How To Set Up, Edit & Add Mods To Your Arma Reforger Community Server On Mobile Cell Phone / Tablet

Steam guidessteam backup games ARMA REFORGER game hi everybody welcome to my armor reforger community server and if youre wondering about the odd format of this video its because im recording it on my mobile phone because i wanted to make a video specifically for xbox and hopefully in the future playstation console users you want to have a community server so you can add custom mods and custom game modes but dont have a laptop or pc on which to edit that server so this is a nitrado server which youre probably going to be going on if youre if youre on a console and were going to go through how to change the settings so that youre going to have access to the game masters use mode when you get onto your server because thats the way you can spawn in modded vehicles and weapons i put together a simple package of simple mods that youre going to put onto your server straight away so you can get it started with some some nice simple mods and then im going to show you how to use the armor reforger online workshop to add different mods as well so here we go so were in the kind of the dashboard of the servers here so the first thing we want to do just go to the settings if you tap on the top right hand corner and then go to settings and go to general that will jump us to there now youll probably notice that im using the browser to edit rather than using nitrados app and thats because sometimes the app can be a little bit difficult to log into i find i mean you can always use the app now first things first obviously you want to give your server a name um not too common something that you can put into the search box on the community section in the armor of forger server browser so youll find it and then whats very important is that we add an admin password server password you know that only really matters if its going to be a private server for you and your friends but the admin password this is the thing that gives you access to the game master menu when youre actually on your server in game so give yourself an admin password and that means that when you get into the game what you do is you bring up the chat box so on pc you just press enter on xbox you press the left right shoulder button left top shoulder button which is lb and then you press y the chat box will come up and then you need to enter a hash and then log in in lowercase space and then your password and then on pc you press enter on xbox you press lb and y again and that will close the chat box and when you go to the pause menu youll see you have access to the game master because at the moment um especially on conflict servers the way that you spawn in things like the helicopter or the different vehicles or different groups or armory crates with the different weapons in the way that you do that is via game master so someone when youre playing a game has to be the admin going around and spawning in helicopters for people to use but thats quite cool because you can give for example the americans bmps to even up the armored warfare a little bit better on your server too so once youve got those we can now go in and its because its worth doing and add some mods so what you want to do is you want to um go to settings and then tap on config files and that will take you there now im already there in a different window on my phone so lets go there and this is the config file the config.json file so this is how were going to control how our server what it loads when it starts kind of thing now the first thing you want to do is see in the bottom left-hand corner it says it says download you want to download a copy of this that way if things go wrong and your server for some reason wont start again you can re-upload that or you can copy and paste the contents over the top of your existing one and that will mean your server will then start again because its very easy to make mistakes when youre copying and pasting and editing things on your mobile phone or your um tablet because were using uh touch controls arent we so as we scroll down youll see things like theres the name of the server theres the supported client types platform pc platform xbox live ill put a link in the description below the video to bohemian interactives official wiki that tells you how to edit this file explains what all the settings mean in this config file but the bit were interested in is that one in the middle right there where it says um mods you see there now that is where were going to copy and paste our list of mods to your one might look a little bit different they might be closer together than the square brackets what were going to do is were going to go over to my github repository again ill put a link to this in the description below the video and on this github repository ive done a list of nice simple mods that will you know enhance any server so weve got better vehicles so theyre the trucks and the jeeps or the sandbags and the extra armor on weve got river optics m4a1 and the mark 18 mod as well with its dependencies if youre new to this what happens is certain mods require other mods to also be loaded in order to work so you know river xs um m4a1 mod needs um the uh mod the up the attachment compatibility mod and it needs things like the the flip optics mods as well and weve also got the laser pointer and the flare gun theres the blackhawk uh switchable object optics weve got the g36 mod as well that adds a group of assault rifles to the game real fun to use better tracers make the game look better especially at night bloodlust and where am i so you know where you are on the map so its a nice list of simple mods that do work so we need to copy and paste these so this way youve got to be careful so press and hold your finger on the screen and then we just want to drag up to the top to that top bracket there and then we want to drag this one down to the bottom there and then we just want to tap the copy see at the top left hand of the screen and copy that then we go back to our server and then see right in the middle where the cursors flashing right now tap there and were just going to paste those mods in now what im looking for now is im looking to make sure i havent copied and pasted them over the top of the wrong thing so see where it says mods then weve got the inverted comma then the colon then the opening square bracket were just going to scroll down we want to make sure that after all the mods there is a closing square bracket this is a json file and a lot of the syntax the way that you write these the the arguments the commands if you like that they always have opening and closing brackets around them so there we can see by the cursor theres youve got the square bracket with the comma next to it which means that should be okay so if i wanted to put these mods on my server now just tap save changes and then in the top right corner youll see the little green icon with like the the round arrow tap that restart and those mods would be available when we start now there are a few bugs at the moment with xboxes um but that should be sorted out hopefully by the time you come to watch this video so thats all well and good but you may be saying okay rob but i want to add some different mods to my server so how do i do that so this format you can see in the middle of the screen now is basically how we add different mods so youve got the mod id thats the critical thing thats the complicated bit thats the bit that tells the game to load in the zombies mod or a different weapon mod and the name thats something we write in just so that we know what that mod id is and then the version um you could probably see the two little inverted commas close together on the right now that just says use the latest version of the mod so some circumstances you may well want to use an older version of the mod so the first thing we need to do if we want to add a new mod is to is to basically have a template in here that has this particular format now when youre trying to edit inside this the browser especially in nitrado you cant really copy and paste stuff from within here you can paste stuff you cant copy stuff so what ive done is ive created a little blank template on my github repository too that you can paste in so we go back to the github repository go to the top click on the three dots and click on go to file and you want to go to blank mod entry see that one there so you tap on that one and this one is just a copy of that top entry what that means is we can just press and hold our finger on the screen we can go to the top squiggly bracket go to the bottom squiggly bracket do we just want to go to the bottom squiggly bracket there we go and we can copy that and then we can go back to our server config we can tap on the screen there lets put a bit of spaces in tap there and we can just paste that in so in effect all weve done is weve just created a duplicate of the mod below but that now gives us the ability to paste in a mod id over the top of this one so were gonna do were just gonna get rid of that im just gonna put a space in so it makes it a little bit easier for us to do and then what were gonna do were gonna go to the armor reforger online workshop again ill put a link to this in the description below this video so lets have a look at the mods with the most subscribers where am i bloodlust better hit effects thats better traces weve got the colt 3x20 so thats quite a cool mod what that does is that adds a optic to the m16 now what were looking as we scroll down were making sure there are no dependencies that wed also have to add certain mods need other mods as ive said before to work this one doesnt so we can just load it up and then were looking for the id see the id there so we press and hold our finger on the button on the screen so we can copy that and we know the name were going to call it whats the cult 3x20 so now we can go back to our server config file and then in that space we can now paste that in lets get rid of those spaces there lets tap down here very carefully and well call it colt m 16 scope there we go leave the version as it is weve got the opening curly bracket there on the left nothing else that shouldnt be there so we would tap on save changes tap on restart top right hand corner of the green box with the with the circular arrow restart our server and then when we go back into our server when you pick up an m16 itll have the colt scope on so whether you actually like that mod i dont know ive just put it in there as an example because sometimes the iron sights m16 can can be quite cool so there we go thats okay now when you start doing this i would highly recommend that you only add the odd mod at a time then go in and check that the servers working and there arent any um clashes between the mods for example at the moment theres a clash between the blackhawk helicopter mod and the landmine mod that ive discovered anyway and when i if you have both of those mods loaded on your server what happens is when you try and uh spawn in a blackhawk a landmine spawns in instead of it its a bit of a pain so dont try and add a load of servers to load a mod sorry to your server at once because youll never be able to fault find you wont know where the problem is add a few check they work on your server and then restart it and then add another another another one or two and keep going like that and there we go and the kind of the feedback we have at the moment probably around xbox and pc compatibility when it comes to mods is that if youve got a server thats cross-play and you want xbox players to play on it you probably want to keep the mods down you know dont go too mad avoid hms hmas vampire at the moment that crashes servers and just keep the bare minimum you want to have a have a fun server remember were at very early days with armor of forger a and this is an amazing title that we are getting on console on xbox hopefully playstation soon but we are all beta testers for this were all working towards armor four so when there are things that go wrong things that dont work make sure you go over to the behemoth interactive feedback tracker and tell them whats going on because they do change things and ill put a link to that in the description below this video as well and just enjoy the fact that we are growing we are helping we are part of the development team when youre working on armor reforger okay thats enough for me if you found the video useful hit like if you want to see more samples subscribe and i will of course see you again soon 7 days to die pc game pass and steam crossplay My Github Repository: BIs Wiki Guide To Server Setup: Arma Reforger Online Workshop: In this beginners guide tutorial video I show you how to set up your Arma Reforger Community Server (in this example, a Nitrado Server) by using your mobile cell phone or tablet. This could be of particular interest to Xbox or PlayStation Console players who dont have access to a PC or laptop to access their server settings. I show you how to add an admin password so you can access the Game Master menu in-game, and how to add a list of simple mods from my Github, and then how to add mods by getting their ID number from the Online Arma Reforger Workshop. Thanks, Rob. Grab your own REFORGER Private Community Custom Server From Nitrado: (Partner link, helps support this channel.) Patreon: Youtube Membership: #ArmaReforger #RoadToArmA4 steam gift card back modern warfare 2 beta steam deck best steam game for mac steam can't move game to another drive adventure time game steam