ARMA Reforger Gameplay Raiding Russian Supply Camp

Best free video games on steamsteam corn time ARMA REFORGER gameplay fall asleep on the lpop and you wake up just everybodys shooting bye all right i hope youre ready to steal some  __  mission is to steal some  __  gather around heres the deal in short start at the uh end of the whitewater river track northwest on foot until we get to the chivalrion lodge steal as much equipment as we can use the vehicles that we require to go north through the foot pads driving and avoiding the majority of the enemy defenses every group at the quarry northwest of the shivaji lodge violate kilometer and a half are there any questions nope nope nope cool make sure you are on 38 in terms of radio this our trail thats our trip lets stagger column it if we cant well just use the trail as a reference lets go oh this is cool the shadows as you enter the tree line is pretty cool oh yeah thats very epic bro i cant get over how you unironically use that figure so Laughter this is the spot right here can we take a break for a second uh action cut east into the woods were going to regroup and go into ranger file from there were going to no longer use that trail since patrols are out here i dont want to be obvious in spot hold pass it back sure realize we have a radio theres a lot of open ground to our front so were going to shift further right going uphill a bit of a detour and its going to probably cost us our stamina but i dont want to go in the open ill start off well regroup on the other side i see that all of us have made a trust were going to advance to the ridge just short of it so we dont skyline we got eyes on an enemy patrol 280 degrees 400 meters in the low ground far side of the red direction of travel closing thats a pain in the ass 400 meters out well stay on the right side of this ridge trying to avoid them if an opportunity arises to spot them again well uh see if theyre orders yeah thats me oh i see them theyre up across there look i think we i think weve been to ambush were not gonna have a lot of alternatives here you can hide behind the rockslim pass yeah if we back and find these rocks we could wait for them to pass move ideas about 15 seconds im going to go alone to take a peek if its clear follow my path up the rock for now get up here this thin part of the ridge ends soon and it widens out id like to get there before we run into another patrol as a heads up it looks like the area around the shivaji and lodge proper has a few fortification theres still a ways out were not close yet but they definitely could have eyes on us if we make a mistake itll also be a consideration to take those out when we actually begin our raid theyre roughly around the 313 elevation marker just along that ridge going from north to south along that line well continue our course staying right of the footpath vehicle vehicle vehicle back up lead back up yep the only thing i wanted to say is were going to get around those vacations before we vehicle front about 150 meters get the  __  down in the event we can engage theres not a lot of room we have enough to spread online but its about a squad size contact im gonna peek again all right its going to be open ground ahead of us i want to move as fast as possible without sprinting to fastest pace moving on 10 seconds moving all right were basically about here to our southwest specifically bearing two zero zero is our objective theres a few fortifications but most of them are not facing towards a reminder objective were here to fight and grab whatever equipment we can that includes weapons vehicles you can store in your backpack i should eat steel from there the intent is to move out to the quarry far to the northwest using the trails going north if i dont make it out of this one uh someone else has to take charge of that if everything goes to hell we want at least some equipment out so e and every man for himself as far as this attack on the lodge goes wearing yourself southwest get online as soon as we crest were going very aggressive into this try to fight with those next push it push it from the ridgeline to the left squad plus bunkers enemies Music west Music context in the lodge proper its occupied can i have you locked down out to our  __  south theres ei coming from that direction understood  __  Music to the left good Music i got it i got it radios up Music are you good yeah but still got contacts over by that gate if youre done with the building theres still contacts down were gonna first the giant radio and getting the  __  out of him dont punch up near the vehicles theyll just explode moving i will see you at the quarry good luck im in we got room for two more gabby get in im with you Music just follow the dirt road you should be good all the way there contact blood  __  shift right trip right shift right im hit we cant go back hold on all right that was that was a mistake on your part cappy holy  __  Music get ready we might be about to die oh  __  jesus christ oh my god Music whatd you learn to drive can you pull in a little bit more is that possible from inside yeah you can just tab Music you can still do it on the outside you just uh double click but yeah no but i am  __  up unfortunately i dont think we have medics oh god dude look at this guy oh hey is this water clean those barrels look disconcerting uh just look out for the leeches i mean its like in a quarry so i dont imagine it is oh god can you swim oh you cant i Laughter up in the tower youre being assured its safe yeah im standing right here with you oh well  __  i saw you uh walk up to the the edges that russian soldier and have a look out how many of us could you see lost ark concurrent players steam Game play of one of the GM or Game Master operations I got to play with some other content creators. 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