The Arma Reforger Experience

Breathe in steamharry potter game on steam ARMA REFORGER gameplay come towards me second squad standing around you shouldnt be doing standing around come with me im a squad leader follow me i got a radio contact at the theres a bunker to the front kevbo i dont see it thats a dead stop Music thats south i got it i got it Applause it took me too long to pull up my finger oh boy we are going we are zipping i dont know if we were meant to go this fast is that guy yet i believe so hes dead now oh yeah we got some jams oh you know what were gonna grab the m60 oh hell yeah can i get a uh mg rig from one of these crates yes wheres the equipment crate the equipment crate in these like little dugout things yeah thats correct im freaking blind ill show you the equipment out this is ammo right yeah this is ammo so equipment should be here like right back here thats thats weapons right here  __  im trying to remember point alaska maybe maybe im crazy maybe i dont want you to take this as a symbol i dont know what im doing no one knows what theyre doing its okay with my compass right into my eye Music all right there we go its all very professional here im with it im with it a little too much oh jeez this is okay as i said were doing fine i cannot get over this this is wild loading jesus theyre both down all right i just watched dyslexia and morrow eat it right in front of me there it is hey get on that gun hey one one hold here and engage contacts dont go past the roadblock well get on the gun get on the gun the gun one one hold here and engage contacts do not push we are holding and engaging in a tree line on the right now that deer stand oh jesus christ two were taking heavy contact on the right were still holding them what are you  __  hiding back here roger keep moving uh were gonna hold here and screen your right jesus christ you are getting annihilated i think roger one is still at our previous pause engaging contacts in the opposite tree oh contact front oh roger we should be on your right one shift further to the right friendlies are on the left side of the compound shift right i would assume the humvee is friendly yes please do not destroy the going humvee there you know its a spot here behind the humvee is not friendly though on the opposite end of the humvee is it i dont know i know i cant tell dude lets keep going lets keep going it looked like tan dude hows the ai is okay right now were playing against ai right now its its its extremely basic so for reference lori if we think about where squad was on early access release and where this is that early access release like if we look between the two games this is about average if not better than squads release early access release right and this isnt even arma 4. this is not arma 4 so dont expect it to be on before do not enter the compound yet  __  it out all right stand by to breach once we breach were all shifting left internal all right one one breach and hug left reach and hug left go come on is that was that a friendly fair oh  __  btr hey btr give me uh give me a lap i got a btr hold this corner let me look for a look for a stick all right furious up on the corner on the right youll see it 2-1 roger were currently in contact of the compound to my front 1-1 i need another stick to the front theres a btr randys down yeah but going back to what i was saying like manage expectations this is not arma 4. so dont expect it to be our before hey whats the status on that btr Applause all right its not destroyed  __  is he active though is he in there are you d crude are you okay youre cooking one one the btr has been disabled continue moving left continue moving left jk not disabled jk not disabled back up Applause oh god oh airport is this guy cooked off yet because he was flaming let me get out dude you actually sound like youre inside when youre talking yeah yeah they do they do that is this being finally gone see bro all right im assuming hes dead now okay one more shift left on each other is it worth buying i mean if youre a hardcore armor fan and youre like looking for the next thing to play and you want you like milsim like  __  it fight dude if youre being a little  __  and you think this games supposed to be like a  __  full-fledged arma 4 already like get the  __  out like understand what this is its its  __  its a tech demo for arma 4. like if that doesnt excite you then and its probably not the game for you but like for like hardcore armor or milsim fans like this this is really cool to see not only is it cool to see but its cool to play because it got shadow dropped with zero height in addition to that theres full theres full modding support and tools already so you know jesus thats a lot of ai hey give me some guys to clear that uh building on the right you how to change steam profile picture 💾 Trying to host a game server? 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