ARMA Reforger! The New ARMA is Pretty Good BUT has Issues!

Set up steam family sharepc games that don't require steam ARMA REFORGER whats up guys double dog gamer here and we are showing off arma reforger the new addition to the arma series now this isnt arma 4. i know a lot of people thought the announcement was going to be arma 4 but this isnt arma 4. this is more of a tech demo on the engine that arma 4 is going to be on but kind of a remake of the original operation flash point minus the single player stuff well get it more into that later this is what arma 4 is basically going to look like and just overall the engine itself the animations are so much better the environmental graphics it just takes the graphics from arma 3 and just elevates it to a whole new level this engine is absolutely amazing everything about it is absolutely beautiful the lighting the tracers the environment the textures its all just takes arma to a whole new level now this is also the first time arma is on console thats right forger is on playstation xbox and pc and his cross platform between all of them this is awesome and creates its own problems which were going to talk about kind of later in the video but this is awesome for the console players that they finally get to experience our you know the arma series on a console now unfortunately i didnt get early access to armor forger so im kind of basing all of this on the the five hours that i had uh playing it during the stream and a little bit before it but overall the gameplay-wise its its awesome i think the gun plays really good we finally get an fov slider and you know i think the movement the environmental aspects of it the graphics of it are amazing and the performance is absolutely top-notch i had this thing cranked to absolute max and even on multiplayer i was still getting 70 fps the entire time at 1440 which is absolutely unheard of with arma 3 because even if you modded the hell out of it on a full multiplayer server youre lucky if you get 50 fps so this new engine definitely seems like its worth it and if it powers arma 4 i think its going to be absolutely amazing now one of the cool things about this is this is already open to mod support right now and has a workshop built right into the game to the point where if you want to join a server it downloads all the mods kind of similar to how squad does right there on the bat so you dont have to do with presets or any of that stuff that youd have to do back with arma 3 you can just join the server and bam all the mods are absolutely downloaded right off the bat i think this is an awesome thing that bohemia is doing with the workshop being integrated already in the game itself and its just kind of opening the doors to just more accessibility one of the awesome things they did is this game has its own built-in tfr thats right theres a task force radio built into it you can change your frequencies you can talk to people you can pick up radios you can even pick up enemy radios now this is kind of the big thing because a lot of milsims pretty much all milsim communities use task force radio or the you know alternative with console they cant get on teamspeak to use that kind of stuff so this is bohemia really thinking outside the box and integrating something that almost every server uses in game itself for console players to be able to use while this didnt come with anything really single player or an editor which is kind of a shame it did come with a game master that you can mess around with which is kind of a dumbed down zeus mode that you can play around with which is really buggy because it did crash for me a few times and it comes with multiple pvp game modes that you can do and pvp pve game modes uh like almost like a liberation kind of capture and hold um game modes that are you can work them as milsim where you can just kind of play them with friends as you want you dont have to be competitive i mean you dont have to play the pvp stuff either its kind of a nice variety that they had with the multiplayer and it actually works pretty well one of the cooler things that i saw is that there are tons of animations when it comes to different things like vaulting getting into vehicles youll actually open the door reach and open it and the vehicles themselves have contextual menus where you actually have to look at the ignition you know interact with it to start it and things like that this opens a huge door for modding because if thats what theyre doing with animations and things like that with vehicles and the menus and things like that it just opens the skys the limit for modders they can really do all kinds of things even make dcs in you know in um you know in arma at this point which is going to be amazing speaking of mods apparently the mod tools that bohemia has provided with armor reforger are on a whole nother level compared to what they provided for arma 3 which kind of gives a ton of room for modders to create all kinds of awesome stuff and more than likely whatever modders come up with for reforger can be easily transferred over into arma 4. and from what ive heard a lot of the big mod makers already have their hands on the tools for a while now so theyre probably working really hard and we should be getting some mods for it really really soon we also finally have pretty much every building in the map is enterable and theres tons of things to interact with inside the building so you can flush toilets you can play pianos you can turn radios on and off we finally have buildings theyre not all empty they actually have furniture and things inside of them so its not up to the mission makers to fill them and enemies will actually go enemy ai will actually go inside of buildings so if youre hiding in a building they wont sit outside like the dumb ai of arma 3 and arma 2 theyll actually come into the building to try to get you the ai is well its still arma so the ai is still kind of dumb in a sense but theyll actually push you they wont do their normal thing where they just go prone immediately when getting shot at and just return fire and stay there the whole time theyll sometimes go prone return fire sometimes take cover sometimes move around and things like that so its actually kind of a step up from what we had with arma 3. on top of that apparently we have destructible buildings and destructible environments now right now from what im told its turned off and once its into a position where they like it theyre going to turn it on for the game so were gonna finally get some sort of you know levolution in arma which is insane because you know we havent really had that so itd be interesting to see if you can actually blow holes in buildings and breach them like that now for the elephant in the room um controls an interface because of console this is my big con and im not trying to gate keep console players from playing arma but there is an issue that will affect console players because of this now when you look at the controls you arma is famous for having tons of controls you have pages and pages and pages of controls when you look at it now theres the the least amount of controls ive ever seen in an arma game and they are super simplified and on top of that were missing the entire custom control page which is a big thing because a lot of really important mods use tons of those so things like ace medical i have no clue how theyre gonna make that work in this game i dont know how theyre gonna make that work i dont know how console players are gonna get to enjoy one of the best and most important mods in the arma series it seems like thats taking kind of a step back to get it to work on console at the the cost of really important mods now im hoping im wrong on this im hoping somebody figures something out and or you know they release more controls in the future and things like that but as it stands right now looking at that control page i just dont know how a ton of mods are really going to work there are so many mods that require custom controls and you know you know kind of you know modifiers of controls to work and what im seeing right now i dont think any of thats going to happen which kind of puts in jeopardy a lot of work a mod makers have been doing for the entire arma series and just really important mods might be completely left out of the arma series because of the switch to console now because of console the ui is also really weird um youre youre done with your scroll wheel your menu thats gone you still kind of have your interact button where you can scroll wheel but its very simplified in its own way its kind of more look at stuff and go from there um its not just walk up to it and scroll through everything on top of that the inventory menu is probably the worst one ive ever seen in the arma series it is absolute trash like i really hope thats a placeholder because i hate it so much it looks like a a jank daisy you know inventory system and you know arma is not known for its amazing inventory system but this one is like woof its bad i really hope that kind of changes but i i you know i see them kind of working with console and what with console has with the controller you really dont have a lot of room to work with overall though im really enjoying this i think reforger is a great base and a new test for the tech that we that were getting for arma 4 and also allow a lot of feedback from the community to get to that point it runs great it looks great its missing a lot of stuff we dont have tanks helicopters aircraft things like that they might add them down the road or modders might add them in also but overall the graphics the animations the sounds the movement it all works it works really well its a step up from armor three and in the right direction of arma 4 but because of the ui and the controls its kind of a step back it becomes this weird scenario where im hoping bohemia didnt sacrifice what makes our art of the arma series great to appease and bring it on to console and thats thats where i think you know it might affect console players too they finally get into arma and theyre like i want to get all these mods and play all this stuff and then suddenly they find themselves in this weird situation where youre not getting the arma experience because theres literally no way to provide it because of the lack of controls and the lack of ui and things like that but i definitely do feel that the modders are gonna come through on this i feel like this is a great base and with the mod tools that we have were definitely gonna get a lot of really really awesome mods like hopefully rhs gets fully brought in at some point very soon because im pretty sure they were the first ones to get the tools anyways cup things like that ace see what they can do with that icebreaker brings some of his maps over into the new engine and things like that and then all that stuff can immediately be brought into arma 4. i think its a great base to kind of test this new engine test all these new tools give bohemia the feedback they need for arma 4 and let console players at the same time experience it but im hoping it all works out for the best but right now im kind of stuck on the fence im very 50 50 about this right now i got to say i got to give it a 5 out of 10. were having server issues which is normal for arma but because of the ui and the lack of controls it feels really short-sighted of an actual arma game it looks great plays great feels great but the controls in the ui is really killing it for me but i want to know what you guys think about reforge are you excited for it are you liking everything about it do you have you know pros and cons of it let me know in the comments below id like to know all aboard elijah mccoy's steam engine Join Discord for More Info Want to see more Videos? 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