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Connect epic games with steamhow to steam dumplings in a pan ART OF RALLY game hello and welcome to the show we are here today back on art of rally probably one of my favorite racing games that has come out this year it is absolutely wonderful and there has been a new update for it this has brought some new cars so there are eight new cars i think now theyre only spread across the first categories so were not about group a cars its group two three and four have got some new vehicles some of which i recognize some of which i am not sure about so we can play the game and try and figure out what car it is uh let us you know well go to germany to test out some of the group 2 vehicles so this is your earliest class of car your escorts minis alpines bmws etc and then we have this this is new i dont know what it is a renault is it the gord gordini actually no i think it might be i cant remember the numbers that go with it and i might not even remember that one correctly were going to call it the gordon but its called look i guess judging by the name actually i should look at the name as well thatll figure out um but also we have the folvia you know theyre kind of quite an important rally car lets have a go with etch-a-sketch renault were almost at your sketch right now now the last time i was driving this game i was driving a much faster car so this is going to be kind of quite the shock really to uh to everything um other new things we have got is a ghosts there is ghost mode this is new you know well stick that on well see how this compares to the uh to the ghost car so yeah its its a neat little update its a freak where we dont have a personal best down here with this category never mind then ignore me for trying that but there is no ghost mode so you can race against ghosts yourself or of your friends if you so wish oh god ive got that chicanes i think the tank stoppers that are around theres massive concrete the amount of times ive crashed into them in bloody dirt games and wrecked cars oh come on here we go this this class yeah this is the slowest class oh in the in the game the cars i mean theyre not easy to drive as ever when it comes to a racing game its difficult to go very quick with lots of cars this you know this was a fairly straightforward thing im playing if you havent seen art of rally before you probably should have done it is absolutely wonderful its a top-down racer thats what im ready game i guess you say theres not very many of them it does a miraculously good job of making everything very drivable top down is incredibly difficult to pull off i dont know every time when you know we play this game because the top-down camera angle hasnt been done very much recently and is incredibly incredible my micro machines were the last game to really make it work very well and yeah this is by far away the best ive ever played and it works really well for a rally game you dont need pace notes when you can kind of see whats coming up its just a very different sort of radical another thing the update did that has made it much nicer racing on here is the jumps are now a lot less bumpy when you land them youll still bounce around a little bit i just uh if you look at the inside corner there you might have noticed inside the hay bale there was a person jumping up and down um i dont think thats supposed to be there this car is grippy until all of a sudden it isnt its very grippy until its not and then its very slidy uh its kind of catchable what are you going with that your tank is sunk youre gonna be able to get that out again probably not i dont think theres gonna be able to get oh one stuck and i have rolled we have rock well it has been a proper thorough test of the new car it can oh thats just the finish line i felt like a good run im not an expert in this game i enjoy it im not amazing at it apparently not many people run group four through here if im 185th and had a very very large accident right at the very end there so thats the new uh sort of lower class vehicle well go up to three next where shall we head norway lets go to a norwegian stage i dont know much about jesus at long stage i didnt know there was a tarmac stage in norway snow and tarak oh that looks fun sure lets go here group not group three group two is what we want uh wait no is group three one ignore me ill remember ill remember maybe so this one here were talking 80s cards i think 80s yeah escort weve got one three one of us got rx3 youve got stratos in there and weve sent these cards stratos ferrari i havent quite unlocked the porsche yet um now this i dont know what it is you see from the front i thought it was a skylight i thought it was the uh 70s skyline but it says its french and normally then the backs very very different and yeah its french i dont know what that is it just looks like a skyline i also dont know what these two are im guessing by the fact they check theyre probably skodas of some sort um and that looks like it might have a rear engine which would make sense maybe im not sure on those i mean that one there we all know the uh the datsun um failure said whatever you want to call it uh very very cool car to have yeah i dont know these two this one here was a prototype i guess um lets have a go with the weird looking orange thing um in camo paint if you want there we go i mean thats kind of close sure i have no doubt everyone is going to be shouting at me as to what these particular cars are but i mean theyre fun say fun fun additions especially if theyre slightly more unusual vehicles again i mean theyre not actual cars i stress of course they are close enough that you can play guess what it might be without uh incurring the wrath of any manufacturers um right here we go what do you drive like through these courses its gonna be a bit quicker than the previous card theres not crazy crazy differences in the handlings between uh tweet all the vehicles there are some that are nicer to drive than others shall we say the stratos i seem to remember was very twitchy oh im getting a little bit a little bit theres differences between driving real driving all-wheel drive noticeable differences between rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive sound like a supercharger might just be the way the engine sounds theres definitely quite a high pitched wine going on with it i didnt actually i think i should have read the blurb for the car a bit better now i kind of skimmed read it saw that it was a prototype for the car that came after it and then didnt pay any attention interesting isnt the supercharger curious engine sounds are going on or maybe im just going mad that is a distinct possibility this too is a nice vehicle to drive across the jump look at that see a lovely smooth landing i was not that was not the time to run across the road there was it im half tempted about that frozen lake on the infield you know what ive got to investigate for science oh i wanted to play on the ice damn it it was a worthy cause for science to see what happened there is it was solid there the car hit it it just teleported me back before we could go and explore the lake oh we ran out of gears in this thats would yeah it would help a little bit longer there are tents out on the lake but i am not allowed oh okay were flying through there its unlike uh sweden in again in normal radios are played where you touch the snow bank this is a lot of snow banks lining it im so used to if you go a millimeter wrong in these rallies theres no back in the car just digs in and rolls we get away with a little bit more in this as you saw still very possible to roll oh god were fine over there should have probably gone down to third oh very very i mean rally cars do generally have short gears of course for gear ratios but its gonna help quite quite very short ill go with that as a way i think this is tuna you could extend the gears a little bit if you wanted to use that car perhaps yeah its an odd looking thing it kind of looks a little bit like a looks a little bit like an alpine in places a little bit like an o37 in other places um that the front kind of reminds me of an o37 ish the back is very out its a peculiar thing i mean theres two rally cars youre gonna not take inspiration from because the 37 came later but still thats a good combination thats a good combination indeed uh shall we go to sardinia lets go and play around that looks fun and nasty and not horrible at all and well jump into the group of four cars now so we move up in power you know weve got volvos and renault fives and so on and then we have i dont actually know they rarely did they all playing the gta there is also a gt v6 pretty much uh so yeah big turbos that was thats not actually that one um big one with a big deal with big much more powerful cars going on here what do we fancy go the rear wheel drive i mean thats a cool it looks cool doesnt it um and we can have again i love the liveries are just close enough to feel like they might be to know what they are like you will you will recognize the bm the m3s liver youll recognize a deliveries of the vehicles that uh actually went right which is cool all right i dont actually showed off side in here before this one in all the stages are all the stages are pretty great i have to say with jumps now less bumpy does make things much easier youve still always got the difficulty of trying to oh god i guess with the elevation changes to how bigger a jump it is thats the only real clunk to that one its fine only real difficulty with this this top down camera one it does do everything remarkably well its just the elevation change youll get the hang of it to an extent like youll see here theres a bit of a elevation change but up here never quite sure the more you play it the more youll kind of get used to it but thats the the one bit so you will get you will get used to eventually i do regret my choice of uh livery in regards to the yellow does kind of blend in with the scenery quite easily many colors on the roof good almost identical to the floor rest of combat this was solid yellow you would actually be quite difficult because so with this camera you drive the car slightly differently youre kind of glancing up ahead and yeah yellow around here was a portrait not that i should be on the infield of course you go on the infield that you will be losing at the same feel but you go off the specific path youll lose a little bit of time oh no oh you do you use time you go slower there we go dip the wheels off there you just dont go as quick on that surface i cannot do what i takes a lot of concentration with the old rallying and doing commentary at the same time one of the more difficult things to do im enjoying this stage though enjoying the car as well these rear wheel drive machines are good fun and again its not twitchy like some of the vehicles can be it is quite powerful and its more powerful than the cars weve been driving so far you will notice that i am not really the sort should be sliding the cars around even even in rally games i tend to go for smoothies fast and it well it works to an extent um much less mistakes different games a lot worse in terms of the old its a difficulty in sliding the cars around heres actually despite the weird camera angle and everything this is actually not too bad at all if and when it occurs although i have made typical ive made a mess of that corner thats so mean its not on the game thats just me being incompetence uh basically i initially realized i had a tie session but never mind and now back to not being able to see my car as we race between the right there is definitely some trouble if we go a little bit wrong through here theyre not as bad as some theres no crazy i mean theres some stages that are a bit narrower than another theres no real crazy type technical nasty rally stages in all of this sideways through there we will be fine through our next couple of corners at somewhere this is quite a long stage theres a bar on the left of course hes very minimalist in terms of the yacht which i like it just keeps everything uncluttered oh sometimes you miss where stuff is though uh there we go were across the line uh it seems like an alright sort of a time and i mean there we go those are i might say the new the new new stuff which is yeah its good its good oh theres there is mods i got excited for a second thinking about the cardboard to say the mods are for late livery so you can do custom deliveries now in your vehicle and import them to the game if you so wish i have actually havent looked at that as of yet but again its a cool addition to have uh where do we want to go to finish off shall we go to finland why not well go to uh a scary finish stage what could go wrong with that uh what car do i fancy driving in all of this it was the most of the group three so lets go show off a different one of these so we had to go with where to go with this thing um it wasnt actually aspirated just as a funny whiner they werent expecting supercharges on cars back here but just a funny wine going on or do we get play lets go with the peculiar french car im really trying to rack my brains to think of what it is the fronts of skyline in the backs a bloody pacer why do i always get the pacer and gremlin confused all right pace is the fishbowl right the fishbowls are what im talking about the backs kind its its not but um okay if i have a personal best sure but i dont think i will for you know random plus all right here we go yeah theres no funny wine with this one this also feels immediately livelier than the uh skoda im gonna just assume skoda and maybe ill be wrong maybe its something else but i know they did have uh some rally cars up around the place were gonna go very sideways for all there okay this feels more oversteer i mean its its a nice chuggable car around here thats thats for sure as an actual performance difference between the vehicles im not sure there is too many but there is little subtleties to them were not spinning it yet and were pratting around on gravel asking for trouble so thats a good thats a good thing dont be a fool we will fall off something oh well thats fine but apparently went away with that quarter cup you will get away with a little bit you ask too much and the game will tell you off and reset you oh that was a poor time to cross one lunatic oh wait hold on were those im not even gonna question what those moose deer whatever they were that were doing looked like they were doing something though i dont remember there being animals around before maybe ive just not noticed them because im frantically trying to hold on to a rally car around a rally stage that dont crash into those piles many bad memories of the welsh rally i think it was in uh yeah i quite like this one its quite mad but its really controllable with the lunacy not the way i would know it typically what i said earlier about driving smoothed everything not at all the way id normally drive a car but it encourages it and it actually has the control to go with it and i just about have the skill i might get a rock a little bit but here we go thats the finish line over here and we will cross that one here we go i mean that felt like a pretty decent pretty decent time pretty decent run for that uh for that vehicle so well there we go that is a look at the latest update its just a free update fall again this is not dlc stuff theres free updates apparently theres some more cars and some more stages more locations coming next year for this one i believe theres free updates as well so yeah if uh if you have already havent had a look at it for a little while go and have a go i i very much recommend that we go to these cars theyre good fun some interesting stuff in here and if you havent played this game before dont be put off by the camera as such i really do recommend it i think its a wonderful its a wonderful driving game a wonderful looking game as it may not be quite beat to everyones taste but it is something very very different and i said probably one of my favorite racing driving games of the year so do go and do go and check it out theres now more cars and more reasons and hopefully more stuff coming soon anyway thats gonna be it for this video thank you all very much for watching and until next time hey goodbye you cloud saves steam There are new cars out for Art of Rally, and some really cool and unusual ones at that. what better reason to go back to this awesome game and mess around once more.New FailRace Merch Can Be Found at and you can use the code FailRace to get 10% off Dont forget to like and subscribe :), also if you are feeling really generous you can support me on patreon steam games chart steam game awards register realm of the mad god steam charts once human game steam steam tabletop games