ARMA 3 Editor: Simple Assault Mission (Complete Guide)

Speed runner game steamsteam rochester mn ARMA 3 Music hello guys ron here today im going to show you a simple tutorial on how to create a assault mission uh the scenario is uh we as a vc we are being tasked to attack this outpost meant by the us so our first objective is to play all the enemy hostile within this outpost second is we have to silence the motor that was being firing at our base back there actually there were two motors and finally we are to kill or assassinate a south vietnamese officer which is currently uh stationed here so as usual uh always place your unit and decorate your uh map or your mission as you please for this assault ill be using the normal group which is the vc group so im gonna give myself a waypoint which is sick and destroy and im gonna keep as open fire keep formation behavior as aware speed is normal and formation will be staggered column so in this result uh we are not assaulting the base by ourselves well be assaulting with another three more three another two more uh vc group so lets drag this waypoint whats the outpost all right there you go first thing first our task is to Music kill all the defending forces around here in order to do that lets go to system lets go to model select intel break pass so the owner will be upboard because well be playing as the outboard today thats a vc id will be task one all right title will be eliminate Music the description you can put in the description as you want so in this case ill just leave it blank so destination will be model position so that we can see the task in the map so task type will be attacked which is more suitable you can select any icon you want but in this case attack uh this icon is monstable so i put as a sign okay next uh set pass state so just now was assigned so this is to check sorry this is to update the tasks from assigned to completed so select succeeded uh always sync back to the main model over here so in order to check if all the defending forces are killed so lets place a trigger over here i guess this trigger a bit too big lets size it down to maybe 35 oops sorry 35 here you go uh okay perfect so uh upon activation is blue fall activation type is not present the meaning say the moment uh the system detected that uh no more blue force alive in this area it will trigger him its a good practice to put him so that you know if your script if or your trigger has been activated so ill close secure there you go condition i leave it as this so i think this triggered to this steptastic model so one objective has been set so next lets set the other one which is destroy the motors so the motors will be next to this guy so again honor no obs upload as id this will be task two like there will be destroy to be more first look more vr the model position uh at the moment is created the icon is destroyed again set tested as succeeded same drill link to the main one and in order to check if both motors are destroyed place a trigger uh before that always name the unit that you will be using in transmission so in this case uh this is motor one and this is motor two so lets copy copy those two Music so type activation leave with s9 condition will be alive motor one and let me copy this just to save time live motor too so again lets give it a hint Music okay lets synchronize to this set and the third objective is to kill this officer Music steam drill great task Music force three kill the officer so this time destination ill set as synchronous object so select icon skill so when you select a synchronous object make sure you synchronize to the correct object we are referring to in this case lets synchronize to this officer and as always always name so official one set again set pass state succeeded sync to the main one put the trigger to check if the officer has been killed so type activation leave as blank alive Music episode 1 in Music officer hill there you go and lets synchronize to this model so there you go very quick we have uh put three objectives to ourselves and then uh in order to end the mission uh lets put a third trigger sorry a fourth trigger ill put somewhere here before we enter any script in here so lets go back to the first one so the first task is to kill all the defending forces here so once this objective completed lets tell the system that object 1 equal to true min is completed so then for the motor objective 2 equal to true and for the officer objective 3 go to true all right lets go back here okay to end this mission type is n1 you can choose any one you wish so its the same as the n1 condition will be objective one completed and objective 2 is completed and objective 3 is completed so normally youll end the mission straight away we dont want that normally youll give like a short countdown before you end the mission so lets put in the value so the mission will end after five seconds lets make it six actually okay uh actually thats about it that is the basic stuff you need for a and destroy mission so we cover to destroy the motor kill officer and kill all the defenders in the area so to make things more dramatic uh lets put in a trigger whereby it will fire a flare when we are being detected so lets put in one seven zero error the size is 170 its pretty big Music that was it all right its too big actually lets maintain a wi-fi zero Music okay check the size right not too big not too bad all right there you go Music so type liquid none uh activation will be up for us detected by blue for once we detected by the defending forces lets put it in we have been butter there you go so to spice things up lets put in the music so theres one music that i in particular i love called hell on earth i think from mistaken oh what was it Music there you go hello the same time im gonna pretend that uh one of the squad will blow his whistle to signal the attack so they go enemy whistle 3 time so once weve been detected we get the scene enemy will blow the wizard 3 time and we play this music and for the flare go to system model go to effect go to flare so in this case i prefer red flare so one will be somewhere here another one will be put here so lets synchronize this player so sing this flag to this trigger once weve been detected they will fire flag and theyll play a cool music Music okay alright Music next go to attribute general as usual name your mission author will be yourself oh by the way before you do anything to go to the workshop and subscribe or download a mod called eden enhanced it basically expand the option for you to do mission editing this is uh the feature that you got from eden enhanced so in this case we want to have a very cool intro text so go to intro text so i want the intro text to be triggered after three seconds so you can put as long as you want so in this case ill put s three second ill name my mission as outpost attack okay second third line uh any access you please im gonna select you can select a different style of mission intro so ill select the middle one and of course you want to start the mission with a very cool music right so put the trigger over here uh condition as true means it will fire straight away if you want to put a delay its okay as well if you want to delay three seconds just keen three over here so in this case i will leave it as zero so im gonna select a music call Music deadly jungle maybe yeah i think its deadly jungle Music all right okay i think weve touched on how to create the attributes intro full intro music the ending uh trigger and all the basic trigger for your task so lets hop into the game and see if those trigger work here we go lets begin the assault all right i got everyone pulling me thats good the outpost is inside alright we managed to stick up there you go thats the signal to attack oh what the heck lets get the machine gun up there good job is he dead yes then all right Music right yes we are everywhere okay this is the officer all right theres one map here lets throw a molotov cocktail kill him there you go first objective has been completed we have to cheer the outpost not really though we have to kill the officer um a second satchel charges in place so get ready to blow it up in three two one fine as you can see all three objective has been completed and the mission will end shortly all right as you can see its pretty simple to set up the mission i hope you find this tutorial uh useful and i shall see you on the next video thank you for watching goodbye how to get trade link steam Tutorial of a simple assault mission featuring Prairie Fire DLC. You are part of VC and tasked to assault enemy position, destroy some mortars and kill the enemy officer. I touched on all the module and simple script involved with intro and end mission trigger.All the scripts will be pinned in the comment section. Enjoy! Songs are from ARMA 3 Prairie Fire DLC. Demo start at 12:11 Mods: - 3den Enhanced - Blastcore - CBA_A3 - Bloodlust - Immerse - Project SFX: Remastered - Ragdoll Physics Plus - ShackTac User Interface - Ghost recon 3rd person camera #Arma3#PrairieFire#Editor best scary steam games steam free to play 2 player games elden ring steam cloud save steam maintenance schedule steamed cheeseburger maker