ARMA 3 Infantry Gameplay - Op Clear Skies phase 5 - TF Alpha

Steam downloading slowlego steam train sets ARMA 3 gameplay just too brief operation Patrol time is zero six hundred local where the forecast information current temp is 83 degrees Fahrenheit todays high is 92 Fahrenheit current humidity with the brief Victory you dont have a pistol and dont have a bft ology drop a 20 by 1300 local wind is out of the north northwest at 79 miles an hour with occasional gusts up to 20 miles an hour lighting visibility factors clear skies with visibility greater than or equal to nine nautical miles sunset tonight is at 18 55 and sunrise tomorrow is at zero six three eight notice the air emissions no Tams the nwrc operated air defense threats persist from both manned portable and self-prepared air defense systems as well as static and self-repared anti-aircraft artillery and occasional air-to-air engagements with the Hostile aircraft theater strategic Level news and intelligence updates activity and Analysis no changes or change in status at this time local and tactical news and intelligence updates activity and Analysis the nwrc and Milton forces in the Eastern Valley have been routed to the areas east of elevated and fortified military position which has been designated as comp Winston this position sits centrally over the southern part of the AO and provides a distinct tactical advantage to indirect fires due to its view of the Western Valley along the kanabaka particular against oh  __  all right defensive position sorry S2 sit up set up go back to the  __  ditch we were already in oh  __  grab a Vic both teams get one Vic I dont care what Vic just  __  get it on the station somewhere and uh almost discovering Southwest what the  __  was that I think I hear mortars launching got mortars launching all Squad pull up whatever vehicle you can use them someone get her crows and get eyes up the  __  slopes to the South grab  __  Vehicles man defensive positions so were gonna wait until we know whether or not theyre setting wrong people this stuff were grabbing a crows are a little crowded here yes enemy infantry moving towards the cops the whole  __  uh lets start pushing back East through the  __  cop and get on the eastern wall Alpha here s Im gonna bring a mark 19 up to that side Applause this is one three were moving with three Vicks to the east side of the cop Mike is that you get in foreign Applause foreign not to be looking the same way one three hours south and east mechanized assets recognize assets pushing and pushing in from the West four copies running on it how far away they are Applause an RPG coming from our sector you want to see where the launch was probably negative Rock from the left hand side Southwest the one that just got destroyed uh standing though this is awful standby 140 we have a BDA this is one four looks like the 50k 300 meters bearing one nine or five yeah thats already got me already send it is there stuff up on that Ridge youre shooting at with the range for copies yeah whoevers  __  engaging up there 100. this is one two I can send them um thank you this is on that hit Dismount theres still another adjacent Bradley to the brake Duty South South East about 100 meters from the last Bradley you just said one two us PS we just eliminated one up here I dont see that were scanning currently negative at the moment right where that saddle is the Apache is doing an over fly is that what youre hearing oh maybe its moving out to the north side who has the crows Alpha does one three all right go ahead and stay here Bravo pushed to the other side uh to the West be careful disregard engage that  __  up slowly yeah hes on the left side of that house up there keep eyes where those 40s just went off I just dropped the guy up there Applause over copies APR is next to that burning smoke that go broadly into our Southwest cant miss it its right next to it within Defenders moving right now first copy that wont start engaging timeout right of that building foreign Roger everyone  __  make sure you got 360 Security on your vehicles Applause I just want to say again are we moving somewhere one four this is uh one this one for interrogative Center for one now we still uh gonna walk out with one Vic are we taking uh foreign where is it somewhere to the southeast Applause Applause stand by the move ment and its Speedy after that were gonna get ready to move Alpha get ready to push out this is one three were gonna clear that slope up to the southeast confirm get ready what direction does one three need to be move d welcome guys are afraid to move make sure you get your ship back to 100 percent Roger outcomes what the  __  are they shooting ready to go one two copies in process I was responding process what should this is one for  __  go for one two uh interrogen if you want our crows that we uh took here over 1412 how much am I have used out of it this stuff were resupply ready to go uh ten boxes at this time over Christ is that how much you use or how much is left yeah yeah copy one for a go and bring it back to the motor pool well swap it out youre gonna lead the charge Southeast up the hill one two okay were gonna go south east upslope to where those guys are at around the hillside just staying closer to Europe on foot so get ready to do that won three copies we should be ready to go its not a vehicle to supply I was staging the town just outside the eastern wall s its not all right all right yep move to those buildings East double copies one four is good to go one three is good to move were already uh in the Eastern buildings outside the cop Roger uh one one three seven years Roger one four one two uh push on Southeast with them stay on the bottom of the hill wait for that to be clear break ready to move up to the house do you want us in a column or a line make line all right come on let me know when youre ready to move theres one more moving up time now grab this moving its moving were moving straight to the house going to the house lets get on one threes left up here one one should be on our right one ones on our right foreign this is one two send it guys do you want us to move Southeast or South to the compound halfway up the slope basically I want you to keep on the foot of the hill just uh shy that head south basically make a general movement towards your chicken behind all these little rocks copy foreign Alpha go ahead and move in and clear the house Bravo get security outside the whole Imaging on the opening door this is one were covering to the southeast and Southwest uh on top of the hilltop now going left Roger one one three be careful cresting this hill uh they might have vehicle fighting positions not standing up distances all right just stay on the  __  Crest up here and get eyes out south and east Southeast yeah one four youre heading way too close to where I dont want you to go go ahead and shoot dont shoot from on that  __  front slope goodbye one more copies out all right news in were going our alternate route were using the purple what does that even one two copies Bullhead Southwest from my current position foreign go disengage push West were going back through the cop and out the west side a couple copies remove D from Memphis this is one three theres dead guys with man pads up on this Hilltop I was asking Mike back to the cops got me think Im like brother aim for the uh the minaret tower will RP there one two I want you to stay on the Eastern Lane since you have the Vic Youre Gonna Stand close to a road one three I want you in the middle one one I want you on the Far West one two copies East one copies uh covered in West who has the DMR Bravo Roger say again now one threes position say again last station this is one three say again where you want us oh youre gonna be taking the middle column three copies once we push to the town were gonna be in the middle uh this is one two looks like its pretty much me at the moment Roger uh go ahead and pathway make sure you have a concealer from the south and uh make your way to AP1 Alpha and then well get online there so I might be exceptionally careful with the Vic theres many RPGs spotted already on two copies yeah no I saw it I have a question all right Im in the tower compound let me know when you guys are caught up so we can move actually Im pushing out to the wall on the southwest side whatever copies all right stick on this wall here right just keep an eye on these pills this is one one interrogative do you want us west of the town over uh just coordinate with the other Squad Online yeah lets just get him out there a bit uh what are we shooting that 50 at whos on the west side is that one one time all right we need to try and get in the middle of this cluster  __  did you hear Alpha right behind you all right push up to uh West about 150 meters on this Hilltop one threes pushing West about 100 more meters and then were gonna start pushing South towards the objective a contact at least once were up here just turn towards a gunfire and start moving that way all right Applause even the tree all right from here go towards the gunfire Applause call the targets up here to 300 meters one three this is on the left getting that big ass Rock see if you can get eyes on him whoever is so Alpha move to that bigger Rock up in front of us Southwest Applause it sounds like they are about 210. uh enemy element bearing two two zero 200 meters right where that 40 just went off Ike do not be on point ever do not be on point s uh just to yourself foreign Applause Southwest of our position about 200 meters yeah pretty much on the marker whos that up in front on the wall sometimes one for this one too I have context two one zero from my pause so when you get up on that no break break priority traffic two times Humvee is coming down the MSR at us coming north you just broke his traffic to tell us the same thing he was already telling us but one four theres enemies in the trees wrecked Southwest of my Paws would you know that a null to the West they are theyre coming around the right side of that rock theyre coming around the right side of that rock guys it coffee I sort of waiting one is that you moving up on the right flank theres one one uh Roger were moving up on your left move up to that big ass rock that those guys are coming around no all right join up with me  __  up the MSR heading north several Humvees theres one right in front of us the Gunners still alive got off the back all right its clear its clear its clear shes fired Orient Orient back south compound another occupyter has guys moving through on both sides yeah that was got right one teasing oh this compound is occupied your vehicle with one seven and the medic so you have all your dudes clearing your lane push around through this house right here save that breaching charge all squads is run Romeo If you advice old 40 Mike inside the town there are civilians inside thank you  __  is this guy move through this house and clear the compound s you want to relieve it Applause good that guy down thank you someone clear that house when are we all on lotion this  __  uh southeast of this compound over here somebody get in here this is the one through this compound that were in is occupied were clearing it out now well Focus one four is good to go Applause let me know when the  __  shits clear moving up to this Hut up here Roger mature spray to move to these next set of Huts right here I want to Im moving into the first compounds and well hold there until epic one this is one one this one Romeo yeah we just got engaged from up the street so you guys can get out of that angle on that Applause foreign Applause to get that shooter up the street South Southeast Broadway at shooter he keeps shooting at me to start clearing out this side of town South down the road one four this is one two theres one four send it yeah uh additional sounds like we have far away IDF coming from the southeast Applause I dont know if I got that guy or not me hes in the  __  left window of this house up in front uh whoevers behind me  __  pull security whoever is on the right side push up and clear that  __  out Colonel Squad sets up once we get into this town Applause all right then Bravo move up and clear that house Mike moved to the casualty Applause Robert copies in the town there are civilians in the town this is one two ready to go this is one three we got yeah were getting held up a little bit generally online Applause come on guys your objective up theres a clear that house clear it the  __  out where are those rounds Landing Mike are you inbound to our position in the house now I just want to clear the advanced house Applause once one three is good to go yeah is there a dead guy in there hey firm were clearing it out once one three sounds off were gonna be moving towards todays line one Applause once we get done here we need to start move towards that gunfire whatever the  __  that was start moving that direction this is one three we got contacts between us and one two where we what direction is that Southeast Roger thats in one twos Lane if you guys can push up and take that out Applause all right one two go ahead and push into your lane Orient bearing  __  207-ish thats the direction we need to move 205 to 210. so clear that building and then  __  cut back Southwest whats up were breaching this compound we Bravo they keep coming across occupied buildings over here in this compound were going to clear they want to orient too clear that and then we need to get into our lane and start pushing through Alvin can you clear this multi-story here to your  __  negative I need medical attention Squad go ahead and Advance towards phase line one two copies moving copy is moving yeah yall are all up in one twos Lane you guys need to cut back Roger were coming back to you Im gonna move to the wall that we need to be on to be right on that line so move up to me and then pass me to the west and get in the line and thats our our  __  sector were right behind you were adjusting basically through this hole right here move through and clear this building out and push through and get in our lane from here one two Applause dead guy in this building Applause Im clear moving up Applause clear inside checking out all right  __  all right we are in the center of our lane start pushing straight South from here clearing all these buildings because it sounds like theres douchebags in almost every single one copies Applause go back out come back out here one two Im hearing some shots Applause coming out opening Claire bye going in the left Applause is this two-story clear right here three story three stories yep go back through is there a way out over there lets see if we can get in this other building over here secured I dropped a guy in the Second Story well go all right is that the Hut right in front of you youre a frag in there throw a frag in there going down all four copies move move move move move move move okay lets go lets just hold up here again Applause direction is that uh bring zero nine six Lets see we need to hit uh one yeah thats behind us I was worried about that Bravos effort is that on your position move back to that gunfire Northeast and then clear East to the  __  edge of our Lane line too Applause where to the South yes all right theres a whole okay looks like the HQ element back here this is one three can you can you tell the HQ element to clear that ship behind us to the Northeast so we can keep pushing South all right let them take care of that continue pushing South foreign Music Applause this is one three I thought you said push to phase line two we already started pushing whoevers nearest to me clear this  __  building right here moving yeah once you clear the building youre on currently stop we started pushing the next phase line too early on you so just hold on the south once youre done with your current building push left and clear the building down Applause with you but with him Applause all right theyre caught up enough just keep moving dead guy going into right loading prepping Flash Im gonna Flash and go in and left and then  __  and then pie Roger right all right it looks no going left Applause all right looks clear going left all right buildings clear go out and spray it this is one two two stepping outside take the left one Roger wants you do you need assistance Ive got several casualties down Applause Roger whats up Alpha keep pushing West from where youre at to the edge of the lane you got one two three four buildings uh three or four buildings to your place if theyre already sprayed then dont clear them uh Bravo stop pushing South youre at the phase line off comes 30 Sierra one three is off comes three two this is one three two I see seven up one one zero Bravo twice he stepped up Applause Mike Im gonna need you on me but uh dont dont come here yet theres a  __  shooter to our West Ill be standing bye Applause thank you Applause whos back on cons uming down here told me to standby clear with the contact hold where you are all right were good guys I told you to stop moving south we were at the phase line whatever this is like theres aggressively treatment yeah affirm I needed on me have you run with the uh going upstairs first familys coming out Friendlys coming out Friendlys coming out Friendlys coming out its probably the next compound or South is occupational Squad sound off when youre ready to move past phase line two Roger you guys should not be up there yet copy well four is good to go were just hold him here for now from our Southwest close Squad size pushing it from our Southwest close guys Im getting up on the roof of this three stories if I can get eyes on them Applause are you ready get him uh two times Applause Applause down you good to go from where that compound is Applause still East were going to go across phase lines Direction correction yeah are we doing the push the next phase line yet yeah clear out this  __  compound where is that shooter is he in that Hut hes directed out is he in the Hut yes or no one Applause back Applause Mike did you copy grab his last Applause video where are you guys Applause lets clear this real quick and then well move to them CLS on him left clear clear buildings clear move to them Applause whats behind us what are you doing need you to cut back and clear this three-story building here to my West Applause the contact was behind us one two this is one for Roger take whoever is not getting treated by the motor right there let me know when your  __  teams back up and ready to move Applause Roger clear it out once thats clear cut Applause  __  directions this towards me Applause see if you can get eyes on him through the murder hole Applause did you take care of that casualty Mike all right lets move back to where we were at Applause you get that shooter yeah I got him I got it Mike take care of this casualty from the left one two then one four one seven is gonna be Alpha that three story told you to clear out just had a guy pop out from behind it Applause I think I got that one I cant see you over the fence uh yeah its got a green x on it so he was on the south side of the building just keep clearing Roger from here to the southeast through the compound all right Im push into the southwest corner of the  __  compound here Bravo whats the status on hunting those extra guys down in front of those buildings uh we we cleared that area Roger move clear all the buildings up to the next phase line which were basically at already Applause that looks clear discovered a mortar pit click and a half out it is a its being protected by it looks like hostages preventing us from taking it out this is one three second its location Applause do you actually have eyes on it uh reported by a company weve got the DM we can move to get shots on that if if they have a clear line of sight copy that well try to look for it I might be able to get his eyes out of the break this is my position if we get on the Eastern side of this this next you have the elevation to get eyes out onto it one this is one to be cleared up past the days uh stand by one one business one six are you ready to pass Applause you need to stop pushing Southward past the phase line again are you ready to move all right all Squad how far of a shot is your DM confident he can make clear to pass the phase line keep moving at this house that were up on cleared on me this is Bravo my damn says he can hit a thousand meters all right theres Friendlys over there never mind the water pit 1200 meters to our South were gonna try to get anything a Little Closer dont move in front of me dont move in front of me Applause I dont see where that last shooter was he was somewhere in the building to the southeast go for one one disregard that movement order of sending that fire team up just have it regroup and continue moving south so Im gonna move over here and clear this  __  building out Alpha if thats you watching south east Southeast Bravo move up here include this little L-shaped building out is walk out disregard disregard Bravo just keep pushing south from where youre at lets go clearly first floor clear its like a floor clear all right Applause yeah clear it out nice clear from the windows right thats your scaredy going left Square is coming out all right this is the phase line all right this is the next phase line again already so Orient uh  __  Security South Orient Security South Applause one this is one part foreign Applause pretty far I can put a 40 well no  __  HTTP God damn it that guys probably not dead Applause lets go move up on the on the right side of these guys and clear this  __  building okay Ill move up and take care of that  __  I dont know where here is where are you at were in zero six zero seven 100 meters Applause this is how were clear buildings get that  __  compound cleared out Applause and then stop because thats past the face line Applause still a  __  AK fire back here in this Yellow Smoke one won this one Romeo priority around here zero six four seven there is an enemy armor piece there Applause tracker over where are these guys are you gonna get your guys up with CLS where are they from the smoke Applause crossing crossing crossing crossing in the  __  window s thank you Applause not clear its clear theres Windows clear coming up going up all right this building is clear thats someone close to our South shooting Applause thats the next two story from oh south from you Bravo gotcha occupied did you get medical attention on those guys that needed it lets go can we get out this window that shooter in that  __  second store is down this is one three cent traffic Applause yeah affirmative we had a bunch of  __   __  that wasnt cleared but weve got one team down pushing to the next phase line is here in your lane say again we need to keep  __  moving south once these buildings are cleared I need medical attention make sure your CLS is full on meds and none of your guys need blood refill his CLS come on this is one two three all right cut bearing two two zero back to Alphas position Applause Im sure you guys are spraying these buildings off I dont know where youre spraying them but I know you cleared these buildings I dont see any paint foreign Applause Alpha whats your status two buildings one forward meters uh investigating reports of another Nick to our Northeast I appreciate it additional you got it you guys are  __  pushing past the phase line again you guys got to watch that  __  were in danger close contact cleared out and then  __  cut back and set security in that direction Bravo pushed to this rock wall right here and set security South Bravo take it you got that on the left one this is one two ready to advance to phase one six copy on Threes ready all right keep pushing Roger rear clearance keep pushing one one this is one four okay so Center for one on the right side B B I dont think anyone cleared this two-story over here one in a right Roger uh once we get there its clear going up insides clear checking balconies this buildings clear moving out Applause make sure were clearing all the buildings in our sectors Applause one two this is one three do you want to stick through these buildings close to our East that are in your lane over uh negative theyre like Roger Alpha this is so far one three is at phase line six Applause one two guys to go ahead go ahead and move up to this next  __  compound thats past the phase line so dont start clearing the buildings but get on the wall Applause probably should be right in front of you to that single building on the corner of the combo I dropped the guy that was on the  __  porch fighting back towards that to clear it Applause right here support stay on the back side of those buildings Applause believe to be a small Squad code that initial uh Applause its one fourth century need you to find a place where you can block the distance between us Applause now Applause guys in the trees say again the direction all stations clear to Bath though LOL all right start pushing and clearing again see if you get your DM on high see if you can scout out that uh this one three were in the middle of the ship we have no  __  elevation anywhere near us the guys foreign Im glad that last round  __  popped him in the goddamn head ball squats Music this is one disregard out does anyone have a bunch of extra bags got it clear the balconies one this is one two all right buildings clear coming out there for one just past the Loa weve got good eyes in all directions do it copy theres no elevation here is that what he said all right were good to push all the way to the Loa um so thats Southeast is this  __  clear is it sprayed this one when were at the next phase line Music uh were 690 meters away from that mortar pit uh bearing 144 see if you can get eyes on it I dont think youre going to be able to all right all squads will start moving northwards Consolidated one were gonna take that down what the  __  Orient bearing zero three nine removing bearing zero three nine three hundred meters back to rp2 Alpha three nine one three is moving whats the status on Alpha this is foreign Applause if you guys want to switch the direction of clearing that next time I want to clear it see yourself Im back and comes over copies now we are moving to you one more copies copies one this is one two requesting permission instead of going to rp2 to head direct East from my Paws to the three-way Crossroads and assault the next down from there Roger make it happen all right were moving bearing zero seven seven two hundred meters to have it one uh one three were coming up behind or one four this is one three were coming up behind you wont want this one Romeo checking its got to be guys shooting at one fourth in front of us its whizzing past us come on all right just making sure that youre set marker wasnt moving Ephraim were rocking and rolling were moving East to the next objective Applause one forward moving past you on your South Side well for copies well hold Sheer Cover your Advanced over keep moving East to the road was that an RPG that just got launched from somewhere behind us did you guys hear that lets check out this building while we go past it is this one six or five hows your Vic doing yeah hes just currently under 150 but were otherwise fine you guys are the furthest element East right now get to that road and stop Applause this is one one break uh that was us that got hit by the RPG we got him foreign Applause straggler Applause this is Bravo 300 meters zero eight zero to our East Ern contact Roger thats where our next objective is disregard out harder thats where our next objective is hold there we need to get online before we start pushing it one more on your way out of here go ahead and utilize the road once you use the one next to the Loa cant miss it Applause thank you when we move I want to burn zero four four one hundred sixty meters wheres that at theres a building up there thats the closest building to us prep 40 smoke on your guys to move across this area this is looking nasty actually  __  that push North behind one uh four right here theres a  __  string of like ruined buildings and  __  crash helicopter and rocks and  __  that we can move in from uh stay along that rock wall on the left dont cross the street like an idiot to me this is one three weve gotta  __  approach into the town from my position now were ready to move foreign Music did you get him all right I dont think were gonna need some smoke to get it across this so next Village doesnt look that big you want me to just hold it the crossroads and cover the MSR South yeah stay at the crossroads with an element of one four and wait for one one to get up there one one I want you to push past one two and push into the town with one three oh this is bro were gonna push up today push up to the ruins in the helicopter and get ready to sold this town were waiting on one one to get into position s Roger one two did you get hit take care of yourself youre all right great go  __  get your team up there to that  __  and start killing those guys right there its moving Rodger it seems like youre gonna beat me to that when you get there increasing South you get  __  too anyone else want to get  __  yeah you get  __  too all right that was three down east where theres three theres normally four so keep watching that direction uh were gonna hold here until one ones ready to push the town uh this is one three you probably need to find a way into town from where youre at not with us well push in and clear out the north side and you push him to clear out the  __  South Side Applause third time now this is how we gotta move to that building negatively waiting on one one on our South Plank to get moved up just hold here for now guess how seven doing one one I dont see your  __  Blue Force marker moving are you moving were moving time now were waiting for our other fire team to catch up wait about 30 more seconds theyre about 100 meters behind all right one one reference your uh markers oriented  __  assaultier this time Applause all right Bravo oh never mind is that yellow up on that rock wall on the left hey Sharp all right get ready to move Music all right one way to parallel to us theyre about 300 meters to our South start moving on the left Applause watch this  __  tall wheatgrass  __  might be  __  Velociraptors in one one two once we get uh initial Headway through the town I want you to start looking to break down in the initial freeway and its not moving to rp2s three-way Applause and clear that little compound out on the north side Applause sir okay Applause what the  __  are you  __  me are you  __  kidding me Applause Applause intersection see that guy Jesus Christ Applause the crossover were getting engaged from the compound I told you to clear whats uh whats the hold up say again right Applause we got a Humvee rolling up on left one two moving up all right buildings clear coming out just won three cent traffic Ive got a team pushing into that Roger you might want to tell him to act back because theyre pushing it from the north uh side of that at this time where the  __  is Bravo at wheres Bravo at um its fast cut back Across The Street South and continue clearing on Alphas north side Applause one three again no Mike where are you at are you done treating those guys over there location you are making one choose location worthless get them the  __  out of here all right now keep clearing this shits clear its straight Applause Bravo get over here let the guys that are clearing that compound clear it move over here and clear these  __  buildings you should its clear in here whos this right here we thought clear coming on one floor be advised today or something crossing the bridge of our Southern Illinois theyre pushing up their uh road towards you get ready for that one in a right one two copies were ready going left go spray it opening are all these buildings clear ly weve not checked Northeast going upstairs in there theres a couple of theres Alpha pushed to the buildings at the end of the street here bearing three four seven hundred meters zero four seven make sure those are clear out oh it looks like a bunch of  __  Shacks never mind Sal this is one three were done clearing this area waiting movement orders ection 109 160 meters except for you Hammer youre  __  bleeding Im sorry next time I wont let you know no I got it I got it dont waste the bandage Applause this is uh one three how many mags are left in the Vic we need them I got 28. 105 150 meters to the Y intersection start moving on 500 meters I dont know why you thought that call this is one three if you can bring the Vic over to that y intersection we need the mags Applause please Applause all squads is one Romeo will be advised push to Havoc one ones push to the y-inter section Alpha bearing two four six 350 meters and get mags for the V from the Vic buddy Applause until Im sending a buddy team to you to get married Applause possible thats it Applause be ready is this a y intersection on these rocks at this crest on that yeah this is one three cent traffic to the intersection we are getting a reason why uh to the north side of town here were getting a full resupply instead of the vix so just hold where youre at okay you see the marker for that move those guys up to the marker or to the north for the resupply instead just sit tight were standing outside uh make sure you guys can carry a  __  ton of mags because we need all of them try to get that DM oriented two two one one click here I think youre rocking and blood of the tree still up the construction building is way two two one click its over there in the  __  Woods thats off there to the right of that construction building I see a guy through the  __  hole right here one thats about once one one were trying to get an angle through the trees to our Southwest to those mortars but it looks like theres a line of trees in the way we might get lucky and find a hole but I dont think were going to be able to I mean shoot that guy shoot that guy see him dont make me take that  __  thing away from you and show you how its used right here through the  __  hole bearing two two six one zero three two meters on the  __  porch through the hole right here one this is one two okay right where Im at and get prone at this intersection and move East to the other one one zero three six come on right here where Im at move to your left like five feet dude listen to what Im saying move left five feet to where Im at and get prone right here get prone and  __  shoot that guy one zero three two meters one three is one six wait till he kneels back up again oh he is kneeled up he just moved a little bit to the  __  right you see him hes looking out to his hes looking out to the left now you should be able to pop him foreign tracers do you have AP ammo both Squad send the fire team to  __  collect your load AP get resupply for the whole Squad thats three mags per person so get uh whats three times eight 24 mags Supply one two is going to mount up in the vehicle that  __  on a thousand meters and aim at the  __  you hit him copy that go ahead and hit him hes dead get online with the rest of them moving to the southeast from parkito uh so 24 mags and how many  __  boxes I dont know these are discretion grab some 40s also this is one three cent traffic no we dont have an angle plus oh  __  I got a buddy team there already we dropped the guy through the  __  hole in the trees right there but we cant see  __  else in that direction this is Roger get what you can Mike foreign whats our status on  __  saw him everybody what are you shooting at suffering low uh we were able to get four boxes two for each team two points I still have no crowded yeah hes working with drum right now okay yeah Im just gonna count for this too is that a Vic I gave him both of mine I think thats all though right one six were at 2 000 rounds LT one six is one three can you move back to my position two one four this is one seven hows the uh situation going the rate supply for you this this is one for give us one more mic and we should be good to go uh just two members back there at this time can you give me your can you give me your optic its going to be easier for me to just look at this thing to try than to try to explain to you where its at this one when were moving to resupply time now Lieutenant one two is good were moving up to the intersection behind one three like tilting me Im like one three on my  __  Rich one okay thats the Dead Guy Wheres the thing that I was looking at okay thats not a Vic I dont know what that is right there but its not a Vic like I thought it was right you caught back up yet Alpha uh did you get extra mags for the DM I shouldnt need them yeah negative it was still resupplying there should be some in the Vic Im gonna reach back just to see how much I have got a Vic coming up friendly yeah one three they have a body team at the box or they should be coming back up on them all right it looks like once we move out from here were going to be moving south east and then were gonna cut south of course one six four Cent traffic how fast can you get to rb2 uh when you move all right Watson um where the  __  is Bravo were over there on the location of the resupplys over is that uh blue floor zero seven one two north side of towns markers out this is one three when we move down south you want us to take the Left Flank so the South Plank are you able to ride this Ridgeline and provide OverWatch or is it no good because of the trees well if you dont like him you can  __  put them back oh we can ride the actual Ridgeline the  __  road doesnt look like its going to be good because of the trees if you want to try to ride the ridge line and see if you can be affected from there if not push East bearing zero eight five two hundred meters one three uh but dont go until you give me the mags that you got for a resupply for me yeah yeah hes moving Jerry five centimeters up on this Hilltop behind the  __  crows there you go whats up with Max were following problem tell your DM if he needs Max get him out of the Vic right now completely were you able to get 40s you want to get some out of the Vic are you Whispering at the 140 youre done oh my God members of 1-1 are you guys good negative were still resupplying gotcha so Im correct to assume the only people up there get up and over the cover all right this Ridgeline had some warning markers on it so there might be  __  along as we move uh Roger tell your DM to put his  __  suppressor back on until we go back into  __  mouth youre gonna put your suppressor back on until were back into the city all right were pushing across this saddle Southeast this is one three were gonna push South to the southeast to that next uh Hilltop from our position like 300 meters on the right side here left side left side Roger left side left side were already moving that way the  __  the helicopter sounds like a jet its the jettiest sounding helicopter uh while were up here see if we can see that  __  mortar pit motor pit is two three zero 1200 meters as were moving along this raid here looking you stopped here wait a few days to catch up we might be able to see it from the hilltop just move to the hilltop its gonna be a hell of a long shot though wait what did I say I heard 400 . through zero 1200 meters this is one three cent traffic three copies one on the road disregard uh  __  Alpha make sure you got two guys assigned watching East were passing out mags right now right now all right the factory compound out there at two four zero three two three five is where those mortars are at or maybe the compound Beyond it Java copies we didnt see him a second ago but were gonna try again once were on the peak of this this hill all right Sagara I want you to focus on finding that mortar pit its your own job right now one three this is one three cent traffic okay were sending habit four over your location uh what about one four its a really good OverWatch spot so I see someone up there okay so its the next compound west of that factory compound out there I see a single head but my optics not good enough to 1250 meters dig in up here guys let me just sit here then theres a guy standing up once once uh once the others once the other squads engage you guys will be clear to start shooting but dig in up here first get lets get dug in you got a shovel start  __  digging on the edge right on the edge right here where these guys are at not back here two seven eight two meters hes on the front porch of us this is one seven a jab team I just saw past me theyre gonna be on your six in like probably about 30 yeah oh yeah all right get these  __  trenches dug as soon as theyre dug you guys are clear to engage everything you see jogging you guys God damn it guys whos got the  __  shovel yeah Alpha do you not have a shovel we have a shovel somethings going on with that guy oh fire down stop down stop standby looking for the boat all right move up and use this  __  trench said guys shift shift to your right so I can dig another  __  trench right here foreign but I dont see anybody behind it all right well if you cant see him no big deal theres welcome yes hello great oh sorry were here I mean you can see as well as weekends oh yeah I definitely see the mortar bit because its being  __  used by friendlies get that DM over here Ive got the Marksman wheres it at uh where the  __  did it go I just had eyes on it or two four zero from us right now see through this little Gap right here I do you see that guy um whered he go I keep seeing him and losing them and seeing him okay yeah I see it I cant tell which one of those is the  __  mortar Sakura moved directly to my position okay you are your literally up here let me hand me the DMR that was the longest rage here Friendlys movement along the down slope right in front of us say again I cant tell if thats still handle on our own theres uh theres three mortars and theres a Civic in the very center I can see the city I can see ahead to his left I can probably shoot that one guy Im not gonna be able to hit either one of the other ones whats the range that was like 12 30 something Applause this is Bravo we got contacts God I hate this  __  dumb  __  this one I need you to move a little bit Im having trouble damn it I might be able to get it from that rock down kind of at the edge I lost eyes on him again God damn it I got him he said one two four what thank you its a wind y Applause God that had to be close as  __  I didnt see the impact saguero put uh yeah Im seeing the  __  leaves get hit Applause foreign directly behind him now  __  take this back moving around the compound down Motors are firing yep the motors are firing Get Low the motors are firing probably towards us get low until those impacts come in if they come in near us were gonna push down into the buildings get down Applause this is what were holding at the phase line two yep thats right behind us start pushing down slope this is one three those mortars got our position were pushing down slope into the town was pushing direct South into that Hamlet Charles Roger Im hearing I see enemies bearing one seven five in the trees on the other side of the close buildings is nt there with the alpha are you guys ahead of our Fireball did anyone see where the  __  motor pit was yeah you see that factory complex way over there Abram over there to the west southwest if theyre 200 meters west of that all right this is one three were down uh in the buildings where he wants to go copy that lets continue oh this is Rob were going to push the responses Roger I dont think disregard out Roger I dont think we have any Targets that far out West at that factory building were going to bound past South to the next compound push up on the road on the left side and push uh South to the next compound uh bearing one five four 200 meters this stuffs not necessarily all clear so make sure youre checking Windows while we push past civilians all right gonna pop to the right Raj watch him laugh yeah Im right with one three all right uh 100 more meters bearing one six zero that that building right there lets clear this one I brought a stop in a clear building and well continue opening Pine on left clear one one that building up there I was asking like Senator Rogers moving I want you to uh stage at Baseline one and uh away from a movement order break once it comes youre gonna push direct South to the group of buildings at zero two nine or zero three times suppress those Shooters and keep moving the cover this compound has a marker on it make sure were clearing it out come on uh opening Pine right looks clear going right looks clear going right the Links clear go spray it Applause all right Applause come over top Davenport were doing next week uh were at a baseline so were staying here yeah but yeah well lose straight South from here into those buildings that were getting shot at from copy this is uh one three were holding at this phase line and were ready to push straight South into these next markers inside I see you  __   __  three smokes left to right between these two buildings preference trying to turn back one all right guys Applause no I guess he popped back out once again were past the phase line take care of those  __  Shooters and then start pushing up covering right into the middle one three this is one two this is one three cent traffic well take the ones there well take the ones directly to ourselves if you can take the ones more to the Southwest so sort of in the middle all right were clearing the buildings that are directly south one two is going to push up into buildings that are uh off to the right watch these buildings on our right theres dead guys on the porches and  __  so theyre probably  __  occupied thats it thats in the murder hole in the  __  Hut to my South 50 meters Southwest God damn it all Applause right did anyone get that guy shooting out of that murder hole Applause stick around in my  __  plate pain management Applause all right Applause opening going in the left Applause thats clear Friendlys in here already Pine going up clear inside upstairs checking the  __  balcony balconys clear ly Mike again you put everything south of us were east of you online all right so we wrote that building between us all right were clearing the one directly in front of you now send it just dropped several contacts bearing 225 Southwest over that Ridge Roger did you step up keep moving south to the edge or to the end of the buildings this is up were clear to everything I think to the South were going to start pushing West oh no thats one twoseline one two is West pushed South to the edge of the buildings Applause this is Bravo were at the end of it if you havent done already uh when youre done with that small group of buildings secure the next Baseline and thats the security yeah towards the uh copies were making it happen all right Orient west southwest Im gonna go up on this little Hill thats one two of this buildings clear mic this is the Ridgeline where you drop those guys I see four Corpses Applause all right we need to wait here until one two gets done clearing the buildings to the West Applause I was gonna get set in these rocks into the southeast all right it looks like one two is pretty much done clearing these buildings start pushing West uh basically straight west this is one three were pushing straight west to pl3 Roger one three one two copies just click through the last buildings were gonna start moving West as well one more copies were already up here uh clearing out the next set of buildings ahead of you guys at the phase line three make sure you guys are watching left across the  __  water thats where the reinforcements might be coming from make sure youve got cover or defilade from there follow behind uh we got a set of buildings up in front of us going to move my squad up to the North or the central and use the road to get on uh get into the next day out lets try to rewind on one break should not ride on one three all right whats one three and one two catch up with one one you guys are cleared past the Baseline youre gonna feel dressings yellow one medications one three Roger will take the left uh through the town all right were gonna be on the South Side Left Flank uh through this town will clear past the phase line were moving up the phase line four so 300 meters we still got both our at sticks right now all four copies this is one two 50 is engaged on the crane the hole in the wall here on the right on the right yep Music probably 80 rounds left hit the building here is that on this side uh copy okay I see Alpha clear that building Bravo pushed through past uh to the southwest side and start clearing that little compound of buildings walk out  __  thats a lot of pots big  __  gate opening Dark As  __  got you guys whats the next one over theres a building right next door I am hearing shots from up front uh West uh copy one three is eager or somewhere moving in a rapid pace that was like a single  __  I was in that compound Southwest side reaching now Roger pushed to the edge of this uh wall to the west and thats the phase line dont keep dont move past that Alpha move down and help them clear that compound out its got one two three four five six seven eight buildings is there another hole in this wall somewhere yeah rocks here let them take the hole lets go over the wall and help clear the compound over here I see you uh were in the open lets not stop here this is Alpha buildings are clear were pushing towards your time now Roger its looking like this compound is unoccupied all right all right this is the edge of the phase line worship Friendlys front you got one for God gets shacked up in this buildings right here and get security on the river cross phase line two there was no cover there dont get  __  this is all right to the West our lane is the south side Roger one three is moving to that one copies were moving one sixth is one four interrogative construction building up here is in our lane so lets move to it here as uh rifles push through the town over foreign this is one three uh this is in our lane did you want to clear it oh no you have guys in it already this is what you said youre heading there yeah we arent here thats why Im confused you said stop shooting 40s since you got guys at it Applause there is a guy on the second floor of this  __  compound at the very least Applause whos clearing flooring buddy team on Roger Applause that keep me posted on it make sure to call for uh some  __  help if you need it Applause oh  __  ing up here no he did Alvin did you clear the bottom floor and the second one no there were like 100 people downstairs Applause roof is clear uh push out move to the next building West Applause its the white uh  __  Warehouse building excuse me yeah theyre definitely guys deep in the town on the central or north side theres a fire team element moving uh Southwest and Northeast Applause thats the mortar position where is it get  __  cigar up here and get that  __  taken care of it Alpha moved to that white Warehouse building on the West End Roger West End one three uh someones already going into that building looks like Applause its past them Roger pushing back one for this is one three why are you guys up ahead of us clearing buildings Applause Applause you want a position to post stuff back and get up on the  __  construction building or maybe the cranes theres a bunch of  __  visibility from up there this one foreign Applause Applause Applause all right what Squad is this you guys are out of your lane clear this  __  and then push back North Applause okay Applause Applause this is the mortar pit be careful we know theres a  __  cup civilian in here Applause Im moving to that uh  __  civilian avocados Applause theres a guy in the corner over here Applause come over and clear it out theres one through the mortar pit is clear the  __  hostage is secure were stowing him in a  __  building Applause I just Bravo my ears down Applause hes in the zero eight zero zero Blue Force marker stop you Mike Im just over that wall in front of you guys look left what are you doing look left look left Applause Applause Applause you clear this building and then get  __  eyes out in that direction theres a whole fire team out there theres more guys I got him covered clear that building Applause  __  were past the  __  phase line stop moving uh West all right go ahead all right disregard keep moving might be good let me passed Applause going to clear this building to the  __  Southwest foreign Applause first floor is clear moving up insides clear John balcony balconies clear buildings clear Applause theres a machine gun on the on the southwest side of the building to my Northwest of 75 meters Applause a friend were on it chicken stuff were golden pushing upstairs Roger that machine gunner disappeared so hes behind air in it somewhere where thats him he might have moved West while I Didnt Have Eyes on him Applause spray this building Applause lets move up to that next building where that shooting was just coming from alpha keep pushing the building you were pushing I was pushing that shooter now now this bruh we cant keep thinking West here because were taking contacts Applause probably your whole phase line behind us theres you cant like move ment went in and right Roger as soon as Im done clearing this building going left clear its clear going left all right spray it and lets move to them are you yelling if not you need to be you guys clear the rest of this ship hes on the  __  rooftop lets check the other angle were coming out whos this lets go this guys in the next two buildings up but we need to clear this  __  pine pine pine left well Mike clear going on find this hole opening all right cover my rear get over here get over here get over here dont aint going right going up going in the right his left side happy hi one two two I see stepping up first floor is clear pushing the second floor oh  __  too late  __  I like one copies clear all stations once we are cleared with all threats to our West were going to reconsolidate back on the bridge where one four is and hold 360 to security this is one three we had a guy try to surrender but not fast enough Friendlys ahead of us here yeah were clearing our Lane Music it wasnt War crime he was just  __  shooting at us he can eat bags of dicks already check in yeah youre putting a  __  whole mag in the friendlies like  __  you all right I think were good any  __  happening get security South and West if you dont have it already signed off on your last answer Alphas got South Roger do you have a good Gap in the trees from where youre at that you can see across the river uh uh everyone move back to  __  one force thats gonna be 650 meters were moving back to the bridge that we passed one zero zero six hundred meters I hope you got your  __  running boots on one cup well you should have thought about that no theres its available before the mission uh this is uh one three what do you want us to do about that hostage do we want to collect them up for debrief the command element looked him over medically and I believe they reached a  __  released him before Roger uh did someone destroy the motors were gonna go past the mortars uh drag them together and throw him incendiary on him if theyre still up no yeah theres still Green from here theres a little brick thats green and has yellow writing on it then just move on pass here blacksmith is out oh no they are destroyed keep moving oh my God thats the only entrance to this compound get out through the back of this building yeah youre following me I lead the way I cant do whatd you do have your  __  come back ladies feel good oh something going on over here yeah I know is this right yeah this is one three do you want us to get elevated in the  __  break instruction site building disregard those people already up there yeah hey Burger in a minute timer my squad leader shop uh Audrey feel free to get elevated anymore the only people up here is uh one feminine uh dagger I just saw all of Havoc four going up there were gonna get on the roof of this building on the third and fourth floor get the DM to the fourth floor everyone else whats wrong princess are you tired of falling upstairs let me you are in defensive positions so I can pass it up absolutely Im on the northwest corner no Roger sorry we couldnt get more fireworks this stuff we are set by yourself I already lied and told everyone we were set oh hi there you are I heard that one three go ahead and  __  fortify this a little bit sandbag it no Bert get your ass over here so we can afford it somebody stole my shovel thats not my ass Watson Memorial this is one three seconds Roger no idea what youre talking about one more setup copy all understood we got like 50 meters left of our truck you need to check yourself before you fall off the building everyone check yourselves Medical Roger check your check yourself medically except for Trooper  __  that guy yeah look at my left stain your left stainless Sergeant see that he has a he has a backstage please that round was like 15 feet to your left yes no it was not in your ass next time tell your team leader to tell me which floor his guys are actually on she told me you had guys on the second and third floor so when I saw a guy on the roof second and top floor I heard yeah second and top floor which is we anyways its over here we did it good job everybody I dont know I wasnt listening to the radio I was busy yelling at you everybody hold me back thank you no no its just beautiful is everyone leaving because if so were probably mission complete we are missing plate yeah this is one three be advisory of mission completed this time theyre disconnecting the conference room thank you sir one staff sergeant to you oh sorry give me out its still Sergeant give me a hug this bump all right well high five nope never mind oh yeah steam portable gaming system ARMA 3 Infantry Gameplay - Op Clear Skies phase 5 - TF Alpha Callsigns on net: Havoc 1-6 - Platoon Lead Havoc 1-7 - Platoon Sergeant Havoc 1-1 - First Squad Leader Havoc 1-2 - Second Squad Leader Havoc 1-3 - Third Squad Leader Havoc 1-4 - Fourth Squad Leader, Weapons Squad (240s and MAAWS) Havoc 1-3-A - Alpha Team Havoc 1-3-B - Bravo Team Havoc 1-3 M - Medic _________________ If you enjoyed the video, please consider a donation: Patreon: If you decide to get Star Citizen, please consider using my referral code. 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