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organization the bigger the uh community the more we can do and the more we can get everyone involved that is the aim so just want to say thank you to everyone thank you for all the support you give us guys you guys rock tonights office armor its a two-part series guys the first bit is tactical infiltration guys really getting the lay of the land understanding the ao sneaky beaky working our way up working our way up hitting a comms warehouse hitting a radar station guys and then moving on to three sam site locations its a two-part series guys i know you guys are gonna really enjoy it if you like military tactical comps tactical military movement any of you watching this have done any of this stuff for real youll understand how much work and effort has gone into making these videos to make them as authentic as possible and thats the promise we bring thats the promise gaming brings is authenticity and the content you watch guys i love you guys thank you for the support cheel it out Music roger thats uh understood yeah weve got the two helos from idab uh weve got eyes on izon uh on i star yeah theyre approaching now negative sir uh the ao looks clear a4 lucky buys shot down i say again two idahos has been shot down the russians have broken the deal yes sir understood sir ill get the lads Music so so so so just give me a uh direction on the compass please yeah utilize uh try to use your atac if you have it up or not if not i hope hey go ahead and fear a little bit more a little bit more at three yep just like that yep brought you my um last year bastion and youve got alpha 2 1 to one rear uh youre moving away from them youre moving to the north they are to yourself up roger roger almost there go ahead and veer a little bit to your right again just a little bit all right on on deploying fire skype uh win ready i tried to play and see how how much we have the edge up were almost there let me know if you need to go i forward all right fast start uh start slowing down and uh rise up just a bit periscope all right whole position to the diabetes on uh anybody on that pier roger genius checking one time stanger scene im not moving hey from us tango is currently watching north west infall stairs to the rear seat of that um were going to need to target this amount that uh suspect around the edge go ahead and open and open natchez opening hatch lima one uh hatches open periscope staying up well talk you guys in roger were approaching here now safe to move im moving up the ladder hes down all right d bus d bus leave us uh swiping to shore that guys ready Music roger start approaching stay on a different route all right youre good to breach surface jesus preaching this bridge feet on the deck all right liam how are you doing everybody good units upgrades up eyes on two tall to my front docks up echo you up roger start moving were going to stay on the right side towards the definite right side hill all right picking it up all right we have uh echo you have eyes on both are you clear to shoot ill buy some both i need a second shooter uh one for the second target second shorter shot oh you take left ill take one michael archer youre gonna activate your ir for this one roger confirmed fire in three two one execute okay ive got a vehicle from my right moving east west garage on vehicle all right lets start moving you wanna go to bed with you ill hold this up watch go ahead and hold this overwatch were going to approach that building a copy lima team point man hold it last man close again last month set good work clouds moving feels good having echo 206 boys im just gonna drop that light three two one were going to move up to this compound secure good outfit echo team im watching down the road you got two last months pushing in last man soon roger really invites activated inside to be ready six is clear six is clear Applause hey get him to hold orange i got eyes on that front door if he comes back out ill smoke him never mind friendly it looks like theyre ready yeah hey girl go ahead take it im gonna clear this uh right side roger hello jtf vigil daychef vigil fast im pushing posture six i got weird if youre inside come out if youre inside come out to me now come to my voice lets get one guy in with uh come to my voice we got one we got one put your hands up put your hands up all right ill push you in there yeah i need one additional one we got one compliance echo be advised we have one compliance civilian inside a compound echo acknowledge one complaint civilian inside audrey hey im gonna take this room to the left youve got to go back out im moving with you number three hold up full city roger tell me when youre ready im just number three holding civilians bypassing civilian right here cant bypass standby nevermind hes good someone go ahead and secure that make sure to strip any radios and cell phones off of them were going to leave them in here okay descriptive go ahead and start meeting up with the position lets break down boys copy movie now and main gate will guide you in boys echo acknowledge friendly mind guide last man last mine out um g that youre going to be pulling and flowing out to the right uh copyless can you give me a bearing going north about zero one two copy moving uh lemur one lets push up uh bearing 60. uh use that cover up on that hill half side up hill roger sounds like a plan we got another wagon moving hold technical stop hes backing up all right were pushing uh thats pushing bearing 60 pushing bearing 60 uh drop off echo uh on the hill sounds good lets go roger moving were good to pick it up everybody just maintain wedge go ahead cypher well do rolling six sweet grandchildren just tell me if i uh push too far i had my cool man archer youre good youre acting us point good yeah its on you move cypher thorn bush go ahead and establish your position uh over objective one that compound the end up with laces earlier see if you can establish position thats overwatch name is going to start adjusting left uh confirm uh ive watched location roger confirm me with these okay eyes on uh well stop moving that way now roger lima were shifting back left uh leave a copy of copies or stay with the echo for the overwatch ccp moving um go ahead and stick with me they got enough right i got everything there were good im pushing back all right were gonna approach this staggered guys impossible checkpoint smoke scene smoke spleen loan shed loan shed getting bearing hold 300 is that the approach you want us to take bearing 300. thats correct on your bearing you should be paying 390. well you must moving into goodnight uh were going to continue on to our opi location uh just no contact at this stage with enemy one times enemy because again you gobbled eyes on one time keep a line im right man right man im going to swing round the property watch ice gate i need your man on me theres definitely suv maybe all right breaking corner left side wingman way up get on my right move on here three two one up clear right side of wall watch friendly watch friendly lima one copy last roger copy last fast only moving you breaking left clear clear whats friendly whats friendly friendly blue blue lets put it out this way yeah should we leave it up so they think that uh theyre still here i leave it up its so close to the compound yeah its good ground these are these are russians man got a dog tag here russians  __  sykes eye contact im gonna push up to the rock yeah it looks like that guys set lets go is that a russian tank helmet drop drop drop that good are you seeing contact yeah it goes in contact one true piece down roger were gonna start approaching that compound now then echo acknowledge im gonna stay killing the lights diaper im gonna drop some ammo you got a single runner um at the east side echo start opening up chuckling are you dropping the floor oh yeah i see a weapon godzilla 25. im watching right side grunts been left roger you got a closed door it looks like a possible weapon inside that three as well two one lets move up and he told us one down at window blue bass ammonia check that door breaking off Music grant jealous falling back on you bass has got a man on him Music holding six closing door grunt hey whats your status guys you guys good thats green all good all right go check it out uh sit right to echo echo this is lima echo send rgb advise first objectives cleared out compound secured roger grant break comms uh ive got the password from the engineer we risked earlier accessing terminal now im in finding some site locations location secured logging up echo advise theres a four man patrol moving this direction uh from bearing bearing 285 approximately 600 meters out too tall im on you good work brother lets push up to that wall frontier just hold us im with you oh echos already got highs lets get ice to the west hey flynn get your up on the hill up on the hill uh direct north up on the hill echo on the hill direct north on the hill i dont know i was gonna fire ir their standby Applause our flare go now good flare good fly really good player too tall dont stand up rock there echo the rep echo a one man injured uh just shorting himself out now popping that real good roger you want me to head over there uh austin pasta austin echo do you need a medical assistant by the medic not echoes overnight all right leaving one to all call signs be advised were going to be moving 0 to 9 degrees north east for 331 meters up to next objective at hill one zero two everybody confirm i got right back at zero to nine degrees hey you could send echo up to hill one one one like it uh give us some overwatch when we hit that uh objective like the idea one one one they might have to bypass the ejector to get to it yeah they will at least still have a high ground large im gonna keep trolling six just check with these shots coming from it sounds like its coming from direct north again i think theres still guys up over there yep theyre tracers all right roger that ill redirect them um yeah theres a little draw they can go up echo listen roger follow on recommendation your approach on hill 73 thatll be at year 0.58 northeast at 400 meters and then readjust towards hill one one one which would be zero three eight northeast five hundred meters ill copy uh echo confirmed spot hide six one roger youll be heading to zero seven three and then towards one one one hill one one one to get overwatch on hill 100 and ill copy echo good copy uh well make our way uh to the east if thats how i can swing roger all right were good all right last nights moving lets set up arrowhead founding to give echo some time to get set i agree i was literally about to hold this here um enemy positions for sunrise  __  bit of ground to cover here lots arizona tricky Music this rest uh for ir play gutters down h grenades going out all right you guys good you gotta start moving roger smooth roger lets go lets move i currently in contact cant see were shooting at us yet give us tom yeah no eyes no ice keep approaching moving activate everybody if you have an activator notified location right man on me push switch to the right slightly watch blue blue blue whats blue inside leave my check your targets check your target you got blue inside to the rear watch should shoot echo are you in the compound compound watch blue blue approaching blue blue lets fight through fight through check bodies check the old dead glorious assault textbook whos entering blues entering blue friendly all right hey confirm those bodies deactivate lasers everybody do a blood sweat  __  make sure youre good you good cipher check these guys everybody establishes 360 go ahead and check everybody right judiths holding itself to this holding himself left run east foreign rogers uh actual objective and thats that for explosives youre good you look after you just let me know when everybodys good everyones green weve got a good medic lots we got a good day toots all has demo if needed all class signs this is the m1 charges are set start exiting the area the alcohol signs move to my pulsing waves we got some rock cover and well move from there echo scene moving now watch your eyes boys nods watch your eyes is deaf and blind next target three times sams good effort boys grunt we need to get the  __  out of this area mate theyre going to start looking all call signs go ahead and uh verify ao marked on uh atac effective is west of our position or northwest of our position at two eight nine degrees 467 meters everybody copy copy just copies down the hill front project ourselves down from the hilltop say again you want to move uh north so yeah roger i want to move north of our position uh keep along the sort of ridge line and then move from that position down onto target roger target archer copy off um that rock face there could be a pretty good location for echo confirm yeah thats what im thinking matt sounds great echo if you want to go ahead and start making your way over there well probably get into the divi follow you and then break off going left here on left break theres a running about between the two compounds with a rifle a firm a from g lazars second house right rear movement scene movement scene audrey he just went behind that building on my lase oh hey players are deployed that was not my flair  __  enemy flares we gotta move boys we gotta move start moving action go ahead and start moving to your position limo following then west to west oh looks like its coming in the land yeah things landing i might drop off troops be on the ridge enemy flares up as well west west a ford have that rpg ready Music its close boys theyre investigating the explosion Music echo can you confirm it for that uh leds out of sight for our position Music negative hes coming back around second slang stay down Music so Music you best steam games to play alone OPERATION SILENT ANGEL PART 1: IDAP (International Development & Aid Project) has agreed with the Russian Federation to a cease-fire near Russian territory. 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