Raising the Bar for Realistic Milsim Yet Again

How to find games you hide on steamnemesis board game steam ARMA 3 game you guys know that Im always chasing the most intense heart-pounding milsom experience around youve watched me start with PVP matches in Squad youve watched me host One Life Squad operations for years I started the most realistic PVE armor unit leaning on the help and experience of actual soft community members but now were taking it to a whole new level one life Arma PVP now I know when most people here are my PVP they cringe extremely hard but this last week Ive been working on a formula that allows my unit to go up against more than 60 public players in a dynamic operation a formula is something like this there are three objectives around a sizeable AO that op4 must spread out and protect they have overwhelming numbers with up to 100 public slots with respawns but they have low-tech weapons and vehicles blue 4 which is my unit only has a single life and rolls out as a platoon topping at 30 to 40 men on the ground for this particular operation however we also have the technological advantage but night vision armed MQ-9 Reapers for ISR and other cast frames at our disposal we also have to use descent option in actual real world tactics to try to find favorable engagements whereas op4 are trying to find us and swarm us as fast as possible armor PVP is a beast to balance especially when trying to create an asymmetrical experience there are so many challenges some of which include finding the perfect night and light settings to prevent gamma boosting the balancing of frag and he against a one life team and perfecting the amount of cash that blue 4 has to create a realistic but not overpowered experience theres a long way to go but this is some of the most fun Ive had in gaming in an extremely long time and nothing has gotten my heart rate up this High since I started playing tarkov years ago because blue 4 has one life everything must be executed and planned for perfectly contingencies must be made and because were playing against players instead of AI we need to worry about things like comms being compromised and we can actually utilize deception and faints but thats enough ranting for me today here are a couple of highlights from our first few test sessions including a tragic Mass cast caused by an epic RPG Gunner but I think youll appreciate how intense and realistic some of this footage looks thanks again for watching and if youd like to join these operations which requires zero Arma 3 DLC or training check out our Discord at Karma cut and head over to the killcog channels for more information rate of fire say reptile Squad Reaper one Cog to our North rifle five months ago we left side over can anybody actually confirm that we have had eyes because this is to do when we all assign The Strokes so far Ill give you a right turn or whatever the convenience I had vampire coming out Southwest PDA Target destroyed one by mover with weapon moving away from the area which cash just blew up here to LG Raven correct vehicle from the left Reaper two Narco can I get an update that uh man youre rolling into me Jesus Christ Reaper two you can also use heads Mark if thats quicker yep on that Target type 3 control Bomb On Target quest one by APK yes clear to engage copy that one times APK really as Obama coordinate type 3 control Southeast theyre shooting at each other my apologize hey net call thats enemy forces engaging each other to the South East over here one you have a fire team size element following you um youre looking at me and I got concerned yeah are we tracking this guy here on our position these guys he has a whole spot here negative negative negative we engage the contact uh hes down all over moose let me do it Recon by fire hold Recon by fire Roger Roger holding Marty that there we go damn hold on because we actually dont die with that you need to like kill them so you dont like sit there putting it yep feel War boys pushing North westbound South trp1 Alpha Association for motorcycle four be advised were getting a little low on ammo so were moving to a Washington Street copy on trp1 Alpha once the reactions down one three one six uh try to hold that building one two one six see if you can push up tank goes one two one three Alpha um we have contact inside of 10 meter one three Roger that just taking hold that immediate building over Narco three for two will advise when uh spot agents has Mark red nine just to your North to my personal sticking up on us Rogers we are oriented thank you thank you uh demon 3-1 in heading 1.5 give me three one dark go through two gauge Sarco Reaper 2 Cali hand down motorcycles Three Times Enemy E.I on new it is were getting  __  up back here on this reverse slope I got frags up south west of trp1 alpha all that Target type 3 control Bomb On Target videos one one give me bodies to one six proper copy eight P kws Bomb On Target moving through one uh we have one by Kaa one ran into a building about 100 years recovery want three mascaras one three mascals one three mask Roger one three three for one Narco we have a mask one two hey I need you to hide these two right here you see right here one two right here on my on my body right here pick them up contacts and building one two one and two hours contactless balance one nine or seven Roger status Reaper is a visual friendly position were taking fire but its slowed up a bit Roger Slow It Down let air work over continue sensors defensive on that work for everyone hang on jeffreeper two narcos stats engagement get that AK get that paper two Targets destroyed I got you I got you I got you Doctor approval one right here on the right building Music hey from searching this water youre all right hang on demon three one contact one armed bam uh grid one three zero one Niner eight moving East hey whos your ARF our Griffin one three zero one nine or eight this is one three were in circle fire towards South red marker five on that one three advice uh were outside your building to the east Northeast three for two Roger the entrance South APK Roger Im currently on top of kilo one two I see uh uh pulse here Roger uh update on one three we have 2K um same number pack hey I got critical here give me give me I need help wheres uh wheres your AR FR wheres Reed hes like on your two guys one three do you have your AR far get him out here right now Im out external on two casualties working on the fires right now has a Reaper Narco has marker Redfin can I get a uh just a direction from UI provokes did and Reaper Narco disregard Im contact your mark on that Target can I get a sparkle even one Narco can have you fly uh west of py001 heading 180. hey technical questions South 1417 3 contact number six go ahead and keep bounding up to me try to cover us as we get these guys out over step one control I just followed the gun my position just north of pois001 approximately and shes there  __  remotely stable get them into the building copies for location zero one five minute Southeast on uh Reaper Sparkle looking Applause get in the building get in the building get in the building Griff get out of you guys in the building yeah Roger uh were currently being enveloped from the south the tree line three one hit for good Im upgrading to tight three continue engagement on that tree one  __  just have this guy go  __  limp on me cover cover foreign one second copies heavy contact in there mass mass contact off the left of the Birds Epic structures releasing or releasing contain all my eyes off all my salt Music Music Sierra one six collapses needed over foreign one dive enemy with weapon in the building full spark alarms Applause net call were gonna loop around to the east side east side of 800 over one one copies Applause one two one six you guys good one six one two a four all right Roger just keeping Trail watch for your security uh containments leading us around were gonna hit this thing east to west over just keep following uh one one slash one three you guys are doing great one six one seven three mics On Target Roger that call three Mikes On Target one nine one six uh standby were in contact copy that contact Applause syrup is in contact approximately to our West 100 meters Applause Roger continue combat clearance to our battle positions over copies uh still working on engaging that hes moving one one is also one uh tally won by technical looking towards friendly Sparkle on one in contact with uh building series now Dynamic Southbound one is in contact approximately to our weapons no Im so far away that the flight times like over 30 seconds or around 30 seconds over copies holy  __  oh its hard guys I was like my God thats a lot of guys the compound of the families are currently moving up on you have two enemies in the courtyard with weapons one is prone in the closest corner to the nearest Jerry whats this friend lets turn that corner into the combo theres an enemy peaking the corner copies enemies no longer in the corner he is retrograding to the the western side of the building compound into a building one one eight Tech eight one one eight second one one six you guys good one at this time working to assess this is one one two men down now for cubbies say again one six cynic one four best guys one four right here down I everyone is Izod massacres 400 series right around my 400. 3.1 is visual Mask cast Eastside East Side 400 series countdown Powerball one going defensive you go Outlaw 4-1 little bird armed overhead one two seconds user left your Channel on okay any player any player this is reporting one if I believe Narco is down River one theyre compromised on those columns I cant tell if this is an enemy or friendly I cant  __  look around their legs because those turbines got a little bit of a drag around the legs Im not sure yep Im sending it yeah Im tracking one like north of him hes trying to get a flank I sent a rocket but it didnt fall out rifle oh youre rocking me oh no stay right there stay right there oh I think we both just launched on them yep was that this Splash right there yeah it was either mine are yours that was probably yours still keeping mine on it just as you say that look like it came in on your angle yeah he was the one that was just above them like laid rounds at him foreign I hope you guys enjoyed todays video and as always a special thank you to my channel members if you want to get Priority Access to special gaming events and sessions make sure you check out that blue join button down below also guys just a reminder that you can buy any of the games I play and our merch at while supporting the channel directly and just a reminder if you are looking for people to Buddy up with and play with make sure you find your friends at discord.dt Karma cut but thats all Ive got for you guys today I do hope you enjoyed todays video dont forget to like comment and subscribe for more content and until next time good hunting out there walmart garment steamer Some highlights from our recent MILSIM PvP events. 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