AMPHIBIOUS MARINE UPDATE! - Squad 100 Player Warfare Gameplay

Rocket league epic games vs steamcan't use steam wallet to buy games ARMA 3 game hey guys drewski here and today were checking out the long-awaited amphibious update in squad before we get started a huge thank you to offworld industry supporting my night vision goggle addiction by sponsoring this video you guys know id be covering this update nonetheless this is one of my most played games on the channel so lets check out them crayon eaters in the amphibious update squad has now introduced the us marine corps lots of my viewers are marines multiple people within the group i play with rat pack are also marines so you guys will be happy to know that theyve done you up pretty dang good the big change this time around isnt just for the marines though this update has force-fed swimming lessons to all of the amphibious vehicles across the board and now you can go across a lake in a bmp you can storm beaches with rib boats and amtraks use once impassable rivers as flanking roots and deploy from the big old lhd ship while hueys chop overhead including weapons such as the full stock 20 inches of goodness 556 m16a4 and if youre not a fan of burst rifles the newer m27 iar for the light auto rifleman class might just suit you the role gives you tons of magazines it shoots flat as hell when the bipod is down and its rate of fire feels like a pocket 810 like the a-10 visible in the background of the trailer sitting on the deck of the lhd why cant this be a real thing though come on cold war era us military just put a marine paint job on it at a tail hook youre good to go why isnt it possible its just not why not youre stupid weve also got the m38 dmr basically an m27 with a long scope and youve got the wonderful small the small is a cool anti-tank rocket launcher with a nine millimeter rifle in it you might wonder why you shoot tracers out of it to find the exact drop of the weapon adjust the weapon sights to the drop of the tracer round and then fire the rocket which has the same terminal ballistics as the nine millimeter round so easy peasy you just killed a btr with science is math related to science anywho if you havent checked out squad you can grab it on steam ive got enough hours in the game to prove that i think the game is fun and ive got a playlist of over 84 videos from 2016 to present day to showcase the game for you if youd like to watch any more before you buy right side oh you dont know down here look at this oh nice its nice i just ran up the  __  wall  __  you will drown someone you already found oh oh man its fast thats a pkp to the right oh  __  thats a tiger he drove us into a tiger oh  __  theres a spotting camera on this wait for me guys theres always been a spotting camera yeah its always been there out camp you jump too smart Music yeah oh rock it right oh my god all right somewhere smack me thats what it was is something near bravo i think we have  __  hollow sights what the  __  yeah eyes on hes dead on bravo get a paper ill pick you guys all up yourself i think hes dead hes dead damn i have my work cut out for me you do hello chunker Applause coming off of the beach oh my gosh look at it go oh Applause ill try to gl smoke him out Applause white smoke building windows whoa rpg right its 160. coming excuse me real i cant see these inside these windows old pr vibes holy but Applause oh thats a cool little church up there oh thats oh my gosh theres tons of them up there theyre all the concrete like rock walls yep they definitely change the ak sounds again Applause oh im down i landed a gl directly on that wall i dont know if you know youre not supposed to take a ball to the head you know we have helmets so i expect i can take Applause we got lats to our left theres a hat two three seven left side of the road 100 meters nice i think thats it i think it was just focusing on our lav yeah i think it was a one theyre probably coming off this field the one south that one got it  __  theyre closer Applause watch your front he got me with the rocket i think its the barn guy you called out i think its the barn okay hes down hes down hes down nice nice nice nice naked series good shot all right were pushing the monastery this objective is hard to push if theyve fortified it enough lets get smokes out if we can Applause well its gonna throw some inside Applause okay theres two staircases and flanks the building push it you guys got to clear that second floor theres three guys upstairs got one down yep all right everybody needs that one yeah only i have it on mine right you arent i know its weird like everybody had it on there he only shot two rockets i feel like that was a spotting im out of bandages right there he might have a little bro is this real hard how far away was he i never actually saw him it was far it was like 500 meters three five three like that way over that hill maybe yeah anyone got an ammo bag im out of paddies so thats right where is this thats a firefight to our east should happen oh  __  yep theyre close theyre close close easter eggs hilltop oh god what happened did we get that far guy hold on oh gosh that rocket already oh my gosh that rocket already take out that rocket Applause wait for the puppy to come up and then well push towards Music all right guys push to the attack marker lets secure it up straight doesnt have an ied on it does it oh oh that m2 sound is so good whoa uh weve got a tank tank to the northeast up msr amtrak tank northeast up the msr tank northeast follow me follow me follow me follow me no hes far but hes shooting at our amtrak i believe missed with me with me with your countertops Applause hallway i think i got that guy come on i can peek and be sitting at the is theres a blue trailer truck right im running the rabbit copy right side blue trailer svd sitting behind the back of the bed and trailer yeah blue trailer is there a guy down wait wait theres another guy check left oh no its friendly push up push up another shooter farted left south running yep roof is dead roof is clear roof is clear Applause Applause Music dude the rate of fire is amazing in this Applause yep Applause oh they got it they shredded them oh wait are you rocking like that m27 yeah the new one yeah  __  oh bro it was was not available for me but im im jealous right now yeah the rate of fire is fast all right guys maybe youre in the zone very nice when bipodded i got a truck whos this above you right now me okay im coming all the way up uh yeah you want me down okay cool you know what that guy sounds like he sounds like the filter thats on the battlefield 2 commander thats what it sounds like oh yeah i actually dont even remember what that sounds like he has a very similar filter but what mic setup do you have i dont know its a helicopter bike yeah it had a certain filter to it that made me think of the battlefield 2 commander we have captured an outpost yeah its very distinctive Applause i think yeah were wiping everything i feel like their lats if they did a little bit better on the lat side at the beginning they would have killed a lot of our vics and we would have not been as fast oh theres a lot zero eight six rooftops okay theres so many mags youre above me here i cant get up i cant get up to get him theyre all right above me Applause gotta flank around oh im getting sniped up from the minaret maybe i should reload before i peek all this chaos Applause now its go time baby now its go time wheres that sks at where is he at hes dead and i cant get up im gonna kill that minaret dude hes giving me angry if i can jump to this next building yes do a lot of footsteps Applause coffee to myself yep id be jumping around oh god is that an enemy tank thats enemy tank isnt it everything is up there whoa hey buddy man what theres a half just to our north i just saw a guy run up the stairs got it got it digging radio blueberries can you come dig this radio on me theres a radio on me can you come dig it up bro i cant see names i dont uh you can come to the east side theres an entrance on the east shovel now we all we all dig here shovel till we die dont worry we got the martian oh hes gonna show them lets go there we go hes got moon man yeah we got it its down spawn bleed out i cant really hear people talk the game is so loud i love it tank is on the right side of the road behind the orange tractor get behind the orange orange like backhoe thing good mark good morning wow that overpressure is insane i got a band-aid yeah thats insane this is oh its still hurting me okay im going sorry trooper i gotta wait i gotta wait bro i gotta wait i gotta wait when its done youre in a fight yeah theres medic coming theres a medic hes in the tower mid-level tower mid-level right oh that tank is running Laughter it just hit me in the face i was like whoa Applause right side right side oh theres an rpg oh thats so cool they can get in the water now thats just a whole nother element i hear aks across right above us as well im pretty sure got one on the bridge right no you should be fine we got all the close ones what was this Applause oh i almost knifed you i got you guys covered alrighty now i can get a bipod finally theres an enemy not for long baby Music Applause uh no im gonna bipod and cover the boys contact i didnt know they were alive oh my gosh he was Music Applause push push push push push push oh this is sketchy this is sketchy oh thats a taliban thats a bad guy theyre gonna come out right here Applause oh i think hello gamers right here right here right here come back come back come back careful right here on the corner you can be inside the fence or outside defense wherever you want to be bike bike Applause Laughter its not its not going to blow no ids right wow i think i think they  __  it up uh not yet sorry i switched a gun kill that bite yep Music csu truck south go go go go go go go come back haha i got the zsu driver Applause maybe i should get up in a tower ill get up in a tower see what i can do from the top its recoil is so flat when youre bipodded its sick all right this is my home now yep got the gunner hes solo hes hes dead hes gonna shoot at the heli Music Laughter two vehicles on the south highway holy crap holy crap what well do well go up northeast so once you hit a road youre going to take a left its right before a pond youre going to see a road that crosses left to right and well go left on it so im just trying to get us as far east as possible without having the enemies able to hear us yeah yeah definitely thats why were taking this instead of a nice highway yep take a left here good good good enemies oh enemy tank mark to the east nice perfect i wonder who that marked okay its tuna i dont know i think you just shot that to the shopper yeah youre shooting at the chopper whats good is that mark is being updated so that is the chopper marking it 240 dude hes giving updated marks yo lets go thanks helly all right were gonna go down the riverbed here yep perfect just keep it east well hit a paved road thatll take us south probably well pause on the paved road and see if he a little bit south actually ill ill give you a point to start right here you want to turn on the right yeah yeah keep going right mark to where yep yep yeah keep going forwards were going to see if we can push him hes behind a berm hes coming towards you i think i see him hes charlie observe devil can you move forwards or backwards about ten feet yeah yeah i got you perfect moving forward okay right here hold hold hold dude he cant see us at all hes doing 360s with his turret right now poor guy hes dead hes dead nice great job all right slowly moving up give a very warm thank you to that tuna healy pilot he just saved our ass yeah copy they were talking about on the command as well yeah okay in front of us the hab is getting smoked got it uh front row right theres tons of dudes oh  __  one crossing the road nice oh  __  yeah okay theres a bunch of infantry markers to our right side here in the room im going to orient right just just in case so that way if we take an rpg it just  __  just looks good here at 249 northeast as well in the courtyard here prone in the courtyard southeast i dont know i think theyre i think theres dotted infantry all around yeah uh one across the road again again stay away from the barrel okay oh yeah he got me got him you got okay cool tank what direction the enemy coming way far way far west oh that was lucky unlucky for you guys uh theyre coming from your enemy infantry coming from like the northwest on church right where youre looking its its like the low side well let you guys hold that contact uh hello oh i missed him i got him you got you got him yeah theyre coming from charlie theyre coming from over there yeah they dont have like oh i hit the trip right here theres a ton of them coming up the road right oh my god theyre all uh theyre all along the treeline somebody smoke push forward yep im i have a hot dog and cheeseburger definitely the right oh far into the room got it got it oh they smoked the mtlb now yeah okay im gonna pass him out uh can we fit the right okay yeah we can cool oh  __  him i hit that lap hes dead okay im oriented from the west southwest where are you gonna hit from northwest a lot of guys coming northwest oh that guy just got hit in front of us oh thats a bad guy got him yeah okay lets actually just push the road push the rotor here i think theres a ton of them on the right side up here yep hitting one now copy yep eyes on down is this dead space here they were just using it as a bridge yeah i see that guy i see that guy deleted that one squad 3 should be ambushing them from the south right now they missed got it watching east one disembark front oh he missed what a nerd he is dead nope nope not yet two tanks what the where did the second tank come from where did it come from how did not see it before just came in that was whack yep that was funny i think i couldnt see him the first time nice there we go all right lets get out of here whos the second take he was up the whole time but we couldnt see him really i yeah i never i dont know if i just didnt see him or if he rolled back but thats funny maybe he was further he was further right yeah because the smoke the smoke diminished and then he was just there it looked like he just made a baby steam early access games Squad is available on Steam today, check out the new Amphibious Assault update: Thank you to Offworld Industries for Sponsoring this video►Follow my Twitch! ►Checkout my Merch: Subscribe for more videos :D ► ►Support my videos on Patreon! ►Follow my Twitter! ►Follow my Facebook! ►Follow my Instagram! 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