Paluten & GermanLetsPlay werden von Dinosauriern gejagt! ☆ ARK: Survival Evolved #01

Steam fnaf gamessteam inhaler cvs ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED gameplay welcome to a new project because you want to come along with german last hello its you beautiful guy my arms are available in this project from now on in daily alternately on the channels of angeles plate and me that means the first episode comes with both of us the second by germans play in the third then again with me and so on and therefore subscribed not to miss any episode just miss both channels and activate the absolutely awesome geilo bell daniels i want to ride him im going for it so i know that as far as the team is concerned, but well probably do that later, you can press it, okay, well see our stats now, Ill tell you that on health gillan, yeah, Ill put up with a lot more, Ill do it here, press it, the world is spinning around dinosaurs here you can build houses that happens yes buy smaller i have to wait i give her away there are i really have i I forgot what I wanted to say exactly you can force a wide variety of things and people look forward to it every day as I said there are new episodes and Im really not an applicant so much increase write tips and tricks and in the comments but we want that play first discover a bit yourself maybe make one or the other mistake but be sure to write tips and tricks below in the comments and yes i would say lets get started and if we have to use the same trunk ok i accept and am in the trunk the supposed talk here you also give something in you grasp also here two so its not big that the holder medium-sized kallwass Im selling here what I understood you can but also no you can count them somehow but we should take that with us thats fertilizer right yes they take later we too but after that it was time to press and see that we learn something so I would like to make a stone game you have to press off you have to Ill start the campfire and the steinach yes exactly ok then I learned the spear and its nice Ill start but here everything is full of clever good to keep the animals loses but slowly the water then well have a look for that we probably need cases or something like that dont hit me I got you you me too come back now what do everything yourself take a few things here take something with you but then its hardly possible to collect many different things among other things, if you go a little further forward also a few berries exactly so your amateurs and here there are the fibers where are you slowly fiber tree where are you then show me Ill do that he looks like I have a pickaxe justin stone down there you can see that its running smoothly now I think Ill break what are you doing there for two seconds on the island and journalis tischer i hit you in the track ok once thats right blatant because im doing what the little god had done for us kaka give up what do i need for the spear yeah im scared i can get a tree what i need flint get stone mining okay that means both should work Im looking forward to collecting and staying yes I have my head Ill do the firework yes and then I have something else to completely dismantle lets really dismantle a house yes yes yes but how in how wait then Ill just come I always stand down briefly if its not possible so first of all we have to improve our health I would say okay we can build a foundation of straw I can do it now with fresh strength yes I miss you have a bit of a verse I was expecting it right away I thought at first that spear would be stronger at the time and maybe even experience our first bio, so well definitely make it and he talked i was pretty crass an accident make both once ill wait until its going to be so cool what that was learned from it the first one you built the roof too i havent had the roof for a long time yes that makes the day and a box of straw door frame okay im learning the door and leather sleeping bag yes that both sounds very good then ill do the others right now kraft namely the boxes for that i still need a little bit of wood that i can do now oh yes in any case afterwards someone screeched one do i need a campfire waiting thats very important i climb a bit further at is it legal thats right thats enough thats one more point well health exactly we need first i think a few strokes of straw so thats right yes yes but how do we do that if its too difficult wait a minute Ill give away a bit of wood and that cant move me anymore I have another one here too a little bit of power also mentally its full of __ you get it right that doesnt work where do you get straw really crass simply on the trees yes i did something to him there was more than the trees dont you know whats here there probably just explained actually my electricity and learned old old can that be solved at the giant do you want to know how i build the wall makes me take care of the ok campfire was only built yes i buy the campfire is ok very good i will come back and then that you have in the booth or yes hardly that is definitely not appropriate there a campfire and but currently riding open inventory and somehow put wood in yes it is now the wood in it ok light the fire because I just attacked yes man I pressed the control I wanted Im actually good for the c now were such a thing I wanted to throw __ in then Ill throw something in yes __ we have to the kl a chorus baptize it burns nitrogen in there im up again thats a great fertilizer yes thats exactly why i would keep it i will do it again now if you can get me fibers i can make it difficult for you and then well also put the box that was announced for the year down with you first of all space ok so very important by the way the snake the whole put on typed big is a big thank you to schlegel yes we also changed the stats that means we get less hungry the dinosaurs are a bit different just so we can absorb it better but that Do you see it then because otherwise it somehow takes 20,000 years to do certain things yes these are now really the best settings that you can choose what do we do next now I hope well do puerperal bed first okay now if you move around quite good from war so well say first here fibers together and then to then the races hard to gra f that so that we can then wake up dino apparently how do I go back to my hands thats what Im asking myself right now too somehow was I cant pick anything up for them use your hands again press the button on which thats what you own yes yes yes to omega 30 fibers you only have to go through it once perfect but lets not where im afraid that well have some crass the only ones you need an ax for cars asked hey its aki thanks and ill do it again now yes i can no longer seem different but I have a hard time jaha how do you kill me again now Im just 1 1 kug thats an old long 36 because hes definitely coming with these genes the right age for 27 everythings fine at some point we expect to be more aggressive complete rhi top 10 he was but he actually wants two or three years now so the people who know the game are probably thinking of his rags or he is super strong com first expects a blast wave and kills both of us fund shops i stab them wait it doesnt hurt readers or i stab him from behind like this one is broken music let me hide in the apartment ok no idea where i come from oh no I my mother is full of him I can perseverance my perseverance is he still there is still there and god if you are in fischbach no what are you doing finally free also freedom finally i can ingest with the feces alone goes he goes guess now but here so you want me ne ne ne ne I have him and so Ill see what ok boss doesnt matter if thats poisonous I also suggested a couple of bern then copy would be makes you sleepy that doesnt so I took one me points again health more but everything you can do crass blood transfusion ssds some courses knife and I learned the mortar god you starved to death quickly yes yes just find everything the relief bed also comes here again but i went in down here yes but that doesn’t last long i just come and then just without breakdowns or anything we don’t want to go near him that’s our friend okay i can see that’s right its nothing at all no change yes you have to eat a lot nokia so really a lot ill buy now what was that for you girlfriend would be white what the stanza more stamina to replenish thank you yes i have a lot okay that would be great Im a bit uncomfortable its only when Im sick I did a lot of sport and ate a lot of berries because now the place is coming again we can do it I still need leather for such countries should they get leather for such countries should they do that or what everyone Id like bettner we have to we kill me actually already there lay dallas are just a spear please I dont think I can make one there k you have a lot of fibers we have to ram drivers but i think i have them i wait but his where senses phases here dont know that i have it him 30 yes ok but we have to fight im going crazy on your other cisco now give me lets do a standstill now hes backing down again or thanks ok generously from you to the dodo but I heard you insulted your mother yes oh there I see ok combo throw around her hunger or something huge pile and couple 13 13 why is everything so strong here but just ok 321 czech ok is dead here you always get broken but dont keep stabbing like that you get raw meat four leather is lost in storage i have i have no locks if you come back late are broken such a cheap product from you this top quality everything __ here very good so then no nicer then you get something because that gets the leather yes Im looking now you need please keep inventory for more options then you need the meat I also have something you have red berries these are still definitely good yes actually wait I but I could put that in there for the probably meat consumption good but its not like that if not even know yes now lie let me think about it so i dont see anything right now maybe we have to do it that way i hope we just have to keep leveling up i mean it here mine would be out of fire then open the inventory ill take one out i do nt have any take meat you can so yes it is i do here i start sharing cut in half and then drop it is let it be distributed without a tie that does not fill the victim that i god that is yes that is delicious yes okay then rate the bike its best to still look in the video description because it links to pallets and other top things close until next time most addicting steam games Mein Kottbruder: Zur Playlist von ARK: Survival Evolved: 🎮 Werde Mitglied: 🎮 👔 FANARTIKEL: & 👔 🖱 GermanLetsPlay Mousepads: 🖱 ➜ABO • TWITTER ➜Livestream: Stell dir vor, du strandest ohne Essen oder Kleidung auf einer geheimnisvollen Insel. 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