The Art of Rally

Oops steam cleancars 2 the video game steam ART OF RALLY game Music hello and welcome thats who they show I am here today taking a look at the art of rally which is an absolutely fantastic looking little rally game tribes very well indeed and this is the demo of the game you can actually download to have a go yourself Ill have a link in the description because I very much recommend it its wonderful I was excited about this game as soon as I saw it was being made students or pictures and videos and whatnot of it it looks it looks incredible and it drives as well as you might hope being in the demo weve only got one stage at the moment to play around with us in Finland there isnt I dont think AI times anyway so that doesnt all particularly matter Ive got the stage we got it in Reverse as well Oh surely youre the nice sunset lets go for a sunset right so we have got one stage we got lots of weather to choose from for that stage from rain and nighttime and I havent actually seen the sunset yet cars weve got to at the moments to play with again being a demo we have a Metro 6r4 and we have an escort and theyve got other names copyright and all that but we know what they are really lets start with the metro shall we lets go for the actual actual liveries ooh weve got interesting color sky going on now the graphics might not be too absolutely everyones taste so thats fair enough personally I think this game is is incredibly incredibly pretty there in a replay mode as well that well have a look at in a minute yeah I think its a phenomenal phenomenal looking game lets not Bulls things up in meat very easy to make mistakes on this now you may almost feel familiar with the camera angle everything that is because this is made by the same team that made absolute drift which was another very very well made top-down or drifting game in that case with driving game and I have to say they know what theyre doing when it comes to both the top-down camera angle which is a very difficult one to pull off I have to say its not like you see very often these days but the top-down camera angle for racing is yeah Oh careful now is very difficult you need the camera to be able to see far enough ahead even kind of plan whats going on well still being able to see what your car is doing where it actually is on the road especially when weve got rallying when you bear in mind theres lots of things like trees and hills and all sorts of other dangers now weve already got one stage here to play around with so I couldnt possibly comment on everything but I am gonna say Ive got a bloody good job here it doesnt go gonna blow Im not doing a very good job with my car thats not me but it no point did it feel like I was fighting the camera now whenever I play top-down racing games is often taken quite a bit to get justice but here despite this being what is probably one of the almost worst sorts of racing for a top-down viewpoints never really felt like I was fighting the camera all that much so yeah credit where credit is due it wont be for everybody this camera angle there are some who very much do not like this and thats kind of fair enough but of all is that all the top-down races Ive ever played this has done it about the best well careful now at the end of the day we are still racing a rally car on some gravel and a quick ridiculous rally car on some gravel as well here dont look at the brake look at the pretty scenery Ive got to try and keep control of his damn thing oh is this a jump now the only difficult bit Oh that will take some getting used to is the elevation changes of course because you dont see that quite as well from back here you there are helpfully I guess and itll probably depend on rally to rally but there are helpfully being Finland youve got like the big Gantt trees that kind of denote to where the really really big jumps are theres a couple of places where its going to take some time getting used to it theres kind of you can sort of use the lighting to judge what is maybe down hill what is maybe up hill its a different sort of challenge its a different soil challenge but again as I said does pretty good job like there for example you can tell its doing something here theres likely to be a jump not a massive job that time around and I mean to be fair Finland is lets face it the one thats going to have the most ridiculous sort of jumps going on might ridiculous sort of airtime Oh Im off the course a little bit get the car back under control there we go thats funny oh yeah definitely sunset if you want a very very pretty rally stage to race the cars through of course I guess being top down you also never get the ridiculous glare that you can get in oh thats a really big jump no dont play with the trees Christ yeah you never get crazy the crazy Falls a sunset doesnt glare on the screen the whole way its give me another crazy jump isnt it I almost would be too ok didnt want to be too fast over there again its a massive trouble now Ive only run a few times through here I have no doubt you can get away with more in these cars I have no doubt you can all carry a lot more speed than I am Im playing it a little bit cautiously I think were now coming up towards the end of the stage here lets just not do anything silly around the final couple of quarters oh were on the banking there thats fire we can pop the posts away thats no problem at all I think weve got a couple more corners the finish line over there no no answer change onto a different Road oh yeah changed it to all those tired Road theres like a tarmac bit afterwards oh and there we go though there is sometimes thats there we are thats why they can be found I didnt part I didnt notice it before but you can find some time so this was on one of the harder difficulties a lot more speeds to be found in the car no doubt at all I just I mean it hes a gorgeous gorgeous game look at me Music yeah I absolutely love this our staff its great in that you know if you go over the photorealistic art style yes you know its possible to make quite realistic looking games but unless you have an insane budget after a little while your game will age quite drastically this will pretty much never age you know its always gonna look good with this sort of cartoony style I mean its its fantastic it really really is right so that is a run through the stage with the whats my Corazon skills as a tougher difficulty as well yeah I mean its gonna be a tough game I have Oh doubt about it shall we go with I want to go for can we get some rain come on it doesnt seem to be at the moment a way to oh bugger I skip through it theres just mashing shuffle weather that doesnt even work to set the weather at the moment its just shuffle we will do there we go thats what we want so go for some rain and were gonna run the escorts in the rain do we have any do we have any fun liveries for the aah okay cool lets go and run the s but I havent driven the rain yet so lets go and see what this might be like that looks like a very British sky we have going on there we have it all puddles Im gonna expect aquaplaning is gonna be a thing that were gonna have to deal with thatll be I say fun that will be interesting now of course the escorts oh yes okay such playing around with the puddles seeing quite what they did to the car okay so you have to be careful the puddles are gonna throw the car around a little bit its gonna slide about more of course this is a rear-wheel drive car so it is naturally gonna slide about more probably oh yeah there we go walk over the second gear coming out there its theres a lot of puddles on this finish rally stay Ive not really been particularly brave with the car here but never mind oh oh okay now handling lets deal with lets deal with handling physics shall we it drives very well drives very well indeed now it takes some getting used to Ive turned off the stability control and God was yellow abs and all that sort of thing now there is a setting that I have left on there like a steering correction this makes a little nicer to drive with the controller I dont know about fifty percent for that at the moment I might get used to it I dont know where this game works with the wheel currently I havent tried it it would be interesting to try but of course this camera angle does make perhaps steering inputs a little bit different its a good rule careful thought but can we grab a bit of handbrake there we go yeah Im definitely not the most confident with sliding the cars around the best of times here it is easier to get the cars into a tank-slapper practice is going to be needed but for you know what is a kind of arcade top-down racer this has a better handling model than a lot of actual racing games Ive played so again kudos on that one it is certainly its a its a challenge I think the best way only best way to describe it and this is always a side of a good game is its relatively easy to pick up and drive its gonna be tough to master you know you can well you can get the car through the stage but you want to do it quickly its gonna take some practice and I like that about it you know its certainly not shying away from being a challenge a very very different animal the escort is to drive here Oh where are we going get it around the corner yeah I cant really do I dont really trust myself to do much of the tail out antics with this car all that was probably not a place I wanted to get a massive airtime over not if I could help it oh were gonna slip no no no its just the 10 mile an hour a tank-slapper as Im desperately trying to get the car back under control again oh Ive got off there now there is come on there we go there is there was a damage option I do know from a couple of crashes and pings Ive had in sort of practice I havent really seen and stuff however the damage is supposed to both have terminal terminal crashes that will knock you out and mechanical damage that will slow your car down I dont know if there is any sort of UI information to tell you when you I presume there probably will be somewhere at some point may is a lovely minimalist you Id youve got going on youve got the how far you are through the stage on the left Im at the top right and the gears at the bottom and thats thats it and thats kind of all you need walk focuses on well it gives you as much of the screen to see where youre going its possible while giving you with the information you might possibly want around oh that was there that was quick and it was sort of out on the edge on the edge of grip with this car okay a little bit what I mean this is just yeah hes more more practice you have Ill is about certainly more comfort with a car and then is immediately I got into trouble come on theres a gear in there or theres a forward momentum in there somewhere dont I said Oh slide around and they kind of supposed to slide around a bit with an escort rally car however however weve already spun it a couple of times no there goes that tank-slapper gate its just if that starts happening Im gonna grab the brake and were gonna sort it out first and then worry about accelerating afterwards its silly I say looks silly and we lose time however we lose less time doing that than having a crash every big jump o clock because do kind of like bounce around on the lander youve got to really set the cars up for the jumps I mean while yes kind of visually its its very arkady game you still got to be very careful with the vehicles theyll bounce around all the landings you take off slightly twisted or slightly misaligned the car you are gonna be in trouble I dont know whether you can roll the cars now hes always a sign of a good game as if you can roll a car naturally I havent I havent managed to in my experimenting so far but thats not to say that you cant certainly there are I have no doubt situations where you can even like I guess the crashes that Ive had sort of running wheels into like ditches and so I havent relates to or mostly of hit trees my duty mostly Ive hit trees more often than not the crashes have just involved tanks lappers and spinning the car theyre all said some some very assists you can turn on to I kind of give you assistance with all of that oh-o-oh finish like little white middle wide of it apparently I was fastest through that stage I like Id like electrical issues thats kind of cool wow they really did not like that stage in the wet Ill take it I might did I turn them everybody I dont even remember personally however Ive also just noticed and the guys name in second I like in fact a lot of them are actual rally driver I didnt notice when that first one but yes a lot of them are actual rally drivers which is which is very cool I like that just with slightly slightly altered names I have no doubt youve got much quicker than that through there need a little bit more practice there finally Im gonna run so were gonna run the stage in Reverse Im gonna run it at night now I have experienced this game at nighttime its bloody terrified normally when Im filming videos I tend to avoid night stages or any sort of night racing really unless pros very specific reason predominantly because well some of you might be or else a phone or you know worse quality not so good internet etc and well I mean youre not going to see much help me currently filming this cant really see much going on cuz I got glare going on on the monitor a bit so this can be really fun so gonna run the stage you reverse I mean rallying at night is always terrifying I dont know whether you can break your lights you would be entirely screwed if you did especially with this kind of camera angle but yeah you can go for the full nighttime experience now this is maybe a smidge oh well you know what else about rolling a car fantastic it is fully fair race approved of course of course I managed to do it after talking about said yet you could roll I dont know quite what I hit or how I rolled there and I was go over a crest yeah but this does kind of make like the elevation changes a little easier to spot in some ways because of the way your life its just very pretty and very cleverly done but yeah you can kind of figure out where the elevation changes are by whats get will gets lit up and the little like reflective poles along the sides make it just it makes it look doable basically it makes it so that you can actually see whats going on and can jet you have just enough information to be able to figure it all out oh thats gonna be a big crash and now its difficult to see from this angle as such but certainly from the replay angles and whatnot you can have youll get like the brake discs glowing on the car as you drive around again oh thats a tough corner all of a sudden oh yeah the brake this will glow I like the little fire shooting out the back of the car its all very very effective at night time were gonna round the heavy I mean okay sure this is just the reverse of the previous age I dont know the stage well enough to really feel confident with it let alone now suddenly tackling in a different direction where are we going dont know no Metro thank you for being a little bit more I mean I have a little bit more confidence in the all-wheel-drive rally car that I do the rear-wheel drive one were not having issues with select tanks lappers going on the rear-wheel drive very lightweight escorts can get you in trouble the Metro 6r4 is hardly that whoa the easiest vehicle in the world to drive at the end of the day and around the hairpin we go little bit of sliding just the faintest yeah Im not anywhere in any way Im not good enough with the handling model to be able to make the most of cycling cars around so I am just gonna drive in the way thats gonna get me through the course as quick as possible with as few mistakes as possible while admiring its very easy to get distracted by how pretty everything is in kind of like a really interesting minimal minimalist way sorry very easy to what that I dont want to go exploring the scenery a little bit perhaps more than almost driving the cars around here Music through they stages some probably some big jumps coming up I dont really look forward to some of the other stages it supposed to be a bunch of different different countries a load of cars I really cannot wait to play this game really very very much looking forward to absolute drift was again I loved Im not a drifter in any way shape or form but I very much enjoy playing through that game because it was it was excellent the cars were lovely to drive the all the cars were great to drive all challenges were fantastic again that was a similar sort of graphical style as just taking it to a whole nother level and I especially loved having a replay editor or lets say like a replay it actually gotta watch the replay and have some camera angles the photo mode in there as well that the thumbnail image would have probably come from so yeah launch the car thats a huge huge amount of airtime across there but weve got it down in time theres actually not being a terrible run for me so far Im not gonna I shouldnt have said that because now we know what the first commentator is like yep theres a tree there its immediate immediate immediate curse of the commentator has gone on oh and theres a couple more corners to go I know this is just before thee was the start line this little bit on the tarmac Oh King go get used to sort of different grip levels on the different surfaces its fine through there that will be across the finish line weve got a fourth we got quicker we got quicker we got up yeah thats not too bad Im a long way apparently Im good with the rear wheel drive car despite being terrible and bad with the all-wheel-drive despite being better I dont know we lost a little bit of time with that exploration but that would have still put us fourth anyway regardless did say hashtags code on the bottom of the car I believe it did but there we go yes go and check this game out give it give the demo me the demo is its free to download its not a pic download go and give it a try because it is a hundred percent worth it look at how pretty the game is and it drives it drives pretty much as good as it as good as it looks I cannot wait to to play this game properly when it does come out that though is going to be it from me thank you all very much for watching and until next time a goodbye Music cricket games on steam I take a look at what might possibly be one of the best looking rally games of all time, Art Of Rally, by testing out the demo and launching both a group B machine and an Escort style car down a Finish rally stage. 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