Returning to ARMA Reforger 6 months after release

Is a facial steamer worth itenlazar steam con epic games ARMA REFORGER game I havent played Armory forger in a really long time lets see whats going on in this game Music Music oh yes of course add-ons foreign insane modding here Im gonna find the weapons what the  __  oh oh yeah I can get it confused sometimes yeah were literally the entirety of the second race 95 of people in this unit I care and name you I Only Could name you like the people I know Yo which phone do you want to shoot bro Im about Im  __  dumb bro I cant do this anymore oh  __  oh  __  dude oh  __  come on who did that was the best thing Ive ever seen dude what the  __  all right which one was that the next vehicle yeah he was wearing a cat for sure other in front of us has a what the heck what is happening great check um foreign Music at this point oh my God Music  __  hell I dont understand whats happening up there bro what the  __  is wrong oh my God yeah Music oh Im just driving I dont even care this is  __  amazing Music hahaha I thought everybody was going to take this all so seriously and that just  __  happened how to buy games on steam without credit card I decided to try out reforger after a long time of not playing hoping to see the game somewhat fixed and new features added... what I saw I was not prepared for w steam games by discount best ww2 strategy games steam best game on steam deck reddit skyrim on steam most hours on a game on steam