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I see red steamrefund for steam games ARMA REFORGER game so so Applause ugh clearly through these buildings app is clear hey good job guys i gotta go get something to eat so uh vital pulse is gonna take over yep no worries man go ahead and vote uh copy that voted Applause so um wheres the net stock objective wow that went very well guys floating thats like that river by the way is my microphone working i can hear you dark sound oh okay okay nice that was really good lets move out all right so now i gotta first put the radio down and i need to pick it up again i love this game me too man i love this game too karma 3 is the best this mortal whatever is really  __  i say guys im im streaming do you mind me screaming this is that okay yeah which whats your name pc gamers uk ive only just started streaming because that were really good what weve just done and i thought well on those get a steam stream pc gamers uh slash uk is less  __  uk you start your name in twitch i dont um money on youtube not twitch i stream live on youtube not twitch man so once game master sorts everything out this next mission should be good but i i need to check you out how this looks like im not a big streamer or anything mate ive just sorted my pc out so i can play properly were rolling away ah this is  __  up i cant see myself im gonna subscribe to you man dude ill give you a like i really appreciate that thank you man i think we need some more sorry fuel i was trying to save you so for everyone theres an arsenal box behind you refill and go so i still need to set something up real quick give me a sec no worries man but real quick he probably means were going to fight all of soviet union but okay that as well but thats a different but remember to not put anything in my trousers or my uh my blouse because it wont stay and um grab a pair of binoculars because you dont spawn with them by default yeah i just realized that earlier yeah i always try to bring an extra pack of binoculars with the fia its difficult being a radio man bfi i have a heavy machine gun that you actually cant carry boxes for because the their um backpacks are too small but they dont have any pistol in their arsenal its a great figure well this one is bit little russian party books all kinds of goodies uh well i think ill be doing the same as last time ill just about to go on hill and probably okay so the next you objective go ahead if you are ready to start no no no no no okay guys im just going to try and join straight back in the server um i think the game masters just having issues setting up a new mission the last one weve just done were brilliant i cant believe how many enemies they were to kill they were coming in in big trucks and jeeps and everything it were awesome so i thought id start a stream and then i think the previous game masters just left um weve just developed somebody else in because i think it caused confliction between um with the game master come and join me join not found okay so i do believe everybodys just got the same kick out and it is game master everyone here um so im going to give a quick shout out to this server as well mandrix public server good game masters welcome i believe it is this one i didnt find out um might not be you know i guess were gonna have to re-army then oh must take more tracer i hate the  __  arsenal they need to fix it oh its garbage i wish they would just have like a page for like each thing like a page for guns a page for like clothing a page for mags but it is better like i mean the game is better so i suppose we could call it garbage and then you know make it sound fancy exactly all right uh with anyone like me to repeat the briefing i think we have some new people here so i can repeat if you want me to yeah did i get a triplicate what was it you looking yeah can i get the briefing in triplicate triplicate yeah it doesnt matter doesnt matter all right ill just uh go over it again we uh we are halting soviet aggression in this region the main offensives are being planned out of the chokepoint city of levy but that is too far away they have pushed up and secured figari and morton but were going to prevent the aggression as they are encroaching on the small farm at richmond there are two objectives at the moment as we will go siph one is a small singular building occupied by some soviet troops used as a forward operating base once you have cleared that out you are then to push on down to richmond clear it out of enemy contacts and then from there we will develop and proceed on with a third objective as of right now there is no enemy armor in the region however we may when we move on our third objective we may encounter some any questions im stuck in the map map wont close all right well if there is no more questions and youre all good to go uh mind up in the vehicles let me just do a quick head count in case one more needs to be added one two so theres four Music oh we got eight perfect two vehicles after that moment when youre trying to put find the long-range backpack to put on your back i just arrived so i didnt have time to equip but yeah ill be fine if you have the evil set sorry whats that do you have to default load on now yeah okay good well be fine though you do need another vehicle let me quickly get you one for us let me pull forward a little bit hey this first objective is only like a couple hundred meters away so i dont really feel like bringing the vehicles all the way into the objective just in case we get contact so yeah nowhere 200 meters out or so yeah were like 138. we could really ringing a bell from the previous group but im sure or who was on the fia thats the only thing questioning it last man opener is he coming i think hes got a jeep behind us second corner so yeah welcome to the stream im just gonna try and follow this objective for these guys and see how it goes oh no weve been defeated by a gate oh no we actually oh holy  __  we can just go around maybe ill fit underneath it watch its open enough okay so the last on the next corner well be bailing out right correct okay so a lot were going for im gonna put im gonna put us in this little uh right underneath this tree right here yeah theres a little bit of ditch as well thats good all right were going south along this road here and the objective should be on the left in these trees okay lets get scope on arent we so i do like me long range slow my man down because hes in a bit of a rush okay speed him up a little bit keep up with the crew got no eyes on anyone uh scratch that ive got eyes on one russian by the uh by the farmhouse ill copy that i see two and ive got one walking along the road right side of the shed uh theyre probably like 250. should we go uh right side up along the road or should we go left with the deflate we could keep one squat here and then one push up on the left or right sure uh why not the guys to the left of me go uh whoevers on the left side of this kind of ridge go on the left side ill go with you and then the guys up on the water on the on the road lets just push up on the road copy that lets step off once we get to the farmhouse check your fire could have took them too out watch this i see him down Applause guys watch that woods on our left side there might be more coming out of there smoke on the left pushing up im hit im sure he just said for someone else to push up this road on his right yeah these guys here want to move up with these pushing up to the ship longbows reloading pushing up quite quickly to push a little bit more second squad we advise were at the brown shed right now gm can i get a teleport theres no one with the radio Applause i believe someone asked for a teleport Applause let me teleport thing first okay apparently it teleports me not him um is the building clear clearing the house guys thank you all right who has the radio do i have to like activate it by clicking on them no there should be a setting in the scenario settings like on the bottom left corner scenario settings and theres a setting in there to allow radio or like respawn on radio men yeah just edit thanks nice this command just be advised we have our satellite imagery has shown at least a squad of troops responding to the gunfire once you have done searching prepare for a defensive attack from a squad well satellites man didnt know we had the technology uh is coming from richmond so that should be to yourself west yeah lets set up a little bit of 360 around the house then maybe have some people on the stone wall to the southwest as well yeah theyre probably going to be coming along this road so im just going to use the the road defilade actually ill go up by the stonewall actually theres a shed over to the right of this ill just take this  __  over here enemies coming over the ridgeline Applause on the fields whole enemy inside down okay so on the previous previous round it was like three four times as many pushing on us the adult trucks and everything anyone see anything i guess were moving up more coming on the road more coming on the road right now on a break Applause one more along the road right side of it on the pushes yep its me friendly friendly friendly yep hold fire hold check fire check fire far side of those bushes not the close side of the bushes more coming up on the road sit down im moving up im just going to say this to let you all know after this operation well try and find the 20 slots over because because yeah someone i know is trying to join and it will uh fall enemy coming up close im down im sure already inside this command be advised you have a chance to assault and clear richmond now before more reinforcements arrive okay Music i just need to get some gear southwest yeah southwest up and just keep on going i dont need to point south west but hopefully i can pick a long range weapon off these yeah well take that take that ill take a radio because im going to get a bag now bet to have it i need it and not have it i have some people in the fields and some and some by the tree line okay so ive got five for that we can switch to that so ive got a couple of grenades i think probably just the one thats in it ive got a buggy nice could just do here a cleaner i could get rid of that and well take the rpg i bet theres an extra shell in there but i think this comes with this one does it comes with one in so if i find a okay i just got paint what is it you request okay i need to push up with these ive got enough maybe i did it by accident i had to press t no long range weapon sorry about that ive got eyes on a russian uh encampment its to our southwest directly southwest in this close town ive got a vehicle theres a mounted uh light machine gun heavy machine gun probably a lot of guys mobile hq ill have to push that its basically straight through the field ready to get it on i know were going to some flank to the right if we flank left well be in front of the light machine gun so we should probably go right up this hill and then down into it sure i think thats what i just said i agree should we keep some snipers ive lost my sniper rifle probably the best just have some long range yeah i dont have any sniper well lets just go then we have one marksman that i know so usually these trees on the right side of this field is cover for infill okay so im not talking to them about talking to you i can see the enemy spot theres the side of the vehicle sounds like theres a few down here so guys if you um if youre enjoying the content i dont know how long im going to leave it going keep on playing dont forget to like and subscribe i will be keeping up with the armory forger as it progresses and get more mods and the fixers and the bugs all get ironed out up here copy that shots on the right right side of the barn multiple units yeah this tons  __  okay so for some reason im gonna get a shot here get out of these  __  rpgs you can ill keep something back just in case ah how did he get me there lets go  __  its down at richmond smoke out Applause theres more in this building thats right in front of us that one in slot two until we change it i cant see much because it smokes im sure i can push it through it and make a run for it theres one all right the second house is clear in front of the barn sitting down and what shes doing there i dont even think he even looked there man hes from straight down saved his life okay norse had you back there man i might want to loot this guy up floor swap this i dont want to just equip your dick click search lets  __  that off now and take that and i need to search it properly because we want that grenade at all switch to rifle switch switch switch i need to swap them around although forever do me no mans stomach hes on it no i didnt mean base no enemy in base he just went for a piss moving on hope to get a few more bits of gear here guess what man definitely another camp on the other side of the road yeah the checkpoint is looking clear i took one of them um lets check see if we can get any weapons yeah we can get rid of that ak now well take that around and then well take a few of these wheres my rifle going wheres the  __  rifle okay let me take three four five six seven eight nine ten ten of them  __  i should have maybe took the um factor can take the ak corner with the yeah well  __  that off take that one instead no not that one it moved that one now we can take some of these yep no no no no its not moving game i dont want more of them get rid of some of them now but we dont need them anyway seems like weve cleared the town guys um well its for the soviet gun right come on wheres the soviet bullets hq or i think he already knows im gonna need a few of these and all you should be good i just could do some bandage this is hq Applause Music yep or south west i believe uh theres a large buildup of soviet forces there with one times btr sighted if you need to you can repurpose enemy weaponry to the take about how comfy yep so southeast 140. all right which one of yall is the squad leader uh we should probably get our vehicles back shouldnt we see ive only got one actually weve got a transport truck weve picked up at least two radio communication posts within the town as well those are also primary objectives does anybody know where i can get a bandage wheres the bandages uh look for a crate with a car on it i know that man but its normally in there its normally in the base in it like with the flag where the flag is yeah should i take one that didnt work yeah i mean sorry okay im good friendly fire or uh shots fired by friendly they did not hit a friendly target no no i just got up all right lets load up in the transport truck uh theres a jeep on this road if you guys some of you guys want to take the jeep also i feel a little bit unsafe in this yeah ill drive the jeep i feel a bit unsafe in back of there i think the jeep was non-functional because of the machine because of the machine gun uh just ask the machine gun on it we can try it just here Applause okay uh objective is what i still wanted could go through modern valley and then push up through the forest on the north of it yeah thats a good idea lets do that yep im just about to say something very similar across the river go to the north and then come down straight south otherwise would have been in that little alcove in the bay um we couldnt have flanked to the right would have just had one direction in well at least the vehicles arent teleporting anymore yeah yeah that works well it was kind of fun though when you got slapped by a dtr and you flew away 50 000 kilometers yeah yeah what were happening before these guys cant hear me what were happening was if if i had to get close to this truck now to just i dont know spazz out and throw you like straight in there thats why i always stay away from check check yeah copy that so i think were going straight down into the town there thats mortared nice yeah we could dismount here yep copy that yeah the sounds in this game i mean ive got my headset on so absolutely amazing switch to a long range maybe im talking to you guys within the stream ive got a bunch of uh gls to smack him as well i dont think thats going to do anything to a btr and theyre high explosive dual purpose it might work tower seems closed not occupied good for you you can climb in theres a camper right in front of the snow yeah im just got my eyes on a med campaign i see that direction south okay i see enemy on the road in the middle does anyone have eyes on that btr maybe find that before we do anything yeah just straight in the middle of the road halfway up one enemy spotted Applause i guess we dont find that we could always like try to bait them up here into the woods and then destroy that btr yeah the ptr is probably gonna stay in place unless someone is lets fight from the woods the feather here now do you read yep im done im down shoot i wasnt expecting that  __  a  __  that means all the gearing thats going on now that man well it does where the  __  did i die look shots are coming in drone surveillance has picked up a lot of movement towards your position a lot of people there is a squad trying to flank your field from your left theres a squad moving towards you from your left foreign really no way ill just try to run across from there try and get my back to my body maybe in a bit maybe being able to pick my bag back up just when we get in a little bit closer still more assuming that field uh Applause pushing back up north so keep suppressing them keep suppressing them but its a bit hard with this gun bastard enemy flanking just to the right quite close  __  throw them careful to our Applause how did left get me there  __  see theyre not  __  easy but they know where you are theyre on you keep at all them and all its reload want to smoke out yeah good idea aint going on my max trap there behind that rope Applause in on him yeah dont worry the respawn is right next to where you died you can use that ford operating base to resupply can we supply where did you see we can resupply okay where the  __  is it theres also bandages in the corpses there are like six bandages by me right now so if you need some come down here thank you come on out there im just on ammo sensor stuff im gonna get rid of that unfortunately ill take that because im sure ive got more ammo for m16 we have but might find an m16  __   __   __   __  move move move move move into the sun i was on the btr on the uh the main road running through town did you think lets get him back stationary right now five pretty much right in the center of town uh theres wounded road thats crossing the main road that goes through morton and its on that main road its behind a building from our point of view without  __  shooting me from down there roger uh does anyone have a rpg we dont have a clear shot from where we are right now were gonna have to keep moving but i have three extra rockets okay lets push out of the woods here im gonna steal it oh lots of guys lots of guys lots of guys in the middle of town middle stand  __  need to push down yeah you dont get more mags in this just to the right of the big tower in town okay yeah i thought that was weird it meant thats where i looked where i seen him on my very first scottie here down there i think i have eyes on the btr im gonna throw some red smoke towards it okay im not really seeing the red smoke but im sure ive just seen it go over there somewhere whats up the road with the red smoke puppy i see it we need to push down a bit we got enemies up that road as well so i cant even see the smoke maybe there a bit there is someone in that tower where anybody else see this red smoke on that grenade im sure theres a light on your scope as well i dont know if its on this gun or what im gonna push it up must be in this road from this main road here yeah some friendlies ran down to the first house in front of us thats why i couldnt see red smoke its all good start pushing up i dont need to be as close as these pushing ive pushed up to the white house on the left side of the road not long though you should be really close to the btr dont really like this combo here lets push up to this bunker we can engage the btr from close up here lets just see going on about this vtr and i dont know where i aint seen that yet i seem like that is yeah ive got a good shot right up here right straight ahead this is definitely somebody in here btr is moving its active good hit though watch that turret good job its burning Music coming out of the church oh no i cant see it im gonna clear church tower Applause me switch man left to the left there hes dead hes now Applause give them a hand in town come on sprint man get over there we gotta start moving in west of the church of town im just trying to push into center with you boys you hmm hey command weve secured the main center town uh radio area is there another radio station in this town ive got a bit of ammo here i think but no radio tower there is there dont think we can get out hurricane yeah we can theres no barbed wire on it okay uh seriously there must be more i need to get back on there and say i want my food im just going to turn the mic off a sec no i cant correct okay so ive just been shot right down near the arbor so i think theres a few more still down there Applause yeah were gonna have guys coming our way if were going southeast theyre southwest theyre coming from there definitely im hoping to get back down to my body and get me get my bag but i think theres a um yeah i got eyes on that camp resupply camp there isnt there oh yeah we got lots of contacts down there yep im oh thats true a few more and all ah no no no no no come on need finish to get this mission finished how long ive been streaming for 38 minutes no not 30. im sure i cant see it on the phone Applause where are we in relation to that cam that counts here on the left it sure is they push up that hill right side right side right coming back down anymore i dont think you were shot i think you were just um i think thats it i think theyre all down can we get some resupplies from this camp excuse me i dont think we can thats kanye and eddies flag no aint no flag yeah its radio toweria this is command we are showing good were showing good news the entire town of modern or morton has been cleared how coffee ill pick up nice all right you know how are we going shall we try and find a server with more slots as there are probably a few people looking to join i couldnt there is one just started its the quote unquote number one should have 20 slots and should be running now if i could look for it for fight leave a game i could tell you what is that what you did one second valk do you think you can one notice you think you can find one with like 20 slots and just tell me its name i can try and then its literally because they were having some issues over there all right ill try to locate it i think that there is a test server called bacon with 16 slots so so thats the choice right now i think my a friend whos been looking to join all the time just join us we were about to switch server for rip okay guys well im gonna sign off thank you for the game master for running that appreciate that yeah thank you i think kevs down below one second i cant leave yet were gonna go back up again kill em all anyway shhh the swimming looks really good i just need to know how to dive down and go underwater so its not x c its not ch i dont think we can my mans waiting so yeah guys im going to sign off for now dont forget to like and subscribe and ill see you guys in best mmorpg games on steam Support the stream: two player online games steam steamed halibut free game keys steam steam game code buy how to change the install location of a steam game