🔴Live - Arma 3 Milsim Unit Training (Mine Wired Obstacle Clearance)

Best zombie survival games steamthe day before game steam ARMA 3 game in  __  foliage and  __  dead trees and stuff okay well we werent playing any delay in there so its good enough to uh any and all Medics listening on the net the mednet is on 39 on short range that long range um Sierra one eight three one let me do hold on whats that message yeah thats exactly this is true yet where are thou zero one eight uh be advised I got your message about hlz early uh can you confirm the suitability Newport to its Northwest uh hold one all right were getting all the guys ready here Sierra do you have that closer isbf location determined yet ever uh hold on okay what I see her Sierra before uh Newports should be workable from Newport workable for two by rage okay Im like hey guys can I get a quick uh like fire stream real quick uh-huh so basically on on the initiation youre gonna be hitting the trench itself the second I send elements from the isbf or LCC towards the trench you are shifting to hit Targets in depth in the tree line yeah so our big uh thing right now is we have smoke marks like in front and the rear uh and then we have a command bunker uh uh and then  __  NG bunkers those are big targets and then following that is the Z pit and whatever the  __  is up here um were getting that marked out can we put Martian Global for our  __  uh smoke marks these trps you can rename these are meant for you okay all right I would I would uh yeah so I I basically need you to service like well go eight nine uh ten eleven and like through these and then probably by this time youre gonna start hitting Targets in depth and probably hit like six through one like coming down this line and then youll just whenever we give you the fire missions youre just continuing to hit Targets in depth here and Targets in depth here until we we push them even deeper in the tree line if need be if necessary okay dokie just let me know where you want me to fill in yep give me a minute here um and its basically what like what I mean can you get a strength count for me real fast I gotta kick 1 6 here um six that we have an SBI ispf to the north thatll work for the uh the malwa squad one strength count okay uh Sierra one thing real fast is uh the 600 meter push is only for the 1-4 weapon squad for the 240s I need something closer like around 300 for the these saws and the M4 is over the same yeah of the north well try to get a better mark one more same area one four has 10 packs is that op Miller isbf over copy all right were gonna try to get a closer mark because the north is gonna be the better one for the SBS Roger all right I mean you dont want Smoke on the breaches too yes yes yes is that aircraft pink for anybody else no yes oh hes got the student trying to pick her uh stickers on it called platoon brief in four mics I need I need strength counts again updated string counts yeah Karma I got a 32 packs in total okay what what were the uh where the my squad or anybody hi Squad what are we looking at so for everybody else I I gotta I have one two one three and one four and thats 32 packs total right now okay do you have like by Squad how many of these guys have yeah so one one is nine packs one two is six packs one three is seven packs and then one four is ten packs okay Im gonna have you plus up one two if you can uh tonight Grim one two yeah okay yeah no problem appreciate it thanks youre one of us okay so were gonna do the platoon brief in three minutes and then hopefully get underway something else you have a child you have a infant I do Im sorry yeah um well you just stick in the back all right all right cr16 Im tracking that thats a straight b line to the orp no problems or issues okay Roger Charlie its the real Grim I call platoon grief one like you heard TFM by the way right no I just heard they broke up I didnt hear any I didnt hear specifics oh  __  uh Gregor told Adams and chance that they werent actual leadership they were just tools for his vision for the unit and over like six people okay um yeah yeah I what do you mean thats thats how it is here Laughter FFM had their big breakup its been like Ive been seeing like eight different  __  acronyms from different units of guys I knew from gfm and Im like where the  __  is everybody what the  __  is walking Rivers I dont even know I dont even know what he does now but what is what does Tech uh Woods do now hes in TFG gather around us here send Romeo uh advisors one times do you put on the AO which is if you get rid of that air possible relay Im tracking it rummy Im tracking it were gonna  __  that up dont worry about it to my kid for some reason hey uh facts real fast can you um can you get off of Bravo marks for hitting Targets in depth um in reference for the trench and tree line I need alpha bravo marks for Cass uh to reference for the trench and the tree line okay okay thank you all right uh lets get right on rolling so tonight were doing the mine wired obstacle FMP Im sure this is gonna go absolutely Flawless even with um the two squads of new guys about that we have tonight but itll be a fun time um were gonna roll through the briefing for tonight Im sure there will be a couple questions hopefully your squad leaders have gotten you up to date uh were just hitting the one trench and then uh calling it um for the night uh but yeah were gonna run straight into the brief uh hopefully this answers the majority of your questions so first off were gonna be operating in the central verilotti region as you can see were coming in from the Northeast the AO is approximately 10 clicks Southwest of the fall uh the terrain out there is going to be flat with slight Rolling Hills uh theres also a couple forests out there that may impede visibility and movement time of day is going to be now at roughly um zero 100 by the time we hit Target uh the its going to be clear skies uh no effect on the ISR platforms or airframes um which should be good as far as uh yeah do you we wont need not knots for this one were just gonna do this uh FMP during the day because theres too much  __  going on too many new guys I want to make sure that everyone can see clearly as far as what is going on uh enemy uh the enemy out there tonight were dealing with about 50 ish Eastern European militia armed with small arms uh theres a single Zu platform reported by snot as well as technicals reported for qrf theres no IDF no IDs no enemy armor no enemy air the disposition of this element um they are guarding this line of trench on the outskirts of the flot theyre alert and prepared to defend their positions most likely course of action on target this element will engage us as soon as possible in order to fix and detritus the most dangerous course of action is theyll fix in the tritus and also cause for a sizable qrf from their rear from the tree line to reinforce their position there are no civilians um out tonight so no civilian considerations um friendly forces is going to be Cog for splatoons going on this mission tonight we have attached element Sierra uh five man uh snot element out there in the field working already as well as attached mortars three-man element were also going to have multiple air platforms out to assist our transport into the AO as well as cash elements on standby for uh the initiation and um following calls for fire uh all right so we have rage one one and rage two in the mh47 and then well also be flying with some uh demons or daps uh well be coming in um were expecting how many demons one eight uh five times five demons tonight Jesus Christ so were gonna shred everything in the tree line itll give you some good reps um but yeah okay cool um moving on now into the mission Cog first platoon will be conducting the mindwide obstacle clearance on the night of January 14th 2023 at 1400 local in the central verilotti region in order to breach Enemy Lines and allow friendly forces to break through I say again Cog for Splatoon will conduct a mind-wired obstacle clearance on the night of January 14th 2023 at 1400 local in the central virilotti region in order to breach Enemy Lines and allow friendly forces to break through the commanders attend is the commanders intent to breach a point in the Defenders line in order to push additional combat through and breach uh to break through the Enemy Lines and encircle the main Force okay and states for this operation friendly all friendly forces and Equipment are accounted for and holding in the trench line enemy all enemy forces within the trench and the anime counter attack force is defeated civilian no civilian out tonight execution for the sake of tonights task organization is as follows Kila 1-1 your task is to establish the intermediate support by fire position in order to suppress trps that cannot be serviced by kilo 1-4 your purpose is to allow the breach and assault elements to work and maneuver uh through the breach and into the trench Gila 1 2 your task is declaring your attack test fire uh kilo one two your task is to clear and secure the trench your purpose is to allow additional combat power to um man and pass through the trench kilo one three your task is to breach the wired obstacle your purpose is to defeat the wired obstacle to ensure the briefing is patent and proof to allow um The Assault element to push through and take the trench Gila 1 4 your task is to establish the primary support by fire position in order to suppress trps to allow uh friendly elements to um both establish subsequent battle positions as well as push into the trench as far as the con out for tonight um as far as infill goes were gonna be loading up into two mh-47s load order for tonight is going to be uh Kila 1-1 Kila one two and HQ loaded up at the rage one one the leftmost bird kilo one three kilo and four and mortars loading up at the rage one two rightmost bird from our position looking at the birds uh both birds will make simultaneous simultaneous half infill at uh hlz Newport uh hlz Newport both birds will touchdown and we will hold our security Dismount well hold that security Dismount until both those birds take off no turn um out of audible range once those birds are out of audible range well move information guns attached Squad calm fire team wedge southbound to the orp orpies roughly one click from the hlz uh were looking at uh snot is already um Walked the Line out there and they report that were good to just beeline it straight to the Erp well push to the orp in force and then uh establish the orp while meeting snot at that location well get any final Intel brief from ISR platforms or snot at the orp uh we will double check and make sure that we have everything that we need at the orp and then we will release from the orp to our battle positions once again that is kilo one four moving to support by fire position uh main or at op Bud Light and the kilo one one kilo one two kilo one three moving to the intermediate support by fire location uh if possible and well get further from Sierra at the orp we will attempt to move the breach and the assault elements to an LCC somewhere near this mound um let me Mark this here somewhere in this mound in the center okay uh but were gonna get better information on if this is feasible uh there are two scenarios for tonight one is making sure that uh one is reaching all these battle positions uh without being compromised and the second is being compromised prior to establishing the intermediate support by fire and the LCC well go over the first one where we are not compromised in the case that we can establish all three battle positions without being engaged uh or detected by the enemy on my call and at my release we will then initiate with fires from both support by fires mortars and Cass um after we have achieved Fire Security and I am satisfied with the amount of Smoke On Target we will then release the breaching element which is kilo one three tonight from the LCC or the isbf if if that be the case to the my uh to the wired obstacle theyll then work the breach they will then establish near security work the breach as soon as I hear that we have the breach open one three will push across and establish Far Side security of the wired obstacle at that point uh as soon as I hear the call Key call from one three that the breach is proofed and ready to receive assault I will then push assault from the SPF or the LCC wherever they may be through the breach Point into the trench uh kilo one two will be assaulting the trench make sure youre remembering to throw your nades into the trench attach your Moses poles and then simultaneously Left Right split into the trench um at this time or slightly prior to this time uh fire should be shifted to allow uh the assaulting element to breach of trench without fracture side uh a further note on this we do have Moses polls now added to the operation so make sure that both the isbf and Main SPF you guys are shifting 15 degrees off those Moses poles as they push through the trench uh as the uh as as we continue to push and clear the trench depending on how the situation develops I will then fold either one for the main SPF or one three or excuse me 1-1 at the isbf into the trench um to to plus up that trench and prepare for counter attack because were expecting counter attack from the trench line um well then collapse everyone into the trench with the breaching Squad uh kilo 1-3 the last ones uh off the breach into the trench well hold the trench until Mission completion and the counter attack is destroyed are there any questions quick question for one for his sake um at that FBI position assuming that nobodys compromised were just working nine and eight correct if yes if we are able to yeah this is first scenario where were able to establish all battle positions prior to being engaged youll only be servicing nine and eight second scenario correct second scenario is that we are only able to establish the main support by fire prior to being engaged if the uh maneuvering elements while moving to the isbf or to the LCC are engaged before those positions are established the main SPF will move to service all trps and we will then do a proper handoff with the trps as soon as the isbf is established once the ispf is established isbf will take trps let me scroll in here 11 10 while main SPF will take trps nine and eight that nine trp is probably going to get shifted a little bit further south heads up if uh one for you could do that shift that trp maybe here yeah I got you cool um thats pretty much all weve got tonight as far as the con op goes um were remembering key calls uh making sure that we call when the breach is open and clear and when assault is breaching the uh the trench as pause reps otherwise its going to be a lot of visual with the uh with the polls um with the Moses pulse okay um uh what are our conditions for calling for uh plus-ups in the trench uh in the event of mass Cal and the unlikely event of mascal unlikely in the event of mass cow I I very well may I very well may and this is the extreme right if if there ever is a mass cow call one three um well just do this right now frago your secondary task is to follow and assume okay garage so we might lose breach Security in the event that assault get smashed cow were gonna hope not but um yeah this this trend should be sufficiently  __  up by the time it saw gets in it uh uh-huh and all the time mortars and Castle be um will be will be servicing the trench and the uh Tree Line in depth okay super quick question uh Force composition for the expected countertop or no uh expect light infantry and technicals no idea in the suspected size just for you Imperial a tank battalion all right uh moving on to admin Logistics standard combat load and medical Loadout here for tonight um special considerations mortar make sure youre packing as much as you possibly can youre going to be doing a lot of firing tonight um additionally make sure that all elements I say again all elements are bringing a couple Moses polls in some weird uh freaky event that uh we have to frago or shift something um to adjust okay uh bringing extra charges for the same reason and then also extra white smoke for my salt or for everyone if you can spare it bring bring some extra white smoke okay command and signal for tonight is the same standard Enchanted command its going to be one six one seven one eight one nine followed by one four one one one two and one three um same smoking signal I dont think anythings changed there except for the addition of the Moses polls just make sure youre shifting off those Moses bolts and then uh new fires net in the okay in in the case that you need to reach either snot or mortars that will be on long range 33 long range or short range 33 uh and then medical net makes your automatic Squad Medics amplitude medic are on long range 39. foreign all right um final thing were gonna do tonight as always Squad leaders and uh strength count freaking related with the one about uh 45 packs in the trench line and a couple football thats good one two and uh not money shoulder fired one two Rubble with seven one three one three Delta seven hundred bolt is seven rooms with one four ten packs ten packs okay uh 190 tracking yep got it okay sounds good um all right in that case well form two pods um so left pod once again one one one two and HQ right pod one three one four and mortars uh well go ahead and line up behind each bird and uh yeah when I see you guys are all in your pods Ill make sure that we uh get counted on and out of here as fast as possible right so leadership its me one six one six Romeo one seven one eight one eight Alpha and one nine six packs all right and then snot snots out there in the field of five do you have 44 I think and then whats up Romeo uh do you catch that message from snot I did not uh so 45 estimated 45 packs in the trenches okay a couple foot patrols behind the tree line and they said there they saw a couple uh should fire emissions okay copy um whats up I spaced out when you said the birds which bird am I going to uh were going to count them on let me let me think uh let me get let me get Marty oh your message shouldnt relay to six hey uh uh where is my Romeo uh so are you youre gonna be in this or youre youre gonna be in this bird right and Martys gonna be in the other bird to see whats your weight anybody in HQ is going to be an expert correct okay cool and then um go go ride with the second bird are you and count count them on with with Marty all right yeah okay and then Tran count them on with Foo and then uh you can you can piece you up behind uh this pod on the left hes back here um one six one two three one two one six seven okay now one two at eight Roger 190 tracking Im very new to the FTL and I know you know your  __  one nine one three two one buyers too much because Im still learning myself yeah you talking to me yeah hey Tran you tracking that traffic on 31. say again were here to learn theres a yeah one knife 1913 updated tax account eight times good copy eight packs eight nine ten its a lot of boys lets go guys lets go back in Reaper narcos and chicken s thanks dude appreciate that Oh Captain My Captain godspeed Warrior thanks buddy youre gonna bring everybody home no ones gonna have any trauma No No Ones Gonna have any trauma no one yeah no one getting seeing their friend get machine gunned or rocketed or anything its all gonna be just to walk in the park if itll let me thatd be  __  cool what scream oh my God one six one seven twenty training 23 right Bridge 16. 16. rob a 17. 17. true of 18. Karma 20. we have 20 and 23. and 21 Johnny okay its 23 and 21 total in either bread you are exactly the reason I always carry two pairs of earplugs theres always The Ridge one one is loaded Roger were good to school them up just off and proceed to hlc his mic is  __  up to um all right Roger Sierra one six for wheels on well be at the orp in roughly five mics over here hot 10 mics hey you got the rant like last night thank you orientation South Southwest priority Southwest youll have to make that left coming tonight whos this Medusa yeah is there a reason gotcha gotcha wait the canines gonna be played by a player oh yeah um somebody that might be a little later how the  __  you know Im here a solid coffee just south of uh kbf chassis right there progress at 115. hes going to be flooded with TFR guys Music uh I guess technically thats all one minute one minute Music what the  __  oh all right uh Buffalo 30 seconds fell 30 seconds 30. Music I got it 30 were gonna be left 45 okay making that turn now foreign cr16 is where Im a deck its definitely one one six stand by the move we do a check on three nine squat column fire team wedge my team Take Your Gun team here got it one one six you get a kick s gun team move them behind Alpha and Bravo you follow on uh gun teams Railroad yeah Blues attached to this time you jump up in front of my Bravo teams yeah were right over by him Im on uh one two one six stand by the step one two one six you get a step one two seven up on their own attached right now or are we doing it yeah were just gonna move with our Squad mortar stamp Motors one six stand by the move HQ stand by the move hey theyre moving guns attached right yeah yeah okay um because their guns are spread out you know what I mean yeah were up one three one six follow your discretion over one three one three you called me on three nine yeah you didnt transmit by the way Rocco uh do we want to push transmit either that time by the way 140 did you find your AFR or uh no sorry all right one for this one nine yeah Center for one report did you find your area sorry shes gonna use me uh no I had one of the guys re-log so we should be good all right that should be fine and dandy one six one one were 200 meters out from orpo 1116 expression one six one one were at orp 10 now all right during that call short haul one six one seven coming up front foreign I mean you guys are going a little hey hey miss this is fine enough where are you going 1116 so youre good to enter the RP one go on a few four five six seven eight nine ten oh my God eleven twelve thirteen fourteen sixties 18 19 21 24. 26 great boys 28 29 30. red team set on the six got you red got a lot of bodies 31. yeah oh shoot whos that on the far right it should be one thing coming in yep its not a 46 how many you count three six what size we should be good at 51. here wait no 46. all right lets uncheck the line Sarah come to me in the center all right so heres my plan yep were gonna release from the orp SPF is going to be let out by one of your snot elements to the op Bud uh Bud Light uh youre confident we can establish isbf without being spotted oh you should be able to yeah okay and confidence in establishing LCC um that ones gonna be a lot more rough okay Raj no thats thats fine you got that open Gap oh Im gonna do that Im gonna hold the sultan bridge at the isbf then so one use now element leads isbf uh Ill be attached with mortars and uh one four um yeah theres no element well take the rest of the ESL element with one seven to the isbf once uh at the isbf and both spfs are established uh well probably initiate from there um plan on pushing assault and reaching to the LCC um under the cover of mortars Cass and the isbfs once all three elements are in position and weve serviced the uh breach point and the tree line and the trench substantially uh I will then push the breaching Squad up hit the bridge and then push assault in um Im tracking so far that this is used probably the biggest threat thats right okay do we have a Reaper for this or is it just dude just dabs tonight so we have Reapers set up to engage uh Target uh at uh trp 6 uh zuh okay fantastic solid copy okay uh facts one eight um you both here you both here sorry say again okay Im gonna have you shift uh once or maybe twice okay so on the initiation Im gonna have Im gonna want um we have five daps correct old one sorry were doing checking say again you said five dabs five times correct okay uh but we weve got them allocated theres one down to the southeast um were allocating to different uh ABS at this time okay Raj uh if you could create okay gotcha uh Im Im working um Alpha marks right now okay Im looking at the map and Demon three two flight out to restriction rates remains as Frank remain average okay uh I see a zero zero ones through zero zero four okay if you see um essentially two lanes we have odds and evens odds South evens North yeah how possible you think it is to get two dapps or the daps are split into two elements one servicing events one servicing odds uh we will shift based off of these two lines so basically when I call the first shift everything is shifting everything is Shifting um from uh this section to this section and then final so three shifts one two three you see that so you want a sitting uh servicing zero zero one and zero zero two initially followed by after uh phase line shift call uh zero zero three and zero zero four second phase uh shift call well get us over to zero zero five and zero zero six pretty that is correct thats correct yeah uh I will Ill talk with Marty and well get you a solution okay sounds good leaders huddle uh Romeo gave me all my squad leaders woman sir okay all my squad leaders here okay all right youre hurry here okay all right cool so uh small frago to the plan um from this position we are releasing kilo one four will be led by one of snotch elements uh with attached mortgage one six one nine um delete them through were going to be moving from the orp releasing straight to the SPF uh we will then establish this SPF um we are going to attempt just someone and were going to attempt to establish isbf also without being compromised thats going to be 1-1 1 being let out by snot uh to the isbf location attempting to establish without being compromised um assault and breaching squads will Trail probably holding short of op Miller in deflate until both spfs are established copy or as close as you can get with while being safe okay once both positions are established we will initiate with mortars uh Reaper casts as well as the guns and the goose upon getting you know fire superiority I will then move breach and assault from this location to the actual LCC okay once you guys hit this LCC we will then begin the first shift okay so once I hear that you guys are established at the LCC that is pretty much going to trigger us into the breach face okay where simultaneously as soon as you hit this um Cass and mortars will be shifting from zero to zero one uh to zero four zero three and thats the same for uh or for mortars youre tracking that right orders so as soon as cast shifts youre shifting two yay from okay and youre focusing on a03 a04 and and along you you have you have a decent amount of depth these are just references okay Flickr yeah yeah okay cool um as soon as we have confirmed shift breach is going to move up to the breach okay Roger all right once I hear breach is clear then assault will push in and take it okay one six here or two cr216 I dont think you transmitted CR2 16. hold on three one right why is my alternate not working anymore question mark its set up what the  __  I dont know check check three three here is that silent 33. I didnt hear Roger Sierra two Im reaching you on three three do you read given three flight established absence you guys all right all of your guys need to be on uh 33 if you can okay all right uh CR2 wants to extend it CR2 is approaching orp from the southwest time now Roger a counterman from the nose seven um okay so were gonna have uh that thats the plan um Foo one eight wheres one eight same traffic Yeah okay or smarty here yeah okay so in there there may be Im just preparing you there may be in the case that Im not satisfied but we have shifted uh mortars will continue servicing zero zero three and zero zero four but I might pull air back to engage zero two zero one depending how it looks after we call for that shift okay all right um just because the Reds on that are much you what do you have on the dabs guns and Rockets weve got loss and pgs okay I if we ever do that shift back just just guns for the Reds because assaults gonna be like pushing in repeat one okay um okay any final questions comments or concerns how was the um view from the SPF should be completely its open really pretty pretty good very good is there a lot of tree cover in the SPF itself yes okay I mean you just sit and definitely I think theres a hill in definitely I think hes worried about hitting the trees yep its open enough itll be fine okay all right um if thats all we got then were good Im gonna get rid of these Im gonna reshuffle trps right here real fast for everyone um and its not Ill walk you through why later but um yeah these are decent enough so one two three four trps for the ground and then Alpha Bravos or Alphas for the um for the air okay so planning on having SPF engage one and two isbf engaging three and four um should ispf hit contact prior to be being established SBF will service all four trps until ispf is then established well hand over and do the split got it got it hold on Roger um one thing to note one four is and the assault and breach elements is this line of fire right so either shifting might need to micro shift the SPF down a little bit or shift the LCC up a little bit to ensure that the SPF not shooting through you to uh trp1 and trp2 yeah okay I would probably shift that LCC up just a little bit okay okay we can do that then its all shifts close let me know okay all right brief your squads will step off in two mics got it lets have him get ready to count them out the news Music you guys are gonna do okay where are you guys gonna head out that way through the nose yeah one night you can go over there find find uh one seven and get ready to count yeah if we do engage all of them youre gonna be fine uh Hey one seven where you at one gun is gonna be focusing on two and three and the two guns gonna be focusing on one and two thats only if we have to engage all of them all right yeah oh yeah I swear Im right here oh yeah I was just expecting you to do a net call like Nightcall Eagles won four and mortars and thats not element you guys are gonna be the first out you want us to start detaching them now or yeah well detach them thats not element thats guiding one four is is leaving now pick you up on the way out but everyone go line up thats me nope all right primary SPF elements you get a step one two four three two flights like the ground guys one one got it 1116 stand by the steps one one you get a step 18. hey guns are detached already over okay Raj a all right one two one six youre gonna step Music please 25. 26. hey go through the great go through the gate go through the gate Gates all the way back here what all right 27 28 29 30 31 32 33.3 standby four one three again 39 40. 41. thats 42. 43 44. and then 45 with food behind you all right HQ lets go no were doing PVP still were just not doing PVP today next PVP is events on the 28th stay low here now the additional people Jamie are not coming in from the uh the front and the sides who are here prior to us establishing the uh the SPF for the ORV thats where the count gets a little weird because we had two we had us not come from the 12 oclock after we established the RP foreign garage even one flight advice when ready for Game Plan On Target hellfires followed by rockets and guns advisory all right that call a reminder we are initiating on my call which will be simultaneous with Reaper um Splash as well as mortars goose and all guns over one two this is one one I dont think Im getting your messages started getting up one one this was one two I was going to ask how things were looking towards yourself but I think were just going to end up being set here okay cool yeah were good Roger once were set Ill Ill update you if we got any better eyes ratchet orders send it mortars youre gonna give me three rounds on trps one two three and four in sequence call arounds complete when thats done over on on my release three rounds each right one six mortars is that three rounds on each hey from thats three rounds on each trp total 12 rounds fire mission over Ill do that one one one six it rep one nine this is one three Bravo uh be advised youre heading in a completely wrong way your pressure nowhere near friendlies what the  __  for me uh one one six sorry send that again 1106 Dodge six one one four one six Roger SBF said uh one eight one six uh Reaper ready to Rocket my release all right Roger were standing by for one one hold on I gotta get my timer the fire mission call goes from me to the to the mortar team leader and then the mortar T leader sources guys same thing for air I I ask for air via the fact the fact orders the uh the nine line um I am close East 50 meters of Mark on map op Miller or its like squadly or its like platoon leader to fo to a fire mission to mortar say again one one still you can see one one trying to establish themselves right now near that Shack on the right no no no you can see him right in front of you off to the to the direct 280. youre getting theyre getting set up hey send it about a 30 Sierra call because its going to take a while forever yeah Im planning Im planning all around the reaper so Im Gonna Give You ample time over the worst Hey Romeo missed trash traffic just let me know 30 to 40 seconds will be needed for the guys at ABF stupid thats all over yeah doesnt look big enough for all of us one two and three Roger okay youre here no you know what ruined it all the time Roger one one set one four confirming youre set for both aircraft one for confirming your set mortars he said I know whenever you said set net call this is one six standby for initiation eight one six youre good for release mirror that call ordinance in the air standpoint mortars time of flight estimation approach its here isnt it standby standby six uh uh youre gonna hold until fire mission is complete then Ill release cast initiate initiate initiate shot over this let me know when uh last round is splashed over Applause foreign Applause quicker on those rounds I may get this pass in Applause last round out one three one six uh can you make it to LCC at this time or do you want to wait over Applause Roger bound up one two follow in trail over eight one six release cast mortars stand by for uh repeat fire mission standby for repeat fire mission my release Applause that uh the same exact fire mission you did After cast Ill let you know Applause Applause Applause one three one six let me know when holding safe LCC over s wants to standby to release Roger once you bound up Applause eight semi clear on mortars Applause mortars release mortars release one two one six call anyone set LCC Applause one eight one six Applause do a repeat uh at my release were waiting for this mortar fire mission guns only guns only Im sending infantry into the bridge over reporting uh back to their uh positions at this time Roger quarters 1-6 after this fire mission complete prep smoke same fire mission over the copy Applause Roger once you said FBF one three one six were standing by for Rounds complete and Ill push you up to the breach over Applause Music Applause foreign Applause one three one six begin creeping LCC stand by to push the breach standby to push the bridge over Applause that call one three creeping up LCC one six one one possible Applause surprise here one one Applause eight one six Applause one three one six youre good to push the breach over foreign Applause Applause foreign Applause how many more birds I got coming in coming in cash coming in Applause what three movies Applause let me know the second that these guys are done with the cast mortar standby to release we clear all cast is clear mortars mortars one six release smoke same uh targets same rounds over Applause hey isbf and SPF uh bump it up rapid two give me rapid two for 30 seconds one three first charges down Applause Applause next gun runs is going to be after the uh Weve shifted shift him so next uh set alpha bravo three alpha bravo four whatever foreign Applause mortars one six prepare next fire mission break alpha bravo zero three alpha bravo zero four he three rounds each uh Alpha marker over why am I release Applause good copy Applause one three one six zero Applause yeah one three one six cop yall hydrated Applause to proceed Applause Applause one one six okay Applause let me know when this uh cast is done good read back one three one six syrup second at negative reach moving to put down a bigger one three one six watch isbf SPF ramp it up wrap it to 30 seconds Applause foreign Applause Applause Roger Cass charge set Applause mortars stand by the fire confirming Alpha zero three Alpha zero four marks three rounds he each Mark over Applause this the last bird right whos the last bird yeah borders one six release one three one six theyre up on the bridge moving to secure breach uh positive Reaper one uh Roger one three let me know when that breach is proof at 800 report if you have any additional targets eight one six repeat uh Cass Ace uh Alpha three Alpha Four or whatever you got uh youre good to fire three two one two one six go ahead and push yourself over one two isbf main SPF eyes out for uh Moses Falls over thank you Roger Im looking for him now I have no eyes on op4 in the tree line beyond the trench do you want us yeah yeah were getting wrapped in just keep getting wrapped in uh send it again yeah youre gonna send that just send it again for reps are down to 200 rounds per gun up Roger inbound from the East Music ER 1617 uh yeah Raj I have uh eyes on one at least I have eyes on Moses Falls eyes Music hey mortars you see that troop transport get a new uh trp down for it fire mission two uh two two five two two five just lock in and Ill let you know when it release foreign again coming in or not Roger uh one three one three one six Im gonna push you into the trench following assume one two follow assume one two one three one three rod oh yeah theres one oh my God are you certainly died oh perfect theyre uh you have a troop uh transport inbound right side over going through his eyes we might not wind y wrap on Cass uh Applause okay Roger are they um are they still active right now are they firing or theyre resetting okay Roger hold the cash sending mortise mortar is one six youre good to fire in that fire mission 1416 standby to crash into the trench one four one six stand by crash into the trench bound up to LCC first okay stand by 1-1 this is one six speed five one four breaking down Main SPF pushing into the LCC over there mortars one six SPF is departing from this position can you hear me okay youre gonna youre gonna youre gonna hold here its not its not okay snot its not whats your pause send it yeah Roger snot and mortars will hold at uh main sbfs not more Motors hold up main SBF one four one six youre gonna bound LCC sorry Romeo I know him right yeah were gonna double time all right youre good whenever youre ready goombs I have blue team moving up then Im bounding them up all right go ahead pick it up red oh okay all right eight one six youre good to resurface three and four more theres a good effect on the Target on that bunker were moving towards you copy look I got four full belts left on me no its to the right guys just take it in force just taking the force taking it for us go go go everyone just pick it up HQ were moving following behind 140 of the LCC one six one two hook copy one two one six didnt copy last ended again taking fire from South Southeast Treeline past the road raw drivecast moving to resurface uh resurface that area over one two copies uh Romeo let mortars know that after this cash run at my release theyre gonna re-engage three and four with six rounds he on each one six one seven we have contact uh Northwest of the isbm probably roughly 600 meters over where engage all right Roger s Romeo um oh yeah one two a one nine one six uh syrup on the casualties if any one six one one two youre good youre good youre good Nick call one foreign six just uh set up in the trenches uh towards the tree line ready to repel counter attack over one six one seven are we clearly two collapses in a minute dont worry about the Intel all right it looks like one two has one down but hes about to wake up okay and then uh hows one one or one three excuse me uh one three didnt say anything okay get a hang of One Tree six youre gonna collapse into the trench natural one two has mass cats left side of the trench one one one six move to assist uh one two Match cast left trench over try and get in there all right HQ were collapsing into the trench H let me know when this Castle runs complete Roger your rounds complete mortis mortars youre good to release alpha bravo three alpha bravo 4. Applause shot over send it uh what is a shoe scram position uh were pushing into the trench all elements should be collapsing in the trench right now Music Splash over left in the trench right a firm one two right extent reached one two one six uh start establishing defensive positions right extent Trench y eight one six shift uh fires to Alpha six Alpha five over youre good bounce complete youre a good descending cast mortars mortars uh prepare next mission Alpha six Alpha five six rounds each hold on my release Romeo one six sent traffic to warlord uh were good for qrf one seven one six uh run the line uh 179 knowledge Warlow this is Romeo message over Romeo message from six send here up now over here Roger left extent Loa one three one six out of defensive positions all elements holding the trench uh prepare to repel enemy qrf over here but one three well call him separate Im bringing people yes nine one six serif on casualties one six one seven now we have uh one casualty at this time uh one night in space one two one six seven be advised one times from one two Hinkle okay one times from one two Hinkle K Roger six here Sierra one six ten Sierra has eyes on uh enemy qrf living in the tree line Beyond The Objective bearing eagle Roger do you have a rough uh t uh grg or um grp to reference wait one bodybagging watch yourself a zero zero three would be the closest qrf over yeah take bags if you need them yeah yeah let me get over there Im like down to  __  30 on the 249. Pax ETA on that next uh strike rest in peace Pam mortars one six uh I need you to shift danger close fire mission six rounds alpha alpha three Alpha three over hell fire and apkws net call enemy qrf inbound from break South negative negative I have uh I have the  __  uh air moving in now standby oh here we go yourself hey send it six were engaging from ABS with State operations uh I couldnt hear you say it again were engaging from abs Ence okay Roger engaging from standoff mortis 1 6 later release you tracking three times more to lead one six hey flicker are you on uh 33 . get on 33. all right ready to check 33. Nema Charlie 33 mortars I have five mission uh reference three times Smoke Stacks South End Of The Line I need six rounds he over standby Romeo uh let me know when warlord calls uh pure F complete do you have a possible grid Narco type Pikachu Obama Target pilot discussion call radio fire orders Romeo is one dude we got enemy indirect or is that uh unsure at this time Romeo one six uh query higher if theres enemy IDF over Lord Romeo message over standard its Romeos Texas inquiring is just as an enemy IDF over Music Roger Romeo six this is Romeo Borderland States copy fo16 reference break office zero seven six rounds he yo hey uh flicker you read yeah we repeat grid Alpha zero seven Alpha zero seven six rounds HD what what is this what is exploding its not its not enemy IDF something cooking off is shot over 30 round on the gun bro Im out here guys complete uh 12 rounds left on AC Roger Waters thank you next call ceasefire ceasefire ceasefire uh warlord one six we get to index at this point over there net call index index index my body all right um meet me in the initial breach Trench do one flight Titan did you copy my last Savage one eight retreat Technologies I thought were gonna have a whole  __  Field Day orders one eight three three quarters you want a full one real quick that would have been awesome Music Ill have uh Marty and I teleported back over to uh to the Earth can we make sure we have our uh teleport over here I think hell disconnect it if that was the only k uh oh yeah but um okay all right lets uh lets burn through this AR and get you guys out of here for the night uh first and foremost fantastic job um I know the uh the distance cover tonight and the objective was rather large compared to previous mine wired obstacle clearances that weve done but uh we adapted um I know we had to move a little bit methodically at some points but otherwise set piece move piece all the way through everything was serviced everything was done as safely and as effectively as possible um as as far as things I need to um we need to improve on so this Moses poll just because I realize now that we have never officially in the unit ever gone over the usage of this Moses Pole or what the intent behind this is for is that uh once these guys enter the trench so Akila go ahead and uh dump into the trends do you want me to delete all these dead bodies to help with performance on the end here oh youre good yeah so once hes into the trench its its done to identify the front line Trace at night most of the times we use um we use IR strobes right so we can see the front line traces uh in the case of uh trenches obviously sometimes the trenches will be higher than we can see friendlies by looking at this the support by fire positions can know where the assault force is in the trench and continually shift uh from the red flag right so if if Im if Im shooting at this bunker right here and I see that flag get closer to the bunker thats the visual indication I should stop shooting at the bunker because the cells about to hit it um I know I saw someone with a Moses pole just sitting here at the breach Point um dont yeah dont do that someone was just sitting here with a with a with a Moses pull on its only for the front most troops in the trench on either side of the trench okay if we had a question uh and correct me if Im wrong it is my belief that uh only one person should be carrying the most is full there should be two guys because theyre splitting left and right yeah like on the far side only one person should be carrying that pole or are we like having more than one there should be two polls total one at either front of the the lines that are pushing out because at one point and I I think Charlie also saw this we had like three people yeah and thats because Ive never Ive never gone over the Moses polls with you guys before it is only to signify the front most troops in the trench if youre coming in the trench later dont throw the Moses full on uh because then youll confuse the support by fire positions as far as like what theyre allowed to or cannot engage because of friendly forces Okay so oh real quick because thats actually why the Moses polls were thrown on I had my guys hold their positions right okay then just make sure you take it off my guys just didnt have time to take them down okay make sure yeah make sure you take them off 100 if someone else if youre if youre having someone else push in front of you or take it make sure that you take yours down okay cool um uh charge problem here what charges worked What charges didnt want three so stick charges unless you use like two of them at the same time they dont work uh demolition charge worked flawlessly like the m183 or whatever its called so 183 special charge okay oh yeah it makes big boom and it  __  I think it took care of like two wires fantastic for sure okay sounds good well do that uh so thats what the 183s you said yep okay uh everyone first and foremost before we continue is Boon here burn hes over there in the corner thank you everyone say thank you unfortunately was stalled out on the highway all right coming back coming back uh mortars and uh mortars and air casts you guys did fantastic um we deconflicted someones we uh we properly deconflicted mortars and air um the entire time and then also once we switch to the standby Munitions uh thank you for letting me know let me push mortars in a little bit more um tonight was a very basic FMP for us to go through the motions of hitting certain trps and um making sure that were deconflicting not only on the ground with the Moses poles and shifting when we need to but also for the the air to make sure theyre deconflicting with mortars so theres a lot of stuff going on um tonight that maybe you as your as an individual on the ground uh didnt necessarily see but a lot of people were doing little things to make sure everythings being done as smoothly as possible otherwise keep it up mortars keep it up air you guys are killing it tonight um and those those strikes were extremely quick um I called from and they were on target within you know 20 seconds um initiation good job on the initiation uh one thing maybe I could it could have been distance question uh when you guys are up here you guys throw in your handheld smokes yeah at the breach okay did you guys run out of handheld smokes we did we had like we had eight and I ran out before we completed the bridge gotcha we only brought eight okay uh one what does it look like from svf did they were the smokes like billowing properly I could see the mortar smokes I dont know if I saw the handheld smokes at one point we were not able to see these smokes but then we were not able to see you so like I I think they it might just be particle particle limits were throwing a bunch of smokes was it working for you guys smokes they dont like so Ill have to look into some technical fix for that but yeah this is theres a lot of guys a lot of particles uh Im trying to think if theres anything to improve um for the platoon as a whole uh you guys yeah no it was smooth all the way through um you guys did great and uh its I think its just a good intro to mindwide obstacle clearance just because a lot of you guys have never done it with uh with the platoon um as far as uh for fire Im sorry say again you say something Salva am I did I hear okay no you are not hallucinating uh all right uh uh otherwise I dont have any major improves for the guys um Im sure your squad leaders will have some things to touch on um but Im satisfied with this being the first mindwide obstacle clearance with all the new guys but uh there was no uh substantial failings uh at any point um so keep it up good stuff and uh yeah Squad leaders go ahead and grab your guys wow sorry before we all break it out theres one three I have um one sustain um  __  uh one two went into the trench they called one three in to help push the assault through I just want to call out that uh at least on the left extent where I was personally um one two and one three were like mixed in together and the CQB went relatively smoothly you know for like some new guys some veterans um you know guys from different squads working together I thought that was good and its also just you know a call out to reiterate for everyone um knowing the Sops having some practice is quite important because when  __  gets chaotic and youre gonna  __  mix in with some other guys from other squads um its good to have you know everyone knows the same Sops you work together relatively seamlessly looking for Randy awesome okay uh yeah with that good job guys were only gonna get better from here I know we have a lot of new guys photo first yeah we can do a group photo first all right group photo first over here anybody else has like really good settings I eat squeeze it in squeeze it in squeeze it in and squeeze it in front line Crouch stay still Charlie yeah damn it why are you standing in front of everybody oh yeah Split Second Charlie go down all right Charlie stand up flicker youre my goddamn way thank you  __  say something its here one two three Music all right Squad leaders go ahead and grab your guys okay Karma yo all right uh stream Im gonna cut it here thanks for watching guys hit you around proton for non steam games 🔔 Subscribe for MORE ► 💻 Official Karmakut Website ► 🔊 Join the Discord ► 🤜 Support as a Channel Member ► 🎮Buy the Games I Play ► 👕 Karmakut Merch ► 🔴Live - Arma 3 Milsim Unit Training (Mine Wired Obstacle Clearance) - - - - - 💾 Trying to host a game server? 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