Arma 3 Eden tutorial How to setup a Zeus (easy)

Are steam showers good for you5 player games steam ARMA 3 game hello guys then quickly can I show you how to set up a booth and how to quickly let it kick villages and such so we need any character from manufacturing definitely the melon and I think we want to do now if we need to change his name to whatever wed like we could take I dont know well just take a one stage it for me and then well make a module in the module section section and well go to suits like here and then well set up a game master this other module stay limit the suits capabilities for example the suit can do anything if you want but if you add a camera area the sewage can only be within that camera camera or edit anything area so yeah basically we dont need that Buster if you want I want to make a video about it later is typing accounts sound like to p1 this name will all know mind but because we name the soldier p1 you can name an owner pre one so it says he is the owner and the fourth interface its basically if you have it forces you to go to the Xus to be like this otherwise you know you start out as a soldier and they need to press Y which is lots of difficulty and it anyways you can use 14 first it doesnt matter and its like that then we have him then it should work its like that we have suits but since our guy will be like this son lets go down Im gonna regret this but anyways like anybody can kill us then well sue stop stop working still like if you want to have a permanent it like goes around and Shane singing I put them in a house somewhere in the distance or something anyways this watch this waiting like that a little song we hope the you need a little line if you I help you its not leave a dislike subscribe for more a comment what you needed to tell about next time see in the next one bye forts steam In this video im going to show you how to quickly place down a zeus. Next im time im going to go more in depth. best free fps games on steam for mac how to dock steam deck all my steam games are lagging how to request games on steam ark survival evolved steam workshop