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Steam free gamesteam locomotive drawings ARMA REFORGER gameplay hello everyone hello everyone and welcome welcome back to the channel you tune into Beyond next-gen gaming and were playing some Armory forger about to get into a big joint app hope you like the content if you do like comment share subscribe if you go to your maps please for me so Mission directive we are moving to secure the lending Zone at the harbor of Saint Pierre and we are going to be moving to capture the russian-controlled aircraft carrier that is currently in Fleet Bay we are starting at Lobby military base and the Northwestern quadrant of the Southern section of the island a task force predator and Spartan platoon are going to be moving to Saint Pierre via the MSR via armored Humvees with 50 Cals youre going to be moving down the main MSR through duress through Vernon into the town of Saint Pierre luckily for us the Russians only have a small foothold just controlling the harbor area of the town task force Predator you were designated with eliminating the Russian comms up link that was set up at the Saint Pierre power substation to the east right outside of the harbor Spartan platoon you were designated with eliminating Supply caches that have been set up with inside the warehouses in the actual Harbor area there is about a platoon size worth of enemies inside the harbor so youll need to be careful both task force predator and Spartan platoon your directive for your primary is to secure the harbor and eliminate the Garrison once you have completed all your tabs at the harbor you will then move to the southern pier where the lighthouse is and Laser designate or the Special Forces team for the to eliminate the anti-air emplacements that are upon the flight deck of the actual aircraft carrier once those anti-year emplacements have been eliminated youll be then picked up by a friendly Blackhawk and you will be flown in and landed on the flight deck to assist the SF team with securing and capturing the actual aircraft carrier with the social forces team which will consist of the sixth Marine Raider group and 22nd SAS you guys will be flown in after the main unit moves to start combat in the town youll be flown in at low levels to not be picked up by the anti-air on the flight deck and youll be dropped in the water just behind the aircraft carrier to move in and secure the lower level which is the vehicle area of the actual aircraft carrier and move up once task force predator and Spartan platoon are landed on the flight deck they will do the same but they will secure downward of the aircraft carrier all of your mission prerogatives have been established good luck godspeed mission is currently at a green light at lets see it is currently 2140 hundred Eastern Standard Time all groups get to your SEC sections and brief your teams at this time mission is a green light and a go thanks Alex thanks Captain Alex yo chav you here yep dont worry Ima send you send you that hope you um hope youre good to go hope your green light on on that Im gonna go like my contacts is good yeah copy Im gonna go talk to you real quick what about you crew yeah dont worry I got you right now got you Ill be back guys Im gonna talk to tsp yes sir well wait for you in front the tent Gabby Im also trying to get on the live on my tablet thats a piece of  __  Music thank you foreign I swear man my tablet is a  __  seriously laptop off topic from Mission for the content yeah seriously you need a laptop seriously need a new tablet works it doesnt make no sense to get it to register to get into apps and stuff like the same yes foreign Music no well separate well were gonna clear the harbor um separate through the harbor and were gonna move to their second area um I got C4 were gonna destroy the supply caches meet back up and then go to that Harbor to the uh like the South its on the same Harbor area but its just a different Pier were gonna take out the anti-air the carrier wheres all right but um if you guys are ready they said theyre ready to move I heard them that was motor I hit motor on comms they cant hear us though uh hes talking to uh those guys real quick Im gonna know whats going on yeah I know if this was held that loose they would be able to hear us like how would you hear them while in the chat they would be able to hear us while were in the chat yeah thats just crazy but I still love this game this game is definitely like I said the best if not one of the best first person shooters everybody so you know Call of Duty hype and dont even know like no this is this is it okay literally see the textures on your freaking gear like come on bro DC gaming Im gonna try my best to make sure I cover you guys and not get killed whos given the echo me you got a mute button on your mic do what Ill be doing like because my mic is  __  too I got 25 out of mic like usually if I aint speaking I flip my freaking phone up and throw my  __  on me so this way you feel me like just mute and I mute your  __  when you tell me when we speak to you all right I know  __  like that can be tedious perspective I think theyre taking a picture right now sweet so do you need directions or you know where to go um I know where to go were essentially just taking the uh were gonna hop out of this pop up this road to go down the road hit a right on the MSR and go straight there pretty much yeah but uh yeah like I said were gonna stop around where the church is and hop on foot because I dont know if just because I got the harbor doesnt mean they you know been moving into town a little bit so Im gonna get caught their pants down we gotta be careful man I cant wait for that uh that end wrap to be done sick except were holding some somebody said theyre holding up whos holding who up thats the tfp guys I think theyre just trying to explain what they were doing so theyre taking a little bit coffee that theyre loading up now so kill the move out here in just a second yeah man I appreciate anybody tuning in appreciate the support also want to say my b-day is in about two hours and seven minutes boys b day is coming so like I said if youre watching this content give me a early or late D-Day gift for the light comedy sub man now were about to get into the  __  time to lock in Music all right so thats in the song no if you want to if I started I started to sing 99 bottles of beer you know what I feel they should at Farm Life house on the way there crazy you get in the back seat from the front seat behind him yeah another Spartan guy destroyed will we wait for him are we proceed in the fountains that will proceed hell catch up Ill get a teleported to us oh it scared me I thought they were Russians around this corner saw the vehicle and some troops I was like oh man insurance I just heard something are you being engaged oh yeah yes we are all right oh Im here Im hit I got out yep yep get out move to the left to the left all right this happens there you go are you good uh do you need to be healed no Im great Im good but I got I got a wound they definitely hit me in a plate or something and we gotta we lost someone someones down behind us think I see do I see anyone negative Im gonna contact tfb real quick should I hold position or move oh were moving up the street all right uh tfp is gonna move around the houses well move up this street here uh with crew did we lose crew that was crew we lost yep foreign taking my time get back get back yep yep right side they wounded me youre behind us upstairs two down here stay there goes down youre good youre not bleeding my  __  shot Im out Im out cover me I think Im gonna launch a 203 over there I see him hes behind this tree behind the streets there Im gonna move across in front of you dont shoot hes still alive hes still alive behind that tree hes still alive behind that  __  hes down hes down I believe another shooter somewhere that sees us Lets uh lets put to this right side of the street here um hear that yellow house right there Im gonna go first Im gonna open that door and then I want you to find me Elijah all right go ahead come in man I remember close real quick uh message man bro theyre so far how close are we to the harbor are we even close uh we are close but we still got a little a little ways to go all right were gonna stay frosty well do with us all right Im gonna hop The Edge real quick six Im not see anybody over here we need to all right lets go ahead and push the street to this uh this red building with the red rooftops I was gonna say we should check this building right next to us behind us before we even Advance forward just to make sure we didnt get shot crossing the street but your squad lead I just got your six Ill check this real quick which ones clear yeah yeah the garage is clear like this last story here bathrooms clear all right were gonna push out of this uh we can hear you you said you want to be TP message Alex did you read me crew your crew okay dispense and were gonna go to uh this house on this side of the dispense here okay hit up Alex its time to TP you what was that what was that Im Chad whats the orders were gonna hop over this fence Im gonna clear this house here Roger 26. Applause corner here first door clear match its clear its good uh okay well we cant Roger I move up to this yellow youre good Im clear and theyre gonna move down the road our door here garage all right go ahead and push out push up the road guys uh tfp left side left side left side multiples unless thats freely friendly looks like they took him back look yeah right side of the road I seen him behind the house lets uh lets push up to this wall here and move up Im on your six Im on your left side I got your left side looks like we got from these over here too to assist I dont want to lose you Chad where you at oh we got Philly forces on our six here I just told you that we I dont want to lose you though I see you Im on your six Im gonna throw some smoke over there okay Ill wait for that there I get full next all right lets move up my  __  crashed oh no yeah hard lag yeah hey I just it scares me it makes me think of a crash like especially from the other that one day I got all the let me not jinx it and let me not talk about it you have fun its Im really enjoying were gonna clear this Warehouse right here in our why oh my God like how many shots does he take come on whats up I gotta get that right come on leave come on leave come on developer I put I put a couple of rounds into that man hes firing on me lets go to the store right here Im gonna open it for sure all right its clear push out the back side here yeah I got you six Applause okay this  __  Warehouse right here as well I believe this is some of the supplies here go ahead and keep clearing buildings though hang on I gotta answer my door where exactly are yall Chad um where are you at right now uh where we came on the street when we started first Arctic contact okay if you continue pushing down the road uh were by where the warehouses are okay well the smoke is Flowing around yep okay gotcha a Specialties containers here I think theyre taking quite a bit of fire over here let me get a hold of tfp real quick all right were gonna go ahead and uh start blowing up these uh supplies these warehouses you guys wanna Im with me we got a 40 second timer so we had to set it down and Boogie out of there make sure its clear in here real quick Im not seeing anything all right I am going to uh Im gonna set this C4 down if you guys want to go ahead and get out of here D4 set moving out get up out of here doesnt come over here make sure that explodes there we go all right what do you guys want to take one of these C4s and put it in this Warehouse our sc4 right here let me up here yes I can plant it you want to do a new nah you plant you play Im talking to my family real  __  talking to one of the big cousins how do I plan it just throw it on there from the hood you know what that means if you certified you know what I mean how do I plant the C4 just put it on there yeah you uh yeah where are you we are currently um floating C4 down on the uh warehouses see you Roger I have eyes 10-4 finished securing the warehouses and then move to laser designate for the anterior copy that yeah Id lay it like right here probably come in well uh continue doing our  __  yeah okay yeah yeah there you go all right were gonna move to this third Warehouse and uh where did Noob go you hope youre not in the warehouse get that warehouse if you are you add your new come on behind you oh get out of there get out of there you go hi John hop off this right here come on I will just text me hey get off of this chat yeah all right Im gonna leave the party all right lets find this third Warehouse believe it is I think were just gonna blow it up in here all right Im finding it all right go ahead get out I was making this up here over here all right guys medium contact there we go thats me coming down with this uh well wait for helicopter pick up and then theyre gonna put it from the bottom you guys want to get a 360. sure nobodys looking at us the boys dropping in  __  was that somebody tell me what that lightning bolt was on the ship I have no idea did you guys Jesus was that the only one was that the only one who seen it might have been the only one thats it I wasnt looking over there as well and then them shits caught fire right Im good Im gonna live boys I really dont like sitting in the open like this Im like Im about to take cover behind them freaking canisters yeah yeah take cover but uh make sure youre watching 360. okay somebody starts blasting us or something I got North I think thats pretty like not good that you cant lay on the Rocks I tried to go prone on the Rocks they would not allow me yeah um from where we came from ESP will be moving in from there or should be at least just make sure you identify that your tsp you notice supposedly Roger that you know theres supposed to be an update thats going to allow us to roll were supposed to be able to roll yeah yeah I cant wait for that that would be cool and the AIS must get reworked or something as well its funny I saw the list of the updates on our Discord I thought they already did I thought they dropped it or they came already um I actually didnt see a day for that it might have came out I have no idea I havent seen it yet were not able to I read a whole article on our Discord for all these updates as well as I got direct sources from the lead programmer saying which the one info I wanted to know was was they adding destruction in the lead program it was like yeah theyre adding that and a bunch of other stuff and literally on a Discord I see Aries post yo check out this article when I read it it was like a hundred plus things that they did to this game 100 plus yeah I cant wait I guess just uh they are secured all around guys all right shes Mighty quiet yeah about to radio foreign foreign foreign I got eyes on the friendlies moving how coffee where are weak foreign foreign foreign foreign yeah I was running through that thing yesterday looking at it and  __  Ive been Ive been like were answered is there like an actual like inside you can run it no I  __  not a neck like that inside yet but like the top ground team be advises command friendly Blackhawk is on route for pickup command up foreign foreign there it is coming off the town foreign Music foreign Roger Mickey some guys just glitched on my screen hes missing his body theres two dudes missing their body parts whoa whoa whoa yall are missing whos watching the stream you guys are missing limbs missing everything everything the man is just a gun and a vest hes just a gun in advance yo yo come on they gotta fix that big Textures in the background is  __  up yeah thats bad thats bad its messing up my foot my foot is atrocity you guys are looking like Oblongs your child you throws up I was but I got that stuff you guys see oh no foreign foreign foreign foreign got a helmet you got the only true cut bro I see bodies Walking on Air I dont see the ship get out Im scared right I cant see  __  he just fell in the water I just watched somebody fall in the water bro I gotta fix that they definitely gotta fix that steam coming out of radiator For more arma reforger vids and more like comment and subscribe!😎✌🏾 steam games wont open home steam generator best free party games steam munchkin steam game steam baseball game