Free to play multiplayer games on steamcan you add cracked games to steam ARMA 3 game stratus the first map released with the arma 3 alpha back in 2013 this map has been here a while were revisiting the island today in an operation to neutralize some russian high-yield nuclear devices and in this one ill be leading one of the nine-man rifle squads as alpha were the spearhead of the group setting the pace for all other units and my job is to lead my squad from point to point as quickly and efficiently as possible the steep mountain valleys will be hard to maneuver through though but also impossible for any vehicle to chase us in theyre filled with rocks and trees for cover and were slightly concealed by the sparse canopy above so to be safe our job might require a bit of leg work red team out reporter out squad leader last man last man last man copy everyone on me heading southeast raven one youre clear to lift blue left red right Music going to uh use this cliff side i got one a title in the bird actually i believe were going underneath the cliffside lets see if i can pick it up dayton also when youre walking double click control to walk like this six rounds itll negate a lot of over standalone Applause all right my team were moving Applause moving southeast to phase line two rounds are all in about 10 seconds on the first one Applause and we have a cliff in between us we could cut right here lets do this Applause were turning south west and cut through the rock base here Applause were going to be skylining when we get up here poke up okay weve got some hardcover yep lets get a line here left and right and lets uh suppress those contacts Applause actually i dont have eyes on anything right now alphas at phase line two are we continuing push alpha continue pushing contact southeast south you are engaged okay got a shooter moving left to right up the hill all right one one were pushing southeast straight southeast on the move alpha if you want to play Applause red team on me Applause Applause good job on that engagement very proud helicopter front paratroopers one one has paratroopers to the southeast lauren your your show charlie the command the paratroopers being dropped straight over clear go ahead and open fire guys Applause those ones dead good kills yep all dead all dead 1-1 keep pushing southeast team on me southeast blue team keep moving were we able to get a shot off of that chopper or did it plug out over uh negative no shot thats mine its not a big threat remember a little spread left and right were chilling its a friendly fire again on the road be aware copy alpha is about 100 meters below elevation of that cliff in between alphas pushing phase line five all right everybody push face line five to the south east all rounds are out over good copy good effect on targets over the left here blue team stretches a little bit further yeah red team stretch right close front close front all i have is smoke grenades why grenades to the south if youve got grenades toss themselves Applause shift left and right were gonna push that copy blue team yep everybody set and push it push it over the hill south one enemy south wounded Applause multiple enemy infantry south south blue team move uphill slightly about 150 feet are you up and ridiculous red team push forward good copy wait one blue team hold just getting you guys in defilade okay blue team keep on trucking okay slow push southeast everybody contacts south by southeast corrections east by southeast body on me shooter up the hill down alpha reached phase line six over angel one yes whiskey i tried to crash rocket Applause Applause Applause south close 100 meters pepper this is definitely Applause Applause Music need us a little spread left and right a little more spread especially the tail end south side those were good hits welcome a little bit uh between the south west and east side copy creeping right you set your team set got contact hes like at this rock very close front all right one one were pushing southeast slow push southeast slow push straight south looks like contact southwest over the hill Applause again moving straight south Applause alpha copies alphas pushing south into the objective slowly Applause uphill crack out wow that frag wait were throwing frags up hill why are we drawing friends uh im gonna cover give him cpr once hes up let me know josh let me know when youre back up warlock copies yeah josh lets move him up hill 1-1 were pushing up the hill south to get hardcover at these rocks over bullets whizzing past here in this dense forest trudging uphill danger closing in from all sides the rocks i think that might be dangerous fire yeah it sounds like mortars josh if hes not getting up we need to move there he goes all right smoke on us all on me all on me blue to my left red on my right were moving moving south we got a couple we do ones up whos down whos down were gonna get to hard cover up here and then were gonna medic sounds good Applause holding short to the north contact over if you see anything heading towards our position one down thank you im gonna bandage target two over guys enemies this clip grenades over the cliff same covering all right lets get grenades over the hill and then were gonna push it were gonna push straight southwest contact south southeast did you get him sprint oh i got him last round in the mag all right ignore the contacts to the rear were going over the cliffs to the southwest over the cliffs cross grenades over the wall all right red i want you going in and to the right with me with me with me lets get out of here dayton we have a vehicle to the southwest get your lat out your rpg with a heat rocket take hard cover everybody spread out charlie its gonna come up the entrance is to the south dayton interesting Music to reload i got back blasted a little bit of standby i believe weve got a nuclear device uh on red team standby good hit reloading thats friendly friendly bravo got me looks like they dismounted cannons okay Applause bullet has put daytons down what the hell was that was that the vehicle hes out cold Music where is it is it behind the truck  __  i cannot see it why is this thing do so much backlash oh foods dead too is that not hitting it like what lets help you out lester uh is it dead uh maybe it look its turrets gotta be dead i think its dead yep its dead youre completely sure that that this explosion will not trigger the nuclear device yes it has multiple triggers that will stop it from exploding the way it would explode badly one one two command uh we will need a resupply at nuclear site one uh were red or maybe black on lat capability uh everybody regroup inside of the nuclear site inside of that coast is probably try to move up alpha yes bravo and charlie are clear to move up we have cleared the compound Applause every group inside the hesco walls red youre going to watch the west corner were going to watch the south side Applause Applause all right were going to move northeast for a little bit and then were going to turn right charlie command Applause copy charlie youll be following alpha squad ready to move when he passes by Applause yeah mines low because im all  __  up still rain this is whiskey Applause red keep up your rain coffees over are you out of rounds over at the moment Applause roger red you guys good once youre back up walk around start to end on map yeah charlotte heard were going to be on your north side thank you helicopter overhead south k50 oh  __  keep left this is angle getting toned from those k50s contact front cover i think that was the k50 Applause theyre hitting it all right keep moving keep moving keep moving keep moving southeast i have no idea where the reporter went he was right behind us hes going to try and bounce between the units yeah hes with charlotte all right careful here guys we got a road were all clear uh let me see where we need to go we dont need to go over the road were not going over the road keeping southeast not crossing the road Applause holy  __  keep eyes forward Applause guys this guy makes another pass uh am i trying to engage uh yeah yes if youve got a clear shot yep clear squad hold oh good hit nice good hes still up did it hit him i couldnt spread out spread out spread out oh  __  everybody prone spread out spread out prone hes gonna focus on me  __  finding it right  __  alpha alpha has reached phase line two blue team lets get into this definitely yeah it hit him it hit him for sure theyre getting oh my god theyre getting pummeled there we go frog but still taking fire from something angel this is whiskey good effect bravo go for whiskey take a heavy fire from the dome needs to press the fire red i want you watching that right valley push south angel whiskey keeping my head on sound traffic keep your head horn give me a good run on the dome over a firm on the dome okay theyre about to strafe the nuclear reactor what could go wrong now were good were good were like 200 meters out its above us too im really glad that we didnt have the base of fire elements yeah that would have been good they would have also had to cross the valley once they were done with their base of fire frog foot angel this is uh running low i got guns when you say im out of stamina whos out of stamina two times Applause infantry close south looks like right side right side i cant see him you got the frag toss a frag on him Applause Applause push that contact right red push that contact Applause roger stand by for quick rounds stay below the road Applause probably holding fire i think all contests infantry base of the tower southeast copy engaged if necessary that was a great  __  name they just uh broke and ran to the back side mine are yours Applause Applause alpha copies all right alpha we are going to push south in a line formation were already set up for it just shifted a little to the left when you push across this road were going to try to find holes in the fence might want to stay back nikki joshua are we going to make it out if youre alive Applause get ready for frag grenades over the walls too Applause poor lord go for warlord push this peak slow blue try to wait for red to get to their positions theres a gap in the fence on the southwest corner uh relative to us self right copy first thing were gonna want to grab in there is got it were gonna try to push that right here right here all right blue if you can push up to your hole in the fence red set set copy moving blue team on me move to the base of the building here right red push up these tescos trying for energy close looks clear here lets get we need to wrap around linked up with red push it red you good all right cool i got those guys with the nade lets get in this fence get on the fence im gonna grab red push that right side uh dayton theres more rockets here if you need them this is alpha do i see for all squads were dropping the front of the building reporters down we need to get the reporter up copy move to the reporter maybe 200 meters lets get two on the reporter are you removing him okay yeah hes not bleeding anymore but i need to get him to a safer spot what are you guys doing you just standing there come around come back this way come back this way come back this way were going to blow that up adler come back all red come back back back Applause holding security on the right side of this white building blue i want you holding east so red hold south blue hold east dont push Applause just stay put where we are Applause Music is nikki up oh youre fine got it chlorine i need you holding an angle out that way somewhere somewhere somewhere you dont need to be looking this this way really limited positions all right youre good all right contact right get him out of here drag him drag him drag him get him out of here all right is the explosive set yeah dont know we didnt set it all right blue were gonna head back down the hill a little bit where we came red same goodness so blue push back west or north north blue is moving north there is one times infantry on the north side of the dome tylers down copy above target recommend engaging that first seven going in on target copy party target is behind is he up josh all right lets move north quick quick quick red north come on right over charlie right now take forever come on north north north high in the sky thats about to bleed out were going to move as soon as we can all right as soon as they got him up and we can blow it just i just want us to all get clear of that explosion radius because its just big everywhere is this man going red i want you watching northwest blue if youre not medicine watch east Music what was that oh helly enemy mi8 above it just struck our friendlies wheres our anti-air Applause im gonna im gonna carry him because this is not a good spot all right move north whoever has explosive detonator get ready to blow it move forward guys get away from the building everybody knows all right feel free to blow it whenever youre ready whoever has the explosive good job theres angels youll still need me i need like three people on this guy yeah im gonna drop him im gonna drop him down this little still definitely here there are infantry around blue team three medics on him give him blood he needs blood everybody do bandages about a click and a half away managers right arm theres another strike problem he has a weak heart rate so hes good give him an egg yeah mia inbound coming right over take cover take over angel engage the hip and do another run on that mark hell affect my heart should be up soon yeah he should be fine Applause Music right very effective im bleeding a little bit clear that hut all right were gonna after these smokes clear take hard cover everybody and then were gonna push through that smoke to the south theyre pushing us joshua hows the fighting out there brutal have you seen anything like this before not like this do we have any grenades we can toss southeast this is a fatal funnel bad position move back Applause i think i need everybody band on this building im gonna stop here and banish my chest copy yeah go ahead go ahead rest of the squad with me to the west infantry much better approach here blue on me if youre not healing lets push yeah were moving down keep moving Applause youre gonna hold outside and watch the south blue is going to push inside this building copy here we go dave youre on point enemies inside left you might be on the outside on the other side oh oh ones floating or what what the heck new mark up uh green buildings on the southeast side of the compound im going to bandage them ive been here for a while push too close to the objective you dont want to risk friendly fire over uh nikki are you are your legs hurt over there youre bleeding from the legs i dont know if thats just aesthetic if thats left over is he good im sure all right shes making sure god in the forest what pain is anymore all right im all good oh wait have i lost a lot of blood oh ive lost a lot of blood okay thank you i was like oh de-saturated yes this is alpha-2 is the operation uh its going pretty solid so far it seems it feels like were the only squad uh but i think thats because a lot of terrain is limiting our other squads from being able to support us so its not exactly their fault but our squad is is doing a lot of the heavy lifting here because of the terrain difficulty hold all further strikes on the south side over the amount of teamwork and coordination operation all right uh what team do we want to push this building here to the southeast yes blue team push that hut red team uh were going to secure the south side yep youre already on it good job you still got more rounds to send no grenades on that guy we got rockets and rush new mark further east of the last one oh thats a good anchor whered he come from just be advised we also had a contact just walk up from the northeast that i killed copy theyre all around us amazing red lets get on that roof lets get on the roof and hurt 360. oh the lag lets get inside on the roof angels winchester on rockets angel rtv where are those contacts that are they just over that ridge just over that oh those sneaky buggers theyre about to skyline yep yep yep i see them right side i think no yeah youre right i got one good shot at least three more Applause blue just slowly push that left side red is going to try to cover my wounded man to all squads weve secured the inside of the compound but were having trouble securing were kind of being pushed from both sides west and east if you guys can squeeze to sandwich these forces copy uh charlie will move down the road south and then push north copy also just a situation report uh weve destroyed one times nuclear device marked with blue x at nuke site two over it looks not destroyed but it is blue did you check those huts over there all of them oh all hunts are clear my marker on the map copy thank you warlord angel okay all right alpha um were gonna settle in these buildings uh blue i want you to kind of secure the area around those huts red keep in this in this building here i am almost read on ammo josh what are you using josh come here josh come here i got you josh uh check my bag one sec uh actually take everything in my bag josh take all the mags in my bag where are you okay there you go blue are you guys good yeah we had the infantry come in from the north yeah okay blues up cool cool yeah were kind of i told the other squads were kind of fighting on two fronts and they need to squeeze Music Applause north north behind got him one times dead north copy friendlies are also inbound northeast guys again 360 guys blue focus east and north red uh weve got friendlies to the southwest so i want you focusing southeast im taking fire from watch out that might be friendly let me double check is that friendly bravos pushing south west into that one friendly weve actually our squads done amazing like this is weve done very very well im very impressed with our squads effectiveness we pushed through most of the op was us bravo and we did it so im im very happy with this squad at the moment uh yeah we need to let the new careers okay uh i was going to say because uh julian had to pick up enemy pkm because he was completely out of ammo gabi thats fine yeah if youre black then thats bravo alpha bravos pushing in from your east clearing out this woodlawn alpha copies please no pewpew Music Music im gonna repack some mags oh hey theres a number two just in case the first one didnt count hey lets go look at there very nice very very nice you steam watch game awards 2022 ►Follow my Twitch! ►Checkout my Merch: Subscribe for more videos :D ► ►Support my videos on Patreon! ►Follow my Twitter! ►Follow my Facebook! ►Follow my Instagram! 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