Arma Reforger Conflict - Imersão máxima!

Steam deck online multiplayer gamesvr headsets steam ARMA 3 gameplay Its good to remember how this video has a lot of attention for you one the only merscher converter the only one will have exactly one tool that has everything you need to make your life easier beauty edit video compresses video you can video background You can record your screen and Im even recording this video with it now and doing everything but the coolest thing that this new version is bringing now is the watermark editor with it you can remove or add watermark to any of your videos there what without a doubt a very nice tool that even I had been looking for for a long time something like that I bought it at the first link in the description good to let Uni convert And download it to try it for free Alright were together gun reporter and Hi Im in Complex which is basically the game mode where you have capillary positions its enemies the ibot okay You can see on the map here that Im going to show you now is the we have some things here that are captured by us Asus export And then boy there ai ai ai ai __ Our Lady Our bro look at the calm calm calm there Applause Calm has to be people and blocks Music the bed and grandma good day off and the shots were from far away old Renato thats not somatic right I want to see if the thing is cool now I tell him dont calm down there Andthen and the richest people didnt have a body here guys and Im not angry even more some left their marks connected there is that I cant calm your body here oh an attribute or I went from cute to calm call it this song this song ok And then Andthen and disturbing a little calm there man died and Ricardo arrives no faster it had an ionic character the test here enemy if you download it to be able to better visualize thecalm I will have its Way in aHigh I asked here or the poop one the second generation product of taking the pill is and then the couple also sing Gmail ah man died old I said to download it still I think we dont talk here let me give it here live no Palma Andthen And then my God in heaven and Andthen Hi Carol Ribeiro and and when the play when we send a little bit old I have two here I saw one Andthen Applause I died alright Damn it already started with a certain one only here will it be able to do it some fixed search point here and so on to see if I can find it but like this and see if I think wait for us like this proves this here lets go here ready lets see here is a point that we think look Its good for you, its going to be one of those places, youre going to find some stalls, like this one here, for example. type u ma rate here there are some stalls that you can find but generally look here is what equipment if you give music but you can go right behind my video So Im going to turn it off Sorry orange on here its really coming out and did he find weapons here Okay vehicle on the internet vehicle maintenance basically Rayman WhatsApp again ok I have to be bad that we and pit Bill or not and the internet then Tite final by looking at How I miss you is or isnt Andthen its fine Lets go today na next mission now and the two brothers here and since the first one didnt work out very well and this game mode Man it looks interesting man its very similar a lot with the game mode that requires there are there in which people understood the game including also remembering multifive I m thinking that the next weapon, the one next to them, is doing a lot on the lips. This game mode here Im going to do is very similar to the one here we have in our __ its very similar because the traditional game mode of the squad came out of the Carousel of the Carousel of the correct car ok lets stop lets stop find it here for us leave the car sideways and And then And then a lot of people man a lot of people man my my my my my not sending the guy is ignoring old Andthen the pants in Chapter 1 well then the Andthen Andressa will speak laws I friendly traditional our team Calm down the bed also talks but the last one has been around for an hour or so I thought they are here they dont know here they are going crazy really are they here on the other side could it be that they cant leave the area already dominated lets say but already secured and already an old friend, but allied to not showing up here with him, you do nt have to care about the uniform, lets see, I said it was recorded. Interesting area here, lets see, Ill see if I find something to set one up, it s a care, guys, you have to try as much as possible, it turned out well, obviously its all allied to the end of hearing the uniform in the middle of the bush and the Mataram a better guy, oh oh andhe died Whatsup Whats up the guy if I was faster here old if I was prettier huh friend Applause Andthen Applause thecalm the calm old enemy air I could will be the contest on the return is not the message out with friends Almeida Allan Felix and Im going back home now Im going with that part over there so my eyes are used to this new one too and its knowing how to identify the enemies of the allies also to identify people, right because when you already have a certain dont get used to the game such youve already batted your eye youve seen a guy a lot of people sometimes hell already had babies some guy long bro i dont know what it is but youre a matter of habit And as you go j Playing the game you get more and more used to glancing and seeing a strange movement something different you know your brain is not used to seeing it like this Hi and then you automatically know that the enemy Got it man the game is really cool old seriously they improved the part of the Clash a lot to attack calls very important server staying still but it improved a lot really Sata good so the championship I can play the online mode then changed time I brought you there that was new I havent been able to play this mode yet of the game here with the front because now here at home so I ended up making that video there for you kind of in training mode, okay, I made a long funkeiro here exactly right now Im already in the enemy area here the second time I managed to find a server kinda that of the community there that wasnt here is not here either and now Im playing on the Zinho server here to buy 64 people bravo first person and take a little more now and even a friend of mine here is the gene This is the genoa Andthen and the failure has passed and managed to advance old I was Android 2.1 thechannel Victor Andersen the plastic or cheat Will either and we were there now old time theold woman and doesnt say anything right and take them on the other side old the guy who really wanted to have more doesnt come here now I have to find another one Wow somewhere a strip night I think I think Im not sure red carpet Andthen the statesman that the diabetics Mr Ill look for you if you want to talk even from afar you can hear a crash with what you have against these guys the enemy is basically They came back little by little and the and managed to take this position here its on the guys and there it seems that the guys now take the other side there with more than 40 that I made a needle in the middle that random here for nothing, right, this whole round was not published in the team, had I not been able to advance, it would have been a good surprise effect sa to be delivered at least fact some guys and such and I managed and manage to take her function here and lets stay from the guys to like I said shes being stung its just that now it takes a little longer than it seems so thats it guys Unfortunately fate in this way they are improving, okay guys, they warned from the beginning that the game was in something that has to go through a lot of improvement and Im enjoying seeing that were really seeing improvement, were seeing progress, you see that now Ive managed play a garden Practically in Piraí and luckily I took another Kiki, but be patient, they are solving it And thats what matters. I dont recommend you buy it If youre not a fan of the star of the franchise because its really a different company, its a company that has a lot of Bang, we know that that already gives this and then its from Boiada, you also know that its full of bugs and you have to be patient, its connected to the incredible experience, but you have to be patient, thank you all so much for that hug and see you in the next video stickman steam game Converta vídeos para diversos dispositivos: Converta YouTube para MP3, MP4, e mais de graça: Cheque a lista de formatos, dispositivos e GPUS disponíveis para Windows e MAC: -Lives aqui: -Facebook: -Me siga no insta: e no Twitter: @JBSniperOficial ________________________________________________________________ how to limit fps on steam games how to use steam family sharing steamed carrots how long best steam games for bad computers steam deck cast to tv