ARMA REFORGER - 10 AMAZING Mods You Need to Try

What are the benefits of a steam roomsteam codes redeem ARMA REFORGER hey my name is Sab and you might remember this game armor reforger reforger had a rough launch but after a couple of months now its sitting at a decent amount of concurrent players and its steadily growing at the moment what you might find interesting is that the mods for this game are adding tons of new experiences and gives reason to pick it back up and thats exactly what I did mothers are adding tons of new content and new experiences to Armory forger let me just quickly show you 10 amazing mods coming out of the Community First a quick disclaimer that many of these mods are work in progress and can quickly change but such is the nature of mods but this is what it looks like as of recording this video now lets get into it project Redline md500 plus the mh-60 Blackhawk by rallion and the redline Mall team technically two mods but from the same group and these mods introduce modern helicopters to armor reporter and with that much needed Mobility to the game I think that people seeking out to modernize Armory forger with modern equipment and vehicles should check these mods out the helicopters control okay but its early days for these mods so you can expect issues with the audio and maybe the models themselves but as of right now did do a good job and work fine in the multiplayer scenario currently the weapon reloading doesnt really work but aside from that two cool additions you can try out in your multiplayer scenarios they even have a working a86 for you to check out next up is the new vehicle mod the striker mod by the space Rider currently consists of the ifv or infantry fighting Vehicles the striker the mods provides a few different variants in all living camo as well as with crows or with the MDS the MGs mobile gun system is still a work in progress so there will be a few issues but it does fire and so does the Crows version the striker has capacity for plenty of soldiers in the back and its a nice addition to any unit that wants an IV for Bluford in Armory folder these IVs will be excellent in any combined arm scenario in armor forger as they provide some armor and some Firepower to the unit rhs status quo by red hammer Studios and you might know rhs from Arma 3. its one of the longest running mod themes for the armor platform rhs status quo claims to remain true to its roots in the Contemporary military so rhs covers the Russian and the U.S military between 2000 to the present day at least thats the goal the mod is in development and rhs intends to deliver a new terrain as well as a story probably in the mission form or a campaign form well wait to see the mod contains weapons contains uniforms attachments helmets and much more if you loved rhs from armor 2 and 3 you have to check out the one for reforger because I think theyre gonna spend a lot of development time and make this mod a great addition to Armory Fortune revive system Alpha by helion Gaming this is the rudimentary but working revised system for Armory forger the code for this mod was made from Ai and then cleaned up by modders it works so that unconscious players dont die until a 5 minute timer runs out players can revive each other using bandages Reviving also resets the players health and players can still die depending on the damage they take unconscious players will drop their weapons when in the down state and will need to pick them back up again when they wake up in game master the DM can no longer heal players GM controlled by AI will act as a player and go unconscious there are still some bugs to be worked at but its worth mentioning that revives are being worked on in reforger and when they are properly implemented I think a lot of mills in units will start to pick this game up foreign by katsu its a new game mode for Armory forger and it reads like this strange events have been taking place in eberron the local FIA has lost power of the island and now foreign powers used to wanders founder to their own benefits helped FIA reclaim and save the island from those who seek to exploit it to finish any of the scenarios you need to follow the objectives provided and there are Traders existing around the map and the currency they use is broken watches which can be found on enemy bodies and in random containers the scenario requires a few dependencies that you will need to get such as the stamina bar mod and simple Traders by clomach as well as rhs its a cool scenario using a currency system that you can then use to acquire weapons and equipment I love the idea and I hope they just keep developing the game mode M4A1 block 2 and ug1 by back in 8008 with the M4A1 block 2 and the urg1 upper assembly we have some Modern weapery in Armory forger the weapons comes in black and Desert paint and these guns will be in the US Arsenal only one issue is that there is currently no sear Wing but it might be added later according to the Creator so the weapons are capped at 300 meters this mod is dependent on other mods you will need to get suppressor systems and RIS laser attachments from the same crater as well as attachments comp from bi Dev far much but by doing this you get two laser pointers a flashlight and suppressors all are available in the weapon inspection menu and the items will be in the Arsenal enhanced armor radio system by Art Capitol 375 the enhanced armor radio system is currently in development but they have achieved a working radio mod for reforger heres adds an an prc-152 personal radio this mod works well with the inspection function and has a ton of options and features for instance it has a working power option so you can broadcast longer distance but at the cost of the battery draining quicker the antenna can be folded in and the batteries are detachable so you can switch out the old ones it even has a functioning LED backlit panel and encryption options there are plenty of more features and the creator has a full rundown on his YouTube so do check out this great mod and check out the link in the description worthy Islands by Chewie terrains for Armory forger are slowly being released as they often are bigger projects I want to highlight this one as I think its important to give some love to the map creators worthy islands is a good playground for Armory foyer its not the biggest coming in at a little over three square kilometers so theres a little bit of everything on it it features cave and tunnel systems an Airfield lots of wilderness and some interesting points of interest where the islands might be suited for a wide range of game modes and scenarios and the map has some cool ideas and its overall pretty well done for a first time terrain maker foreign bloodlust we know from Armature and its basically amping up the blood and gore effects when units are hit if you want armor to be a bit more visceral in its presentation this mod is worth checking out it does not have any dismemberment on or anything like that but Im sure youll find other mods that you can combine with bloodlust now over to this final mod of the video hams vampire 2 by the space Strider his second mod on the list and the mod adds an entire warship the cool thing about this is that as usable cannons and it can even be driven from the captain seat with some upgrades you can actually have a naval combat in the Armory Fortune something I didnt think was possible in armor before and for that I think its worth mentioning now these Mods make the experience of army forger just that much cooler I actually believe that the modding scene for reforger is whats going to keep the game alive and growing for good while until we get to arm before and even beyond that but that would in my opinion demand that to him interactive lowers the price of the game and make it an even more entry-level arm experience well I hope you found this video interesting please leave a like and consider subscribing if you want to check out more cool mods for Arma Armory forger and the platform thats all from me stay safe Music steam on mac Arma Reforger has some amazing mods coming out of the community! 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