam jump force A rockdrake almost ruined my spinosaurus tame but luckly i killed, and it did a weird flip on its back after it died :) Ark Funny Moments ark survival evolved gameplay ark. Discover Ark With Us by subscribing : . Support us and become a Patreon : . Watch Live Streams on Twitch for GamePlay Ark . Follow Game Play Ark on Twitter . Join Game Play Ark Reddit Group . Add us on Facebook . Add us on Instagram . add us on Discord GamePlayArk 6577 #gameplayark #arkfunny #arkfunnymoments #arksurvivalevolved game steam mac steam diofield io games on steam steam games aren't launching steamer trunk keys